Chapter 366 – Regretting the Past

When Wei Yan spoke those words, his gaze was firm, his tone casual, exuding an immense confidence. Old Master Wei, after a slight pause, finally looked at Wei Yan, the first time in many years that he truly regarded him this way.

This grandson, completely ignored by him before, now emanated an aura that made Old Master Wei feel incredibly unfamiliar. He began to doubt if the person before him was truly Wei Yan.

Was this really his grandson who had no presence whatsoever in his presence?

“Grandfather, I know what you’re thinking,” Wei Yan said, “If not for this incident, I would have concealed my abilities in front of you forever. After all, the Wei family only needs one Achen.”

Hearing this, Old Master Wei couldn’t help feeling embarrassed.

Indeed, as Wei Yan stated, the Wei family only needed one Wei Chen. Even if he acknowledged Wei Yan’s exceptional abilities, he might have considered employing him, but simultaneously, he would have been wary of him. After all, Wei Chen was the rightful heir of the Wei family, and he didn’t know if Wei Yan harbored ambitions he shouldn’t have.

So, a long time ago, Wei Yan had understood his thoughts and deliberately feigned incompetence in front of him.

But why did Wei Yan pretend? Was he trying to hide his capabilities to later surprise everyone?

“Grandfather, I have no ambitions for the Wei family business. You don’t need to worry,” Wei Yan smiled. If he had ambitions for the Wei family, he wouldn’t have brought Old Master Wei along with him now.

Having his thoughts seen through once again by the younger generation, Old Master Wei felt a bit embarrassed.

“How did you find out about the Wei family’s affairs this time?” If there were no ambitions for the Wei Corp, why did he seem to have detailed knowledge of the Wei family’s matters?

“To be honest, it was Achen who approached me,” Wei Yan truthfully replied. At this point, there was no need for concealment.

“Achen? When?” Old Master Wei was greatly surprised.

Wei Yan proceeded to narrate to Old Master Wei the arrangements he and Wei Chen had made over the years.

After listening, Old Master Wei was completely stunned.

Wei Chen had anticipated long ago that someone would threaten the Wei family, hence why he had traveled to the capital alone, teaming up with Jiang Ye to deal with the Chen family.

As for Shanghai, Wei Chen had not given up. Surprisingly, he and Wei Yan had joined forces to establish a corporation.

Old Master Wei had heard about this corporation, a rising star in the city, its growth surpassing several longstanding powers in the area. He had previously marveled at the remarkable individual behind this corporation but never anticipated that it was his two grandsons.

At this moment, Old Master Wei couldn’t quite articulate his feelings. Yet, a surge of pride hit him, sweeping away all his previous despondency.

“You’ve done very well, truly exceptional.”

A myriad of words condensed into this plain and heartfelt praise. At a time when he thought he had lost everything, his grandsons had given him such an immense surprise. It was just… so good, truly splendid!

“And, the Biscuit Fund, which just made its way into the top 100 domestic enterprises earlier this year, was started by Ahua,” Wei Yan added.

As for the Biscuit Fund, Wei Yan always had a mocking comment to throw in. Clearly, it was an underdog in the investment industry, yet it bore such an endearingly soft name. Anyone unaware might think it was a biscuit factory. He couldn’t fathom what Wei Hua was thinking.

“What?” Old Master Wei thought there was something wrong with his ears. He was well aware of the Biscuit Fund; it was a dark horse in the investment world, making profits from every investment. Its leading figure was already being called the Investment God behind the scenes.

Now, Wei Yan was telling him that this Investment God was Wei Hua, someone from their Wei family. Could Wei Yan be joking with him?

“Grandfather, I’m not lying to you. Wei Hua’s English name is ‘Tree.’ You might have heard of this; after all, his achievements during his five years in the United States on Wall Street are still reverberating there,” Wei Yan dropped another bombshell.

Old Master Wei had always thought Wei Hua went to the United States to study. He never imagined Wei Hua was the Investment God ‘Tree’ who echoed through Wall Street.

There was a project in the United States that every company had dismissed, but ‘Tree’ invested in it. At that time, many ridiculed ‘Tree’ for being naïve to invest in a doomed project. But what happened in the end? That project turned into the biggest venture on Wall Street that year, overflowing with profits for ‘Tree.’ ‘Tree’ made a name for himself, investing in whatever project he wished, earning from each one. Over time, he became known as the Investment God.

Tree hasn’t been seen on Wall Street in the United States for a long time, but his legend still echoes there. Even in the business circles of our country, his story is widely circulated.

Now, reflecting on it, the Biscuit Fund and the ‘Tree’ from Wall Street in the United States at that time are remarkably similar.

The successive revelations left Old Master Wei speechless and dazed for a long time. It dawned on him that his descendants from the Wei family were all exceptionally talented.

If only… if he hadn’t been so stubborn before and had embraced talent regardless of lineage, perhaps the Wei family wouldn’t have fallen to this state?

After the swell of pride, Old Master Wei was filled with regret. He realized that the talents of the Wei family were driven away by his own actions. If these talents had stayed, the Wei family wouldn’t be merely where it stands today—it could have been much more glorious.

Seeing Old Master Wei expression through the rearview mirror, Wei Yan remained silent. He had intentionally let Old Master Wei know these things to make him aware of his mistakes, to understand how ludicrous his insistence on tradition had been all these years.

He was also speaking up for those in the Wei family who, due to their lineage, possessed great talent but were mistrusted and underutilized.

The crisis facing the Wei family wasn’t unfounded. Perhaps this should be a rebirth for the Wei family. After this rebirth, maybe the Wei family would stride even farther and better than before.

As time moves forward, outdated and backward mindsets should be eliminated, not perpetuated, poisoning generation after generation.

Old Master Wei sat in the back seat, silent for a long time. But now, he believed deeply in what Wei Yan had said earlier—that wanting the Wei family to rise again was just a flip of the hand.

With such responsible and capable successors, why should the Wei family fear not rising again?

Finally, Old Master Wei sighed deeply, facing reality. He was getting old after all, and the world now belonged to the young. Continuing to perceive the younger generation through an outdated lens would lead to inevitable defeat.

He couldn’t afford to remain stubbornly stuck in the past.


Wei Corporation.

The shareholders’ meeting concluded, and Wei Zhenxiong became the new chairman of the Wei Corp. Whatever unpleasant events occurred during this process, Wei Zhenxiong assuming the role of chairman was an undeniable fact.

Wei Zhenxiong strode out of the meeting room in high spirits, his face flushed with excitement, feeling everything looked pleasant to his eyes.

He entered the chairman’s office, accompanied by his secretary. This was once Old Master Wei’s office, adorned with antique furnishings, a place Wei Zhenxiong had longed to occupy.

However, upon actually settling in, nothing seemed right to Wei Zhenxiong. Seeing these ancient ornaments reminded him of Old Master Wei’s face, and the words spoken in the meeting room stirred up an inexplicable anger within him.

Without concern for the value, Wei Zhenxiong shoved over a blue-and-white porcelain vase.

“See that? I was the most incompetent one in your eyes. But now? Look, everything is under my control. Even you have been pushed out by me!” Wei Zhenxiong muttered with a fierce expression, as if this could alter Old Master Wei’s perception of him.

He wasn’t the most incompetent one; otherwise, how could everything have fallen into his hands? Even the heir personally nurtured by the old master couldn’t get a piece of the pie—it was all firmly in his grasp!

He was the ultimate winner, and all of this rightfully belonged to him! No one should dare to snatch anything away from him!

With a crazed laugh, Wei Zhenxiong pointed at the furnishings in the office. “All of these, every single thing, remove them. This is my office now. You should redecorate according to my preferences.”

The secretary followed behind, jotting down each word uttered by Wei Zhenxiong.

“Make sure all of this is sorted out by the time I arrive tomorrow for work,” Wei Zhenxiong instructed with a stern face.

“Understood,” the secretary nodded. “I’ll ensure everything is arranged according to your instructions, Chairman.”

The title of ‘Chairman’ made Wei Zhenxiong feel at ease throughout his body, and a smile involuntarily surfaced on his face.

“I’m leaving for now, I’ll be back tomorrow,” Wei Zhenxiong said, heading towards the office door.

The secretary hurriedly stopped Wei Zhenxiong. “Chairman.”

Wei Zhenxiong halted at the words. “Is there anything else?”

“The matter at the port was mentioned by Mr. Chen. He emphasized the need to handle it promptly,” the secretary stated.

Wei Zhenxiong’s expression turned stern immediately. “Whose secretary are you? This matter isn’t urgent.”

Wei Zhenxiong knew better than anyone the benefits the port could bring to the Wei family in a year. Therefore, he was increasingly reluctant to hand it over to the Chen family.

Unfazed, the secretary spoke with a neutral expression. “Mr. Chen mentioned that they could easily remove you from the Chairman’s position. So, Chairman, you should carefully consider some matters.”

Wei Zhenxiong disliked feeling manipulated, but the collaboration with the Chen family was already set. Though he had promised the port to them, he grew impatient. “Tell Mr. Chen that when I, Wei Zhenxiong, make a promise, I keep it. Since I’ve promised them the port, I’ll give it.”

The secretary smiled then said, “Please do so soon, Chairman.”

“Why are you talking so much nonsense?” Wei Zhenxiong, feeling embarrassed and angry, retorted, “Arrange for someone to come and sign the contract tomorrow. Damn it, it’s just a port! Can’t I, Wei Zhenxiong, afford it?”

With that, Wei Zhenxiong stormed out, his expression dark and foul.

But the thought of breaking away from the Chen family tomorrow made Wei Zhenxiong’s mood slightly better. After all, one port was just one port compared to the entirety of Wei Corp.

Unconcerned about Wei Zhenxiong’s mood, the secretary made a call to arrange for someone to come tomorrow to sign the contract.

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