Chapter 282 – No More Involvement

Later that evening, Fang Yun was transferred to a regular ward. By midnight, she woke up. Looking around the white room, she realized she hadn’t died; she had been rescued.

Her gaze lingered blankly on the ceiling. For a moment, she didn’t know why she was alive.

“Mom, you’re awake!” A deep male voice sounded, tinged with surprise.

Fang Yun turned her head towards the source of the voice and saw the face she had yearned for day and night. She wanted to reach out, to touch and confirm the reality of that face through her sense of touch, to assure herself it wasn’t an illusion.

But with the IV needle in her hand, as she attempted to raise it, Wei Chen gently pushed it back down.

“Mom, it’s me. You’re not mistaken,” Wei Chen said, his face expressionless but his eyes filled with concern.

“Achen, it’s really you!” Overwhelmed with relief that it wasn’t an illusion, Fang Yun was excited. Her hand began to tremble, tears quickly filled her eyes, and her pleading gaze turned towards Wei Chen. “Achen, can you forgive Mom? Mom knows she was wrong.”

Wei Chen reached out and gently wiped away the tears from Fang Yun’s eyes. “Mom, it was my fault for misunderstanding you. I should be the one asking for forgiveness.”

Upon hearing Wei Chen’s words, Fang Yun knew he didn’t blame her anymore. She broke into tears of joy. “Okay, okay.”

In the midst of despair, suddenly there was hope. Looking back now, Fang Yun felt foolish for attempting to end her life.

Though Fang Yun was excited, her body was still weak. After holding Wei Chen’s hand for a while and talking with him, exhaustion took over, and she fell asleep.

Wei Chen stayed by Fang Yun’s side the entire night, never closing his eyes.

Early the next morning, Wei Yan came with Wei Wei.

“Mom!” Wei Wei wanted to rush into Fang Yun’s arms, but seeing Fang Yun weak, Wei Wei stood obediently to the side, suppressing his urge to cry.

Seeing Wei Wei’s genuine concern, Fang Yun felt a surge of guilt. She asked Wei Wei to come closer and said with deep regret, “Wei Wei, Mom is sorry.”

This was the child she had raised for ten years. Even though not her biological child, over the years, they had developed a bond.

Yes, Wei Wei wasn’t Fang Yun’s biological child; he was Wei Zhenxiong’s illegitimate child from an affair. After giving birth to Wei Chen, Fang Yun became unable to conceive, despite consulting many doctors and trying various medications.

So Wei Zhenxiong started blatantly keeping mistresses outside. Even though Fang Yun knew, she could only remain silent, unable to voice her bitterness.

Fang Yun admitted that she had a purpose in spoiling Wei Wei, which led to shaping his temperament in that way.

As for Wei Wei in Wei Zhenxiong’s eyes, he was merely considered the legitimate heir, someone who could inherit the family business. Wei Zhenxiong wouldn’t intervene in the child’s upbringing.

Later, Wei Wei was sent by Wei Chen to a military school. Fang Yun didn’t fully agree, but as it was Wei Chen’s decision, she pretended to resist a little before ultimately agreeing.

Now, Fang Yun realized this child relied on her wholeheartedly. As a mother, she wouldn’t intentionally ruin a child if not for harboring resentment. Additionally, after having the child by her side for about ten years, she had developed some emotions toward him.

Reflecting on her actions towards this child over the years, Fang Yun felt a deep sense of guilt. What fault did this innocent child have? She almost ruined a perfectly good child.

Wei Wei didn’t comprehend the complexity of Fang Yun’s emotions. He only knew that Fang Yun was the person who loved him the most in the world, the closest person to him in this world.

In fact, due to Wei Yan and Wei Chen intentionally concealing it, Wei Wei was unaware that Fang Yun had once considered leaving this world alone.

Wei Wei approached Fang Yun’s bed, then lay down beside it, crying uncontrollably. He didn’t know why he was crying; he just felt the urge, unable to stop himself.

Fang Yun gently rubbed Wei Wei’s head with her free hand, not saying a word.

After Wei Wei finally stabilized his emotions, he looked up, choked up, and said, “Mom… if… if you really want to leave, I… I want to go with you, wherever you go, I want to be with you.” Wei Wei spoke with determination, his small face resolute.

Fang Yun gazed at Wei Wei’s serious expression, startled for a moment, before finally saying, “Okay, Mom will take you along.”

At this, Wei Wei finally smiled through his tears.

“Mom, once you’re better, I’ll take you to F Country; Li Li is there right now.” Wei Chen leaned in, tucking the blanket around Fang Yun as he spoke.

Fang Yun nodded repeatedly. “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

Wei Wei immediately turned to look at Wei Chen, pitifully calling out, “Brother…”

Wei Chen ruffled Wei Wei’s hair. “I’ll take you with us too.”

Wei Wei chuckled, showing tears and snot on his face.

“Mom, I’ll go home for a bit. You focus on recovering here,” Wei Chen comforted Wei Wei before turning to Fang Yun.

The expression on Fang Yun’s face froze. “Achen, I should handle this myself.”

Wei Chen shook his head. “Don’t worry, let me handle it. You just focus on getting better.”

Seeing Wei Chen insist, Fang Yun could only nod, handing the matter over to him.

At noon, Wei Chen returned home and went straight to Wei Zhenxiong. He placed a divorce agreement in front of him and said coldly, “Sign it.”

Naturally, Wei Zhenxiong refused, confronting Wei Chen, sarcastically remarking, “First time I’ve seen a son asking his father to sign a divorce agreement.”

“I also have evidence of your domestic violence. If you still want to save face, sign it. If you don’t care about dignity, then we’ll meet in court,” Wei Chen remained unmoved. “By then, you won’t get what you want.”

“Wei Chen!” Wei Zhenxiong slammed the table, “I’m your father!”

“Will you sign it or not?” Wei Chen remained coldly composed, disregarding whatever offensive language Wei Zhenxiong was hurling at the moment.

Wei Zhenxiong met Wei Chen’s gaze but was overwhelmed by Wei Chen’s aura the next moment, dodging away.

“If you won’t sign, then let’s get a lawyer,” Wei Chen reached for the divorce agreement, but Wei Zhenxiong quickly pressed down, gritting his teeth, “I’ll sign!” With that, he hastily scribbled his name without even reading the contents.

“Forgot to mention,” Wei Chen folded the signed agreement, “My mom hasn’t asked for anything from the Wei family in this agreement, but Wei Wei’s custody goes to my mom.”

“Wei Chen, you’re trapping me!” Wei Zhenxiong once again slammed the table. His only confirmed biological son was Wei Wei and after giving custody to Fang Yun, what was he going to do?

Wei Chen’s cold gaze took on a tinge of mockery. “It was you who didn’t read it, it’s not my fault, is it?”

Wei Zhenxiong was left speechless by Wei Chen’s question, only able to glare angrily at him. If it weren’t for Wei Chen’s invisible pressure just now, coupled with his coercive tone, would he have so easily signed away his own name, handing over Wei Wei’s custody for nothing?

However, the next moment, Wei Zhenxiong chuckled. “Wei Chen, do you know that Wei Wei isn’t Fang Yun’s son? I brought him back from outside. By taking him back, aren’t you just causing trouble for that bitch, Fang Yun?”

Yet Wei Chen showed no hint of surprise, as if he had long known about this matter. “You needn’t bother about that.” With those words, Wei Chen turned and walked away.

Wei Zhenxiong couldn’t determine the truth behind Wei Chen’s words and emotions, only able to watch helplessly as Wei Chen turned and left.

Grandfather Wei stood on the stairs, witnessing it all. Seeing Wei Chen turn and walk away, a feeling emerged that once Wei Chen left, he wouldn’t return. He immediately shouted towards Wei Chen’s departing figure, “Wei Chen, stop right there! If you dare to step out of Wei house today, I’ll break your legs.”

Wei Chen stopped as directed, turned around, and met the angry gaze of Grandfather Wei. However, in his face and eyes, there was no trace of any emotion.

“Grandfather, when the Wei family encounters difficulties in the future, I’ll lend a hand to repay grandfather for his kindness in raising me over the years. However, after that, there will be no further ties between Wei Chen and the Wei family,” Wei Chen’s voice was firm and resolute.

“Wei Chen, what do you mean?” Grandfather Wei couldn’t believe his ears. Wei Chen… was he really intending to sever ties with the Wei family?

Wei Chen gave Grandfather Wei a deep look. “Grandfather, from the day you plotted to kill Chen Li, you should have foreseen this outcome.”

“And so…” Grandfather Wei’s anger surged. “So, for the sake of a fool, you’re severing ties with me? Good, Wei Chen! Very good!”

Wei Chen didn’t engage in further debate with Grandfather Wei. He turned away once again, his steps resolute, never looking back.

Grandfather Wei watched Wei Chen’s determined figure and felt as though a lump formed in his throat. He struggled to catch his breath and, with considerable effort, managed to regain composure. Then, with a defeated expression, he allowed Housekeeper Zhang to assist him back to the study.

Was he wrong? No, he wasn’t wrong! Wei Chen was wrong. He shouldn’t have gotten emotional. Once emotions were involved, he disregarded everything, which was not the behavior expected of the future heir of the Wei family!

Housekeeper Zhang hesitated to speak. He knew whatever he said now, the old master wouldn’t heed.


Wei Chen returned to the hospital and handed the divorce agreement to Fang Yun, asking her to sign it.

When Fang Yun was about to sign, she hesitated. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to divorce Wei Zhenxiong, but she was worried about what Wei Chen might have used to obtain this divorce agreement.

“Mom, go ahead and sign confidently. I won’t make any deal that’s not profitable,” Wei Chen reassured Fang Yun.

Seeing Wei Chen’s expression, which didn’t seem deceptive, Fang Yun gritted her teeth and signed her name on the divorce agreement, officially ending her over twenty years of marriage with Wei Zhenxiong.

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