Chapter 376 – Rare Time Together

Wei Chen had been extremely busy lately. He would leave early in the morning and wouldn’t return until almost midnight, caught up in his tasks.

With Wei Corp’s resurgence, everything fell back into Wei Chen’s hands as it had been at the beginning. Every matter required Wei Chen’s attention.

Often, while Chen Li lay lazily in bed in the morning, Wei Chen had already reached the office. By the time Wei Chen returned, nearing midnight, both Qiuqiu and Chen Li had succumbed to sleep. Despite living together and sharing a bed, their time together was extremely limited. Sometimes, they wouldn’t even catch a glimpse of each other throughout the day.

This particular day, when Chen Li woke up, the bed was as empty as usual. Even the warmth had dissipated, leaving Chen Li unaware of when Wei Chen had left in the morning.

Chen Li felt a pang of concern for Wei Chen and planned to visit Wei Corp around noon, just to catch a glimpse of Wei Chen from afar if nothing else.

If there was a chance for Chen Li to see Wei Chen during the day, Qiuqiu would completely miss seeing Wei Chen. The child slept deeply at night and wouldn’t wake when Wei Chen returned.

Consequently, Qiuqiu’s sleep had become restless during this period. The child often caused a commotion, demanding to see his big dad. It took some time for Chen Li to calm Qiuqiu down before the child would finally go back to sleep.

Upon waking up in the morning, Qiuqiu still sought his big dad, today being no exception.

Qiuqiu rolled around in bed, eyes barely open, calling out, “Da da, da da.”

Chen Li walked over and embraced Qiuqiu, soothingly saying, “Daddy’s here.”

Qiuqiu slowly opened their eyes, saw Chen Li, and crisply exclaimed, “Da da!” Then, with big eyes scanning around, he searched for his actual big dad.

After a futile search for their father, Qiuqiu pouted, looking pitifully at Chen Li, and with a teary voice said, “Da da, want da da.”

Chen Li held Qiuqiu tightly, saying, “Alright, shall we go find daddy at noon?”

“Okay,” Qiuqiu nodded vigorously.

Father and son finished their morning routine and headed downstairs, coincidentally meeting Housekeeper Zhang.

Chen Li then said to Housekeeper Zhang, “Uncle Zhang, Qiuqiu and I will go to the company to find Achen at noon. Grandfather can have his meal without waiting for us.”

Housekeeper Zhang nodded, “Young Master Chen Li, I’ll go instruct the kitchen to prepare a pot of tonic soup. Young Master Chen has been through a lot during this time and needs some nourishment.”

“Thank you, Uncle Zhang.”

Chen Li left promptly at eleven o’clock. Grandfather Wei knew he was going to see Wei Chen and had his driver, Old Wang, take Chen Li and Qiuqiu to Wei Corp. The car journey took a little over an hour to reach Wei Corp.

Chen Li, with a chubby Qiuqiu in one hand and a pot of tonic soup in the other, entered the Wei Corp building. Without having called Wei Chen beforehand, he was inevitably stopped at the front desk.

“Good day, sir. Do you have an appointment?” The receptionist was a very pretty young lady with a sweet professional smile.

Chen Li shook his head truthfully. “No.”

“May I ask whom you are looking for?” the receptionist inquired.

“I’m looking for Wei Chen.”

“I’m sorry, without an appointment, you cannot meet our chairman,” she replied.

“Okay,” Chen Li didn’t press the issue. “I’ll call him myself then.” With that, he took out his phone from his pocket and dialed Wei Chen’s number.

At the moment when Wei Chen’s phone rang, he had just finished a meeting and was giving instructions to his assistant while leaving the meeting room.

Usually, Wei Chen kept his phone on silent during work hours, but Chen Li’s number had a special ringtone. So when the phone rang, Wei Chen gestured for his assistant to pause and answered the call.

The voice that had been cold and stern moments before was suddenly warm and tender, leaving the assistant amazed by the sudden change.

“Li Li.”

“Achen, Qiuqiu and I are downstairs at your company. Is it convenient to go up now?” Chen Li asked.

Wei Chen was surprised but immediately replied, “I’ll come down to pick you up.”

He hung up and informed his assistant, “Delay the next meeting by an hour.”

The assistant, astonished, managed a simple “Okay,” completely taken aback that the workaholic boss would put work on hold.

Wei Chen took the elevator downstairs and finally saw Chen Li and Qiuqiu in the lobby of Wei Corp.

When Qiuqiu spotted Wei Chen, he couldn’t stay seated in the stroller anymore. With chubby little hands extended, he called out, “Da da, da da.”

Wei Chen quickened his pace, reached Chen Li and Qiuqiu, and lifted Qiuqiu out of the stroller.

Qiuqiu immediately wrapped his arms around Wei Chen’s neck and kept calling him “Da da,” resting his head on his shoulder.

“Why did you come?” Wei Chen, holding Qiuqiu with one hand, took Chen Li’s hand and walked toward the elevator.

“Just wanted to see you,” Chen Li said. “You’ve been working hard lately. You seem to have lost a lot of weight.”

Chen Li’s tone was full of concern.

Wei Chen’s eyes were full of tenderness. As he passed by the front desk, he said to the receptionist, “In the future, when he comes, there’s no need to inform. He can go straight up.”

It was the first time the receptionist had spoken to their iceberg chairman, and she was a little dazed. It was only afterward that she reacted, nodding repeatedly towards Wei Chen, saying, “I understand, Chairman.”

Then, somewhat starry-eyed, she watched their iceberg chairman holding another man’s hand and carrying a soft, cute child into the elevator.

Internally, the receptionist let out a scream and secretly sent a message in the work group.

[For all the ladies who admire the chairman, your hopes are dashed. Just now, at the front desk, I saw the chairman holding his lover’s hand and their son entering the elevator.] After this message was sent, the group erupted in lamentation.

On Wei Chen’s first day at Wei Corp, coming to work, he was immediately labeled the “Golden Bachelor.” Whether viewed by Wei Corp employees or regarded as a desirable target by others of the same sex, now they were told their sought-after target was already married and had a child, akin to a bolt from the blue.

Of course, Wei Chen and Chen Li couldn’t hear these lamentations.

Wei Chen had been busy for a while, and today he finally squeezed out a little time to be with Chen Li and Qiuqiu, which was quite rare.

When Chen Li and Qiuqiu came over, they hadn’t eaten lunch. Chen Li intended to have a good meal with Wei Chen.

Wei Chen had his assistant order takeout, then closed the office door to block out curious eyes.

The family had a rare and harmonious lunch together, alleviating some of the longing in Chen Li’s heart.

Not long after finishing lunch, Qiuqiu became sleepy. Fortunately, there was a rest area behind Wei Chen’s office. After settling Qiuqiu on the bed in the rest area, the two dads had some intimate moments, finding it difficult to part.

In the end, neither could resist, and Wei Chen had a moment with Chen Li on the office desk.

Meanwhile, the meeting that had already been postponed by an hour was now pushed back another half an hour. If Qiuqiu hadn’t woken up halfway through, who knows how much longer it would have been delayed.

Wei Chen cleaned up Chen Li and tucked him into bed. When Qiuqiu saw their dad, they immediately pounced over and onto their dad.

Wei Chen kissed the elder one, then the little one, saying, “You and Qiuqiu can play here for a while. I’ll finish work on time tonight and take you both home.”

“Okay,” Chen Li nodded, smiling.

Only then did Wei Chen get up and leave the room.

Qiuqiu, upon seeing his big dad leave, became unwilling. His chubby body lay atop Chen Li’s, and he plaintively called out to Wei Chen, “Da da.”

Wei Chen walked back to give Qiuqiu a kiss on their big head and said, “Daddy’s going to a meeting. I’ll come back to see you later.”

Qiuqiu obediently nodded and said, “En.”

As Wei Chen reached the door, Qiuqiu expressed his reluctance again, calling out, “Da da!”

Wei Chen returned, gave Qiuqiu another kiss, which made Qiuqiu giggle. He waved to Wei Chen obediently, making a goodbye gesture.

However, when Wei Chen reached the door of the rest area, Qiuqiu resumed his distressed state.

This time, Chen Li firmly held Qiuqiu beneath him and told Wei Chen, “Don’t mind him, hurry up and go to the meeting.”

This couldn’t go on endlessly!

Wei Chen understood that Qiuqiu was doing it on purpose but didn’t go back this time. He turned and left.

By the time Chen Li released Qiuqiu, Wei Chen had already left the office. Unable to see Wei Chen, Qiuqiu extended his chubby hand, pointing towards the door, and said, “Daddy.”

“Daddy’s gone to a meeting,” Chen Li said, opening the tablet Wei Chen had left for him and finding a recent animation. He cuddled Qiuqiu and began watching it eagerly.

Seeing their big dad earlier and now having an animation to watch, Qiuqiu didn’t seek his big dad anymore. Nestled in his dad’s arms, and just like his dad, his eyes fixed on the tablet screen, blinking infrequently, as if he truly understood the plot of the video.

While the father and son were harmoniously spending time together, the atmosphere in the meeting room on the same floor wasn’t as pleasant. As time passed, it started to become a bit tense.

When Wei Chen entered the meeting room, despite maintaining a neutral expression, hints of warmth and gentleness couldn’t be concealed in his eyes.

Seeing this unexpected side of Wei Chen, the meeting participants couldn’t help but wonder. The usually cold and distant Wei Chen appeared unusually gentle today?

However, this gentleness was fleeting. Once the meeting commenced, where was the warmth on Wei Chen’s face? The usual cold and aloof demeanor prevailed.

Indeed, gentleness and Wei Chen were unlikely companions. He was truly an icy figure; perhaps they had been mistaken before.

This meeting was quite significant. Several major shareholders of Wei Corp were present to discuss the prospect of acquiring a company.

This company had previously stirred considerable attention in the financial hub, but due to poor management, it was now in dire straits.

In Wei Chen’s view, for Wei Corp’s transformation, acquiring this company was imperative.

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