Chapter 339 – Li Hua

Two weeks after the start of the school year, Lu Xia gradually adapted to the busy school life and became familiar with her classmates in the class.

Even though she didn’t live on campus and couldn’t participate in many after-school activities, her classmates were willing to study with her because of her proficiency in English.

Lu Xia didn’t hold back and tried to help everyone as much as possible, so her social circle was also quite good.

Of course, everyone knew that she was already married, so the male students in the class kept their distance from her.

As for the previously mentioned Chu Liangchen, Lu Xia had also learned a bit about him. He seemed to have been influenced by his family to learn English from a young age.

At the beginning, he probably didn’t expect Lu Xia to speak English so fluently, and he even had some thoughts of comparing himself to her.

Every time the teacher called on Lu Xia to answer in class, he would also raise his hand to answer voluntarily.

As time went on, everyone began to notice something.

It wasn’t until they heard that Lu Xia was already married and had to go home to take care of her child after class during the evenings that he stopped paying close attention to her.

Moreover, after that, he would actively recommend books to her that were helpful for learning English.

After expressing her gratitude, Lu Xia couldn’t help but sigh. He was quite an exceptional and complex kid!

As for her dormitory mates, they had also become quite familiar. Their personalities were all good, and they got along well.

Of course, except for Xie Guifang, who occasionally acted demon.

However, it didn’t really affect anyone, and since the roommates all had a united front, her actions didn’t gain much support. She had actually become quite well-behaved lately.

So, campus life was also on track.

On this day, after class, Lu Xia and her friends ran into several roommates from the literature department under the teaching building and decided to go to the cafeteria together.

Suddenly, a voice came from behind.

“Student Ye Nan, wait a moment!”

Upon hearing the voice, Lu Xia and her friends turned around.

They saw a boy behind them, his appearance fitting the aesthetics of this era—square face, large eyes, and a vibrant look.

He seemed surprised that so many people turned around when he had only called out to one person. He was momentarily stunned but quickly regained his composure.

“Student Ye Nan, Professor Jin wants you to see her this afternoon.”

“Okay, thanks, class monitor!”

The boy smiled, “You’re welcome. I just wanted to tell you.”

Then he looked at Lu Xia and her group, “Are these your friends?”

Ye Nan nodded, “These are my roommates, majoring in English.”

She then introduced her friends to them, “This is our class monitor, Li Hua.”

Lu Xia and her friends nodded in return, considering it a greeting, as they weren’t very familiar.

However, Li Hua seemed interested in the English major, and as he was also headed to the cafeteria, he walked with them. He asked a lot of questions about self-studying English on the way.

Since among them, Lu Xia was the one who excelled in English, the answers mostly came from her.

However, the more he spoke, the closer he got to her, which made Lu Xia furrow her brows. She subtly moved to the side, and the conversation eventually quieted down.

Li Hua didn’t seem to notice, but he did have some sense of propriety. After they reached the cafeteria, he left on his own, leaving Lu Xia relieved.

After they got their food and sat down, out of the blue, Xie Guifang, who rarely spoke, suddenly said, “Where is this Li Hua from?”

The others were taken aback. They didn’t expect her to ask this. Despite not liking her, since they shared a dormitory, they didn’t want to escalate tensions, so Ye Nan shook her head and said, “I’m not sure.”

Xie Guifang seemed somewhat disappointed and was about to say something else, but then Tang Yuan spoke up, “He seems to be from the northwest. I heard him talking about his hometown with some people in our class once.”

Xie Guifang nodded after hearing that, and no one dwelled on why she had asked the question.


Chapter 340 – Feeling Ashamed


Initially, Lu Xia thought this matter was just a minor incident.

Unexpectedly, since that time, it seemed like she could always see Li Hua after class.

Every time he saw her, he would warmly greet her, and if it was convenient, he would ask her some things about studying English.

Because he didn’t bring up anything else and maintained an attitude of seeking advice with a passion for learning, Lu Xia found it hard to refuse.

However, she still felt quite annoyed.

After a few times, even Xie Guifang noticed that something was amiss. During a meal, she deliberately commented in a sarcastic tone, “Some people, even though they’re married, still act flirtatiously. They really have no shame.”

Lu Xia didn’t tolerate it and directly asked, “Are you talking about me?”

Xie Guifang didn’t expect her to ask directly, so she shrugged and said, “Whoever it’s about, they know.”

Lu Xia nodded, “Got it. So, it’s not about me. Feel free.”

Xie Guifang choked on her words, then gave Lu Xia a stern glare and didn’t say anything more.

But at this moment, Lu Xia was also feeling uneasy. She had already indirectly revealed her marriage to Li Hua through conversations with her friends like Ye Nan.

She thought he knew by now and wouldn’t approach her again, but she unexpectedly kept encountering him. This puzzled her. Could it be that Li Hua really just wanted to learn English from her?

Regardless of his intentions, she knew she had to do something to dispel his ideas. Even if he wanted to learn English, his frequent approaches were becoming irritating.

And this repeated interaction could easily lead to misunderstandings.

So, one morning on the way to school, Lu Xia asked Jiang Junmo to come find her at noon, suggesting that they could have lunch together.

Although Jiang Junmo didn’t understand why she suddenly said this, he agreed.

Therefore, when Lu Xia saw Li Hua again after school, it wasn’t surprising anymore.

Even Yu Wan, who was usually oblivious, noticed something was off. “How come you can see him every time? We’re not even in the same class, and even Ye Nan and the others don’t run into him. Yet you see him every day!”

Xie Guifang rolled her eyes, “Well, maybe he’s deliberately waiting for her.”

“Waiting for what?” Yu Wan was puzzled.

Xie Guifang opened her mouth to reply but seeing Lu Xia’s already chilly expression, she refrained from saying more.

At this point, Lu Xia’s attitude toward Li Hua had changed as well.

Even though Li Hua continued to greet her with a smile.

“Classmate Lu, let’s have lunch together at the cafeteria. I have some questions I’d like to ask you.”

Lu Xia shook her head expressionlessly, “I’m sorry, Classmate Li, but I don’t have time today. My husband is coming, and we’re going to have lunch together.”

“Huh? Husband?” Li Hua was surprised.

Lu Xia gave him an unexpected look, “Didn’t Classmate Li know? I’m married, and my child is three years old. My husband is also a student at Peking University.”

After saying that, she ignored him and said goodbye to Yu Wan before heading toward Jiang Junmo, who had been waiting downstairs for a while.

By this time, Li Hua seemed to finally realize what was happening. He also looked at Jiang Junmo and noticed how handsome he was.

Coincidentally, at that moment, Jiang Junmo glanced at him, which actually made him feel ashamed.

At this moment, he knew that regardless of any thoughts he might have had before, he wouldn’t have them now or in the future.

He couldn’t measure up to this person!

Meanwhile, Lu Xia, unaware that a single glance from Jiang Junmo had already dealt with Li Hua, walked over to Jiang Junmo with a smile, “When did you come? Have you been waiting for long?”

“Not really, I just got here. I rode my bike, so it was convenient.”

“That’s good.”

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