Chapter 265 – Planning to Go Abroad

“I already had breakfast when I arrived,” Chen Yunlan chuckled, feeling the word ‘Dad’ from Chen Li went straight to his heart, making it instantly tender, feeling like he could never get enough of hearing it.

“Oh,” Chen Li replied softly, bowing his head to continue eating his porridge.

Chen Yunlan’s gaze remained fixed on Chen Li, not with fiery intensity but with an unparalleled emotional depth, as if his entire soul had fallen for Chen Li.

At the most despairing moment in his life, he found his child, and with that, found the light to continue living.

After finishing breakfast, Wei Chen took Chen Li for a stroll in the garden downstairs. Throughout, Wei Chen was visibly cautious, taut with anxiety, fearing even the slightest discomfort for Chen Li. Whether it was a step or a small staircase, Wei Chen would remind Chen Li, almost eager to reach out and lift him down.

While enjoying Wei Chen’s care, Chen Li also sensed his nervousness. He held Wei Chen’s hand tightly, his brows slightly curved, revealing a faint smile, “Achen, I’m fine, you’re just too anxious.”

Wei Chen acknowledged his excessive anxiety; his palms were sweaty, “I know. Give me some time to adjust.”

Everything happened too suddenly, catching Wei Chen off guard, and he hadn’t psychologically prepared for the shift in roles. Moreover, with his Li Li being so weak, if something were to happen, he would deeply regret it.

“Alright,” Chen Li nodded, embracing Wei Chen and leaning up to lightly plant a kiss on Wei Chen’s lips.

Wei Chen held Chen Li’s waist, tenderly deepening the moment.

By noon, Chen Li lay back on the hospital bed, engrossed in watching cartoons on TV. Wei Chen had gone to Changfeng Group for something and hadn’t returned yet. Chen Yunlan was keeping Chen Li company at the hospital, sitting beside the ward, slicing an apple for Chen Li.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Chen Yunlan handed the sliced apple to Chen Li, addressing the entrance.

The door opened, and a small figure dashed in like a bullet, then stopped by the bedside. A soft, tender voice followed, “Uncle Chen Li, do you feel a bit better now?”

Chen Li looked towards the concerned Little Biscuit, faintly curling his lips, “Much better, thank you for your concern, Little Biscuit.”

Little Biscuit cautiously climbed onto Chen Li’s bed, making sure not to touch Chen Li, then leaned over to blow gently on the bandage tied around Chen Li’s forehead.

“Pain, pain, fly away, pain, pain, fly away,” Little Biscuit said earnestly while blowing.

“Yeah, the pain has already flown away,” Chen Li played along.

“Little Biscuit, come down, don’t disturb your uncle’s rest.” Cookie followed in after Little Biscuit. Seeing that Little Biscuit had climbed onto Chen Li’s hospital bed, he cautioned.

“Okay,” Little Biscuit obediently responded, getting off the bed and finding a stool to sit on, watching the cartoons on the television.

“Chen Li, how do you feel today?” Cookie handed the flowers brought and addressed Chen Yunlan while talking to Chen Li.

Chen Li smiled and said, “I’m fine now.”

Cookie quickly sensed the change in Chen Li. Now, Chen Li’s condition was much better. Previously, only when Wei Chen was around would Chen Li completely relax. But now, even in Wei Chen’s absence, Chen Li was still at ease.

Perhaps it was due to Chen Yunlan’s presence, or maybe because of the new life growing inside Chen Li, but in any case, it was a positive development. Cookie felt genuinely happy for Chen Li.

“Chen Li, I’ve brought someone for you to meet today.” Cookie, noticing Chen Li’s improved state, got to the point. Chen Li looked at Cookie with curiosity.

Chen Yunlan also looked at Cookie, though without any confusion, but with surprise. He probably already knew who Cookie had brought along.

“Chen Li, it’s my grandfather, and also your grandpa.” Cookie understood Chen Li’s confusion and clarified the answer.

“Grandpa?” Chen Li softly repeated these words, his face showing utter bewilderment.

Here was another relative causing confusion for Chen Li. Although Chen Shihuai was Chen Li’s grandfather during his time at the Chen residence, Chen Li had seen him only a handful of times. No one had ever told Chen Li that Chen Shihuai was his grandfather. Now, Grandfather Qu and Sheng Jiaqi were standing outside the ward. Although Grandfather Qu’s face showed no additional expression, his occasional pacing betrayed his nervousness at the moment.

They could hear the voices from inside the ward, but at this moment, Grandfather Qu felt a bit fearful. He was afraid of hearing words from Chen Li that expressed a lack of desire to see him, especially since, until now, they were strangers. Considering Chen Li’s attitude toward strangers, there was a good chance he might be afraid to meet Grandfather Qu.

“Father, let’s go in,” Sheng Jiaqi gently reminded the pensive Grandfather Qu.

As Grandfather Qu was contemplating, in the ward, Chen Li had agreed to Cookie, willing to meet his grandfather.

Sheng Jiaqi opened the door to the ward and made a gesture of invitation.

Grandfather Qu took a deep breath, composed all his emotions, and entered the ward. However, all his efforts to manage and control his emotions vanished as soon as their eyes met. In that instant, Grandfather Qu seemed to see his own son standing right in front of him.

No matter how rational or emotionally composed a person may be, Grandfather Qu was still human. Losing a loved one twice, experiencing the pain of losing a child twice, had caused immeasurable damage to his psyche, leaving behind a plethora of regrets.

Yet, in this moment, seeing a figure so reminiscent of his own son, Qu Ran, all the regrets in Grandfather Qu’s heart seemed to find a way to be reconciled. It was as if all the deeply buried emotions had found an outlet for release.

Even for a person of Grandfather Qu’s stature, tears welled up in his eyes, and he was on the verge of weeping.

Similarly, as Chen Li looked at this aged man, an inexplicable sense of familiarity surged within him. He glanced at Cookie, appearing somewhat puzzled.

“Chen Li, this is your grandfather,” Cookie said, smiling to help Chen Li overcome his bewilderment.

In a matter of moments, Grandfather Qu once again suppressed his complex emotions and approached Chen Li, attempting to wear a kindly and benevolent expression on his face. “You’re Chen Li, right? I’m your grandfather,” he said, even though his voice was slightly hoarse and trembling.

Chen Li gazed at Grandfather Qu, who had a gentle smile on his face, his eyes narrowed and the corners of his mouth turned upwards, giving off a very amiable impression.

“Grandpa,” Chen Li tried to call out, still feeling somewhat nervous and guarded.

“Hey,” Grandfather Qu responded, his face lighting up at the simple address of ‘grandpa.’

Subsequently, a prolonged silence ensued as the grandfather and grandson looked at each other, unsure of what to say.

Just at that moment, Wei Chen returned.

Chen Li spotted Wei Chen and immediately called out, “Achen, you’re back?” His voice carried a subtle cheerfulness, and his expression relaxed.

Wei Chen calmly walked up to Chen Li, reaching out to ruffle his soft hair. “I’m back,” he said. His once icy gaze landed on Chen Li, and in an instant, the coldness melted away, replaced by a gentle and tender expression.

After Wei Chen came in, Grandfather Qu carefully scrutinized the young man in front of him, disregarding any traces. Although Sheng Jiaqi had mentioned the young man’s identity to Grandfather Qu, Sheng Jiaqi’s praises couldn’t compare to Grandfather Qu’s own feelings.

Truth be told, when Wei Chen just entered, Grandfather Qu felt that this young man was too cold. Despite his handsome appearance, his facial features were too serious, devoid of smiles. So, Grandfather Qu’s initial impression of Wei Chen wasn’t very favorable.

However, with just a few words from Wei Chen and Chen Li, Grandfather Qu’s impression of Wei Chen changed. Even though the young man appeared cold and serious, the tenderness in his eyes while looking at Chen Li was genuine. This young man, just as Sheng Jiaqi had described, cared for Chen Li deeply.

Grandfather Qu still believed in his own judgment.

“Achen, he’s my grandpa.” With Wei Chen around, Chen Li had completely relaxed by now, so he spoke as if offering a treasure to Wei Chen.

Wei Chen looked at Mr. Qu, concealing his inner shock well, and in a respectful yet confident manner, said, “Mr. Qu, hello.”

Even though the elder had stepped down from his position some years ago, his contributions to the country remained significant. Almost everyone in the country knew who he was. Hence, Wei Chen recognized Mr. Qu as soon as he entered, and discovering Chen Li was Mr. Qu’s grandson shocked him.

“You can call me grandfather just like Chen Li does,” Grandfather Qu said, acknowledging Wei Chen.

Wei Chen readily accepted, “Grandfather.”

Grandfather Qu nodded, affirming.

“Grandpa Qu,” Little Biscuit chimed in, softly and weakly, looking up at Grandfather Qu, almost ready to hug his legs.

Grandfather Qu ruffled Little Biscuit’s hair affectionately and smiled warmly.

Wei Chen sat by the sickbed, holding Chen Li’s hand, and decided to share his plan while everyone was present.

“I plan to take Chen Li abroad in a few days, probably about a year before we return.”

He had previously arranged a suspension from the Changfeng Group.

Wei Chen and Sheng Jiaqi had discussed this matter before, considering that the suspension required Sheng Jiaqi’s approval.

Sheng Jiaqi didn’t find it surprising.

And although Chen Yunlan was initially taken aback, after some thought, he understood why Wei Chen intended to take Chen Li abroad. Given Chen Li’s current health, he couldn’t afford any harm. With the Chen family’s menacing gaze upon Chen Li, safety could only be ensured by leaving the country’s turmoil and staying away from its center.

“Where are you planning to go? I have an estate in F country, take Xiao Li with you,” Chen Yunlan suggested. In reality, he had already made up his mind; he intended to go along to take care of Chen Li. The early stages of pregnancy were manageable, but once he reached the mid to late stages of pregnancy, Wei Chen alone might not be able to manage.

“Alright,” Wei Chen agreed.

However, Grandfather Qu seemed somewhat dissenting, but ultimately, he didn’t voice his opinion.

Sheng Jiaqi tilted his head and quietly explained Chen Li’s current situation to Grandfather Qu, clarifying for Wei Chen, “Chen Li is pregnant, and the current situation in the country isn’t favorable for him. That’s why Wei Chen plans to go abroad.”

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