Chapter 138 – We must call the police! We must report it!

The Xu family members had not expected that Lin Wangshu would use the excuse of going to the restroom to come and find Ningning.

Afraid that Lin Wangshu might harm Ningning, they immediately rushed over.

But they hadn’t expected that they were still one step too late.

As they stepped in, they just happened to see the fierce expression on Lin Wangshu’s face as she viciously pushed down an unguarded Xu Jinning.

Given their distance, it was already too late to intervene.

They could only watch helplessly as Ningning fell, her head hitting the ground, blood spurting out, leaving the Xu family members in a state of shock.

Xu Xiangdong was the first to react, running over, forcefully pushing aside Lin Wangshu who was in front, and picking up the unconscious Xu Jinning.

“Abei, hurry and borrow a cart; we need to get our little sister to the hospital as soon as possible.”

“Big sister, you go to the county town first, tell Dad about this, then go to the hospital and inform Brother Song Yi to get ready.”

“Mom, you stay here and watch this person.” Xu Xiangdong’s gaze at Lin Wangshu seemed like he wanted to devour her.

“Don’t let her escape.”

“You better pray that Ningning is okay, otherwise, I will make you pay twice the price.”

“I-I didn’t mean to.” Lin Wangshu also only realized this at that moment.

In fact, she didn’t even know what had just happened. How did she suddenly lose her temper and push Xu Jinning?

This was completely out of character for her and not something she would do.

Even if she really wanted to do something to Xu Jinning, she would at least find a place where no one could see or use other means.

Attempting to harm Xu Jinning in the Xu residence like this was something she had never considered.

If Xu Jinning really ended up dead because of her, then even if her parents had great influence, she might not have fared well.

She didn’t know what had just happened; it was as if she had been possessed for a moment.

Facing Lin Wangshu’s sophistry, Xu Xiangdong coldly smiled and carried Xu Jinning out.

He didn’t forget to instruct, “Mom, keep an eye on her.”

“Huh, yeah.”

Meanwhile, Xu Xiangbei and Xu Fanghua also started to act…

Xu Xiangbei went to borrow a cart from the brigade, while Xu Fanghua rode her bicycle to the county town…

Soon, Xu Xiangbei borrowed the cart, and Zhang Ailian, worried about Xu Jinning’s condition, wanted to go to the county hospital with them. So, she temporarily asked the friendly neighbor next door to watch Lin Wangshu and locked the door, just to ensure Lin Wangshu couldn’t come out and escape.

The neighbor, seeing this scene and hearing that Lin Wangshu had pushed Xu Jinning down, was greatly shocked. In their impression, the current Lin Wangshu, formerly known as Xu Fangfang, was a very obedient and sensible child, kind and innocent. How could she do something like pushing Xu Jinning down?

Although they were surprised, Xu Jinning’s injured appearance was not fake. The blood flowing out continuously, the pale face after fainting, looked pitiful no matter how you looked at it.

So, they also assured Zhang Ailian that they would not let Lin Wangshu leave.

Because Zhang Ailian also said that in such a situation, they would definitely call the police and let them handle the matter.

Upon hearing that the police would be called, Lin Wangshu’s eyes finally showed panic and fear.

She kept shouting before the door was closed.

“Mom, Mom, listen to my explanation, I really didn’t mean it!”

“Mom, how could you call the police, how could you, I’m also your daughter!”

“Mom, you used to say you loved me the most, how come you’ve changed, Mom…”


Lin Wangshu kept pounding on the door, as if expecting a response from Zhang Ailian, but there was none, she didn’t get any response. At this moment, she was locked inside the room and couldn’t get out at all.

Lin Wangshu bit her nails, pacing back and forth in the room, muttering, “What should I do, what should I do, what should I do…”

Zhang Ailian naturally didn’t hear Lin Wangshu’s cries because she had also boarded the cart, driven by Xu Xiangbei. After giving Xu Jinning a simple bandage, they headed to the county town together…

On the other side, Xu Fanghua rode her bicycle swiftly and first arrived at Anren Hospital, where she met Song Yi.

Song Yi originally thought that Xu Fanghua might have come to see him because she missed him, but when he saw Xu Fanghua looking anxious and out of breath, he knew something was wrong.

“Ayi, Ayi, I…”

“Fanghua, did something happen? Don’t worry, take your time and tell me.”

Xu Fanghua took a breath and grabbed Song Yi’s arm, saying, “Ayi, Ningning is injured, someone pushed her and she’s bleeding a lot from the back of her head, she even fainted. Ayi, you must save Ningning…”

As she spoke, tears streamed down Xu Fanghua’s face.

“Fanghua, don’t cry, don’t be afraid. Where is Ningning now?” Song Yi also realized the seriousness of the situation.

“On the way here by cart. I came on my bicycle first to inform you and ask you to prepare. Oh, I also need to go to the textile factory and inform my father.”

“Don’t go. Your current condition is not suitable for going there. Wait at the hospital; I’ll send someone to the textile factory to inform Uncle.”

“Okay, okay.”

Not long after, Xu Xiangdong and the others driving the cart arrived at Anren Hospital. Song Yi had already brought people and a stretcher outside, waiting.

As soon as they arrived, they immediately put Xu Jinning on the stretcher and took her into the hospital for examination and surgery.

While they anxiously waited, Xu Aiguo also arrived.

“How is she? How’s Ningning?” Xu Aiguo had also rushed over, panting heavily, his face filled with worry and concern.

It was noon, and Xu Aiguo had just finished lunch, planning to rest in the apartment unit he was allocated and then continue working after waking up.

Unexpectedly, halfway there, he heard someone saying that someone was looking for him urgently.

He hurried to the factory gate and met a young man he didn’t know. But upon hearing what the man had to say, he couldn’t think much anymore. He quickly asked his colleagues to cover for him and rushed to Anren Hospital on his bicycle.

“Guo, Aiguo…” Zhang Ailian couldn’t hold back her tears when she saw her husband.

Meanwhile, Xu Xiangbei clenched his fists, his voice filled with anger. “It was Lin Wangshu, she pushed Ningning down…”

Soon, Xu Aiguo learned the whole story from Xu Xiangbei.

“Lin Wangshu, how dare she!” Xu Aiguo’s face darkened.

How could she be so audacious, so brazen, daring to push Ningning down like that in the Xu family’s residence?

And she made Ningning’s head hit the brick.

That’s a brick.

Hitting your head on a brick, even with a slight mistake, could kill someone.

Thinking of this possibility, Xu Aiguo’s hand couldn’t stop trembling.

He looked at the operating area with the red light on, took several deep breaths, trying hard to calm himself down.

“We must call the police! We must report it!”

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