Chapter 326 – Big Qiuqiu and Little Biscuit

The New Year’s gifts for the Sheng family were already prepared before the New Year, so it didn’t take much effort to grab them and get into the car.

Originally, Chen Yunlan planned to go together, but when it was time to leave, Chen Li went to knock on the door. However, there was no response. Combining it with their previous conversation, Wei Chen estimated that Chen Yunlan probably wanted some alone time, so he held Chen Li’s hand and left first.

Chen Li naturally felt worried. “Achen, what’s wrong with Dad?”

Wei Chen shook his head. “Let him have some time alone.”

“Oh.” Since Wei Chen said so, Chen Li naturally wouldn’t dwell on the issue. He was a bit worried, but Qiuqiu, sensing that they were going out, shook Chen Li’s hand and feet excitedly for no apparent reason. He settled down only after getting into the car.

Today was the first day of the Lunar New Year. Most of the migrant workers in the capital had gone back home for the festival. Though it wasn’t completely deserted, there weren’t many cars on the road. They drove smoothly from their residential area to the Sheng family’s neighborhood without any hindrance.

The security guard at the entrance of the neighborhood was already familiar with Wei Chen’s family. When their car reached the neighborhood’s entrance, the guard glanced at the car and let them pass.

The guard retreated to the security booth, and after a while, another car arrived. Being a security guard in a high-end villa community, he had sharp eyes. Although the car seemed low-key, its license plate was not subtle—it belonged to the military.

As the guard went for inspection, he couldn’t help but wonder who the important figure was spending the Spring Festival in the neighborhood. One car after another with military plates entered the community within an hour—six or seven in total.

Despite his curiosity, the guard knew it wasn’t his concern. He just needed to do his job.

This year, Old Master Qu spent the Spring Festival at the Sheng family’s place without making a public announcement, but neither was it kept a secret. Those interested naturally found out. Taking advantage of the festival, they came over to build connections.

Even if Old Master Qu didn’t spend the Spring Festival at the Sheng family’s place this year, these people would still come. After all, while the wedding during the National Day didn’t make it widely known that Sheng Jiaqi was Old Master Qu’s son-in-law, the upper echelons of society in the capital were aware of it.

If these connections were established, things would naturally go smoothly in the future.

So, when Wei Chen drove the car down the underground garage, he noticed several cars with military plates parked nearby. He had a rough idea of what was going on.

However, Wei Chen didn’t dwell on it. He took Qiuqiu from Chen Li’s hands and entered the elevator.

Just as Wei Chen and Chen Li entered the elevator, before the doors closed, another car with military plates drove into the underground garage and parked next to Wei Chen’s car.

Shortly after, three people got out of the car: members of the Chen family—Chen Shijing, Chen Shixian, and the younger Chen Yunqi.

Naturally, they had come to pay respects to Old Master Qu. By the time they reached the elevator entrance, Wei Chen and Chen Li were already upstairs.

Opening the door for Chen Li and Wei Chen was a servant from the Sheng family. Anticipating a large number of visitors for the Lunar New Year, the Sheng family didn’t give their servants time off, utilizing their help to receive the guests.

The servant naturally recognized Wei Chen and Chen Li and respectfully nodded at them. “Young Master Wei, Young Master Chen, please come in.”

Wei Chen handed the things he was carrying to the servant, held Qiuqiu in one hand, and held Chen Li’s hand with the other as they walked in.

It wasn’t Qiuqiu’s first time at the Sheng family’s place, so he wasn’t particularly surprised. Perhaps because there were many people in the living room, Qiuqiu didn’t babble or make a fuss, but instead, clung to Wei Chen’s neck, looking incredibly adorable and endearing.

Sheng Jiaqi and Old Master Qu were sitting in the center of the living room. The servant guided Wei Chen and Chen Li over and stopped not far from the sofa. “Master, Young Master Wei and Young Master Chen have arrived.”

Sheng Jiaqi was in the middle of a conversation and, upon hearing Wei Chen and Chen Li had arrived, gestured apologetically and glanced in their direction.

Not only did Sheng Jiaqi look over, but many others in the room also glanced in their direction, though their gazes were different from Sheng Jiaqi’s—his was kind, while theirs were more inquisitive.

So this was the first time Wei Chen and Chen Li appeared in front of so many influential figures in the capital since the National Day wedding. The Transportation Department of Changfeng Group had become a major scandal, and once it became public, the corporate image of Changfeng Group would undoubtedly be tarnished. Being a state-owned enterprise, the investigations and arrests had been carried out covertly. While the general public might be unaware, these influential figures were in the know. The large-scale anti-drug operation initiated by the Transportation Department of Changfeng Group had caused a huge stir within their circles, affecting many people.

These influential figures were well aware that the primary figures behind this uproar were Jiang Ye of the Sheng family and the young man before them—Wei Chen. If, at the National Day wedding, they regarded Wei Chen merely as Old Master Qu’s grandson-in-law or someone with some significance in the business world, now, after this extensive anti-drug operation, these influential figures truly saw Wei Chen for who he was—valued and watched carefully.

He wasn’t just a skilled businessman; with his methods and connections through Old Master Qu’s side, Wei Chen could potentially shake the capital to its core. Moreover, his good relationship with Sheng Jiaqi and Jiang Ye meant there was a fairly tight connection between Wei Chen and the Sheng family.

In the presence of these influential figures, they certainly wouldn’t underestimate him anymore. This serious young man harbored a certain determination; when that determination would explode and who it would affect remained unknown.

So, after exchanging greetings with Wei Chen, Chen Li, Old Master Qu, and Sheng Jiaqi, the influential figures in the room approached Wei Chen to engage in casual conversation. It was a necessary social interaction that Wei Chen couldn’t decline. However, Chen Li didn’t need to bother about it. He took Qiuqiu from Wei Chen’s hands and sat down beside Grandfather Qu.

Qiuqiu was naturally outgoing and had met Grandfather Qu several times before. So, when Grandfather Qu reached out to hold him, Qiuqiu leaned in, offering his little paws to be lifted.

Before Wei Chen and Chen Li arrived, Grandfather Qu’s expression was neutral, but now it was different. Holding Qiuqiu, he smiled warmly, “He’s gotten a bit heavier in my arms. My, my, little Qiuqiu is quite something.”

Qiuqiu seemed to understand praise quite well; upon hearing Grandfather Qu’s words, he giggled and even rubbed his tender face against Grandfather Qu’s cheek.

Grandfather Qu chuckled in delight, showing affection for Qiuqiu. His face, so full of love, was a stark contrast to his previous serious and dignified demeanor while sitting upright.

Seeing the change in Grandfather Qu’s demeanor, everyone present started to take note. Shortly after, the servant ushered in a few more visitors, the formal guests from the Chen family—those who had faced some embarrassment at the wedding but were still maintaining their social status.

Despite being a topic of gossip after the wedding, the Chen family’s stature remained intact. In front of them, it seemed as if everyone had forgotten the incident at the wedding, as if they had collective amnesia about it.

The three from the Chen family, their gaze fleeting across Wei Chen without revealing any emotions, handed the gifts they brought to the servant and proceeded to offer some auspicious words to Old Master Qu.

Old Master Qu nodded at them, his expression calm. He then instructed Chen Li to hold Qiuqiu and said, “Go upstairs.”

Intentionally, Old Master Qu avoided letting Chen Li interact with them. Everyone maintained a facade of harmony, but beneath the surface, there were undercurrents. In Old Master Qu’s mind, Chen Li should live a simple and ordinary life, and he and Wei Chen could handle all the intrigues.

“Okay.” Chen Li nodded, excused himself, and went upstairs after bidding Wei Chen farewell.

Cookie was about six months pregnant now and had been staying upstairs due to the frequent visitors these days. When Chen Li went upstairs, Cookie was lazily changing TV channels while cuddling a stuffed toy. It seemed he was bored and unsure of what to watch.

As Chen Li ascended the stairs, he coincidentally met Wei Hua at the staircase landing. Wei Hua, who had married Cookie and was living in the Sheng family home, paid no heed to the rumors of being a freeloader, living freely and unconcerned about outside opinions.

“Chen Li, you’re here!” Wei Hua greeted with a smile, reaching out to squeeze Qiuqiu’s chubby little paws. Qiuqiu, being polite, giggled in response.

“Yeah, where’s Sheng Qi?” Chen Li inquired.

“He’s in the room. Go chat with him; he’s been feeling bored these days,” Wei Hua suggested.

After a brief conversation, Wei Hua headed downstairs. Like Wei Chen, he couldn’t avoid these social interactions.

Chen Li went straight to Cookie’s room and knocked on the door. After hearing a sound inside, he pushed the door open.

“Uncle Chen Li, Big Qiuqiu!” Little Biscuit exclaimed joyfully upon seeing Qiuqiu.

Immediately, Qiuqiu stretched out his arms toward Little Biscuit, eager for a hug, displaying enthusiasm.

Qiuqiu was now at least 20 pounds, while Little Biscuit was merely five years old—tiny and unable to lift Qiuqiu. However, with both of them wanting a hug, and with thick carpeting on the floor, Chen Li didn’t intervene.

Holding onto Qiuqiu’s belly, Little Biscuit attempted to lift him. Qiuqiu moved his round face to rub against Little Biscuit’s, showing no discomfort and laughing gleefully.

These two kids got along very well. Whenever they met, they stuck together. Qiuqiu babbled away, and Little Biscuit babbled back. Nobody knew exactly what they were saying, but both kids were happy.

After a while, Little Biscuit felt his arms becoming tired. He carefully placed Qiuqiu on the floor, but Qiuqiu resisted, tugging at Little Biscuit’s hand, wanting to be held.

“Big Qiuqiu, you’re too heavy, I can’t lift you anymore,” Little Biscuit said, patting Qiuqiu’s soft, fluffy hair, leaning in closer to him.

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