Chapter 346 – Perfect Spring Mood

Spring had drawn near. Despite the cold wave descending from the north, it couldn’t halt the gradual warming of the air. Warmth surged from all directions, not only embracing the atmosphere but also warming people’s hearts.

Chen Li felt this warmth as well—from Wei Chen, from family, and from those around him.

Despite some individuals casually spreading malice toward Chen Li on the internet, hiding behind the anonymity of the web, speaking words of extreme cruelty, even now, around Chen Li, many who didn’t know him or understand him believed the online rumors. They cast disdainful glances and spoke hurtful words.

However, Chen Li believed that as long as this warmth existed, he could overcome these challenges, the obstacles in his heart.

At this moment, Chen Li realized that the world wasn’t dark but rather colorful. He had learned to open his arms and embrace this world.

While Chen Li’s emotions settled somewhat, rumors on the Q University forum intensified, spreading to other websites, causing a huge uproar.

Due to coordinated efforts, the news spread incredibly fast. In less than a day, it became a top trending topic on major websites and headlines.

As the commotion escalated, online users fervently discussed the matter. Public opinion surged against Chen Li, with all sorts of hurtful words emerging. Occasionally, a few netizens questioned the authenticity of the incident, but they were quickly drowned in a sea of insults. Even if some weren’t drowned out, the comments were all focused on attacking the so-called water army, criticizing their moral compass.

The uproar was getting bigger and bigger, but the majority of the melon-eating public discovered that no media reported this incident.

Consequently, more water army members emerged, claiming that Chen Li and Wei Chen had powerful backgrounds, buying off these media outlets to suppress the news.

For a moment, online opinions were unanimously against Chen Li. Anyone speaking a positive word about him or Wei Chen would face a barrage of criticism from online users.

Entities like Changfeng Group, the Beijing Calligraphy and Painting Association, and others related to Wei Chen and Chen Li were besieged. Countless online users found various ways to criticize Wei Chen and Chen Li in the comments sections of official accounts. Eventually, it seemed insufficient just to criticize these two; they started targeting the official accounts as well.

As the war of words escalated, the incident regarding the Dream Cup resurfaced. Despite the truth having been revealed, most online users adopted a stance of ‘I won’t listen, I won’t listen.’ They firmly believed Chen Li was a plagiarist, considering the so-called truth as nothing more than a cover-up orchestrated by forces behind Chen Li.

Feng Tianyang scrolled through Weibo, observing the overwhelmingly abusive comments. A sinister smile, full of malicious satisfaction, remained on his lips.

Zhou Zhuoran stormed in, snatched Feng Tianyang’s phone, and slammed it fiercely on the ground. Glaring angrily, Zhou Zhuoran questioned, “Feng Tianyang, you know exactly what happened that day. Why did you say such things online? Do you realize your nonsense could ruin someone?”

“Zhou Zhuoran, you can eat whatever, but words shouldn’t be uttered carelessly. What did I say online?” Feng Tianyang, reveling in his triumph, didn’t care about the damaged phone. His smile remained uncontainable. “Who knows if Chen Li offended someone and is facing retaliation? Moreover, if Chen Li has no issues, why would my trivial matter trigger such a huge public outcry?”

Zhou Zhuoran struggled to find a response, feeling infuriated. Grabbing a nearby book, he hurled it at Feng Tianyang.

Feng Tianyang wasn’t going to stand there and take it from Zhou Zhuoran. In no time, the two were entangled in a scuffle.

Onlookers rushed over to break up the fight, but it was only when the teacher arrived that the two were separated.

Of course, both bore the marks of the scuffle.

The teacher reprimanded them harshly, frowned upon hearing the reason for their quarrel, but said nothing further.

As for Chen Li, they hadn’t interacted with him personally. But being accepted as a disciple by Master Sun and Zhuge Yu probably meant his character wasn’t terribly flawed.

So, the supposed online exposé likely wasn’t true. It’s just that the involved parties hadn’t clarified promptly.

Unbeknownst to Chen Li and Wei Chen, Zhou Zhuoran had fought Feng Tianyang at the ZY Institute. Despite the rumors swirling around, their lives seemed unaffected.

Only Wei Chen knew the reality of Chen Li’s daily life.

Chen Li continued attending as an auditor enduring endless verbal abuse. Even at home, he couldn’t rest, checking online comments about himself.

For a regular person, online bullying is intolerable, and for someone like Chen Li with psychological issues, it was even worse.

Yet, Chen Li persisted, setting daily goals to read a certain number of comments. Sometimes, unable to bear it, Chen Li sought solace in Wei Chen’s embrace, seeking warmth to drive away the malice.

Despite this, Chen Li was still plagued by nightmares, waking up each night, only to find solace in Wei Chen’s comfort before eventually falling back asleep.

Enduring this cycle, astonishingly, Chen Li persevered for half a month without a complete breakdown.

Certainly, Wei Chen wanted Chen Li to give up multiple times, but each time the words reached his lips, he’d swallow them upon seeing Chen Li’s determined gaze.

During this half month, it seemed like Qiuqiu sensed his father’s mood. He didn’t cause a fuss while sleeping with Chen Yunlan at night and, in the mornings, reached out for Chen Li to hold him. Nestled in Chen Li’s embrace, he’d tightly encircle Chen Li’s neck, planting kisses on Chen Li’s face and using his tender face to nuzzle against Chen Li’s.

With comfort from Qiuqiu, support from Wei Chen and Chen Yunlan, Chen Li felt a surge of strength within.

During this time, Wei Chen’s home hosted a constant stream of visitors. Aside from occasional visits from Xie Chunsheng, Chen Li’s teachers also dropped by. Even Master Sun came over and personally painted a picture for Chen Li, hoping to console him.

Wei Hua arrived with a heavily pregnant Cookie and brought along Little Biscuit. Little Biscuit showcased a new dance that he had learned at school, never performed before his two dads and grandpa, eliciting smiles from Chen Li.

Xie Chunsheng practically wished to live permanently at Wei Chen’s home, eager to shower Chen Li with care. Knowing Chen Li’s food preferences, he brought a chef every day, preparing a variety of international cuisines. He gifted Chen Li the best art supplies and watched over Chen Li with tender eyes.

Initially hesitant about Xie Chunsheng’s kindness, Chen Li noticed that neither Wei Chen nor Chen Yunlan were formal with Xie Chunsheng. Observing the atmosphere between Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng, Chen Li reckoned that Xie Chunsheng would probably spend the rest of his life with Chen Yunlan. Thus, Chen Li tentatively accepted Xie Chunsheng’s kindness.

Through these interactions, Chen Li and Xie Chunsheng grew more acquainted, and Chen Li even started calling him “Uncle Xie.”

Although just two words, “Uncle Xie” brought great joy to Xie Chunsheng, nearly causing him to dance with delight.

Chen Yunlan understood Xie Chunsheng’s emotions, reminiscent of the time when Chen Li first called him “Dad.”

Meanwhile, Grandfather Qu moved into Wei Chen’s home. Whenever Chen Li had free time, Grandfather Qu would hold Chen Li’s hand and recount past events.

Grandfather Qu didn’t talk about his own experiences but rather about how the country had progressed from that humiliating history to becoming an international powerhouse.

Clearly, Chen Li was deeply interested. While he had learned a lot from books, Grandfather Qu was a firsthand witness to that history. For the revival of the nation, Grandfather Qu had shed blood and exhausted all efforts.

Therefore, the stories Grandfather Qu recounted were incredibly genuine, deeply captivating Chen Li.

As for Wei Chen, except for the time when Chen Li was at school, he stayed within Chen Li’s sight range. Whenever Chen Li had a nightmare at night, it was Wei Chen’s gentle voice and warm embrace that rescued him from the cold darkness. Upon waking up in the morning, the first sight was always Wei Chen.

When leaving home, Wei Chen would bid a gentle goodbye, and upon returning, he’d be waiting at the entrance to give Chen Li a hug.

Whenever Chen Li needed, Wei Chen would promptly appear, offering hugs, kisses, or sometimes an intense and passionate love to drive away Chen Li’s inner loneliness and fears.

Lan Xiping had become Chen Li’s personal bodyguard. Besides attending separate classes at school, he accompanied Chen Li on the way to and from school.

Not only did Lan Xiping stay by Chen Li’s side, but he also researched various therapeutic methods for Chen Li.

Surrounded by warmth, it was unclear whether his thoughts were occupied by this warmth or if this warmth had expelled the darkness deeply buried within Chen Li. Half a month later, the frequency of Chen Li’s nightmares decreased at night, sometimes allowing him to sleep until morning.

The people who cared for Chen Li noticed these changes and couldn’t help but feel delighted for Chen Li. They brought more and more warmth into Chen Li’s life.

From these little moments, gradually, they formed a warm current flowing into Chen Li’s heart, warming him all over.

In this way, the unpleasant memories of twenty years were gradually covered by these warm memories. Sometimes, Chen Li even tried deliberately to recall the darkness of twenty years, only to faintly remember a fragment after a long while.

The memories that once caused fatal harm to Chen Li now seemed like a nightmare. Nightmares eventually end, and upon awakening, Chen Li found himself surrounded by spring-like warmth.

Just like the current weather, with spring returning, everything began to revive and move towards a vibrant direction.

As spring arrived, Chen Li’s condition improved significantly. His complete recovery came about a month later, coinciding with an unorganized event that occurred at the peak of the public opinion frenzy.

That day, golden sunlight enveloped the earth, melting away the snow and ice, marking a perfect spring day.

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