Chapter 345 – Beat someone at their own game

Of course, allowing the messages to spread unchecked wasn’t just about not breaking Chen Li further; there was a more crucial reason behind it—to draw out more people behind the scenes.

Since it was Chen Li’s decision, they chose to respect it. With Wei Chen and Lan Xiping around, even if Chen Li couldn’t handle it in the end, these two could still help him break free from it.

However, the root of this problem had taken permanent hold. From now on, they had to tread cautiously, avoiding touching that nerve of Chen Li’s.

Behind this psychological implication lay Chen Li’s past suffering, his hysterical emotions.

Naturally, if Chen Li managed to overcome this deep-seated psychological barrier this time, only then could he truly be considered healed. Then, he wouldn’t have to live so cautiously in the future.

This was also the reason why Chen Li chose to give it a try.

He always felt that his and Wei Chen’s future was something they would create together. He strived to become a renowned artist, standing shoulder to shoulder with Wei Chen. He also aimed to overcome all his inner obstacles, to face all difficulties together with Wei Chen, rather than hiding behind him every time things got tough.

After knowing Chen Li’s decision, Wei Chen understood his thoughts. He gently squeezed Chen Li’s hand, feeling an infinite warmth in his heart.

This was the person he liked and was willing to protect at all costs.

And this was the person he hoped would stand by him with the same determination.

Having this person, what more could one ask for?

The decision had been made; now it was time to face the difficulties.

Currently, the rumors were only circulating within Q University, with the most intense gossip centered there. Since Chen Li chose to confront it, the next step was to continue being a passive auditor at Q University.

Wei Chen felt some worry. He kissed Chen Li’s forehead and said, “If you can’t handle it, just give me a call, I’ll come to get you immediately.”

“Okay.” Chen Li nodded obediently. For Wei Chen’s sake, he could bravely confront everything, but he would also gauge his actions for Wei Chen, ensuring things didn’t exceed what he could handle.

“Wei Chen, rest assured, the project at my hospital is wrapping up, so I’ll be around at the school for a while. I’ll help take care of Chen Li,” Lan Xiping assured, aware of Wei Chen’s concern, though he also shared the worry for Chen Li.

Wei Chen looked at Lan Xiping, gratitude filling his gaze. “Xiping, I’m counting on you for Li Li.”

Lan Xiping was a significant figure in their lives. To encounter Lan Xiping in this lifetime, Wei Chen felt immensely fortunate.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of him,” Lan Xiping promised once more.

Afterward, Chen Li followed Lan Xiping to Q University. Jiang Ye hadn’t left yet; there was something to discuss with Wei Chen.

“I just received news. Chen Qing has been released from prison,” Jiang Ye stated without beating around the bush.

“Released?” Wei Chen was surprised. How could Chen Qing have been released? Who facilitated it?

“Yes,” Jiang Ye nodded. “The Chen family made a move.”

Jiang Ye’s words held a double meaning—the Chen family not only rescued Chen Qing but also served as the origin of this rumor.

Wei Chen wasn’t particularly surprised by this. After all, the Chen family wouldn’t just sit back and do nothing. Jiang Ye continued, “Since Chen Li has made such a choice, I plan to use a stratagem.”

Wei Chen looked at Jiang Ye, somewhat guessing his intentions.

“I need your cooperation with Chen Li,” Jiang Ye extended his hand toward Wei Chen. “Of course,” Wei Chen shook Jiang Ye’s hand, “we were partners from the start.”

But Wei Chen added a condition, “However, if Li Li gets hurt in the process, I’ll withdraw at any time. I’m more concerned about Li Li than bringing down the Chen family.”

Jiang Ye had no objections to this. “That’s natural. I also dislike anyone being sacrificed in this process.”

After Jiang Ye left, Wei Chen called Chen Yunlan.

At that moment, Chen Yunlan was discussing Chen Li’s past with Xie Chunsheng. Several coffee cups in the cafe had already been shattered by Xie Chunsheng. His face was dark, as if he wanted to tear the Chen family into pieces right now.

How could they! How could they treat his son like this!

Chen Yunlan’s tone remained relatively calm, but turmoil brewed in his eyes. Even though things had passed, and Chen Li was gradually improving, could the pain from the past truly vanish just like that?

“Yunlan,” Xie Chunsheng looked at Chen Yunlan, his voice hoarse, “If I take action against the Chen family, I hope you won’t stop me.”

Chen Yunlan gave a somewhat mocking smile. “Stop you? Why would I stop you? What kind of life has my son had with them all these years? I wish they could deeply feel everything Xiao Li went through. Why would I stop you?”

“Okay.” Xie Chunsheng held Chen Yunlan’s hand. “I’ll take it back. Everything you and Xiao Li suffered, I’ll take it all.”

Chen Yunlan was momentarily stunned by his words before slowly saying, “Okay, I’ll wait for you to take it back.” His voice trembled slightly. After so many years, he finally heard these words. If only Qu Ran had the same courage back then, instead of choosing to jump from where he did, would all this tragedy have been averted?

His phone rang in time, snapping Chen Yunlan out of his reverie. He dismissed his impractical thoughts and answered the call.


“Yeah, I’m with him.”

Chen Yunlan spoke and then handed the phone to Xie Chunsheng. “Wei Chen is looking for you.”

Xie Chunsheng took the phone. “Mr. Wei, is there something?”

His tone wasn’t as distant as before, rather, it held a bit of warmth. After all, this person brought his son out of darkness and brought happiness to Xiao Li.

“Regarding Li Li’s situation this time,” Wei Chen didn’t notice Xie Chunsheng’s change in tone. If Xie Chunsheng joined in this plan, many things would become easier.

Hearing it was about Chen Li, Xie Chunsheng’s expression involuntarily became serious. “Mr. Wei, please go on.”

Wei Chen explained his and Jiang Ye’s plan to Xie Chunsheng, including Chen Li’s choice.

“Since it’s Xiao… Chen Li’s choice, I’ll act with you.” Xie Chunsheng paused for a moment, hesitated, then agreed.


When Chen Li and Lan Xiping arrived at Q University, they parted ways. Lan Xiping headed to the Medical College, while Chen Li continued to the School of Civil Engineering as an auditor.

The online comments had spread throughout Q University after a day of fermentation. They had even been reposted from the university’s forum. So, when Chen Li entered the campus, the looks of scrutiny mixed with disdain hadn’t disappeared. There were murmurs and whispers, but the overly extreme voices from yesterday seemed to have diminished significantly.

Chen Li forced himself to stay calm, walking along the campus path without glancing around, tightly clenching his hands. In his mind, he kept reassuring himself that these words were all false, that they wouldn’t come true. He had worth in being alive.

“Chen Li, wait!”

Just as Chen Li was walking forward with his head lowered, a voice came from behind. It wasn’t malicious and, to Chen Li’s surprise, carried a hint of comfort.

Chen Li turned at the sound and was mildly taken aback by what he saw.

The person calling his name was someone Chen Li recognized, Huang Zhenzhen, from the School of Fine Arts at Q University. She had been in the same class when Chen Li initially became an auditor.

But it wasn’t just Huang Zhenzhen standing behind Chen Li; almost all the classmates from that class were present.

Chen Li stood there, momentarily forgetting how to react.

“Chen Li, we believe in you,” Huang Zhenzhen said, trotting up and handing Chen Li a gift box with a small note attached that read, “Chen Li, we believe in you, keep going!”

It was reminiscent of the small gifts and encouraging notes they used to leave on each other’s desks back in their class.

Chen Li took the gift from Huang Zhenzhen, his lips curving slightly. “Thank you.”

“Chen Li, this gift is from all of us in the class. Don’t mind the online stuff or the way people look at you. Rumors will be cleared up one day. In our class, you’re unique, almost like a divine presence. So, keep going and don’t let gossip get you down!” Huang Zhenzhen said earnestly before sticking her tongue out playfully at Chen Li.

Chen Li nodded. “I’ll keep going. Thank you all.”

This group of people was the first collective he’d connected with, a collective that had bestowed upon him countless moments of warmth. And now, here they were again, pouring warmth back into his heart.

After expressing gratitude to these classmates and feeling empowered by their encouragement, Chen Li turned and walked towards the School of Civil Engineering.

The heaviness and gloominess in his heart lessened considerably. Chen Li felt a significant weight lifted from his shoulders, a sense of relief washing over him.

Even when faced with the disdainful glances of some classmates upon entering the classroom, Chen Li didn’t shy away. Instead, he offered them a gentle smile.

It wasn’t a forced smile; it just naturally curved his lips.

Warm and inviting, it was like a refreshing breeze.

He was a seed yearning for the light, eager to grow upwards. When a beam of light shone down, the seed stretched, striving to break free from the darkness, reaching towards the radiance.

At this moment, some people watered the seed, nourished it. Initially deprived of sustenance and trapped in darkness, the seed, now receiving these nutrients, could thrive and grow.

Undoubtedly, Chen Li’s life had been painful.

He was like a seed buried in arid soil, confined by darkness.

But Chen Li’s life was also fortunate.

Wei Chen was his light, guiding him through the darkness.

And the people around him were the water and fertilizer, providing him with the chance to flourish and grow.

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