Chapter 390 – The Wedding of the Century

Chen Shixian was somewhat surprised. He hadn’t expected that this time coming over, he would stumble upon good news for Xie Chunsheng.

Chen Shixian said, “Then congratulations, Mr. Xie.”

“Thank you,” Xie Chunsheng responded with a smile.

Just then, the assistant arrived with the wedding invitation. Xie Chunsheng took it and passed it to Chen Shixian, saying, “Please do honor us with your presence when the time comes.”

“Absolutely, absolutely.” Chen Shixian smiled, taking the invitation passed over by Xie Chunsheng. Having more opportunities to interact with Xie Chunsheng was beneficial for them.

Even though his objective hadn’t been achieved yet, Chen Shixian had no intention of staying further. Being too clingy wouldn’t leave a good impression.

Chen Shixian stood up. “Since Mr. Xie is busy, I won’t disturb you.”

Xie Chunsheng didn’t insist. “No need for formalities.”

Chen Shixian and Chen Yunqi left. Watching their departing figures, Xie Chunsheng chuckled.

He truly wondered how exaggerated the expressions of the father and son would be upon seeing the names on the wedding invitation. He really wanted to see that.

Chen Shixian and Chen Yunqi descended the stairs, taking out the wedding invitation handed over by Xie Chunsheng.

Chen Shixian said, “I didn’t expect Xie Chunsheng to have a wedding at this age. I wonder which spring this is for him.” There was a hint of disdain in his voice.

Chen Yunqi smirked but didn’t say anything. He knew well how many women Chen Shixian kept outside. In this matter, one pot calling the kettle black.

Chen Shixian pretended not to notice the expression on Chen Yunqi’s face, casually flipping open the invitation. He was rather curious about who had caught Xie Chunsheng’s eye.

However, when Chen Shixian opened the invitation and saw the two names inside, he was so outraged that he almost jumped from his seat.

“Impossible! Impossible! Impossible!” He repeated ‘impossible’ three times, his eyes nearly bulging out.

Chen Yunqi, suspicious, picked up the invitation that Chen Shixian had thrown to the ground. Upon seeing the names on it, an inexplicable anger surged within him.

The person Xie Chunsheng was marrying turned out to be Chen Yunlan!

How could this be possible? How could these two people get married?

Both Chen Yunqi and Chen Yunlan found it hard to believe, but upon closer thought, their doubts were resolved.

This was why Xie Chunsheng had intervened to help Chen Li and Wei Chen!

Turns out, Xie Chunsheng was Wei Chen’s father-in-law. Where does the logic of a father-in-law helping others deal with his son-in-law come from? Such an obvious relationship, yet they foolishly went to test Xie Chunsheng’s attitude.

Attitude? What a load of nonsense! They’re practically family. If they won’t look out for you, who else will?

And they ask for fairness and justice from Xie Chunsheng? That’s just plain foolish!

In Xie Chunsheng’s eyes, they probably looked like fools, and they were being played like monkeys by him.

How could they not be furious? How could they not?

It infuriated Chen Shixian to no end! Absolutely infuriated him!

Chen Shixian’s anger surged for a long, long time before he managed to calm himself down, but he couldn’t help but curse the already deceased members of the Chen family in his heart.

If they had been good to Chen Li before, truly treated him like a son, the network of relationships reflected back from Chen Li now would be theirs, not Wei Chen’s. What kind of relationship did they expect with Wei Chen?

A bunch of people who cause more trouble than good!

Chen Shixian vented his anger on the already deceased members of the Chen family in Shanghai, feeling a bit calm afterward.

Chen Yunqi also gradually calmed down, his expression turning icy.

Someone above was now watching their every move. This confirmed Xie Chunsheng’s relationship with Wei Chen, making it even more crucial not to make any reckless moves.

Chen Yunqi was unwilling, extremely unwilling!

However, no matter how unwilling he was now, he couldn’t do anything about it. If he wanted to break free from the current situation, the only option was to lay low, wait for the successful development of the new dr*g, and slowly gain control of everything.

Chen Yunqi slowly regained composure, his black eyes calm yet unfathomable.


Regardless of what the Chen family ultimately chose, before they knew it, the day of Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng’s wedding had arrived.

The wedding took place at Xie Chunsheng’s villa’s golf course, which had been decorated since the day before yesterday.

The green grass of the golf course had been replaced by vibrant roses, covering the entire golf course in an endless sea of roses.

The rose flowers were the freshest, still adorned with dewdrops, displaying a multitude of colors arranged in a certain pattern, presenting an incredibly stunning scene.

A small pathway was left in the middle for people to move back and forth.

The entire wedding venue was lavishly decorated, with enchanting music flowing through the space.

Outside the doors, guests arrived one after another. Car after car drove into Xie Chunsheng’s villa, and after alighting, carriages came to take them to the wedding venue.

Even the worldly-wise dignitaries were amazed by the luxurious setup of this wedding. As the wedding approached, the atmosphere inside the wedding venue became lively. However, in the groom’s rooms, the atmosphere was tense, frozen.

The reason was that both grooms were overly nervous.

Whether Chen Yunlan or Xie Chunsheng, both were too anxious to speak. They stood there staring blankly at themselves in the mirror. There was a moment when both had thoughts of not getting married at all.

Chen Li accompanied Chen Yunlan. Today he wore a white suit tailored specifically for him, fitting him well. The exquisite design highlighted Chen Li’s physical attributes.

As for Chen Yunlan, he wore a white tailcoat suit, also custom-made, making him look several years younger. Once he stepped outside, he would exude the charm of a mature man, capable of enchanting countless women.

However, this outstanding middle-aged man was currently sitting in front of the mirror, unsure how to position his hands and feet. His face looked pale, and sweat constantly beaded on his forehead.

The makeup artist came in several times, muttering complaints softly, but earnestly touched up Chen Yunlan’s makeup.

Chen Li grabbed a pastry, walked over to Chen Yunlan, and said, “Dad, why are you so nervous? It’s just a wedding. Are you scared?”

Chen Yunlan mechanically turned his head, looking at Chen Li with a troubled expression. “I don’t even know what I’m nervous about. I don’t want to be, but I can’t stop. It’s beyond my control.”

Chen Li resisted the urge to roll his eyes and said, “Dad, I’ll wait for you outside. What’s there to be nervous about when you’re with him? He’s waiting for you, waiting to walk through life together. This wedding is just the beginning of your life. If you’re nervous at the start, what about afterward?”

Chen Li was truly exerting all his efforts to persuade Chen Yunlan.

Chen Yunlan also understood Chen Li’s intention and took a few deep breaths, gradually calming down.

“Xiao Li, I’m fine now,” Chen Yunlan said after another deep breath.

Chen Li finally fell silent.

Meanwhile, in another lounge, Xie Chunsheng was equally nervous to the extreme. He paced back and forth, occasionally being awkward in his movements, which hardly suited the dignity of a mafia boss.

Wei Chen stood aside, watching Xie Chunsheng as if he was just observing a spectacle. He didn’t offer any advice but let Xie Chunsheng keep walking back and forth.

As the wedding was about to begin, Xie Chunsheng slowly calmed his nerves and took a few deep breaths.

“Uncle Xie, are you alright?” Wei Chen finally spoke up.

Xie Chunsheng smiled. “I’m fine.” Wei Chen actually saw a joke today.

“Now that everything’s fine, the wedding can start,” Wei Chen said.

Xie Chunsheng was taken aback and felt nervous again.

At this moment, the wedding march played outside the lounge. The wedding was about to commence.

Inside the venue, the guests filled every seat, their faces beaming with smiles of blessing, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the newlyweds.

This wedding couldn’t be complete without Grandfather Qu. He sat on the side, observing everything around. When he saw Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng walking hand in hand toward them, even Grandfather Qu felt a sense of tears welling up.

“Dad.” Sheng Jiaqi also came to the wedding today and sat next to Grandfather Qu, keeping a close eye on his condition.

Grandfather Qu waved his hand to Sheng Jiaqi, saying, “I’m fine, no need to worry.”

Sheng Jiaqi nodded in response, continuing to pay attention to Grandfather Qu’s condition.

He never expected that when he returned from his trip, Grandfather Qu had taken in a godson, who turned out to be Xie Chunsheng. What surprised him even more was that Xie Chunsheng was about to marry Chen Yunlan!

Sheng Jiaqi took a long time to recover from this series of shocks, needing several days to come to terms with these events, although his mind remained full of questions.

But so what if he had questions? As long as Grandfather Qu was happy, that was what counted.

Taking a brief moment, Sheng Jiaqi returned to the main venue, where the two grooms had already arrived. The wedding host stood poised and looked solemnly at the two newcomers.

Surprisingly, Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng seemed quite compatible, Sheng Jiaqi thought to himself.

As they spoke, the two grooms began to declare their commitment to each other. Due to nerves, their vows were a bit disjointed, and it was only with the host’s reminder that they managed to complete their vows.

The guests below offered kind smiles as they watched the two exchanging vows, sliding rings onto each other’s fingers, and sealing it with a gentle kiss.

As the lips of the two met, thunderous applause erupted in the venue, each clap carrying wishes for the couple’s happiness.

The wedding continued amid melodious music, happiness blending seamlessly with the music, spreading in every direction.

Lovers, finally becoming one. Lovers, finally walking hand in hand towards happiness.

The warm sunlight cast down, some things belonging to Chen Yunlan and Qu Ran didn’t actually fade away but stayed close. It had always been within their hearts despite being apart, and with their reunion, the emotions deeply hidden within them finally sprouted again, bringing them back together.

Their love had existed from the very beginning and would last until the end of time.

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