Chapter 29.2 – I’m so scared

The sounds of Xiaoxiale animals being eliminated were overshadowed by the rain, drained of energy, Jiang Yujin instinctively wanted to seek help from a friend. Remembering he was still waiting for his friend to come to the rescue, he silently withdrew his hand, which was reaching out for help, and pocketed his phone.

Footsteps emerged amidst the rain outside, quite chaotic, followed by voices.

It was a very familiar voice, one he had just heard in the store not long ago.

Li Ying instantly straightened up. “How did they find us?”

It had been so long; they shouldn’t have been able to trace their location.

Jiang Yujin didn’t seem too surprised, his gaze shifting towards the person beside him, still soaked in blood with a pallid face.

Li Ying also realized something. He lowered his head and used the faint light from outside to see the drops of blood on the ground he passed when he came in.

The blood had blended into the rainwater, making it indistinguishable. But he noticed the clean path where he had walked moments ago, devoid of rainwater.

Jiang Yujin remarked matter-of-factly, “Your blood’s flowing like a timer; anyone could follow it.”

Li Ying glared, “You noticed it before!”

Citizen Jiang nodded honestly.

However, even if he had informed the other party, they couldn’t ask the wound not to bleed. So he chose to keep it to himself. Warmly thoughtful.

Li Ying grimaced, clutching his face in pain.

The footsteps drew closer. Li Ying stood up, covering his wound, scouring the room for a window or a back door to escape.

Listening to the mixed sounds of rain and footsteps, Jiang Yujin stood up as well.

The footsteps paused at the door, a moment of silence, followed by a powerful punch slamming into the shutter door, creating a large dent that made it look unsteady.

Li Ying shuddered, momentarily releasing the hand that had been covering his wound, reaching for the bathroom’s ventilation window, apparently trying to escape from there.

Another noise came from the shutter door as a large piece of metal dropped, letting the rain sounds instantly penetrate the room.

It was accompanied by the screeching of a vehicle braking hard.

Gold Ring had barely stepped into the shop when he felt a sudden chill around him. A sharp pain shot through his back, accompanied by a strange sensation of bones fracturing.

His arm was forcibly twisted, a crisp sound of metal collision followed, and his wrist felt icy cold.

As he turned his head, he met the man’s chilling steel-grey pupils.

Xu Tonggui reversed and threw him to the ground, his black combat pants flying in the air as two others failed to dodge, getting kicked against the wall and harshly slammed onto the cement wall.

Li Ying, who was about to flip the ventilation window, paused. In the midst of silence, he turned to Jiang Yujin. “Your ex-boyfriend… can really fight.”

Outside the door, Xu Tonggui glanced over.

The roadside lamp flickered, illuminating the figure clad in a black combat suit, with clear markings and a distinctive team logo and number.

Li Ying: “…”

Li Ying continued to climb the ventilation window, even putting in more effort.

After dealing with the three outside, Xu Tonggui entered the store. He turned on a flashlight and first glanced at Jiang Yujin, who still held two completely unharmed geese, then turned to look at Li Ying, who was still climbing the window.

Li Ying was also caught, his hands cuffed with silver bracelets. He turned to Jiang Yujin, eyes wide. “You lied to me!”

Jiang Yujin patted the geese in his hand. “How did I lie to you?”

He did promise that the other guy wouldn’t be caught by Zero, and Xu Tonggui could indeed ensure his safety. Not only could he treat the guy’s injuries, but he could also provide shelter and food, without worrying about anyone else coming to chase him.

Standing beside Xu Tonggui, Jiang Yujin tilted his head and asked, “I remember there’s a reward for reporting fugitives.”

Not only were the three outside wanted, Li Ying was also one of them.

After the other guy informed him that the three were wanted fugitives, he casually searched for Li Ying’s name.

[Li Ying, male, 35 years old, leaked important secrets and seriously injured two security guards]

Xu Tonggui nodded. “Indeed.”

The helpful citizen Jiang chuckled.

With that chuckle, Li Ying instantly understood. Right from the start, this person never intended for him to escape, nor did he plan to let Gold Ring and the others go. The reason for taking him on the rainless route was to leave behind bloodstains, luring Gold Ring and the others to come over, capturing all three and him together to hand over to SIU in one fell swoop, thus avoiding a series of troubles and earning the reward for the report.

He even earned double the commission for the task.

As he replayed the events in his mind, Li Ying’s eyes widened. It was only then that he realized this person had gained the most from the entire incident. If they entered Orange, they’d probably be sentenced to a lifetime of not being able to leave, never able to cause trouble for this person again.

Xu Tonggui stuffed Li Ying and Gold Ring + 2 into the car. Before driving away, Jiang Yujin paused briefly in thought, ultimately placing one of the large geese, originally intended for his big son, into Xu Tonggui’s arms as a token of gratitude for his timely arrival.

He patted the goose’s head, sounding reluctant, “Da Bai (Big White), without me, you also need to live well.”

This name was probably concocted just a second ago.

Xu Tonggui: “…”

After a momentary pause, Xu Tonggui placed the goose on the passenger seat and helped secure its seatbelt.

Great, Da Bai seemed very safe.

Jiang Yujin stood under an umbrella, watching the vehicle depart.

Xu Tonggui’s field operation resulted in the direct capture of four fugitives and one large goose.

After the search of Gold Ring + 2 and Li Ying, they were handed over to a special processing department. Li Ying was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, while Gold Ring + 2 were detained. During the search of Li Ying, a disk and a specially packaged test tube were found.

The test tube and disk were taken to the Research and Development Department for analysis. Xu Tonggui accompanied the interrogation at the temporary detention center.

While he was in the interrogation, the goose he brought back was placed on his office chair.

It was already nighttime, and an office that usually would have been deserted and dark by now was unusually lit. Just as a few people returned from team-building in the restroom, they noticed a big white goose peacefully lying on the seat where usually only office documents were placed.

It was chubby, had a large yellow beak, and looked quite adorable.

Glancing at the corridor and realizing there were no signs of Captain Xu’s return, the group instantly gathered around the seat, patting the goose. People passing by the door gradually increased.

When Xu Tonggui finally returned, he found the corridor, typically devoid of people, unexpectedly bustling. Several individuals were still gathered around the doorway, poking their heads in.

When he entered the office, there were still people who were completely unaware and were still saying, “Let me touch it, let me touch it!”

Then, the office quietened.

The people in the office dispersed, returning to their desks and feigning serious discussions as if nothing had happened.

The others left, and for the first time after finishing a mound of work, Xu Gao missed the frontline gossip. Passing by the door, he instantly brightened upon seeing the big white goose and asked, “Where did this goose come from?”

Xu Tonggui mentioned it was from Jiang Yujin.

Xu Gao widened his eyes. “You have one, and I don’t?!”

He rushed to call Citizen Jiang.

As he watched the figure disappear, Xu Tonggui retracted his gaze. He received a message from the R&D department, then changed direction, heading toward the R&D department.

Unlike the bustling atmosphere here, the research department was quiet, with a scent of disinfectant in the air. Upon entering, one needed to undergo a disinfection procedure.

Someone was already waiting for him in the research room. Upon his arrival, they retrieved the disk that had been read before and pointed at the cell-like substance displayed on the large screen, saying:

“This is from the test tube taken from Li Ying. This is what it contains.”

The cells were alive and moving. There were tubular protrusions on them, slowly shifting, as if searching for a target to connect with.

“This is something Zero made using the data taken by Li Ying from the laboratory.”

The person at the computer clicked the mouse and said, “The disk has records.”

“This is the Genesis Body A1, possessing high activity and replication capabilities, able to repair most cross-species limb or organ defects. However, it’s uncontrollable. It might achieve perfect repair, or it might create a monster.”

He said, “Zero has failed many times, succeeded twice. According to the description, one of them is the cross-species that appeared in the manor previously.”

During the subsequent autopsy, they found that the cross-species wings should have been violently torn off a long time ago, with no possibility of regrowth.

But it inexplicably grew back and repaired perfectly.

The disk didn’t mention Zero’s purpose in researching A1. However, knowing their current research progress eased some tension, at least not reaching where they had estimated, significantly reducing the pressure.

Xu Tonggui remained silent on the side, retracting his gaze.


In the late night, Jiang Yujin returned under an umbrella.

The lights were still on when he got back home. The high schooler was sitting in the living room doing homework. Upon hearing movement, they glanced up, paused their work, and asked, “Have you eaten?”

Jiang Yujin said no.

Then the person stood up and walked into the kitchen.

His big son was too obedient and understanding. Jiang Yujin paused at the door upon entering, glanced at the person starting to cook in the kitchen, then looked at the big white goose in his hand.

After hesitating for a moment, considering it deeply, he eventually decided to pass the goose to the high schooler after dinner.

Chen Jing’s eyebrows twitched slightly, then he reached out, holding his homework in one hand and the goose in the other, heading into the room.


The gaze behind him felt too intense. When he reached the door of the room, he stopped, turned around, and instantly spotted the person still staring at the goose.

Caught observing, Jiang Yujin shifted his gaze casually and waved, “You should rest soon.”

Chen Jing’s eyes twitched fiercely.

Eventually, the high schooler declared that the room was too small, so the goose stayed in the living room, just the right size, not too big or too small.

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