BH (QT) 39 – Genius Slacker (Extra 2)

Chapter Thirty-Nine – Genius Slacker (Extra 2)

 The year of Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu, probably because there were two gods sprinting in front of them, making others feel embarrassed not to study, the overall results were quite good, and there were quite a few successful people.

    These people all know Cheng An Xiu and Yan Jing Ze.

    Even those who weren’t students of No.1 High School of their year, there were many who knew Yan Jing Ze or Cheng An Xiu.

After the two men talked with the backseat classmate, many more came to say hello.

    If others don’t ask, Yan Jing Ze will not take the initiative to talk about him and Cheng An Xiu, but if someone asks, he will give a generous answer.

Those who are not in their grade are fine, but after hearing about it, they’re surprised, but that’s about it.

    In recent years, the social atmosphere has become more open, and there are more things about men and men relationship. So, they didn’t make a fuss, and many of them had even directly blessed Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu.

    After all, these two people really match each other.

    But some people in their same year were all dumbfounded.

    A person who used to study in Class 2 looked at Cheng An Xiu in shock: “I saw you fighting in the toilet once…”

    Cheng An Xiu: “…we didn’t fight.”

    “Then what were you doing in the toilet?” The man asked subconsciously.

    Cheng An Xiu turned his head and looked at him blankly: “What do you think a young couple can do in the toilet?”

    The man who asked: “!!!” Because his thoughts were too pure, what did he miss?!

    Also, can you stop saying things like that with a cold face, Cheng An Xiu?

    Your image is falling apart!

    At this time, someone in Class 1 group chat asked: “Who attended the school celebration? Do you know who Yan Jing Ze’s girlfriend is? Is it someone from our school?”

    Yan Jing Ze’s back seat classmate replied: “It’s our schoolmate, also in our class.”

    The people in the group chat were shocked: “It turned out to be in our class? Who the hell is it?”

    “The girls in our class! Come out, quick!! Tell us the truth!”

“Yan Jing Ze clearly did not pay attention to the girls in our class!”


    Yu Liming couldn’t help but reply, “Maybe it’s not a girl…….”

    Backseat classmate also replied: “Not a girl.”

   People from Class 1 were shocked again: “It’s not a girl, but a boy?”

    “Yan Jing Ze likes men?”

    “Wait, Yu Liming! Is it you! You were pestering Yan Jing Ze all day!”

    “Yes, Yu Liming, I tried to introduce you to a girl last time and you still didn’t want it!”

    Yu Liming is speechless. When did he pester Yan Jing Ze? He was running errands for Yan Jing Ze, OK! “Don’t talk nonsense, I’m just a little brother!”

    “Who is it?” Everyone was puzzled.

    When the backseat classmate saw these people’s confusion, there was a comfortable feeling of ‘everyone was drunk and I alone was sober’.

    He was about to expose the truth and frighten these people when he suddenly saw Cheng An Xiu reply in the group: “It’s me.”

The people have been chatting, and the question of “who exactly is it” has already had several other replies under it, so much so that when Cheng An Xiu suddenly spoke, no one could figure out what Cheng An Xiu was talking about.

    They were just very surprised: “Cheng An Xiu, you spoke!”

    “I haven’t seen you speak for so many years, I thought you don’t need this number anymore!”

    “Champion, what are you doing now?”


    However, some people stared at Cheng An Xiu’s reply and suddenly realized something.

The class’s beautiful study committee member has been wondering who the girlfriend is, this time asked: “Cheng An Xiu, you just said ‘it’s me’? You are the boyfriend of Yan Jing Ze, right?”

As the words came out, no one in the group spoke.

    The people who were reading the group chat were shocked.

    At this time, Cheng An Xiu replied: “Yeah.”

The pretty study committee member said: “I said, I sensed something wrong with you before! Yan Jing Ze listened to you very much… So, you are a couple!”

The others still did not respond.

Yu Liming said: “If you like someone, you must listen to them.”

After Yu Liming said, everyone spoke: “It seems to be the case! Yan Jing Ze likes to follow Cheng An Xiu.”

    “Cheng An Xiu let him to answer the questions, he will do it without saying anything.”

    “Cheng An Xiu asked him to have a meal with Teacher Cheng and he went there!”


    “Cheng An Xiu and Yan Jing Ze are both talented and beautiful. They match well…”

    “No wonder Yan Jing Ze’s father said that after Yan Jing Ze had an object, he also said that Cheng An Xiu had an object, and I feel like they’re together!”

    “When did they get together?”

    “Should it be in third year in high school, right? Their relationship is much better, but at that time I was busy studying and didn’t pay much attention to them.”


While chatting, a boy in the class who hadn’t spoken for a long time suddenly @ChengAnxiu.: “Cheng An Xiu, I didn’t expect you to like a man too… I liked you very much when I was in high school, but unfortunately, I didn’t dare to confess. If I knew that, then I would confess.”

    Everyone: “!!!” There is a third person in their class who likes men?

    And he also likes Cheng An Xiu? !

    Well, it’s normal to like Cheng An Xiu. At that time, many girls liked Cheng An Xiu.

    Although Cheng An Xiu is cold, he is very responsible. Although he doesn’t like to talk to people, he is willing to share his notes. He is handsome and has good grades… Of course, there are more girls who like Yan Jing Ze.

    At this time, Yan Jing Ze came out: “It’s useless if you like An Xiu, he likes me!”

    As soon as Yan Jing Ze said this reply, everyone seemed to have seen him proudly saying how much Cheng An Xiu liked him.

    At that time, Yan Jing Ze always said that.

    But back then, they all felt that Yan Jing Ze was joking, and they were always worried that when Cheng An Xiu heard it he would be angry.

    Now… everyone tagged @ChengAnXiu: “Come and take charge of Yan Jing Ze!”

    Yan Jing Ze said: “He won’t take charge of me, he loves me too much.”

 The study committee couldn’t help it: ” Cheng An Xiu, do you feel that Yan Jing Ze deserves a beating?”

    Cheng An Xiu replied with two words: “No.”

    A very active boy in the class said: “Cheng An Xiu, you are very protective of Yan Jing Ze!”

    Yan Jing Ze replied: “Who else is he going to protect if not me?”

    Cheng An Xiu replied: “Yes.”

    Everyone chatted for a while, the school celebration began, and both Cheng An Xiu and Yan Jing Ze put down their phones.

    Yan Jing Ze approached Cheng An Xiu and said with a smile: “Are you very happy?”

    Although Cheng An Xiu was always expressionless, he often noticed Cheng An Xiu’s emotions first. Now Cheng An Xiu is obviously very happy.

    Cheng An Xiu nodded.

    “Because of the declaration of sovereignty?” Yan Jing Ze asked again.

    Cheng An Xiu nodded again and suddenly stretched out his hand to hold Yan Jing Ze’s hand.

    When he was in high school, he was actually very nervous and worried.

    He likes men and this has never been something that the public can accept.

    He was afraid that people around him would give them looks. He was afraid that people in the family would disagree with his relationship with Yan Jing Ze. He even felt sorry for his parents.

    So at that time, he could only hide his feelings.

    But now, he finally didn’t have to be afraid.

    He wants everyone to know that Yan Jing Ze is his.

    “You two pay attention, the cameraman is taking pictures.” Teacher Liu, who is sitting in front of them, who teaches Chinese, turned his head.

    Yan Jing Ze smiled, let go of his hand, and suddenly thought of something: “Teacher Liu, have you known about me and An Xiu a long time ago?”

    There was chrysanthemum tea in the glass bottle in Teacher Liu’s hand. He glanced at Yan Jing Ze lightly, and said, “The way you took out the notebook full of silly things for people to see, it was too deliberate… But before that, I really didn’t expect you two to be together.”

    He and Cheng An Xiu’s father taught so many students, they still look at people very well. Before, Yan Jing Ze deliberately took out the notebook with a lot of silly things in front of people, and when they scattered them, he realized that there was something wrong.

    At that time, Yan Jing Ze did that, it should be to protect Cheng An Xiu… Based on this, he, who didn’t really like Yan Jing Ze, had a better impression of Yan Jing Ze.

    “Before that, I was actually quite a jerk, but later became sober.” Yan Jing Ze smiled.

    The school celebration started very quickly. First, the leaders took the stage to speak, and then some outstanding alumni gave speeches, and some teachers were also commended.

    Of course, it is inevitable that students will perform on stage.

    Among the commended teachers were Father Cheng and Mother Cheng.

    At noon, everyone had a buffet in the school cafeteria.

    At this time, basically the teachers in No. 1 High School already knew the relationship between Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu.

    “No wonder you ran to Cheng An Xiu’s house every day during the winter and summer vacations.”

    “You two, I really didn’t see it at the beginning.”

    “Since you are together, you should stay together.”


    Of course, there are some teachers who looked down on the two men being together. After learning about it, they were even a little contemptuous, but they wouldn’t say anything to Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu. On the contrary, in front of Father Cheng and Mother Cheng, there was a face of sympathy and said something sour words.

Father Cheng and Mother Cheng were not young, have long thought about it and just ignored it.

    At the end of the school celebration, that night was a gathering of old classmates.

    More than ten years later, the classmates who once studied in Class 1 have long been all over the country. Not everyone can come to the class reunion. In the end, only 30 people came to participate.

    Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, booked a private room in the best hotel in T City and went over early.

    He thought he came early, but he didn’t expect others to come earlier than him. When they went over, someone was already waiting.

    “Yan Jing Ze! Cheng An Xu!” The classmates greeted them when they saw them.

   They haven’t seen them for more than a decade. Most of the girls in the class have become more beautiful because they learned how to dress up, but the boys in the class, some are fat and bald, and several handsome boys of that year can’t be seen now.

    In contrast, Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu are really outstanding.

    “Ten years have passed, you two have become more handsome!”

    “Aren’t you guys doing scientific research? You are not bald!”

    “I was really surprised in the afternoon. I didn’t expect you to be together…”


    Cheng An Xiu is not very good at dealing with such scenes, and has not spoken, but Yan Jing Ze talked with them.

    Yan Jing Ze has no pretensions. Everyone quickly became familiar with them. They also talked about his and Cheng An Xiu’s things: “Yan Jing Ze, do you remember when you first copied Cheng An Xiu’s handwriting to write love letters for yourself… You liked Cheng An Xiu at that time, right?”

    Yan Jing Ze laughed: “Yes.”

    The man again talked about the screenshot of the chat that circulated with the love poem: “You were hard-mouthed back then, and when you chatted with people, you told people you’d never fall in love with Cheng An Xiu and made up stories about how much Cheng An Xiu liked you…HAHA! “

    Some things when they were young, just thinking about it now makes them feel very happy and funny.

    “That’s not fabricated,” Cheng An Xiu said suddenly.

    The person who was talking was stunned when he heard the words.

    The light in the hotel box was very bright, shining on Cheng An Xiu’s face, making Cheng An Xiu look a little gentle: “I liked him at that time.”

    Hearing this, everyone around was taken aback.

    Cheng An Xiu said again: “The love letters that were spread at that time were actually written by me.”

The people around were confused.

    Yu Liming was also a person who came very early.

    Over the years, he has been very grateful to Yan Jing Ze.

    When he was in high school, he encountered some things at home and life was very difficult. Thanks to Yan Jing Ze, he was accepted as a younger brother and made his life easy and comfortable.

    However, he hadn’t seen each other for many years, and he didn’t know what to call Yan Jing Ze, so he never stepped forward and just looked at Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu from behind.

    His own boss has already embraced the beauty, he is very happy for his boss, and the more he looks, the more he feels that his boss and Cheng An Xiu are very compatible.

    But now, what did he hear?

    Those love letters that were spread everywhere were actually written by Cheng An Xiu?

    Cheng An Xiu also said that he was very fond of Yan Jing Ze at that time. What his boss said about Cheng An Xiu in those screenshots of the chats that had been circulated, it couldn’t be true, right?

    Yu Liming was stunned and the people around were even more stunned.

    At this time, Yan Jing Ze’s backseast classmate, who had been frightened during the day, finally came back to his senses: “Yan Jing Ze told me before that the things he said at the time about how much Cheng An Xiu loved him are true…”

    Classmates: “…”

When Yan Jing Ze returned to Class 1, the introverted tablemate that Cheng’s father arranged for Yan Jing Ze now looked like an elite. At this moment, he looked at Yan Jing Ze in surprise: “So, back then, Cheng An Xiu changed positions with me, not to stare at your studies, but to be close to you?”

    “Yes.” Yan Jing Ze said: “I didn’t tell you a lie back then, but you didn’t believe it. But I chatted with Zhuang Gaohang and the others and said they didn’t like An Xiu. This was fake. I really liked him at the time. If it weren’t for An Xiu, could I go back to Class 1?”

    Classmates: “…” Of course they would not believe it! Yan Jing Ze even said at that time that Cheng An Xiu called him to have a meal with Teacher Cheng, because he wanted him to eat better… They didn’t think that anyone could eat well with Teacher Cheng at all!

    But now these two people have personally confirmed that and they have to believe…

    So, when they were very simple back then, the two actually fell in love in front of them?

    Everyone looked at Cheng An Xiu subconsciously and suddenly noticed that Cheng An Xiu’s gaze at Yan Jing Ze was too gentle, and the two people’s hands were still holding together.

    “You have been together for so many years?” The beautiful study committee member looked at Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu with envy.

    “Of course.” Yan Jing Ze laughed and took Cheng An Xiu’s hand and kissed it.

    Cheng An Xiu glanced at Yan Jing Ze, took Yan Jing Ze’s hand, and kissed the back of Yan Jing Ze’s hand.

    Yan Jing Ze’s personality is very outgoing. He kissed Cheng An Xiu, and everyone thought it was normal, but Cheng An Xiu suddenly kissed him, and everyone present was a little surprised. After the surprise, they felt that their hearts were softened.

    The two really match up, and they are inexplicably happy seeing them together.

    In addition… Cheng An Xiu like this makes them like him very much, they all want to grab him from Yan Jing Ze!

    Thinking like this, they saw Cheng An Xiu smile at Yan Jing Ze.

    He smiled so lovely!

    So, what does Cheng An Xiu look like in front of Yan Jing Ze?

    The girls’ eyes were shining one by one, and the boys felt that they couldn’t stand it. If Cheng An Xiu chased them like this and wrote love letters to them, they would also be bent.

    Well, if Yan Jing Ze came to chase them, they would also bend…

    Unfortunately, Cheng An Xiu’s smile, they just got a glimpse—Yan Jing Ze hugged Cheng An Xiu and pressed Cheng An Xiu’s face in his arms. “An Xiu, you smiled so lovely, don’t show it to others, just show it to me.”

    “Yan Jing Ze, you are too stingy!” everyone couldn’t help but say.

    After such a tossing, the atmosphere has improved. Someone asked Yan Jing Ze: “Yan Jing Ze, have you been beaten by Teacher Cheng when you are with Cheng An Xiu?”

    “No.” Yan Jing Ze laughed, “In fact, Teacher Cheng, when I was in the second year of high school, he already knew that we were together. When I was in the second year of high school, I had already come out with my parents.”

    Classmates: “…” Amazing! Some of them are still single, and they have already solved their lifelong issues in their second year of high school!

    Yan Jing Ze talked a lot with these classmates, and afterward, he accidentally learned about Zhuang Gaohang and Pu Zhi.

    Zhuang Gaohang went abroad after graduating from high school, and Pu Zhi also followed. They didn’t mix well abroad. A few years later, they came back to T City together in shame.

    When Zhuang Gaohang just returned to China, it is said that he went on a blind date, but then they didn’t know what was going on. The blind date turned his back and got together with Pu Zhi. In the past few years, Pu Zhi’s temper has become worse and worse, and he always fights Zhuang Gaohang, and Zhuang Gaohang… It is said that he has several lovers and the relationship is quite messy.

    Yan Jing Ze suddenly heard the news from them, was stunned, and soon smiled again: “I really didn’t expect…”

    Yan Jing Ze really didn’t expect that Zhuang Gaohang would be with Pu Zhi.

    He knew that Pu Zhi liked Zhuang Gaohang, but he always thought that Zhuang Gaohang was a straight man.

    Well, Zhuang Gaohang is really not straight. If he is a straight man, how can he have the ability to hang the original owner and let the original owner provide him?

    Although he knew the news of Zhuang Gaohang and Pu Zhi, Yan Jing Ze quickly put it aside.

    He lives happily now and has no time to care about others.

    But what Yan Jing Ze could not think of was that he had no time to talk to Pu Zhi and Zhuang Gaohang, and the two of them ran up to him.

    At the end of the class reunion, they came to the door of the hotel together and met Zhuang Gaohang.

    Zhuang Gaohang came here especially.

    Although he transferred and left the No.1 High School, he still knew some people from the No.1 High School. He also knew that Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu had returned to attend the school celebration.

    And he will come because he is unwilling.

He had always wondered how it was that Yan Jing Ze, who originally liked him so much, suddenly didn’t like him anymore.

    He also regrets that he was too young at the time and held his face too high… If he had taken the initiative to apologize to Yan Jing Ze and showed his favor, would he be able to be with Yan Jing Ze?

    Even if Yan Jing Ze is still that skill-less and ignorant rich second generation, it’s much better than Pu Zhi, at least Yan Jing Ze is rich and doesn’t hit anyone!

    “Yan Jing Ze, long time no see.” Seeing Yan Jing Ze, Zhuang Gaohang took the initiative to say hello.

    Probably because of the special dressing up, Zhuang Gaohang’s appearance hasn’t decreased, but he has a lot of fat on his body, and he looks a little greasy with his hands and feet.

    “Long time no see,” Yan Jing Ze said lightly and was about to leave.

    “Yan Jing Ze, we’re friends who grew up together anyway, you don’t have to be so cold, do you?” Zhuang Gaohang laughed.

    “We are no longer friends,” Yan Jing Ze said. As soon as the voice fell, he saw Pu Zhi.

    “Zhuang Gaohang? Are you looking for him?” Pu Zhi came up and grabbed Zhuang Gaohang’s clothes: “You come back with me.”

    “Pu Zhi!” Zhuang Gaohang was embarrassed.

    Pu Zhi said: “Zhuang Gaohang, how good do you think Yan Jing Ze is? He likes men, his parents abandoned him and found his sister back. Now he is nothing!”

    Yan Jing Ze: “…” Is there such a thing?

    A student in Class 1: Pu Zhi, you think too much, right? Yan Jing Ze’s father is still showing off his son online every day! However, Yan Jing Ze did not do business and went to do scientific research. It was not as glamorous as they thought at first.

    “Pu Zhi, let me go!” Zhuang Gaohang broke free of Pu Zhi, felt embarrassed and turned and ran.

    Pu Zhi wanted to chase after, but stopped after walking two steps, and walked towards Yan Jing Ze, trying to hit someone: “Yan Jing Ze, you…”

He didn’t even hit Yan Jing Ze, but was knocked down by two people who suddenly rushed out, and after they restrained Pu Zhi, they even saluted towards Yan Jing Ze: “Professor Yan, Professor Cheng, are you all right?”

    “It’s all right,” Yan Jing Ze said. He asked again: “He is like this…”

    “He tried to attack you; we will investigate him!” When the bodyguard looked at Pu Zhi, he was especially guarded. He gestured, and two more people came out and took Pu Zhi away.

    When Yu Liming was eating, he and Yan Jing Ze became familiar with each other again: “Boss, this is?”

    “Recently, some results have been achieved, and someone has been sent to protect me and An Xiu.” Yan Jing Ze smiled.

    Students in Class 1: “…” They thought it was not glamorous enough for Yan Jing Ze to engage in scientific research… How can a scientist who is specially protected be an ordinary scientist?

    The students in Class 1 were completely convinced.

When they saw the names of Yan Jing Ze and Cheng An Xiu in the news a few months later, they learned what Yan Jing Ze said the results were and were even more impressed.

    These two people are too enviable!

    << ToC >>


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