Chapter 121 – Sending Mountain Products to Jiang Family

After listening, Lu Xia nodded and asked, “So, how long has it been since you last took the medicine? Did you used to take it only when you felt uncomfortable, or was there a fixed schedule?”

“Before going to the countryside, I had a fixed schedule, taking it every three days. But after coming to the countryside, my body couldn’t handle it well initially, so I took it every day. Later, as my condition improved and I didn’t have much medicine left, I started taking it only when I felt sick,” Jiang Junmo explained.

Lu Xia nodded again, “So, how long has it been since your last dose?”

Jiang Junmo was taken aback after hearing the question, then he realized that he hadn’t taken any medicine since they got married. Apart from feeling a bit sensitive to cold, he hadn’t been sick at all.

He was pleasantly surprised and said, “Has it been that long already? Can I stop taking the medicine now?”

Lu Xia smiled and said, “Medicine is toxic to some extent. In general, constantly relying on medication isn’t good for your body. Besides, you mentioned that your health has improved significantly. I think you can avoid taking medicine in the future unless necessary. Moreover, this time we received quite a lot from home, so even if you get sick again, we’ll have medicine on hand.”

“That makes sense. I feel like I don’t need to take medicine all the time now. At least, I can manage my daily morning exercises,” Jiang Junmo replied with bright eyes, no longer dwelling on the issue.

“I’ll write a letter to them then, letting them know they don’t need to send more medicine. Maybe one day my health will be completely restored if things keep going like this,” Jiang Junmo said with a smile, feeling that coming to the countryside was a wise decision.

Listening to Jiang Junmo enthusiastically writing a letter to his family, Lu Xia chuckled but didn’t say anything. She knew that without her spiritual spring water, he might not have survived until now.

Anyway, she watched Jiang Junmo happily writing to his family and then said, “By the way, send my regards to your family in the letter. Since they’ve sent so much, and we didn’t prepare anything this year, let’s gather some mountain products next spring and send some to the family and let them try it.”

“Okay!” Jiang Junmo’s eyes lit up, seeming even happier with the idea.

Lu Xia didn’t know what he was thinking, hesitated for a moment, and suggested, “How about we buy some to send back this year? Many households in the village should have some, and with our money, we should be able to buy a good amount.”

Jiang Junmo looked at her with a smile and said, “Great, I’ll follow your lead.”

Blushing a little under his gaze, Lu Xia replied, “Alright then. Don’t rush to send the letter; I’ll go to the village tomorrow and see if we can buy some.”

“Okay, got it,” Jiang Junmo nodded.

In the Northeast, mountain products were abundant in every household. They would pick and dry them in spring to be enjoyed during winter. Lu Xia had developed a good relationship with the villagers, so the next day, they managed to buy a substantial amount.

They kept some for themselves and planned to send the rest back home. Although the products weren’t worth much, it was a thoughtful gesture from the two of them. Lu Xia felt a bit guilty about always receiving things from home and wanted to give something back.

After packing the mountain products, they went to the town and sent them off.

On their way back, they met Zhao Hua, who had just returned from the county. He was riding Lu Xia’s bicycle and stopped when he saw them. He gave them the bicycle back and shared his experiences from the past few days.

It turned out that after they had finally taken Cheng Yujiao to the town with the bicycle, they managed to get her a simple examination at the clinic there. Unfortunately, they found that her leg injury was quite severe, with broken bone fragments. She needed surgery at the county hospital, so they sent her there for treatment.


Chapter 122 – Zhao Hua’s Account


At this point, there were no more buses available, so Gu Xiangnan inquired around and ended up spending a considerable amount of money to persuade the agricultural machinery station to send them to the county on a tractor.

After a challenging journey, they finally reached the county, and once off the tractor, Cheng Yujiao’s throat was hoarse from all the crying and pain she had endured.

Fortunately, upon arriving at the county hospital, they didn’t waste any time and immediately proceeded with the surgery.

However, there were still many things to take care of after the surgery, and the two big men, Gu Xiangnan and Zhao Hua, couldn’t manage it all. So they had to call Sun Shengnan to help out.

Unfortunately, Cheng Yujiao had a bad temper, which only worsened after her injury. She would shout and scream all day, making it difficult for Sun Shengnan to handle her.

Originally, Sun Shengnan had come along as the head of the female educated youths responsible for this task, but now she felt like a nanny and was reluctant to continue.

She directly went to Gu Xiangnan and asked him to take care of Cheng Yujiao himself.

However, being a man, Gu Xiangnan had no experience in taking care of someone in this condition. He could only apologize and scold Cheng Yujiao, persuading her until Sun Shengnan finally agreed to help for a few more days. He promised to find a professional caregiver soon.

Finally, Sun Shengnan reluctantly agreed.

After Zhao Hua had been busy for two days and realized there was nothing more for him to do, he came back to the village to get his introduction letter.

Indeed, these days, one needed an introduction letter for almost everything they did outside.

Normally, when they went to the county, they could go and come back the same day without needing one. To be precise, it was because no one usually checked them, so they were too lazy to get one. But if they were unlucky and encountered someone who asked for it, they had to provide an introduction letter. However, the chances of this happening were quite slim since many villagers did things like this, and there were too many people to keep track of.

But if they needed to take care of official matters, such as accommodation or buying train tickets, or going to the hospital, an introduction letter was a must.

On that day, they had been in a hurry and completely forgot about the introduction letter when they went to the hospital. They were denied entry until Gu Xiangnan unexpectedly ran into someone he knew, possibly a county official, who vouched for them, allowing them to stay in the hospital. But they still needed to obtain the letter afterward.

So, this time, Zhao Hua came back to the village to get the introduction letter.

Hearing the story, Lu Xia felt sympathetic and had even more respect for Sun Shengnan, being the one in charge was undoubtedly a difficult task.

But Lu Xia guessed that Gu Xiangnan wouldn’t have let her be busy without any reason.

They said that it would take a hundred days for an injured tendon or bone to heal, so Cheng Yujiao should be well-behaved for some time after this experience.

After taking care of Cheng Yujiao in the hospital for three days, Sun Shengnan returned. Lu Xia inquired about the situation and learned that Gu Xiangnan had finally found a caregiver for her.

However, just by looking at Sun Shengnan’s exhausted appearance, she knew that Cheng Yujiao had given her a hard time during those days.

Unknowingly, she felt sympathy for Sun Shengnan.

Cheng Yujiao still needed to stay in the hospital for some time, and Gu Xiangnan took care of her there. Recently, the atmosphere at the educated youth spot had improved, except for Su Man, who still wore a cold face.

Lu Xia occasionally went to visit as well.

She then heard that the village was going to hold a “Recalling the Bitterness and Savoring the Sweetness” conference in a few days. This was a routine event in the village during the winter, held a few times each year at the village’s elementary school.

Lu Xia was curious about what exactly they did during these events, but after attending one, she found it incredibly dull. It mainly involved the village officials taking turns to speak a few words, followed by reading from the “Red Book,” and then the villagers reminiscing about their past hardships. Afterward, it turned into a free chat session.

The villagers seemed accustomed to it and even brought sunflower seeds to munch on, chatting away with enthusiasm, leaving Lu Xia and the others feeling speechless.

Finally, after it ended, as they were leaving, Lu Xia noticed Chen Er and Zhuang Hongmei walking together.

Now, their relationship had become known throughout the village.

Most people had gone from disbelief to accepting that it was true.

Like Lu Xia, many were at a loss for words…

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