Chapter 389 – Shooting Oneself in the Foot

Wei Chen returned home and didn’t mention a word about what had happened today. Any negative news and emotions, as soon as he arrived home, were automatically blocked by Wei Chen.

At home were Chen Li and Qiuqiu, a warm place for Wei Chen. Since he had the ability to solve everything outside, nothing should be brought back home.

It was only around 8 o’clock; Chen Li and Qiuqiu hadn’t slept yet, the lights were on in the house. So when Wei Chen opened the door, he was greeted by a warm room filled with lights.

Of course, even if Wei Chen had returned home late before, and Chen Li and Qiuqiu were asleep, he would still be welcomed by the warm lights left by Chen Li for him.

Chen Li heard the movement at the entrance and immediately came out, smiling, “Achen, you’re back?”

“Yeah,” Wei Chen nodded, walked over, lightly hugged Chen Li, “I had a bit to drink today, I’ll go take a shower first.”

Usually, Wei Chen would try to avoid all social obligations. If he couldn’t avoid them, he would restrain himself from drinking. When he drank and returned home, he would immediately take a shower, not letting the alcohol affect Chen Li and Qiuqiu.

For this reason, Wei Chen had a title in the business world; everyone said he was a husband who feared his wife. Wei Chen heard it but didn’t bother to defend himself.

He feared his wife, but it wasn’t just anyone; it was Chen Li.

Of course, although Chen Li hadn’t entered this circle, his reputation within it was strong. People said Chen Li was incredibly capable, keeping Wei Chen, his husband, in line and always on his mind.

It was fortunate that Chen Li hadn’t mingled in Wei Chen’s business circle, so these comments hadn’t reached his ears. But even if they did, Chen Li would have been utterly confused. Capable? What capabilities did he have?

Back to the present, Wei Chen went to take a shower, while Chen Li took Qiuqiu upstairs.

Time passed, the night grew deeper, and although only a third of the painting was done, Chen Li felt a bit tired and decided not to continue. Stretching lazily, he stood up and realized that Wei Chen had already entered the study without him noticing.

Taking off his apron stained with paint, Chen Li walked over to Wei Chen and asked, “Is Qiuqiu asleep?”

“Yes,” Wei Chen closed the computer, glanced at the time for Chen Li.

Surprised, Chen Li exclaimed, “It’s already eleven? That’s fast.”

“Yeah,” Wei Chen reached out and ruffled Chen Li’s hair, “You forgot the time again.”

This was a bad habit of Chen Li’s. Sometimes, when absorbed in painting, he would lose track of time. Wei Chen had mentioned it to him several times, but he hadn’t changed his ways.

“Hehe,” Chen Li giggled, trying to brush the matter aside with laughter. Just then, his stomach rumbled audibly, prompting him to lean in and kiss Wei Chen before saying, “Brother Achen, I’m hungry.”

Wei Chen held back the words at the tip of his tongue and simply said, “What do you want to eat? I’ll cook for you.” His eyes were filled with indulgence and helplessness.

“Scallion oil noodles,” Chen Li replied without hesitation.

“Alright, I’ll go make it for you,” Wei Chen bent down and planted a kiss on Chen Li’s forehead.

Chen Li followed cheerfully.

While eating noodles, Chen Li mentioned his intention to accept an invitation from Q University to Wei Chen.

He naturally didn’t oppose it, only advising him, “Don’t tire yourself out too much.”

“Mm,” Chen Li nodded, “It’s not a major subject, just a few classes a week, within what I can handle.” Finishing his sentence, he slurped a mouthful of noodles.

“That’s good then.” Wei Chen reached out and wiped off the scallion bits stuck on Chen Li’s lips, his dark eyes gazing at him as if encapsulating the entire night sky outside, tender and affectionate.


Xie Chunsheng was right; during this time, things at the Chen household were indeed unsettled.

The forces that had tried to kill Wei Chen that day had sent people, but only those from the Chen family returned unscathed. The members of other forces had been dealt with.

These forces blamed the Chen family for this outcome.

And now, the one responsible for that pursuit, Chen Yunqi, received yet another call.

Seeing the caller ID, Chen Yunqi felt the urge to hang up, but eventually picked up the phone. They were still partners; he couldn’t just sever ties abruptly.

The call had just connected when a rough voice berated Chen Yunqi, “What the hell, you had us go after Xie Chunsheng’s people too? Do you think we’ve lived too long? That’s Xie Chunsheng, not just anyone! You actually had us go after his people, Chen Yunqi, what the hell are you trying to do? Is it intentional?”

Chen Yunqi furrowed his brow and tried to explain in a gentle and careful tone, attempting to pacify their emotions.

And this wasn’t the first time today.

Chen Yunqi had never felt so frustrated. He couldn’t understand when Xie Chunsheng had allied himself with Wei Chen.

Wait, he remembered. The last time he sent people to capture Chen Li, Xie Chunsheng’s people discovered it.

Chen Yunqi angrily swept the documents off his desk. “Xie Chunsheng, why the hell are you meddling in my affairs? This has nothing to do with you! Why do you keep sabotaging me time and time again?”

Chen Yunqi cursed inwardly, wishing he could confront Xie Chunsheng right away. However, he remained rational. He and Xie Chunsheng had no connection, and he probably didn’t even have the right to question him.

“What’s on your mind?” At that moment, Chen Shixian walked in, seeing the scattered documents on the floor, furrowing his brow.

Chen Yunqi made an effort to contain his temper and explained, “Nothing major, it’s just…”

He then shared the situation between Xie Chunsheng and Wei Chen.

“Perfect timing. I’ve arranged for someone to meet Xie Chunsheng tomorrow. You’ll come with me, and together, we’ll probe to see what Xie Chunsheng really means,” Chen Shixian suggested, a hint of frustration in his tone. Originally, he intended to teach Wei Chen a lesson this time, or ideally, get rid of Wei Chen. Yet, it turned out that they had ended up hurting themselves.

“Alright,” Chen Yunqi agreed. They had to first probe Xie Chunsheng’s intentions before figuring out their next steps.

“Also,” Chen Shixian added, “there’s a message from above asking us to lay low.”

“What’s going on? Hasn’t the matter already passed?”

“I don’t know, but they said we’re being watched. In any case, to avoid giving anyone ammunition against us, we need to lay low for now.”

“Understood,” Chen Yunqi was discontented but had no choice.

After all, the current state of the Chen family couldn’t afford any more losses.

“Rest up for now. Tomorrow, come with me to see Xie Chunsheng,” Chen Shixian patted Chen Yunqi’s shoulder and advised.

“Okay,” Chen Yunqi nodded. Dealing with Xie Chunsheng would require caution.

The next day, Xie Chunsheng’s office welcomed two guests, naturally Chen Yunqi and Chen Shixian.

“Such rare guests! What brings the esteemed Chen gentlemen here?” Xie Chunsheng greeted them warmly, inviting them to take a seat.

Chen Shixian smiled and replied, “Mr. Xie, in this day and age, addressing us as ‘gentlemen’ is quite a stretch. Calling us by our names would be more fitting.”

Xie Chunsheng didn’t dwell on this topic and asked, “Director Chen, what brings you here this time?”

He wasn’t planning to play any games with Chen Shixian.

Chen Shixian noticed Xie Chunsheng’s intention and decided to cut to the chase, “Mr. Xie, it’s like this—our extended family’s company and Wei Chen’s Wei Corporation are competing for a project. If we have your support, it would ensure our victory. So, relatives came to me seeking help, hoping that you, Mr. Xie, could lend a hand.”

He slid a gift box over to Xie Chunsheng, adding, “I’ve heard that you enjoy collecting fine art. Here’s a masterpiece; I hope you’ll accept it.”

Xie Chunsheng was aware of the project, related to their CS chain hotel, currently in bidding in Shanghai, just as Chen Shixian had described. However, Xie Chunsheng had delegated this project entirely to his subordinates and hadn’t personally intervened.

He could discern the probing in Chen Shixian’s words and decided not to take the gift. He glanced at Chen Shixian and Chen Yunqi with a knowing smile.

“What do you mean by this, Mr. Xie?” Chen Shixian was perplexed but started forming a conclusion within. It seemed Xie Chunsheng wasn’t receptive to their approach.

Xie Chunsheng shook his head, “Director Chen, I’m truly sorry. I’m not involved in the Shanghai project. You might want your relatives to seek other means.”

Everyone understood this as a clear refusal from Xie Chunsheng. He was the helmsman of CS. Even if he didn’t directly handle a project under the group, his word carried weight.

Fortunately, today, Chen Shixian and Chen Yunqi’s true purpose wasn’t solely about the project. It was about testing Xie Chunsheng’s stance, which was now crystal clear.

Regardless, he wouldn’t stand with the Chen family.

Even after being decisively turned down, Chen Shixian maintained composure. He pushed the gift box once more toward Xie Chunsheng, saying with a smile, “Mr. Xie, we won’t press you. However, we hope for fairness and impartiality from your subordinates, without favoring any side.”

This implied that they wanted Xie Chunsheng’s intervention in the matters between their family and Wei Chen to cease.

Xie Chunsheng, still smiling enigmatically, turned to his assistant and said, “Bring one of my wedding invitations.”

“Wedding invitations? Does Mr. Xie have an upcoming celebration?” Chen Shixian asked.

“Yes,” Xie Chunsheng’s spirits were high in joyful occasions, radiating a glow of happiness, “I’m getting married in a few days.”

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