Chapter 375 – Breaking Through and Standing Tall

While discussing this matter, Chen Li ultimately didn’t tell Wei Chen about Grandfather Wei’s reaction upon hearing Qiuqiu’s surname was Qu.

Qiuqiu hadn’t seen Wei Chen all day, and at this moment, was clinging to Wei Chen. Perhaps having heard Chen Li praise him, Qiuqiu laughed heartily with a wide grin.

Unable to ignore it, Chen Li lightly tapped Qiuqiu’s head, saying, “Look at what you’re capable of.”

Qiuqiu grabbed Chen Li’s hand and made a motion as if to bite.

Rather than letting Qiuqiu bite, Chen Li instead grabbed Qiuqiu’s chubby little paw and gently nibbled it.

Not pleased, Qiuqiu extended the hand that Chen Li had nibbled to show it to his big dad, complaining, “Da da, da da bit.”

With big, watery eyes fixed on Wei Chen, he looked pitiful, as if Chen Li had treated him terribly.

Wei Chen kissed the hand that Chen Li had lightly nibbled on Qiuqiu, then said, “Daddy will make it better for you.”

Qiuqiu nodded seriously, saying crisply, “En.”

Chen Li frowned at Wei Chen, pouting, “Achen, you shouldn’t…”

Before I finished my sentence, Wei Chen leaned in and lightly nibbled on Chen Li’s pouted lips and even stuck his tongue out as he pulled away.

This so-called nibble made Chen Li quite content; he even grinned and reached out to grab Wei Chen’s head, saying, “Nibble it back.”

After completing this series of actions, Chen Li looked smugly at Qiuqiu and even childishly raised his eyebrows at him.

Qiuqiu pouted his lips, hmphed, and turned to bury himself in his big dad’s embrace, ignoring Chen Li.

As Qiuqiu ignored Chen Li, Chen Li began to tease him, sometimes tickling him here and sometimes there.

Qiuqiu was ticklish, quickly curling up in Wei Chen’s arms and continuously calling for his big dad.

Wei Chen held Qiuqiu, evading Chen Li’s attacks, and soon, the family of three were tangled up on the bed, playfully.

Once Qiuqiu grew tired from playing, he collapsed onto Chen Li and fell asleep, with Chen Li resting his head on Wei Chen’s hand and gently squeezing Qiuqiu’s hand.

Wei Chen quickly grasped Chen Li’s hand, saying, “He’ll wake up and start causing trouble. What should we do?”

“Fine.” Chen Li reluctantly withdrew his hand, raised his head to kiss Wei Chen, teasing him gently again and again.

Facing Chen Li, Wei Chen’s self-control was futile; he couldn’t resist the teasing at all.

When Chen Li leaned in to kiss him again, Wei Chen held Chen Li’s head, turning the tables and exchanging a passionate kiss.

“Shall we take a bath together?” Wei Chen said hoarsely after breaking away, his dark eyes seemingly gleaming with a hidden spark.


When Wei Chen came, Chen Li directly jumped onto Wei Chen, wrapping his legs around Wei Chen’s waist and laughed, saying, “Carry me in.”

Wei Chen placed his hands on Chen Li’s buttocks, lifted him up, and replied, “Okay.”

With that said, holding Chen Li, he entered the bathroom, their silhouettes appearing somewhat urgent.

As for how long they took the bath, neither of them cared. By the time the satisfied couple emerged from the bathroom, the moon was high in the sky, and the night was deep.

That night, naturally, Chen Li had no trouble falling asleep. In fact, as soon as his head hit the pillow after coming out of the bathroom, Chen Li fell into a deep slumber.


The commercial sector in the heart of the city had recently seen a surge of activity.

The Wei Corp suddenly found themselves on the brink of bankruptcy. While other businesses in Shanghai had observed for a few days, once they confirmed the authenticity of the situation, they were preparing to grab a piece of the pie from the Wei Corp. However, Wei Chen returned.

The name Wei Chen carried weight not just in the capital’s business circles but also in the commercial sphere of Shanghai.

Over the years, Wei Chen’s actions in Changfeng Group had been somewhat known in Shanghai’s business circle. People had a certain level of admiration for this young man, Wei Chen.

Now, with Wei Chen able to abandon his high-paying job in the capital and return to the Wei Corp in its difficult times, this alone was enough to earn respect from the big shots in Shanghai.

With Wei Chen’s return, those who were eager to divide some of Wei’s enterprises now hesitated again.

After all, they also wanted to see Wei Chen’s capabilities, whether he could lead the Wei Corp to rise again. Alongside Wei Chen’s return to the Wei family, another piece of news rocked the city.

The government decided to expand the port in the city, making it the largest port in the entire country, with its cargo throughput soon to be the world’s highest.

This was a massive project, predominantly handled by state-owned enterprises. However, the remaining parts of the project were coveted by external companies.

If executed well, it would catch the attention of both the government and state-owned enterprises, leading to potentially significant future contracts. Those engaged in government projects tended to have a bit more security.

As a result, this project became the envy of numerous enterprises in Shanghai and even elsewhere, eyeing the potential contracts it could offer.

However, the bidding for this port project was not made public and eventually landed in the hands of the Wei Corp. When this news broke, the entire business circle in Shanghai was in an uproar.

The current situation of the Wei Corp, who doesn’t know? Do they really have the capability to undertake this project?

Questions and doubts arose, all filled with disbelief.

If it were the old Wei Corp, it might have been possible. But the current Wei Corp? How could that be possible?

You see, this port could easily be considered a mega-project, and does the present Wei Corp even have the qualifications for it?

Helplessly, the government had to disclose the reason why the Wei Corp received this project.

The Wei Corp had always owned a private port, the largest in the entire country, which wasn’t much of a secret in the nation.

Many had coveted this port for a long time because of the immense value it generated for the Wei Corp every year, a value that no one outside could accurately estimate.

However, even with this port, akin to a money tree, the Wei Corp surprisingly handed it back to the government, on the condition that the Wei Corp would undertake this particular project for the port.

The location of this port owned by the Wei Corp was strategically placed, fitting perfectly within the embrace of the national plan for this super-sized port.

Before the Wei Corp returned this port to the government, the port’s managers and the chief project designer had listed it as a challenge, contemplating how to persuade the Wei Corp to relinquish it.

Now that the Wei Corp had willingly given up this port, not only did the government agree to let the Wei Corp handle the port’s project, but they also promised that when the port started operating, a one-thousandth share of the profits would go to the Wei Corp.

While a one-thousandth share might seem minimal, considering that this port would cater to the entire world and become the largest in terms of cargo throughput, that share of profit would be substantial in the future.

For Wei Chen, this was somewhat of an unexpected delight.

However, the public was unaware of this detail.

Therefore, Wei Chen’s act of giving away the money-making port was seen by many in Shanghai as an exceedingly foolish move.

Most couldn’t comprehend why Wei Chen would do such a thing, especially considering the substantial profits this money-making port brought to the Wei Corp.

As they say, an innocent man may possess a priceless treasure, but carrying such treasure might bring unforeseen consequences.

The Wei Corp reaching this stage had a lot to do with this port.

Wei Chen went through careful consideration. The day before returning the port to the government, he even spent a long time discussing it in the study with Grandfather Wei.

Initially, Grandfather Wei disagreed. However, he came to understand that the Wei Corp, as he perceived it, couldn’t handle this port. The port was a double-edged sword, bringing immense benefits while also posing potential risks.

After much contemplation, Grandfather Wei finally nodded in agreement.

Though unwilling to admit it, he had to acknowledge that the current Wei Corp couldn’t manage the port. It was better to hand it over to the government.

Letting the government drive the development of the entire city would ultimately bring greater opportunities for the Wei family.

In the end, Grandfather Wei had to admit that this decision held significant long-term significance for the Wei Corp.

Regardless of the public’s perception of Wei Chen’s actions, upon his return to the Wei Corp, he began vigorously developing it.

Without relying on that port, the Wei Corp needed a transformation, and now was the opportune time.

As the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” Wei Chen believed that after this experience, the Wei Corp would rise once again, exuding even brighter light.


When the Chen family heard that Wei Chen had returned the port they had long coveted back to the government, they were utterly flabbergasted!

How could Wei Chen hand back a port that brought such significant benefits? Didn’t he want the profits it would yield?

But no matter how incredulous or unaccepting the Chen family was, the port was now public property. That was an unchangeable fact.

This meant the Chen family could no longer meddle with the port. Their years of planning had gone to waste.

This caused the Chen family to resent deeply and lament their misfortune.

Wei Chen’s move became the most significant blow in the ongoing confrontation with the Chen family over the years because this port had completely dashed their hopes.

Upon hearing the news, the Chen family’s patriarch fainted directly.

The expressions on the faces of Chen Shixian and Chen Shijing weren’t pleasant either. Chen Yunqi directly crushed the teacup in his hand and cursed for a long time.

However, regardless of their reactions, this was an irreparable reality. When the Chen family patriarch regained consciousness, he summoned Chen Shixian and Chen Shijing.

“I’ve thought it through. Since they’ve pushed us this far, we’ll agree,” the Chen family patriarch clenched the bedsheets tightly, making this decision.

Since domestic avenues were repeatedly shut down, he agreed to cooperate with those people, aiding in the research of new types of dr*gs.

He refused to believe that the profits from the new types of dr*gs wouldn’t surpass that of the port in Shanghai.

Chen Shixian and Chen Shijing had been contemplating this for a while. Now that the patriarch relented, the two brothers immediately set out to contact those individuals.

“So what if the port is gone? Is the Chen family so easily defeated?”

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