Chapter 367 – Golden Bee Shedding Its Shell

A day passed by in the blink of an eye.

Wei Zhenxiong arrived early at the office. Upon seeing that the chairman’s office was indeed decorated according to his aesthetic taste, he nodded in satisfaction.

The feeling of influencing the situation pleased him greatly; his vanity found boundless gratification.

Not long after Wei Zhenxiong settled into his office, the secretary arrived with Chen Yunqi’s people. Clearly, they were anxious about the port and had rushed over early in the morning.

Wei Zhenxiong’s good mood diminished considerably because of this person. He only wished to quickly sign the port contract and send away this imposing figure from the Chen family.

Despite his urgency, Wei Zhenxiong meticulously checked every aspect of the contract, inside and out. He went through it several times, ensuring everything was in line with the previously agreed terms. He even had Wei Corporation’s lawyer confirm it again. Once assured it matched the agreed terms, Wei Zhenxiong confidently signed the contract, bidding farewell to the representatives of the Chen family.

Wei Zhenxiong knew that dealing with this influential figure would leave him completely vulnerable.

After both parties confirmed the contract, Chen Yunqi’s people turned to leave.

Wei Zhenxiong instructed his secretary to see them off and sat back in his office chair, letting out a long sigh of relief.

From then on, he had no more dealings with the Chen family, and Wei Corporation was truly his once again.

Thinking about it, it seemed the trouble caused by the port was worth it after all.

This thought made Wei Zhenxiong quite proud in his mind. However, half an hour later, the person who had just signed the contract with him hurriedly returned to his office, slamming the contract fiercely onto Wei Zhenxiong’s desk.

Perplexed, Wei Zhenxiong asked, “What’s wrong? Did something go awry?” He didn’t like the air of superiority this person carried; after all, wasn’t he just a lackey of the Chen family? What gave him the audacity to act so arrogantly?

“Wei Zhenxiong, I advise you not to play tricks. As long as the Chen family moves a finger, you’ll be nothing!” the person said, veins bulging on his face from anger.

Wei Zhenxiong was even more puzzled, but he was also furious. What about the Chen family? Why did they have the right to dictate terms and act so imperiously in front of him?

Wei Zhenxiong’s anger surged, cursing the Chen family’s ancestors thoroughly in his mind. However, when he spoke, he maintained a composed demeanor. “Mr. Chen, please clarify. How could I be playing tricks? This contract was drafted by your side; I merely placed my signature on it. How could that be considered playing tricks?”

“Wei Zhenxiong, you talk a good game,” Mr. Chen sneered. “But do you know that this paper contract is invalid?”

“When your own drafted contract encounters an issue, you blame me for it. Don’t think just because the Chen family is influential, you can go this far in your arrogance!” Wei Zhenxiong replied firmly.

Observing the genuine expression on Wei Zhenxiong’s face, Mr. Chen furrowed his brow. “You truly don’t know?”

“What do I know?” Wei Zhenxiong countered.

This made Mr. Chen more certain; Wei Zhenxiong indeed seemed unaware. He spoke with a serious tone, “The issue isn’t with the contract, but with your port!”

“What’s wrong with my port?” Wei Zhenxiong exclaimed in shock.

That port had been an industry passed down in the Wei family for decades. How could there be a problem?

“Why are you asking me what’s wrong?” Mr. Chen’s anger flared. “You’re the chairman of Wei Corporation, how could you not know that the port ceased belonging to Wei Corporation a month ago?”

“What?” Wei Zhenxiong jolted upright, his eyes wide in disbelief.

How could that be? The port had always been under Wei Corporation—how could it not be theirs a month ago?

This news was like a bolt from the blue for Wei Zhenxiong, leaving him stunned.

Mr. Chen realized Wei Zhenxiong genuinely had no clue about this. Staying here any longer was pointless, so he left with a stern expression.

However, before leaving, he kindly warned, “Take a good look now at what Wei Corporation still belongs to you. Don’t be too pleased when you find out it’s an empty shell. Don’t bask in your self-satisfaction and pride.” His tone carried unmistakable sarcasm.

As Mr. Chen said, this Wei Zhenxiong is a waste.

During the struggle for control of the Wei family, he hadn’t noticed that assets under Wei Corporation had been stealthily transferred.

If someone could move that port away, it was possible they had moved other assets belonging to Wei Corporation. Maybe, as he claimed, Wei Corporation was now nothing but an empty shell, and what Wei Zhenxiong had inherited was a complete mess.

What a perfect disappearing act!

Mr. Chen was seething with anger. They thought the Wei family’s port was in their grasp, assuming that Wei Chen was too preoccupied with treating Chen Li and chasing after the Chen family’s tails, neglecting the situation in Shanghai.

In the end, they were outmaneuvered by Wei Chen and Jiang Ye.

Very good! Very good!

This tactic of shedding the shell directly led to their downfall! What a miscalculation! Mr. Chen left Wei Corporation’s building and immediately reported this news to Chen Yunqi.

Even Chen Yunqi, who usually remained unfazed in the face of crumbling situations, was so enraged that he threw his phone to the ground.

“What’s wrong? Is there trouble in Shanghai?” Chen Yuntang, seeing Chen Yunqi’s livid expression, realized something was amiss and asked urgently.

Chen Yunqi gritted his teeth and replied, “We can’t seize that port.”

“How is that possible?” Chen Yuntang’s face immediately tensed, veins popping on his forehead.

It was a sure victory, so why couldn’t they seize it?

“That port is no longer under Wei Corporation,” Chen Yunqi continued, grinding his teeth. “To be precise, it hasn’t been in Wei Corporation’s possession for a month. We were careless.”

In this round of confrontation, he believed he could firmly secure the port. Yet, ultimately, Wei Chen and Jiang Ye outmaneuvered him. Now, he lost both the horse and the soldiers.

How could he not be furious? How could he not?

Chen Yunqi clenched his fists tightly, his chest heaving violently. He had never been this angry before. The feeling of being toyed with like a monkey fueled his rage.

Wei Chen, what a cunning man!

Jiang Ye, what a cunning man!

This time, his Chen family wouldn’t stop until they had settled scores with them.

Chen Yuntang’s emotions were no better; his face contorted with fury. He wished he could confront Wei Chen right then and there and send him to the netherworld with a single shot.

Wei Chen and Jiang Ye seemed born to counter their Chen family. They had always had it easy, but since being targeted by Wei Chen and Jiang Ye, nothing seemed to go their way.

First, the Transportation Department of Changfeng Group was controlled, and now, more evidence emerged, implicating the entire Chen family. Those suspended were further suspended, and those dismissed were completely ousted.

In the ever-changing political scene, who knows what might occur during their suspension?

Chen Yuntang felt frustrated. Yet, they were under close scrutiny and couldn’t do anything. All of this was because of Wei Chen and Jiang Ye; this time, they wouldn’t let them off the hook!

“Any news from the United States?” Chen Yuntang, finally calming his anger, asked Chen Yunqi.

Shaking his head, Chen Yunqi replied, “Not yet. I’ve inquired, but it seems they’ll need more than a year for preparations.”

Chen Yuntang furrowed his brow tightly, cursing aloud, “Useless! They’ve been preparing for so long, and they still need a year!”

“Could it be that the one surnamed Jiang is feeling sorry for his own son, causing this delay?” Chen Yuntang asked. After all, making Mr. Jiang lure his own son to the United States and then taking advantage of the situation to eliminate him might trouble Mr. Jiang emotionally.

Chen Yunqi shook his head. “Unlikely. Mr. Jiang is even more ruthless. Anyone blocking his path, even if it’s his own flesh and blood, won’t be spared.”

That person is a lunatic, capable of pushing his own wife to death without batting an eye, let alone a son who was never close to him.

Chen Yuntang considered it reasonable. They would give Mr. Jiang more than a year. Once Jiang Ye was gone, it would be like cutting off Wei Chen’s arm, allowing them to do as they pleased!


That Mr. Chen who signed the contract with Wei Zhenxiong had foretold it all.

When Wei Zhenxiong discovered the port was no longer under Wei Corporation, he urgently checked the other industries under their name. And with that check, Wei Zhenxiong was utterly shocked by what he found!

These industries unexpectedly detached from Wei Corporation at an unknown time—none of them belong to Wei Corporation anymore! When did this happen? Why didn’t he hear a single word about it? And who acquired these industries? They were the cornerstone of Wei Corporation. Without them, Wei Corporation is essentially an empty shell, utterly useless! Why did this happen? Did all his calculations lead to this useless empty shell?

Wei Zhenxiong, frustrated, collapsed in his office chair, completely drained. His chest heaved, his face turned red from anger and frustration.

“Summon the finance department,” Wei Zhenxiong finally managed to muster some strength and instructed to bring in the finance team.

He needed to review the financial status of the company. For such a large corporation like Wei Corporation, every financial transaction held significant value. Any error in the process would lead to a massive problem.

The finance team arrived promptly, presenting recent financial reports.

Before Wei Zhenxiong could speak, the finance personnel directly said, “Chairman, these are the financial statements for the past two months. Please have a look.” Saying this, they handed over the reports.

Trembling, Wei Zhenxiong took the financial statements. As he saw the consistent deficits on the reports, his eyes rolled back, and he fainted on the spot.

An ambulance arrived and took the unconscious Wei Zhenxiong away.

If possible, Wei Zhenxiong wished he could just sleep forever. That way, he wouldn’t have to deal with Wei Corporation’s massive financial losses.

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“Golden Bee Shedding Its Shell.” This phrase metaphorically signifies a strategic or cunning move, likened to a golden bee shedding its old protective covering to reveal something new or take advantage of a situation. It implies a clever maneuver or a shrewd action in a certain context, often used to describe a surprising or unexpected turn of events, especially in a competitive or strategic scenario.

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