Chapter 337 – Nap Time in the Dormitory

After returning from the podium, Lu Xia could still hear the excited voice of Yu Wan when she sat down.

Of course, she hadn’t seen the resentful look from Xie Guifang.

She always felt that Lu Xia did it on purpose, waiting for her to embarrass herself before going up. This comparison made her appear particularly inadequate.

However, the next few students who went up for self-introductions, although not as fluent as Lu Xia, could at least say a few sentences. Even though their Chinese pronunciation wasn’t very standard, it was much better than Xie Guifang’s and made her appear even worse.

Even Teacher Li’s expression improved significantly.

Of course, Lu Xia also noticed another student with very accurate pronunciation, as if he had specifically studied it.

Although he didn’t have Lu Xia’s accent and had the slightly Chinese-accented English, his grammar was flawless. He even used many uncommon words and communicated smoothly with Teacher Li.

Lu Xia had an intuitive sense that this person must have studied for a long time and had a good foundation; otherwise, he wouldn’t have reached this level.

Moreover, when he stepped down from the stage, he seemed to intentionally glance at Lu Xia.

And Lu Xia also remembered his name.

Chu Liangchen.

Well, fortunately, his last name isn’t Ye.

Soon, the morning classes came to an end.

Lu Xia adapted quickly. While everyone else in the class struggled to pay attention during lectures, she didn’t lose focus.

After concentrating fully, it felt like the class was over in the blink of an eye.

Lu Xia and a few others went to the cafeteria for lunch. Although Xie Guifang didn’t speak, she walked alongside them.

As for Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo, due to the distance between their classrooms and the rare break time, they had decided not to meet during lunchtime and instead return home together in the evening.

So, after having lunch, Lu Xia returned to the dormitory with her friends.

By now, the other roommates had also returned. When they entered, a few of them were engaged in lively conversations.

“What are you talking about?” Yu Wan asked when she saw this.

“We’re talking about the girls in our class,” Ye Nan explained. “Out of the twelve girls in our class, four are married, and one is pregnant, about to give birth. Her belly was so big that we are being very careful around her, afraid of accidentally bumping into her.”

Tan Yunfang sighed. “Yes, it’s not easy for them.”

Lu Xia chimed in, “This opportunity for the college entrance exam didn’t come easily. Our classmates are of different ages, so this kind of situation is normal.”

“True. But I heard that the second college entrance exam will be in March. So, when the new students come, will we be in our second year or third year?”

“Not quite sure, maybe third year?”

Hearing everyone talk about the next college entrance exam, Lu Xia thought about those students from the educated youth spot. She wondered whether they would succeed in getting into university, especially Shen Qingqing, who had been diligently studying and was eager to attend college. She hoped her wishes would come true.

Not dwelling on it for too long, Lu Xia felt a bit tired after a concentrated morning. She went to the restroom and, upon returning, planned to lie down for a while. However, when she entered the room, she noticed that there was suddenly a big bag on her bed, as if someone had placed their luggage there.

Confused, she asked, “Whose is this?”

Hearing the question, Yu Wan leaned down from her bed and looked. “It’s probably Xie Guifang’s. I think I saw her open it earlier.”

Frowning at this, Lu Xia noticed that Xie Guifang had just entered the room.

Directly addressing her, Lu Xia said, “Xie Guifang, could you please remove your bag? I want to rest.”

However, Xie Guifang seemed to ignore her as if she hadn’t heard anything and went straight to her bed, ready to lie down.

Seeing this, Lu Xia’s expression darkened. Was she purposefully pretending not to hear?


Chapter 338 – Kang Kang’s Changes


However, Lu Xia didn’t indulge her and repeated coldly, “Xie Guifang, please remove your bag!”

Only then did Xie Guifang turn around and ask, “Are you calling me?”

Lu Xia replied, “…What do you think?”

Xie Guifang then remembered her bag, walked over, lifted it, and placed it on the floor next to her own bed. With a push of her foot, she stuffed it under her bed.

Lu Xia’s expression turned dark.

What on earth? Was it also under the bed before?

If she picked it up and placed it on her bed, wouldn’t it be covered in dust?

Although irritated, Lu Xia saw that the other roommates were already asleep. There was no point in addressing the issue now.

She vigorously patted the spot where the bag was placed on the bed, feeling that it was clean enough, and then crawled under the covers. Fortunately, the bag was outside the blanket, so there wasn’t much dust inside.

Still, she felt a bit frustrated. So, before the afternoon classes started, she directly talked to Xie Guifang again.

“Xie Guifang, could you please not put your things on my bed in the future? If you’re not bothered by dirt, I am. You can put them on your own bed.”

Upon hearing this, Xie Guifang glanced at her and pursed her lips. “Got it, you’re so petty!”

Lu Xia pretended not to hear the latter sentence.

She also quietly asked Yu Wan to keep an eye on things when she wasn’t around.

And so, this matter was put behind them…

After that, whether Xie Guifang sensed Lu Xia’s irritation or not, she didn’t place anything on her bed again. Lu Xia finally felt relieved.

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo quickly adapted to university life.

Freshman year brought a heavy course load, and by the time they returned home from classes, it was usually already dark.

Fortunately, with Grandpa Jiang’s helping to take care of Kang Kang, and with Kang Kang adjusting to kindergarten life, Lu Xia felt that he had become more cheerful. However, he had also become more mischievous.

Initially, Lu Xia had some concerns, but the rest of her family was delighted. When Kang Kang had first come back, he reminded them so much of Jiang Junmo at that age—well-behaved, sensible, and quiet, hardly ever moving around. Yet, they were worried, afraid that his physical condition might follow in Jiang Junmo’s footsteps.

But now that he was attending kindergarten and playing joyfully with his peers, his robust health and lively demeanor relieved their worries.

Lu Xia didn’t know what everyone else was thinking, but she saw that although Kang Kang had become a bit naughty, he hadn’t picked up any bad habits. That put her at ease.

Both she and Jiang Junmo were quite busy now. The second round of college entrance exams had been scheduled, and a new batch of freshmen would arrive at the beginning of the next semester. They had already decided that they would be sophomores by then.

Consequently, this group of students had to complete the entire freshman year’s curriculum in just six months. The workload was heavy, and the teachers covered a lot of material in their classes.

Even those who could get into a prestigious university like Peking University were relatively intelligent, but the challenge was undeniable.

Lu Xia was even more so; her admission to Peking University was thanks to years of advance preparation.

To be honest, she wasn’t exceptionally brilliant, but since she had come to Peking University and was surrounded by so many outstanding individuals, how could she not compare herself?

She thought that even if she couldn’t be the best, she shouldn’t be the worst either.

Therefore, she made the most of every moment at home to study.

As for Jiang Junmo, things were a bit easier on his side. After all, he was an art student with fewer general education courses. However, there was still plenty he needed to learn. Fortunately, he was quite clever; he not only grasped the material quickly but also helped Lu Xia study, making her deeply envious.

She always felt that such a talented mind being used for art was a bit of a waste.

Of course, that was what Jiang Junmo liked.

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