Chapter 421 – Watching the Flag-Raising Ceremony

Seeing that Lu Xia had let go of the matter, Jiang Junmo reached out and pulled her close. “Since you can’t sleep, how about we get some exercise?”

This time, Lu Xia didn’t refuse. She had been busy with the start of the school year, and she also felt somewhat constrained living in the big courtyard. As a result, it had been a long time since they had been intimate.

Both of them were a bit excited this time, but at a critical moment, they realized they had forgotten something essential that they had used up before.

Jiang Junmo was left dumbfounded and then slowly lost his enthusiasm. He was about to turn over and give up.

Seeing him like this, Lu Xia felt a bit sorry for him. Moreover, she thought about how their communication as a married couple had decreased due to their busy schedules and the inconveniences of living at home.

This time, when they finally had the opportunity, she didn’t want to miss it. So she thought for a moment and said, “I’m nearing my period, so it should be safe today. Let’s go with this!”

Jiang Junmo immediately got excited and asked, “Really? Can we?”

Lu Xia replied irritably, “If you want to, we can; if not, forget it!”

After hearing this, Jiang Junmo finally stopped talking and didn’t say anything more.

However, after agreeing to this, Lu Xia had to endure some hardships. Someone had finally managed to have dessert, and he didn’t want to stop.

As a result, when she was awakened before dawn the next day, Lu Xia could hardly get up. But she didn’t want to disappoint Kang Kang, so she forced herself to get out of bed despite feeling sore.

During the process, she glared at the one who had started it all with a cold expression.

Jiang Junmo didn’t dare to say anything after being glared at. He just felt a bit guilty and touched his nose. He knew he had been too excited last night.

He didn’t dare to explain and quickly helped her get ready. Only then did the two of them go downstairs.

It was still very early, and the sky outside was not yet fully lit. Kang Kang was still asleep and hadn’t awakened yet. However, Lu Xia was afraid that if they didn’t leave soon, they might run out of time, so she went to wake him up.

Kang Kang was initially a bit groggy, but when he heard that his mother wanted to take him to see the flag-raising ceremony at the square, he suddenly became wide awake. He promptly started getting dressed.

Seeing that he could handle it on his own, Lu Xia felt relieved and went out.

Meanwhile, Jiang Junmo was in the kitchen, preparing some simple food for them to eat on the way.

At this moment, Grandpa Jiang, who had heard the noise, also got up.

“Why are you all up so early? Did we wake you up?” Lu Xia asked somewhat apologetically.

Grandpa Jiang smiled and said, “I couldn’t sleep because of my age. I decided to join you. I made plans with Kang Kang to come along.”

Lu Xia didn’t say much after hearing that.

After Kang Kang finished getting ready and came out, Jiang Junmo had also prepared some pancakes. The four of them then got into a small car and set off.

It was still early, around 5 AM, and the sky was just starting to brighten. There weren’t many people on the road.

They arrived at the square quickly, but there were already quite a few people gathered there.

Kang Kang seemed like an inquisitive child, and he had been asking many questions since they left home. Both Grandpa Jiang and Jiang Junmo were responsible for answering his questions.

After Kang Kang had asked about the purposes of the surrounding buildings, he started another question: “Why is the national flag raised so early? It’s not even daylight yet.”

Lu Xia knew the answer to this one, so she explained, “Because the national flag has to be raised together with the sun!”

“Why does the national flag have to be raised together with the sun?”

“Because it symbolizes that our great motherland is rising like the rising sun, flourishing, prosperous, and full of unlimited potential…”

While Lu Xia was explaining, a group of honor guards marched out of Tiananmen Square in precise formation, escorting the national flag.

For a moment, the scene was quiet. Then, when the national anthem played, the flag was slowly hoisted alongside the rising sun, casting a magnificent sight.


Chapter 422 – Kang Kang Wants to Be a Soldier


At this moment, the onlookers were all singing the national anthem together, their expressions solemn and dignified as they watched the national flag.

In the corner of her eye, Lu Xia could see Grandpa Jiang standing straight, raising his hand in salute, singing the national anthem with teary eyes.

For some reason, at this very moment, Lu Xia suddenly felt like crying too.

At this moment, she seemed to understand the significance of the national flag to this generation of old revolutionaries!

After the flag-raising ceremony ended, everyone was still very excited. This was the first time Lu Xia had seen the national flag being raised, and the indescribable feeling left her proud and honored to be a citizen of China.

As for Kang Kang, he was even more excited, bouncing around and singing the national anthem, which he wasn’t very familiar with.

After the flag-raising, the sky quickly brightened. Since it was National Day, there were many people on the square, and there were also people taking photos.

Since it was a rare occasion, the four of them took pictures to commemorate this special moment.

After taking the photos, they left their address, and the developed pictures would be sent to them later.

They played for the whole morning, and even when they returned to the car, Kang Kang still seemed reluctant to leave.

Surprisingly, he suddenly said he wanted to be a soldier in the future!

Lu Xia thought it was just a passing thought of a child, but Grandpa Jiang was very pleased and praised the idea repeatedly.

He praised Kang Kang so much that Kang Kang became shy, leaving Lu Xia helpless.

On the way home, Kang Kang finally got tired and fell asleep on Jiang Junmo’s lap.

When he woke up, Lu Xia thought he might have forgotten about his morning declaration. However, to her surprise, he still remembered it very clearly and started imitating the marching of soldiers at home.

Grandpa Jiang found it amusing and helped correct Kang Kang’s posture. Strangely enough, Kang Kang actually looked like a soldier when he marched.

Even Uncle Jiang commented that they now had another potential soldier in the family.

Lu Xia didn’t oppose her child’s thoughts. She believed that he could pursue any career he wanted in the future. However, she wondered if Kang Kang would still have the same aspirations when he grew up.

Kang Kang seemed genuinely fond of soldiers. Afterward, someone told him that Grandpa Jiang knew military sports boxing, so he insisted on learning from him. Grandpa Jiang indulged him, and Kang Kang began learning military sports boxing.

The next day, in addition to their daily walks with the dog, Kang Kang and Grandpa Jiang added another activity: practicing military sports boxing.

Lu Xia had learned military sports boxing before but had practiced less since returning to the city. Seeing them practice now, she became interested again and joined in.

Once she started, Jiang Junmo followed suit. With both of them practicing together, Kang Kang became even more excited and put more effort into it.

Uncle and Aunt Jiang found it amusing, but they were too busy to join in.


After the National Day holiday, Lu Xia returned to school to continue her classes. Before the weekend break, Teacher Li once again contacted her and Chu Liangchen, asking them to report to the travel agency during their break. They might be assigned tasks then.

Both of them were excited and readily agreed.

After leaving, Lu Xia felt a bit nervous. She looked at Chu Liangchen, who was clearly still excited, and asked, “How have you prepared?”

Chu Liangchen glanced at her and said, “I just memorized the relevant vocabulary. I’m not sure how to prepare for the rest.”

Lu Xia nodded and said, “I did something similar. We’ll have to see how it goes when the time comes.”


The two of them made plans to meet the next day and then went their separate ways.

On the second day, Jiang Junmo was a bit worried, so he accompanied her to the travel agency. However, he didn’t go inside and decided to wait outside.

Coincidentally, Chu Liangchen also arrived and saw Jiang Junmo. Without thinking much of it, since he often saw him waiting for Lu Xia under the teaching building, he nodded at him and then entered the agency with Lu Xia.

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Military sports boxing – LINK

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