Chapter 329 – Rare Date

Unexpectedly, Yu Wan asked her, “Lu Xia, do you think the lower bunk is better since you chose it?”

Lu Xia shook her head, “I applied not to stay on campus, so the dormitory is only for taking a nap. I chose the lower bunk because it’s more convenient, and I can come down for a rest at noon.”

“Ah? You don’t live on campus? Is that possible?”

“Yes, I can. My child is very young, so I have to go home at night to take care of my child.”

As they were talking, Jiang Junmo returned with water. He quickly helped tidy up the bedding. At this point, Yu Wan’s family also learned from them that Lu Xia was a local, so they exchanged a few words.

Yu Wan came from a well-off family. Her parents were both workers, and her older brother and sister-in-law had jobs as well. She was the only daughter at home and was pampered as she grew up.

After graduating from high school last year, her family originally found her a temporary job at the library. Unexpectedly, the college entrance exams were reinstated, so she took advantage of her job to start preparing for the exams and was admitted to a prestigious university.

She originally applied for the Literature Department but was reassigned to the English Department.

But Lu Xia’s introduction was simple. Both of them were educated youths who went to the countryside, and they came back after being admitted to university.

While they were talking, Yu Wan also chose her bed. She chose the upper bunk of Lu Xia’s bed, as she felt it had good sunlight and was relatively clean…

Afterward, her family helped pack their things. Lu Xia didn’t have much stuff—she just placed a quilt on the bed.

Once everything was in order, the two of them were ready to leave.

Seeing this, Yu Wan asked, “Are you heading home?”

Lu Xia shook her head, “No, I have to accompany my husband for registration, and I need to tidy up his dorm room.”

Yu Wan looked surprised, “Your husband also got into university? Which school?”

Lu Xia smiled, “He also got into the same university, but he’s in the Academy of Fine Arts. It’s a bit far from here.”

With that, she nodded to Yu Wan, and left with Jiang Junmo.

After they left, they could still hear Yu Wan’s family in the room expressing surprise. Obviously, they were amazed that both Lu Xia and her husband were admitted to the university.

Later, Lu Xia accompanied Jiang Junmo for registration and visited his dormitory. His dormitory was also a six-person room, and he seemed to have arrived quite early. There was only one bed with a quilt on it, but no one was around.

With their beds chosen and belongings set, the two of them didn’t have much else to do. The registration process was three days long, and they were among the first to arrive on the first day, so they didn’t need to come for the next two days.

However, they didn’t leave immediately. Instead, they went to the cafeteria to have a meal.

Surprisingly, it was very affordable, although the taste wasn’t exceptional. But for college students, it was already quite good.

Afterward, with nothing much to do, they thought about how they would likely be busy after classes started. Since Kang Kang was already at school, they weren’t in a rush to return. They took the opportunity to make plans and went to see a movie together.

Ever since Kang Kang was born, they had to take him everywhere they went. They rarely had time to spend alone, so they cherished this rare date.

After watching the movie, they strolled around outside until evening before heading home.

At this time, Kang Kang hadn’t finished school yet. Lu Xia was worried that he might not adjust well on his first day, so she decided to pick him up. Seeing that they wanted to go, Grandpa Jiang didn’t refuse either. Thus, the whole family set out to pick up Kang Kang.

When Kang Kang came out and saw his great-grandfather and parents there, he ran over excitedly.

“Mom, Mom!”

Lu Xia quickly squatted down and caught him. “Slow down. How come you only see Mom? Didn’t you see Great-Grandpa and Dad too?”

“I saw them, Great-Grandpa, Dad!”

Grandpa Jiang smiled, seemingly not bothered. “Did you have a good day, Kang Kang? Are you getting used to kindergarten?”

Kang Kang nodded, “It’s fun. We played in the playhouse!”

Grandpa Jiang chuckled, “Oh, good, having fun is great. Make more friends!”

Seeing how happy Kang Kang was, Lu Xia felt relieved. She had seen news reports before where many children cried uncontrollably on their first day of kindergarten due to not being used to it. She hadn’t expected Kang Kang to be so cheerful.


Chapter 330 – Aunt Gives a Bicycle


After returning home, Kang Kang headed straight for the puppies and began detailing his first day at kindergarten to them, regardless of whether they could understand him or not.

Lu Xia smiled and didn’t pay much attention.

Before long, Uncle and Aunt also returned.

Seeing this, Lu Xia was surprised, “Aunt, Uncle, aren’t you busy today? Why are you back so early?”

Aunt smiled, “Well, since you’ve all started school, we came back early to see how you’ve prepared.”

Lu Xia didn’t expect this reason and felt a bit flattered, “Everything is ready. We’re not staying on campus, so we don’t need to prepare too much.”

Aunt nodded, “It must be inconvenient commuting to school daily. So, I had your uncle prepare a bicycle for you. You can use it to travel to and from school.”

Lu Xia was astonished. She noticed a bicycle in the yard that she hadn’t seen before, and it was a ladies’ bicycle. It was likely Aunt who had prepared it for her.

She had actually planned to figure out how to buy one for herself, but she hadn’t expected Aunt to have already prepared one for her. Lu Xia felt deeply moved.

“Thank you, Aunt, for going through all this trouble. Getting a bicycle permit isn’t easy these days, right?”

Aunt smiled and replied, “Your uncle happened to have an allocation. Consider it a back-to-school gift for you two.”

With that said, Lu Xia nodded and accepted it. Since she had returned home, she had sensed the warmth of their love from Uncle’s family. They were treating her so well, and as family, she couldn’t calculate it all clearly, or else she’d feel increasingly indebted.

At this point, Uncle turned to Jiang Junmo and said, “We bought a ladies’ bicycle this time. It’ll be convenient for Xiao Lu to ride. If you want to ride one yourself, I still have an old one. You can use that.”

Jiang Junmo nodded, not feeling that Uncle was being unfair. He smiled and said, “We’ll see once we have our class schedules. If we have classes at the same time, we can ride together. If not, we’ll go separately.”

“Alright, it’s up to you two.”

Afterward, the two of them rested at home for two days until the last day before school started, when they went back to the university.

They went together, with Aunt driving the bicycle she had given to Lu Xia. Although it was a ladies’ bicycle, the quality of bicycles in this era was generally good, and having a seat at the back made it more convenient.

After arriving at the university, Jiang Junmo first accompanied her to her dormitory and then rode to the Academy of Fine Arts on his own bike.

Lu Xia was still somewhat unfamiliar with the dormitory, so she carefully looked at the building numbers to find the right one…

When she returned to her dormitory and opened the door, she found that it was already full.

And at this moment, the people inside were also surprised to see her opening the door.

Lu Xia smiled and greeted them, “Hello, I’m Lu Xia, and I’m also in this dormitory. I moved in the day before yesterday.”

At this point, Yu Wan saw her and excitedly greeted, “Lu Xia, you’re finally here. Our dormitory is complete now.”

Then she turned to the other people in the room and said, “This is Lu Xia that I told you about. Isn’t she beautiful?”

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia smiled, closed the door, and went to her bed to sit down.

She looked at her roommates and unexpectedly noticed a seven or eight-year-old girl in the room.

Nevertheless, Lu Xia just raised her eyebrows slightly without saying anything.

At this moment, the other people in the dormitory introduced themselves to her.

The first one to speak was a plain-looking older sister on the lower bunk across from Lu Xia. “I’m Tan Yunfang from Yunnan Province. This is my daughter, Tan Xiaoya. She has nowhere else to go, so she’s staying with me in the dormitory. Sorry to trouble you all.”

Lu Xia nodded, a little surprised, but didn’t say anything. Anyway, she didn’t live in school at night, but when she heard this, she could understand that there were probably many stories in it.

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