Chapter 264 – Grandfather Qu’s Arrival

Upon hearing Wang Kaiji’s words, Du Lixun stepped forward and grasped Wang Kaiji’s hand, choking with emotion as she said, “Doctor Wang, you must save Xiao Yu. She’s still so young; something can’t happen to her!”

Wang Kaiji nodded toward Du Lixun, saying, “We will do our best.”

However, Du Lixun was still not reassured, “Doctor Wang, if my daughter undergoes a heart transplant, will she be fine?”

Wang Kaiji furrowed his brow. Why were the Chen family members so obstinate?

Wang Kaiji’s good upbringing didn’t let him leave, and he emphasized once again, “Madam Chen, the patient’s current condition does not support a heart transplant. Her body is too weak, not only is she unable to endure it, but even if the surgery is performed, the success rate is less than one percent. It’s no longer necessary.”

But Du Lixun didn’t take this in; she was somewhat delirious. “It’s a trap. Doctor Wang, I believe in you. I will get a heart that matches my daughter’s. You can definitely successfully perform the heart transplant and save my daughter!”

Wang Kaiji could only push away Du Lixun’s hand, saying, “Prepare yourself mentally.” With those words, he turned and left, instructing other doctors to issue a critical illness notice.

Ten minutes later, Du Lixun received the critical illness notice handed over by the doctor. In front of the doctors, she tore it apart, launching into a furious tirade.

Chen Qing stood in a corner, unmoved by the whole scene. Chen Yunsheng sat on a chair in the corridor, his face buried in his hands, his thoughts unclear until the phone in his pocket rang.

The person on the phone said something to Chen Yunsheng, and his face immediately darkened. Upon ending the call, he flung his phone away and, with red eyes, stared at Du Lixun, who was still arguing with the doctor.

Unable to contain his anger any longer, he stood up, pulled Du Lixun over, and slapped her fiercely across the face.

The slap left Du Lixun dazed; she covered her face, looking at Chen Yunsheng in disbelief. “You hit me! How dare you hit me?”

In response to Du Lixun, Chen Yunsheng delivered an even stronger slap. “Wretched woman!”

This action prompted Chen Qing to step forward, swiftly approaching to shield Du Lixun, pushing Chen Yunsheng back, and looking at him, saying, “Dad, have you gone mad?”

“Me, gone mad?” Chen Yunseng laughed. “Ask the wretched woman behind you how she deceived me. Ask her if the ten percent of shares in the Du family’s hands are still there!”

The expression on Du Lixun’s face froze instantly as she covered her red, slapped face, taking several steps back.

Finally, she sat on the ground, covering her face and crying uncontrollably.

In the end, Chen Yunsheng had found out. For so many years, he had unquestionably obeyed everything for the shares in her family’s hands. Now that he knew those shares had disappeared, with Chen Yunsheng’s temperament, it wouldn’t be as simple as just giving her two slaps!

Chen Qing turned to look at his mother, “Mom, is what Dad said true?” His face was filled with disbelief. How could the shares in Mom’s hands just disappear like that?

However, Du Lixun was only focused on crying and didn’t provide any response to Chen Qing.

Chen Yunsheng, in anger, walked up to Du Lixun and viciously kicked her. Du Lixun was sent flying by the force of Chen Yunsheng’s kick, crashing into the wall and stopping, overwhelmed by intense pain.

“Du Lixun, you dangle that ten percent of shares in front of me, making me do this and that for you, but now what? Your damn shares are gone! If it weren’t for my people finding out something fishy, would you have kept deceiving me?”

Overwhelmed by the intense pain, Du Lixun couldn’t respond to Chen Yunsheng. She had anticipated this outcome, but she had no other choice. Without this ten percent of shares, how could Chen Yunsheng possibly try to save Chen Yu?

In Chen Yunsheng’s eyes, there was no spousal love, nor any parental affection; only self-interest. If Chen Yunsheng had known earlier that she had lost her shares, he would have disregarded Chen Yu long ago because Chen Yu would have lost her utility!

“Du Lixun, you’re really cunning, aren’t you? Planning to reap benefits without sowing seeds? Holding on to baseless shares and making me labor for Chen Yu? I’ve said it before, Chen Yu should have died long ago. What’s the point of being alive?” Chen Yunsheng walked up to Du Lixun, towering over her with a fierce expression.

At this moment, Chen Qing reacted. He wasn’t as heartless as Chen Yunsheng. He genuinely cared for his sister. Hearing Chen Yunsheng speak this way, it naturally ignited a fire within him.

He walked up to Chen Yunsheng, clenched his fist, and fiercely swung it toward Chen Yunsheng’s face. “Get lost! Get lost!”

Chen Yunsheng was struck by Chen Qing, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth. He wiped the blood, glaring fiercely at Chen Qing. “Alright! My son dares to hit his father. Chen Qing, let’s see what kind of thing you are without this father!”

Chen Qing raised his fist. “Will you leave or not?”

Chen Yunsheng had already been heavily beaten by Chen Yunlan once before, and his injuries hadn’t healed yet. If he really fought Chen Qing now, he wouldn’t be a match for him. He squinted and backed down.

“Chen Qing, you wait. I’ll make you come back and kneel before me to apologize!” After his harsh words, Chen Yunsheng turned and left.

Only when Chen Yunsheng’s figure disappeared at the corner did Chen Qing squat down to help Du Lixun up, asking with concern, “Mom, are you alright?”

Du Lixun didn’t answer, she just threw herself into Chen Qing’s arms, sobbing uncontrollably.


Early the next day, a plane arrived from Shanghai, causing full alert at the Beijing Airport, with special police armed for protection.

Sheng Jiaqi and Cookie had been waiting at the airport for a while. They waited until the plane landed, and only then did they go to welcome the elderly person who got off the plane. Along with them, many important figures from the capital city were also there to welcome the arriving passengers.

The elderly person who descended from the plane was Cookie’s grandfather and Sheng Jiaqi’s father-in-law, Mr. Qu.

Even though he had mentioned a few days prior over the phone that he would come to Beijing, upon knowing he had a grandson, Mr. Qu couldn’t sit still. After a while, he arrived in the capital city.

Although Mr. Qu wanted to keep a low profile, his identity was known as soon as he stepped onto the plane. The people in the capital city swiftly made arrangements upon learning of his arrival, resulting in the current reception.

Mr. Qu had grown accustomed to these receptions, but having already retired, he didn’t quite enjoy the attention. Nevertheless, he maintained a composed demeanor and, after exchanging pleasantries with others who had come to receive him, he promptly got into Sheng Jiaqi’s car.

Mr. Qu was eager to see his grandson. Once in the car, he immediately requested Sheng Jiaqi to take him to see Chen Li.

“Father, Chen Li is currently in the hospital, and it’s still early in the day. He was admitted just yesterday and needs rest. Can we visit him later? How about going home to rest for now?” Sheng Jiaqi said while driving.

“Why is he in the hospital?” Mr. Qu focused on the key point. “Is it because of the Chen family?”

Upon learning he had a grandson, Mr. Qu had someone investigate Chen Li’s background. Who was Mr. Qu? There was hardly anything in this world that he couldn’t find out. With this investigation, Mr. Qu pretty much knew about Chen Li’s situation.

Was Mr. Qu angry? Naturally. His grandson had been mistreated. How could he not be angry? This was also the reason why Mr. Qu hurried to Beijing after reviewing Chen Li’s information.

Previously, it was because he didn’t know about this grandson that Chen Li had been so mistreated by the Chen family. But now things were different. With him as the grandfather, he wanted to see who could dare mistreat his grandson!

Hearing the tone in Mr. Qu’s voice, Sheng Jiaqi guessed that Mr. Qu probably knew about Chen Li’s situation. He nodded and then proceeded to tell Mr. Qu all the details he had gathered.

Mr. Qu remained calm on the surface upon hearing this information. The management and control of emotions had long become a part of Mr. Qu’s being, but the tightly clenched fists betrayed the anger that Mr. Qu was feeling at that moment.

“Have you found out who was behind this?” Mr. Qu remained silent for a while, suppressing the boiling anger within, and asked Sheng Jiaqi. He nodded, “Yes, we found out. It’s Chen Shihuai’s grandson, Chen Qing.”

“I see,” Mr. Qu said. “Let’s go home first and visit him at noon.” Eventually, he agreed to Sheng Jiaqi’s suggestion.

“Grandfather,” Cookie sat beside Mr. Qu, a bit worried, “Are you okay?”

Mr. Qu shook his head, patting Cookie’s hand, “I’m fine, don’t worry.” It was only when facing Cookie that Mr. Qu showed some affectionate expressions.


Early in the morning, Chen Yunlan arrived at Ci’en Hospital carrying a pot of chicken soup he had prepared overnight. As soon as he entered the hospital, he overheard the nurses gossiping in hushed tones.

Chen Yunlan wasn’t particularly interested in gossip, but the nurses’ voices fell right into his ears due to their moderate volume. It turned out they were discussing the affairs of Chen Yunsheng’s family. Even though they didn’t mention names, Chen Yunlan could infer and learned that the story of this family had already spread throughout the hospital that morning.

The daughter was still in the intensive care unit. Outside the ICU, there had been an incident where the husband hit the wife, and the son hit the father. It was no wonder the story had spread throughout the hospital so early in the day.

Moreover, the nurses spoke with a tone of disdain when mentioning this family. After all, there had been rumors earlier that this family was willing to go to extreme lengths to cure their daughter’s illness, even contemplating murder.

Truly despicable! All of this was just retribution!

What a good show! Chen Yunlan couldn’t help but show a mocking expression before heading to Chen Li’s ward.

Chen Li was already awake and in the process of freshening up in the bathroom with Wei Chen assisting him.

In reality, the injuries Chen Li sustained from falling down the stairs were just minor abrasions. Although he spent the previous day resting, there was no serious harm. But Chen Li was enjoying the attentive service from Wei Chen, to the point that he couldn’t be bothered to freshen up himself.

When Chen Li emerged from the bathroom, Chen Yunlan had already poured the chicken soup. Not only had he made the soup but had also cooked a bowl of porridge directly using it. As soon as the lid was lifted, the fragrance spread through the air, tantalizing the taste buds.

Smelling the aroma, Chen Li accurately located its source, drawn step by step towards the table as if being guided by something. He approached and sat by the table.

Chen Yunlan was indeed a skilled cook; the porridge was rich in aroma and at the perfect temperature. Chen Li picked up the bowl, took a sip, and drank nearly half of it. From stomach to tongue, he felt utterly satisfied.

Chen Yunlan’s gaze didn’t leave Chen Li. He watched as Chen Li closed his eyes in enjoyment, unable to conceal the slight smile of contentment on his own face.

This kind of feeling hadn’t occurred since Qu Ran left, and now, experiencing it again, Chen Yunlan’s heart felt a mix of emotions.

Chen Yunlan blinked, pushing down the complex emotions, poured another bowl of porridge, offering it to Wei Chen, who had just come out of the bathroom. Wei Chen didn’t hesitate to thank Chen Yunlan and sat beside Chen Li, eating together.

“Dad, have you eaten? If not, let’s eat together,” Chen Li looked at Chen Yunlan, a grain of rice at the corner of his mouth.

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