Chapter 449 – Continuing Entanglement

On the way, Lu Xia spoke to him about Zhou Yan’s situation. “He hasn’t changed much. I recognized him at a glance. Also, Jin He has a daughter now. He seemed very fond of her. I guess Jin He should be relieved.”

After all, Jin He seemed quite worried about city life during their previous train journey.

Jiang Junmo nodded after listening, “He often talked about his daughter before.”

But speaking of this, Lu Xia was curious, “Speaking of which, Zhou Yan is also from the capital city. Why doesn’t he stay at home? I just saw him heading to the cafeteria for a meal.”

Jiang Junmo knew about this: “His home is on the edge of the east city, close to the suburbs, while the school is in the west city. It’s too far a distance, and it would waste too much time commuting, so he lives on campus and goes home after the weekend break.”

Lu Xia nodded after hearing this and didn’t dwell on it further.

After they left the school gate, they headed towards the right intersection, where Xiao Yu was already waiting.

Since Lu Xia’s belly had been growing bigger, Grandpa Jiang didn’t feel at ease letting her take public transportation with others.

He insisted that Xiao Yu pick her up and drop her off every day. Even Uncle and Aunt Jiang persuaded her to agree this time.

In the end, Lu Xia thought about it and agreed. Given her current condition, taking the bus was indeed inconvenient, so she agreed.

However, to avoid being noticed by her classmates as much as possible, she didn’t let Xiao Yu stop at the school gate but at a distance away, so as not to attract too much attention.

Lu Xia thought Jiang Junmo’s prank from before were a one-time thing. Since he hadn’t mentioned it again, she didn’t worry too much.

However, in reality, the person who pretended to be asked by the dean to call Jiang Junmo came again later, using the dean’s name as an excuse.

At first, he didn’t want to pay attention, but seeing that the person was becoming more intrusive, he had had enough. He directly told her not to bother him again, that he was already married, and she should have some shame.

After hearing this, the female classmate finally ran away with teary eyes.

Jiang Junmo thought that after he had spoken like that, she wouldn’t pester him again…

But unexpectedly, she remained unchanged in her persistence. Not only did she not give up on him, but she also somehow managed to join their work group through unknown means.

Recently, the teachers in the school assigned a real task to the students. The city was planning to build a large bridge, and since the scale wasn’t too big and the terrain wasn’t too complicated, there was no need to bother the design institute. Thus, this task was given to Peking University.

However, many teachers at Peking University had part-time jobs, their main job being at the design institute, so they were quite busy.

So, after receiving this task and realizing it wasn’t too difficult, they assigned it to the students.

They were to form work groups, with each group creating a design proposal.

If their design was selected in the end, they would not only receive a generous reward but also have the opportunity for on-site learning.

This was indeed a rare opportunity, and everyone valued it.

In reality, Jiang Junmo and his group were just sophomores, just starting to learn their major courses. So, the teachers just wanted them to give it a try, with the main focus on the juniors and seniors.

Although Jiang Junmo and his group knew that their main role was to participate, they still took it very seriously. After all, this was also a chance for them to improve and learn.

The members of the work group included Zhou Yan and three other people they usually got along well with.

However, for some unknown reason, after the registration, a freshman joined their group.

A freshman who hadn’t even started their major courses somehow ended up in their group.

They asked the teacher about it, but the teacher said she was added by the higher-ups and asked them to guide her. They had no choice but to agree.


Chapter 450 – A Girl Looks for Lu Xia


This freshman girl was the one who had previously bothered Jiang Junmo.

However, once she joined, she wasn’t there to assist at all. She pestered Jiang Junmo every day, claiming it was for studying, but she only asked about basic textbook material.

Due to the previous incident, Jiang Junmo didn’t want to engage with her. But being in the same study group, they couldn’t avoid each other, and she persisted in bothering him.

This made Jiang Junmo increasingly frustrated.

Soon, the others in the group noticed too. They all knew Jiang Junmo was married and knew he wasn’t that kind of person. They had initially thought this new student might not be aware of it, so when everyone was present, they asked her about his wife.

Jiang Junmo answered with a smile.

After this, everyone thought she surely understood now and wouldn’t continue bothering him.

Who would have thought this student acted as if she hadn’t heard a thing, persistently fawning over Jiang Junmo.

This made the others furrow their brows.

In the end, Jiang Junmo got fed up and said all sorts of unpleasant things to her. Anyone with a bit of dignity probably couldn’t endure it. But one had to admire her shamelessness—she acted like she didn’t understand and continued as before.

After several times of this, not wanting to interact with her anymore, Jiang Junmo had to reduce the time he spent discussing with the group and even changed his dorm, moving to the male dormitory of the architecture department to discuss matters with them there.

This made it difficult for the girl to find an opportunity to approach him.

So, she looked displeased and, after some thought, headed to the language department building…

Lu Xia was actually unaware of what was happening with Jiang Junmo.

He generally wouldn’t tell her, afraid it might affect her health.

As the months went by and the final exams approached, Lu Xia was hoping the babies would hold on until after the final exams, so she wouldn’t have to take makeup exams.

So, she was making the most of her time to review.

When the girl came looking for her, Lu Xia had just finished a class.

At this moment, it was the first class in the afternoon, just finished, and there was half an hour before the next class.

Due to being pregnant, her belly had grown, compressing her other organs, making her need to use the restroom frequently.

After enduring the entire class, she couldn’t wait any longer.

Fortunately, despite her big belly making it inconvenient to walk, she was quite agile on flat ground.

After class, Lu Xia headed straight for the restroom. After taking care of her needs and feeling much more comfortable, she returned to the classroom. Just then, Yu Wan told her, “A girl was looking for you just now!”

“Hmm?” Lu Xia was puzzled. “Who? Where?”

“Outside, the one in the pink skirt!”

Lu Xia had just entered the classroom and hadn’t sat down yet. Upon hearing this, she turned and walked out.

Sure enough, she saw a girl standing by the back door of the classroom, dressed in a light pink long skirt.

She looked young and had a youthful and lively appearance. Her outfit clearly indicated affluence.

However, Lu Xia didn’t know her.

She was about to go and ask her what she needed, wondering if she had the right person, just then a classmate returned and, upon seeing her, greeted her.

Lu Xia nodded in response. As she turned, she saw the girl looking at her.

Then she walked straight towards her. “Are you Lu Xia?”

Lu Xia nodded, and just as she was about to instinctively smile and ask what she wanted, she saw the girl scrutinize her from head to toe. However, when the girl saw her belly, she hesitated for a moment, her expression turning grim. Then, with a commanding tone, she said, “Let’s go over there, I have something to talk to you about!”

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