Chapter 266 – Diplomatic Immunity

Chen Li was pregnant.

This news was nothing short of a bombshell for Grandfather Qu. His expression tightened momentarily, but he quickly quelled the surge of excitement, calming himself. He contemplated the information he had and had to admit that Chen Li’s decision to go abroad for childbirth was the best choice.

Though he had the capability to protect Chen Li, in moments of desperation, people tend to act irrationally. Once the Chen family went berserk, there were certain situations that couldn’t be prevented. Grandfather Qu speculated that Wei Chen’s decision to take Chen Li abroad was partly to keep him away from the center of the storm and also a significant move to take decisive action against the Chen family.

Because once the Chen family was pushed to the brink, the situation he had foreseen would unfold.

‘It seems the time has come,’ Grandfather Qu thought. Granting the Chen family ten years of glory was also leading them into the depths of hell.

“I understand,” Grandfather Qu nodded at Sheng Jiaqi. “Let them go abroad.”

Sheng Jiaqi, seeing Grandfather Qu’s reasoning, breathed a sigh of relief.

While Reinhert had been apprehended, during the trial, they encountered difficulties. These challenges weren’t directly caused by the Chen family. After all, Jiang Ye was obstructing them. The Minister of Public Security engaged in a game of strategy with the Chen family. For the time being, they hadn’t allowed the Chen family to intervene. However, they were still facing difficulties because of Reinhert’s status as a diplomatic personnel in China.

Diplomatic personnel hold diplomatic immunity, which means that the investigative and legal authorities of China have no jurisdiction to investigate and judge Reinhert. It must be handled through diplomatic means. Therefore, although Reinhert was currently detained, due to this reason, he had no reason to feel anxious or frightened.

Moreover, interrogating Reinhert was different from interrogating other criminals. Reinhert was a renowned international psychological expert; any slight negligence on the part of the interrogators could lead to him hypnotizing them, making it an extremely challenging task.

When Jiang Ye received this news, he furrowed his brow. Considering the attitude of the Chen family towards Reinhert’s arrest, there must have been crucial information and evidence on Reinhert that was detrimental to the Chen family. However, under the current circumstances, it was extremely difficult to extract any information from Reinhert.

The person in charge of interrogating Reinhert said to Jiang Ye over the phone, “Young Master Jiang, as long as you can find a way to revoke Reinhert’s diplomatic immunity, we’ll seek help from experts in the interrogation process.”

Jiang Ye responded, “Alright, keep him occupied for now.” Once it involved diplomatic affairs and national relations, many things became significantly more complicated.

Of course, just a diplomatic immunity wouldn’t stump Jiang Ye, but now there was a need for a quick resolution. Once the Chen family intervened, it would be more difficult to handle than dealing with diplomatic immunity.

For this reason, Jiang Ye called Wei Chen. When they had previously discussed Reinhert’s diplomatic immunity, Wei Chen seemed to hint at a solution.

When Wei Chen received Jiang Ye’s call, he was just seeing off Grandfather Qu, who was planning to stay in the capital for a few days to catch up with old friends and spend some time with Chen Li.

After Wei Chen bid farewell to Grandfather Qu, he answered Jiang Ye’s call and learned about the situation with Reinhert. Progress had stalled due to the diplomatic immunity.

“Leave it to me,” Wei Chen said.

‘Sure enough,’ Jiang Ye thought to himself, and thus confidently handed the matter over to Wei Chen.

After they hung up, Wei Chen returned to the hospital room. At that moment, Chen Li was sitting by the window, drawing, with Chen Yunlan standing by his side, occasionally offering pointers on his artwork.

Chen Yunlan was indeed an internationally renowned painter. His style was different from Zhuge Yu, and his guidance sometimes gave Chen Li a eureka moment.

As they half-finished the painting, due to some shared topics between the father and son, the atmosphere between them became more harmonious.

Wei Chen didn’t interrupt the father and son. Instead, he opened his laptop. Mr. Fingal Moray from the Moray family in the United States had sent an email. The Moray family was a prominent family in the US. If Mr. Fingal Moray was willing to intervene, the status of Reinhert as a diplomatic personnel could easily be revoked.

Despite the time zone difference, shortly after sending the email, Wei Chen received a response from Mr. Moray: “Wait for my message.” Just four simple words, yet it was the biggest support from Mr. Moray to Wei Chen.

With Mr. Moray’s support, Reinhert’s diplomatic immunity became nothing more than a piece of paper.

Mr. Moray was efficient; within an hour, he responded to Wei Chen. On the US side, they had already revoked Reinhert’s status as a diplomatic personnel, stripping him of his diplomatic privileges.

Soon, this document made its way to the Foreign Affairs Department of China.

Jiang Ye had previously received information from Wei Chen and intercepted this news, not letting it spread. After all, the only reason the Chen family was currently staying put was because they knew Reinhert had diplomatic immunity. Once they found out about the revocation, the Chen family would likely intervene, making the subsequent events more challenging.

Jiang Ye personally took the document to the interrogation room and handed it over to the police officer in charge of interrogating Reinhert.

“Young Master Jiang, you’re amazing,” the police officer was astonished at Jiang Ye’s speed, giving him a thumbs-up.

Jiang Ye didn’t acknowledge the compliment but instead asked, “Have you thought of a way to interrogate Reinhert?”

He hadn’t forgotten that Reinhert was an internationally renowned psychological expert; regular police tactics wouldn’t work on him.

“We’ve already sent for an expert. They should be arriving soon,” the police officer replied. They had immediately sought help from an authoritative expert in this field upon receiving the information. This expert had helped them solve numerous cases, and they naturally believed in the expert’s capabilities.

As soon as the police officer finished speaking, an elderly man walked in surrounded by several police officers. Jiang Ye recognized the man; he was Lu Min, the current psychology teacher of Lan Xiping.

Accompanying Lu Min was Lan Xiping. Seeing Jiang Ye in the police station, Lan Xiping was surprised and gave Jiang Ye a bewildered look. Jiang Ye winked at Lan Xiping.

“Mr. Lu, please come this way,” the police officer, who was just talking to Jiang Ye, approached Lu Min upon seeing him.

After retirement, Lu Min not only opened a clinic in the suburbs but also became a special aid to the police station in cases related to psychology. Whenever there were cases involving psychological matters, Lu Min would come to help voluntarily, and this time was no exception.

“Xiping, come in with me,” Lu Min was ushered into the interrogation room by the police officer and looked back to see his student and Jiang Ye exchanging glances. He gave Jiang Ye a stern look and said to Lan Xiping.

Indeed, what Wang Kaijie had predicted came true. Lu Min didn’t want Lan Xiping to leave now; he was exceptionally bright and seemed to understand everything.

Bringing Lan Xiping here at this moment was to give him a rare opportunity to learn.

Lan Xiping squeezed Jiang Ye’s hand and entered the interrogation room with Lu Min. Jiang Ye followed other police officers to the control room to observe the scene inside the interrogation room.

The clash between the two psychology experts was a war without gunfire, a back-and-forth exchange that was unnoticed by others, seemingly inexplicable. In reality, the war had reached a white-hot intensity.

This war without gunfire continued for over an hour. The people in the control room watching the interrogation room’s footage couldn’t help but feel a chilling sensation down their spine for no apparent reason.

When the interrogation ended, each police officer looked as if they had been pulled out of the water. Their uniforms bore sweat marks from the early winter’s chill, yet their heads were muddled, as if they had experienced a surreal hour.

Jiang Ye quickly regained his senses and immediately felt worried, rushing towards the interrogation room.

If they were experiencing such symptoms just by observing through the screen, what about Lan Xiping? He was right in the midst of it!

As Jiang Ye reached the door of the interrogation room, it opened, and Lu Min and Lan Xiping came out.

Lu Min appeared somewhat pale, obviously drained by the contrast with Reinhert.

Lan Xiping, on the other hand, looked perfectly fine, seemingly unaffected. Upon meeting Jiang Ye’s concerned gaze, he shook his head and reassured, “Don’t worry, I’m okay.”

Indeed, Lan Xiping was fine. He knew how to shield himself from any adverse effects, which surprised Lu Min, who admired his talent. If Lan Xiping hadn’t been Wang Kaijie’s student, Lu Min would’ve certainly vied to teach him.

At that moment, the police officers in charge of interrogating Reinhert finally arrived. They looked at Lu Min and asked, “Mr. Lu, can we go in now?”

Lu Min nodded, “Yes, you can enter. Everything is fine now.” The police officers quickly thanked Lu Min, to which he waved it off, saying, “No need for thanks. It’s good to see this old bone still has some use.” As if what he had done was nothing noteworthy.

The police officers didn’t exchange many words with Lu Min and entered the interrogation room.

“Xiping, the teaching for today ends here. Reflect on today and I’ll question you tomorrow,” Lu Min was being humane for a change. When Lan Xiping and Jiang Ye left, he didn’t insist on Lan Xiping returning with him to study.

“Teacher, should Jiang Ye take you back?” Lan Xiping escorted Lu Min to the police station’s entrance.

Lu Min shook his head, “They’ll take me back. You go have your date with him.” He seemed understanding.

Jiang Ye looked at the now-dark sky. Where could they go for a date at this late hour? If he were truly understanding, he shouldn’t have prolonged Lan Xiping’s study time! The time Jiang Ye spent with Lan Xiping in a week, excluding being in the same dorm, could be counted on both hands.

After seeing Lu Min off into the car, Lan Xiping turned to Jiang Ye, who wore a forlorn expression. Lan Xiping smiled, approached Jiang Ye, and took his hand, comforting him, “Once I break Chen Li’s psychological suggestions, everything will be fine.”

Jiang Ye naturally understood that Chen Li was currently more important. He played coy, saying, “If you give me a kiss, I’ll be fine.”

Lan Xiping gave Jiang Ye a stern look, “Let’s talk in the car.”

“Just here,” Jiang Ye persisted, planting his feet as if they had grown roots.

Helplessly, Lan Xiping leaned over and gave Jiang Ye a quick peck on the lips, “Is it okay now?”

Naturally, Jiang Ye was not satisfied. He tugged Lan Xiping towards himself, then pulled off a passionate and lingering kiss. Only after this did Jiang Ye contentedly walk back to school holding Lan Xiping’s hand.

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