Chapter 139 – After this meeting, it’s time for me to disappear

“Yes, we need to call the police,” Zhang Ailian agreed.

Xu Aiguo nodded and then looked at Xu Xiangbei. “Abei, go to the police station now and report to your Uncle Changzheng.”

“Okay, I’ll go now.”

When it came to reporting the incident to the police, the Xu family’s attitude was unanimous.

Even if the final result for Xu Jinning turned out to be not serious, they still needed to report it.

Because Lin Wangshu deliberately harmed someone, and it happened within the Xu family residence, as if she considered the Xu family dead.

“Aiguo, we shouldn’t have let her come back. As soon as she came back, she targeted Ningning like this. If, if something happens to Ningning, I will never forgive myself.” Zhang Ailian couldn’t calm down, tears kept flowing, and she was drowning in self-blame.

“Don’t say that. It’s not your fault. None of us expected this to happen. But from now on, we’ll completely cut ties with her, and we’ll definitely investigate the incident of her pushing Ningning.”

“Yes, we must investigate thoroughly. I never thought she could be such a bad person. She hid it too well. Dad, she probably knew a long time ago that she wasn’t our sister.”

Xu Aiguo looked at Xu Fanghua. “What’s going on?”

Xu Fanghua leaned close and whispered what they had heard from Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts.

Xu Aiguo’s eyes narrowed slightly, his expression becoming serious.

“Zhong Dequan, I’ll remember this. I’ll tell your Uncle Changzheng about this.”

“Now I just hope Ningning is safe.”

The Xu family looked at the red light above the operating room, anxiously waiting.

In the operating room, Song Yi was methodically performing surgery on Xu Jinning.

Xu Jinning, who had fainted, was unaware of everything happening around her.

Now, she once again saw the original owner.

“This is our third meeting. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.”

“After this meeting, it’s time for me to disappear,” the original owner said.

Xu Jinning’s heart skipped a beat. She grabbed the original owner’s hand and asked, “What do you mean you’re going to disappear?”

“It means to vanish. In fact, I should have disappeared when you entered this body. But due to the unfair treatment before, I fought for the opportunity to meet you like this three times. After three times, I should disappear.”

“Then… can you not disappear?” Xu Jinning asked.

Although they had only met twice before, now it was the third time, Xu Jinning already considered the original owner as her friend, especially after receiving guidance from the original owner in her dreams last time, she valued the original owner even more.

So, when the original owner mentioned leaving, even using the word “disappear,” Xu Jinning felt flustered.

The original owner shook her head. “Actually, you shouldn’t be sad. I have lived for a very, very long time. In fact, long ago, I wanted to disappear on my own. I didn’t want to live this repetitive life anymore.”

Before, her world was constantly rebooting, facing an unchangeable life, then dying at the age of eighteen, only to restart again and again…

How many years had passed, how many repetitions had occurred, she had long forgotten.

Living like that, she had grown tired of it long ago.

If it weren’t for waiting for Xu Jinning’s arrival, she would have chosen to disappear long ago.

“Don’t be sad. I existed because of you.”

“But please don’t think I’m disappearing because of your arrival. No, this is my own choice.”

“It’s also the best choice for me.”

“In the future, just live well, carrying my part, and enjoy love and life together.”

Although she was talking about such a sad event as disappearing, the original owner’s lips were curved in a relaxed smile.

It was clear that she truly felt this way.

“However, before that, there’s something I want to tell you.” The original owner’s expression turned serious.

“As you know, this world is a fusion of several novels you’ve read before. Most of those male leads and female leads have warped morals, so when you encounter these people in the future, be careful in dealing with them.”

Xu Jinning nodded, indicating that she had taken note of that.

“Also, about the awakening of cannon fodder…”

“This world, those several books, have too many cannon fodders who suffered unfair treatment. Originally, they were controlled by this world, influenced by the protagonist’s halo, and had to follow their predetermined fate for their entire lives. They used their opportunities, even their lives, to pave the way for the protagonist.”

“Even until their deaths, they were unaware.”

“But now, it’s different.”

“Ningning, as long as they encounter you, they can awaken, take control of their own destiny, and break free from control!”

“Is that so?” Xu Jinning was puzzled. Did she have such power?

“Of course, your presence is a special existence for this world.”

“For the cannon fodders, you are their lucky star, that’s beyond doubt.”

“But how do I make them awaken?” Xu Jinning wasn’t particularly concerned about being a lucky star or not.

However, she really wanted the cannon fodders to awaken.

Just like the awakening of the Xu family, because of their awakening, they were no longer controlled, had their own thoughts, and could control their destinies.

However, although the Xu family had awakened, the catalyst seemed to be related to her.

But she didn’t know what this catalyst was.

Was it possible that the catalyst for the awakening of other cannon fodders was the same?

“I know their destinies, but I can’t tell them, can’t give them warnings.”

“Different from deliberate reminders, just follow your heart, and don’t be too anxious. Everything has its own arrangement in the grand scheme of things.”

Xu Jinning always felt like the original owner knew something, but she was mysterious about it and didn’t share with her.

And in the next moment, the original owner’s words confirmed her suspicions.

“You’re not wrong. The catalyst for cannon fodders’ awakening is indeed with you.”

“I also know what it is, but I can’t say.”

“When the time comes, you’ll naturally know.”

“By the way, this time, being pushed down by Lin Wangshu, you can consider it a blessing in disguise. This catalyst will become even more unique, and it will provide greater help to the cannon fodders.”

“Oh, how is it more unique?” Xu Jinning asked.

The original owner smiled and fell silent, and Xu Jinning stopped asking further.

“Alright, you should go back now. If you don’t wake up soon, your parents will be worried.”

“Oh, by the way, among many female protagonists, you should pay more attention to Lin Wangshu.”

“Remember, just as you are not yourself, Lin Wangshu may not be entirely who she seems. So, if you can’t completely defeat Lin Wangshu, then you must be vigilant against her at all times.”

“In this world, only you or Lin Wangshu can exist.”

“The real and fake daughter, Ningning, you are the real daughter, always have been.”

After saying this, the original owner’s figure gradually dissipated, and Xu Jinning’s consciousness felt like it was being pulled away by an unseen force.

In an instant, she was pulled away…

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