Chapter 341 – Ambiguity

Afterward, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo went to the cafeteria together for a meal. This was the first time they had eaten together at school since the start of the semester.

However, after eating, they didn’t return to their dormitory to rest like before. Instead, they found a quiet spot and sat down to chat for a while.

“Is it because of that guy?” Jiang Junmo asked.

Lu Xia glanced at him upon hearing that, relieved to see that he wasn’t angry.

Nodding, she said, “Yeah, even though he didn’t mention it explicitly, it seemed like he had that intention. So, I quickly cleared things up.”

Hearing her explanation, Jiang Junmo smiled. Despite not feeling entirely at ease, he was still happy to see how straightforward Lu Xia was.

He couldn’t help but pull her into a brief hug, but since they were at school, he let go quickly.

Nevertheless, he still held her hand discreetly and sighed, “What should I do? Our Classmate Lu is too popular. I feel so much pressure!”

Chuckling at his words, Lu Xia retorted playfully, “If anyone’s feeling pressured, it should be me. With your looks, you should be more popular than me, right? I haven’t asked you yet. Tell me, did any female classmates take a liking to you after school started?”

“Uh…” Surprised by her sudden question, Jiang Junmo nervously scratched his nose.

This was his telltale nervous gesture, and Lu Xia had known about it for a while. She immediately adopted a stern expression, “What? Is there really someone?”

“No!” Jiang Junmo hurriedly denied, “Well, at the beginning of the school year, there were a few, but later, I started carrying photos of you and Kang Kang with me. I’d take them out and look at them a few times after each class. Over time, everyone knew I was married, and then it stopped.”

Lu Xia was finally reassured and showed her approval of his approach.

“Good, keep it up. And remember, no more than a glance at other girls!”

“Sure, sure.” Jiang Junmo liked her bossy attitude, “I got it! Same goes for you!”

“What do you mean?” Lu Xia frowned.

Jiang Junmo quickly responded, “Nothing, I mean, I’ll come pick you up a few more times in the future. That way, those clueless guys won’t bother you.”

Lu Xia nodded, “That’s fine, but it shouldn’t interfere with your studies.”

“I understand!”

Actually, Jiang Junmo was thinking too much. Nowadays, people pay a lot of attention to relationships between men and women. With Lu Xia’s beauty and proficiency in English, how could no one be interested in her?

But she hadn’t hidden the fact that she was married, and she didn’t live on campus, so after learning about her marriage, her male classmates stopped having any romantic thoughts about her.

Li Hua was an exception. Lu Xia wasn’t sure if he knew about her marriage. After all, she had mentioned that she didn’t live on campus before. Regardless, she assumed he wouldn’t approach her again after this incident.

However, what Lu Xia didn’t expect was that not only did Li Hua stop approaching her, but after Jiang Junmo started picking her up a few times, other male classmates who were initially interested in her also lost interest.

After all, Jiang Junmo was exceptionally outstanding, and they made a handsome couple. Seeing them together, it was easy to envy their relationship.

With one potential trouble resolved, Lu Xia could finally focus on her studies.

But within a few days, Xie Guifang stopped eating with them. Lu Xia didn’t pay much attention to it initially, but she later discovered, to her surprise, that Xie Guifang was having meals with Li Hua.

They were laughing and chatting, looking quite ambiguous.

Lu Xia didn’t know what to say. Had Li Hua changed his target?

It had to be said that despite Xie Guifang’s less-than-pleasant personality, she looked good. Combined with her decent family background, she was also quite popular.

And Li Hua was the class monitor in the Literature Department, and he seemed like a decent person.

So, they were a suitable match?


Chapter 342 – Part-Time Work-Study


After seeing them together several times, even the other roommates noticed their situation.

One afternoon, after returning from lunch, Yu Wan noticed Xie Guifang’s blushing appearance and curiously asked, “Xie Guifang, are you dating Li Hua?”

Xie Guifang blushed upon hearing the question and glared at Yu Wan, “Don’t talk nonsense. Li Hua wants to learn English and is just asking me for advice.”

Yu Wan wasn’t entirely convinced, “With your poor English, what can he learn from you? It’d be better for him to ask Lu Xia.”

Xie Guifang choked. While it was true, did she have to be so blunt about it?

She shot back, “Lu Xia is a married woman with not enough time on her hands every day to even help herself. How could she spare time to help him?”

The “married woman”, Lu Xia, glanced at her and said nothing.

However, Yu Wan still held some disbelief, “We have so many male classmates in our class. Why did he choose you to ask?”

“Mind your own business!” Xie Guifang snapped, her embarrassment turning into anger. She pulled the blanket over her head and ignored Yu Wan.

The others exchanged glances but didn’t say anything. After all, it was others’ personal matter.

Time flew by quickly. Lu Xia gradually adapted to the school’s pace of study. It wasn’t as challenging anymore, and she had some spare time every day.

Things became a lot easier.

One day after an English class, their teacher, Teacher Li, called her and Chu Liangchen to his office.

Without much preamble, he stated his purpose, “I’m aware of your English proficiency, which is far ahead of your classmates’. You’ve already mastered the basics that most first-year students need to learn. I’m relieved about that. So, I wanted to ask if you two are interested in doing some part-time work-study?”

Lu Xia was puzzled, “Teacher Li, may I ask what kind of part-time work-study you’re referring to?”

Teacher Li smiled, “Of course, it’s related to your field of study. I know the editor-in-chief of a magazine, and they need translators for English magazines or books from time to time. That’s the kind of work I’m talking about.”

After considering it, Lu Xia realized that while she wasn’t short on money at the moment, she couldn’t simply rely on her resources. This job was suitable for her. Moreover, it would be an opportunity for her to learn and acquire more knowledge.

It was like earning money while learning, so she agreed.

Surprisingly, Chu Liangchen also agreed. He didn’t seem to lack money. Could it be that he was interested in learning as well?

Seeing their agreement, Teacher Li was pleased. “Great, it’s settled then. In a few days, I’ll provide you with the materials that need to be translated. In the meantime, you can prepare. Translating is different from casual conversation; there are many things to pay attention to.”

“Alright, thank you, Teacher Li.” Lu Xia and Chu Liangchen bowed to express their gratitude before leaving his office.

Once outside, Chu Liangchen glanced at Lu Xia. “Have you done translation work before?”

Truth be told, she hadn’t. In her previous life, she had only done some simple translation assignments in school, but she had never taken up a part-time translation job.

Shaking her head, she replied, “No. What about you, Classmate Chu?”

Chu Liangchen raised his chin confidently, “I’ve helped out at home a few times.”

Lu Xia nodded, a touch of envy in her eyes. Indeed, having a family environment conducive to learning was invaluable!

Seeing her reaction, Chu Liangchen became even more satisfied. Taking the opportunity to offer her some advice, he said, “Apart from the dictionary Teacher Li mentioned, you can also consider buying and reading these books.”

He proceeded to list a few book titles.

Grateful for his suggestions, Lu Xia said, “Thanks, if I have any questions in the future, I’ll ask you.”

Chu Liangchen nodded calmly and then walked away.

Lu Xia chuckled as she watched him leave. He was quite a proud little child.

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