Chapter 365 – Self-Deception

Old Master Wei’s voice suddenly carried a sense of vicissitude, his once clear eyes now clouded, filled with tears this time.

He said, “Before the meeting begins, I have something important to announce.”

In the meeting room, everyone’s gaze immediately turned towards Old Master Wei, unaware of what he intended to do at this crucial moment.

Feeling their attention, Old Master Wei smiled wryly, “I’ve grown old. I’ve dedicated my entire life to the Wei Corporation, almost like an emotionless robot. I believed the heir to the Wei family should also be an emotionless robot. That’s why I guided my grandson in that direction. However, it turns out I’ve pushed away the best heir for the Wei Corporation.”

As Old Master Wei reached this point, he glanced deeply at Wei Zhenxiong. Wei Zhenxiong felt a sudden tingling sensation on his scalp, a strong premonition hitting his heart.

He didn’t understand this premonition, but he didn’t want Old Master Wei to continue. However, Old Master Wei failed to perceive the strong desire in Wei Zhenxiong’s heart and continued speaking to the shareholders present, “I believe when Zhenxiong was trying to win you over, he used such an excuse. After all, in your minds, if Wei Chen returns to inherit Wei Corp, he would be the best choice for Wei Corp, right? So, he told you that Wei Chen isn’t his biological son, lacking Wei’s family bloodline, correct?”

Most of Wei Corp’s shareholders were relatives of the Wei family. When they consider the family heir, they prioritize the purity of bloodlines first and then the abilities. As long as the bloodline isn’t pure, no matter how outstanding the capabilities, they can’t become the heirs of the Wei family.

Yet, Wei Zhenxiong, in order to gain the support of these shareholders, shamelessly exposed the family scandal.

Even if these people were Wei’s relatives, it was still Wei Zhenxiong’s family scandal. Surprisingly, Wei Zhenxiong felt no shame about it; instead, he took it as an honor.

Old Master Wei chuckled, “However, you’re all mistaken. Wei Chen is the heir of my Wei family. You also know my ancestral and traditional views, which are stronger than yours. How could I appoint someone with an impure bloodline as the family heir?”

Upon hearing this, Wei Zhenxiong stood up from his seat and shouted at Old Master Wei, “Impossible!”

Impossible, definitely impossible!

He had indeed conducted a paternity test with Wei Chen. How could Wei Chen possibly be his son?

Old Master Wei knew what Wei Zhenxiong was thinking and chuckled, “You think that paternity test of yours was real? It was just a manipulated test, all to distance you from Wei Chen. Given your capabilities, how could Wei Chen have achieved what he has today if you had been the one raising him? Wei Zhenxiong, you truly believe in your outstanding abilities. Haha, if it weren’t for you being my son, do you think you’d have the status you have today?”

His words were blunt, directly shattering a merciless truth, and questioning Wei Zhenxiong’s abilities.

Was Wei Zhenxiong capable? Yes, but his capabilities couldn’t sustain the entire Wei family. This was a fact Old Master Wei had realized long ago, hence why, when Wei Chen was very young, he mentored him personally, hoping to nurture an heir who could not only support the Wei family business but also further its greatness.

Undoubtedly, Wei Chen met all of Old Master Wei’s requirements.

Wei Chen was cultivated by Old Master Wei, yet he was also pushed away by him.

As the real crisis approached and Wei Corp seemed on the brink of collapse, Old Master Wei regretted immensely, regretting something he had done in the past.


If he had known about today, he would never have let Wei Chen marry Chen Li for a little benefit.

As long as they hadn’t married, none of this would have happened.

Wei Chen was still his grandson, still the most outstanding heir of the Wei family!

It was all too late for regrets.

Old Master Wei closed his eyes, looked at Wei Zhenxiong, and continued, “I’m old now, it’s time for me to retire and enjoy my remaining years. Since Wei Chen doesn’t want to inherit the Wei Corp, then it’s up to you. After all, you are still a part of the Wei family.”

This statement dealt an even heavier blow to Wei Zhenxiong, implying that what was unwanted by his own son would be given to him, as if he were a mere substitute. If his son were around, he, as the ‘old father,’ wouldn’t matter to the Wei family at all.

Wei Zhenxiong slammed his palm onto the table, his gaze bloodshot, glaring fiercely at Old Master Wei. In that moment, he resembled a raging beast, desperate to lunge forward and tear Old Master Wei apart! Even if Old Master Wei was his father, it couldn’t stop him!

And indeed, Wei Zhenxiong attempted to do so, but the shareholders beside him swiftly restrained his emotions, quick to hold him back, preventing him from charging forward.

Ignoring Wei Zhenxiong’s rage, Old Master Wei continued, “Before the meeting began, I formally announced the transfer of my shares to Wei Zhenxiong. He is now the new chairman of Wei Corporation.”

Having spoken these words, Old Master Wei left the meeting room with firm, resounding steps. Each stride echoed, the clash of his shoes against the ground sounded firm and unwavering, much like his departing figure—upright without the slightest bend.

This was the old man’s final dignity; to say that the Wei Corp was snatched away from him by others, it is better to say that the Wei Corp was something he…

Didn’t want.

Although these two statements held little difference, they were ultimately excuses Old Master Wei used to deceive himself.

As Old Master Wei departed, the meeting room fell into a profound silence once again, only punctuated by the rough, angry breaths of Wei Zhenxiong, sounding as if thick smoke might erupt from him at any moment.

He had inherited the Wei family as he wished, but he lacked the former sense of triumph. He was undeniably a victor, so why did he now seem like a failure?

The shareholders in the room all kept their heads low, not looking at him. Yet, Wei Zhenxiong felt as if they were silently mocking him.

Yes, he was now a joke!

To gain support from those shareholders, he had disclosed his own shameful secrets. But what was the result? Damn it, Wei Chen was his own biological son!

Damn it, Wei Chen was actually his biological son!

The reason for his distance and indifference toward Wei Chen all these years was truly a colossal joke. Because Wei Chen turned out to be his biological son.

Wei Zhenxiong couldn’t help but laugh, his eyes filled with mockery, unsure whether he was mocking himself or the world. This world played a massive joke on him. He always thought Wei Chen was a bastard born from Zhang Ze and Fang Yun, but never imagined Wei Chen was his own son, the legitimate heir of the Wei family.

Suddenly, Wei Zhenxiong burst into laughter.

So what if Wei Chen was the legitimate heir of the Wei family’s bloodline? The entire Wei family was now under his control. Even if Wei Chen had exceptional abilities, he couldn’t snatch the Wei Corp from his hands.

Yes, he was the ultimate victor. Why should he be disheartened?

As Wei Zhenxiong came to terms with this, his expression turned resolute, occupying the position he had long desired.

“Let the meeting begin.”

With this statement, Wei Zhenxiong began to steer the Wei family from this new position.

Old Master Wei left Wei Corporation without informing his driver, Old Wang. He walked heavily, and once outside the Wei Corp, his back no longer stood upright but seemed to slump slightly.

He was truly exhausted.

He claimed not to want the Wei Corp, so he handed it over to Wei Zhenxiong. But did he truly not want the Wei Corp?

Impossible. Old Master Wei had lived his entire life for the Wei family. Every purpose and action he undertook stemmed from the interest of the Wei family.

For the sake of the Wei family, he couldn’t become a benevolent grandfather. He used his methods to coerce the younger generation into doing what he envisioned.

Consequently, he drove away Wei Chen, the best heir capable of continuing the Wei family’s legacy.

The so-called not wanting the Wei Corp was merely an act of helplessness on Old Master Wei’s part.

If possible, he hoped to deeply root himself within the Wei Corp.

But all of this would eventually turn into nothingness.


A horn sounded in front of Old Master Wei, startling him. He looked up to see Wei Yan sitting in the car.

“Grandfather, get in the car,” Wei Yan said.

Old Master Wei hadn’t expected Wei Yan to be here, but at that moment, he only wanted to walk alone, no matter where, just by himself.

Old Master Wei didn’t get in the car, as Wei Yan had expected. So Wei Yan continued, “Grandfather, it’s Achen who asked me to pick you up.”

“Achen?” Old Master Wei lifted his head in surprise. Had Wei Chen forgiven him already?

“Grandfather, please get in the car,” Wei Yan invited once again.

Old Master Wei pondered for a moment and then opened the car door and got in.

“Where is Achen now?” The first thing Old Master Wei said once inside the car was asking Wei Chen.

When regret surged within him, Old Master Wei wanted to see Wei Chen, the grandson he had raised but pushed away with his own hands.

Wei Yan started the car and replied, “Achen is still in the capital.”

A shadow fell over Old Master Wei’s face.

“But he already knows about Wei Corporation,” Wei Yan added. “No, I should say he has been keeping an eye on our Wei family.”

Wei Yan omitted one thing—if Wei Chen hadn’t been entangled with the Chen family in the capital, perhaps the Chen family might have already swallowed up the Wei Corp.

Although Wei Yan didn’t say it, it didn’t mean Old Master Wei didn’t know. He looked out of the window, tears welling in his eyes. “He is a responsible child, and I’ve let him down.”

Wei Yan was taken aback. He hadn’t expected Old Master Wei, who had always been authoritative, to say such words. It seemed this matter had indeed hit Old Master Wei hard.

Indeed, this incident had brought Old Master Wei to his senses directly. He had actually said those four words: “I’ve let him down.”

If this had happened in the past, how could those words have possibly existed in the old man’s dictionary?

While he pondered internally, Wei Yan consoled him, “Grandfather, please rest assured. Wei Chen asked me to tell you that the Wei family will surely rise again.”

However, Old Master Wei shook his head despondently. “Rise again? It’s easier said than done.”

Wei Yan smiled, his gaze firm. “If one Wei Chen isn’t enough, aren’t there still me and Wei Hua? Rising again is just a matter of turning one’s hand over.”

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