Chapter 283 – I Missed You So Much

Half a month later, under the attentive care of the doctors and Wei Chen, Fang Yun’s condition improved. So Wei Chen went to ask the doctor, and only after the doctor said that Fang Yun’s body could withstand the long journey did Wei Chen book three tickets to F Country.

During this past half month, Wei Chen’s thoughts were on Fang Yun, but whenever he found a moment of calm, his mind was filled with Chen Li. He wished he could rush back to Chen Li, embrace him, say nothing, do nothing, just hold him to alleviate this growing longing.

This was the longest time Wei Chen and Chen Li had been apart since they got together. Previously, even a day apart felt like a constant ache of longing, let alone now, separated for more than half a month. Whenever Chen Li came to mind, Wei Chen felt overwhelmed with longing.

Of course, Wei Chen and Chen Li had video calls, but due to time differences, it wasn’t easy to coordinate. Both refrained from initiating video calls out of consideration for each other.

Fang Yun noticed Wei Chen’s emotions and took the initiative to bring up going to F Country, prompting Wei Chen to consult the doctor. The plan to go to F Country was set, but Wei Chen hadn’t told Chen Li; he wanted to surprise him.

On the third day, Wei Chen and Wei Wei helped Fang Yun onto the plane bound for F Country.

At the moment of their boarding, Wei Zhenxiong finally set aside his pride and went to the hospital to visit Fang Yun, hoping for a reconciliation, realizing Fang Yun held something he needed, more than just Wei Wei’s custody.

However, at this point, Fang Yun had already completed the discharge procedures and boarded the plane to F Country, leaving Wei Zhenxiong stranded in the hospital corridor, feeling a sense that he and Fang Yun could never go back.

Regardless of Wei Zhenxiong’s thoughts, after a long flight, the plane finally landed at the LD Airport in F Country, now dusk in the country.

In the estate, Chen Yunlan specially prepared a table of good dishes for Chen Li. When he placed the final dish on the table, Chen Yunlan took off his apron and went to call Chen Li for dinner.

Chen Li was still painting. Upon hearing movement, he turned and saw Chen Yunlan approaching, saying with a soft smile, “Dad.”

Chen Yunlan came over and massaged Chen Li’s shoulders. “Xiao Li, it’s time for dinner.”

Chen Li immediately put away his brushes, washed his hands, preparing to eat as if everything was normal.

But Chen Yunlan knew that Chen Li wasn’t in a good mood, especially since Wei Chen’s departure. Chen Li’s mood had remained in this state.

Once Wei Chen left, Chen Li’s life resumed its routine. No more oversleeping in the morning, getting up on time, a walk around the estate, breakfast, an hour of TV, and then starting to paint.

When it’s time, he’ll come down for lunch, then take an hour’s rest. After the nap, he’ll continue painting.

Now is probably when Chen Li’s inspiration bursts forth. He can finish a painting in a day or two, but unlike other artists, he doesn’t paint for long or through the night to prevent a lapse that might drain his inspiration.

Chen Li now is like a wound-up machine, repeating the same routine every day. He knows his baby needs nutrition and doesn’t want Wei Chen to worry, so he eats and sleeps. If there’s any emotion in Chen Li now, it’s just longing, a strong longing for Wei Chen.

Chen Yunlan feels a bit sorry for Chen Li, but he knows it’s futile to say anything when Wei Chen isn’t here. So, he silently cares for Chen Li even more and ensures the food is much better than before.

He can’t let Chen Li lose weight because of longing, right? Chen Li wasn’t fat to begin with, and if he loses weight now?

“Dad, let’s go down.” Chen Li came out after washing his hands, noticing Chen Yunlan lost in thought.

“Alright, let’s go down,” Chen Yunlan responded.

Seeing the table full of dishes, Chen Li’s eyes lit up, as if he could already smell the aroma from afar.

Observing Chen Li’s expression, Chen Yunlan couldn’t help but smile. In Wei Chen’s absence, the only thing that could stir Chen Li’s emotions was food.

Chen Li seemed to naturally lack resistance to delicious food. It was for this reason that Chen Yunlan found ways every day to prepare delicious meals for Chen Li. Only when Chen Li was eating could Chen Yunlan see vitality in him. This kind of energy only surfaced when Wei Chen was around.

During this meal, Chen Li naturally ate to his heart’s content. He slouched in the chair, waiting for someone to come and rub his belly. However, after waiting for a while, no one came. It was then that Chen Li remembered Wei Chen had gone back to China and hadn’t returned yet.

Chen Li couldn’t help but start counting the days on his fingers, eagerly hoping for Wei Chen to return soon. He really missed him.

Chen Li’s contentment with food suddenly plummeted. He looked at the phone beside the table, hesitating whether to call Wei Chen or not.

His hand acted on its own accord. Before Chen Li could react, the call button had already been pressed. He placed the phone to his ear, hoping to hear Wei Chen’s voice immediately. The call connected quickly.

Accompanying the low call of “Li Li” was the sound of the door opening. Chen Li felt as though perhaps he missed Wei Chen so much that he imagined his voice right beside him, leaving him stunned for a while.

“Li Li, I’m back.” Wei Chen’s voice sounded again. Chen Li mechanically turned his head and saw Wei Chen standing not far away, looking at him affectionately.

The phone in Chen Li’s hand fell to the ground. He stared at Wei Chen blankly, only reacting after a while. He rushed a few steps to Wei Chen’s side and directly threw himself into Wei Chen’s arms. “Achen, I missed you. Really, really missed you!”

Chen Li was always straightforward in expressing his emotions. Whatever he felt in his heart, he would say without feeling shy. At this moment, he genuinely missed Wei Chen, so he said it directly, without beating around the bush or hesitating.

Wei Chen also held Chen Li tightly, his gaze tender. “I know, because I missed Li Li a lot too.”

Chen Li rubbed against Wei Chen’s chest and just held Wei Chen’s waist tightly without saying anything.

Wei Chen also held Chen Li tightly, as if wanting to embed Chen Li in his embrace, occasionally planting kisses on Chen Li’s forehead. Chen Yunlan initially had something to discuss with Chen Li, but upon seeing Wei Chen’s return, refrained from interrupting the two. Instead, he noticed Fang Yun and Wei Wei, welcoming the slightly awkward mother and son standing at the door, introducing himself, “I’m Chen Li’s father, Chen Yunlan.”

After a momentary lapse in Fang Yun’s composure, she quickly regained her poise, nodding towards Chen Yunlan and smiling lightly, “Fang Yun, Wei Chen’s mother.”

This was the first meeting between the in-laws, and their initial impressions of each other were positive. However, Chen Yunlan soon noticed that Fang Yun’s complexion wasn’t quite right, which led him to speculate given Wei Chen’s sudden return to their home country.

Chen Yunlan asked Mary to prepare a room for Fang Yun and guided her and Wei Wei to sit on the couch, considerately offering a cushion to Fang Yun. He inquired if they had eaten, and Fang Yun hastily mentioned they had eaten at the airport. This dissuaded Chen Yunlan from entertaining the idea of preparing dinner for them in the kitchen.

After chatting for a while, Wei Chen and Chen Li finally emerged from their overwhelming emotions of longing, walking hand in hand to the living room.

Fang Yun immediately noticed Chen Li’s slightly protruding belly but didn’t immediately think of pregnancy, as in her perception, Chen Li was a man and men couldn’t get pregnant. She wondered why Chen Li, who looked quite thin to her the last time she saw him, now had such a big belly when it used to be flat.

Wei Chen led Chen Li to stand before Fang Yun, formally introducing Chen Li to her. Although Fang Yun and Chen Li had met before, this meeting held a different significance.

“Mom, this is Li Li, my partner.” Wei Chen’s expression was solemn and earnest.

Chen Li, although somewhat resistant to the woman who had previously slapped Wei Chen, didn’t want to embarrass Wei Chen. Going along with Wei Chen’s words, he softly addressed her, “Mom.”

“En!” Fang Yun exclaimed heavily. It wasn’t because Chen Li was a man that she disliked him. When she had just entered, she clearly saw the intense affection in Wei Chen’s eyes as he looked at Chen Li. Since it was someone Wei Chen liked, she naturally had no reason to dislike or disapprove. Moreover, she didn’t have the qualification to dislike or express disapproval.

“I didn’t prepare any red envelopes.” For Fang Yun, this was indeed sudden. She hadn’t prepared anything and simply let Chen Li call her “Mom.” She felt her wrist and saw a pair of bracelets. She took them off and handed them to Chen Li, saying, “These bracelets aren’t worth much, consider it my token of meeting you.”

Chen Li didn’t immediately take them. He glanced at Wei Chen and only accepted the bracelets after Wei Chen nodded. “Thank you, Mom.”

Given Fang Yun’s lingering illness and the long flight, she was a bit tired. Fortunately, Mary had prepared the room, so she went upstairs to rest. Wei Wei, being a child and also feeling sleepy, was taken upstairs by Mary as well.

Knowing that Wei Chen and Chen Li hadn’t seen each other for over half a month and had much to talk about, Chen Yunlan didn’t inquire about Wei Chen’s reason for returning. He allowed Wei Chen and Chen Li to retire to their room to rest.

After not seeing Wei Chen for over half a month, Chen Li naturally put aside his painting and sat in the room, waiting for Wei Chen to finish bathing.

Fifteen minutes later, Wei Chen emerged wearing a towel, still a bit damp with water droplets on his hair, using a dry towel to wipe himself. He walked over and sat beside Chen Li.

Chen Li suddenly lost his bones and slouched onto Wei Chen. His big eyes gazed directly at Wei Chen, filled with silent enticement.

Wei Chen tossed the towel he used for his hair and gently caressed Chen Li’s face with his slender fingers. He felt a bit parched but had a strong desire to confide. He succinctly recounted the events he encountered during this return trip.

Chen Li listened attentively without interrupting. While some emotions were still incomprehensible to him, it didn’t hinder his understanding that Fang Yun was indeed a good mother.

After Wei Chen finished speaking, Chen Li straightened up, kissed Wei Chen’s lips, and then hugged him tightly without saying any words of comfort. Yet, it provided Wei Chen with a sense of profound reassurance.

Once the first step was taken, the second naturally followed. After a reunion, some things became hard to control. It wasn’t clear who initiated the move, but the atmosphere in the room gradually shifted.

As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. This half-month separation was a torment for the couple, and now, their reunion marked the end of that torment.

Even in the heat of the moment, Wei Chen didn’t lose his rationality. His actions were incredibly gentle, his gaze falling upon Chen Li’s slightly hazy face, filled with affection and fervor.

Night swept in with its blanket of darkness. This night was just beginning.

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