Chapter 391 – Xiping Leaves

After the wedding of Xie Chunsheng and Chen Yunlan, the two abandoned everything and went on their honeymoon.

No one knew where they went or how long they would be gone. Only the pictures of the two embracing in their friend group told their loved ones that they were happy now. Chen Li occasionally browsed through Chen Yunlan’s friend group; sometimes there were photos of him and Xie Chunsheng, other times there were Chen Yunlan’s drawings.

But whether it was a photo or a drawing, they both radiated immense happiness.

It was only then that Chen Li truly felt that Chen Yunlan’s life had turned for the better, and they would continue to be happy in the future.

Time flew by, and soon enough, Qiuqiu reached the age to start kindergarten.

For Qiuqiu, this wasn’t a sudden event. In fact, after Qiuqiu’s birthday, Wei Chen and Chen Li subtly hinted at the matter of going to kindergarten.

Subtly, Qiuqiu also realized that he had grown up and could gradually leave the company of his two dads.

At first, Qiuqiu wasn’t very accepting. He would pitifully cling to both dads at night, wanting to sleep with them.

However, when it came to parenting, Wei Chen and Chen Li surprisingly shared the same opinions. They didn’t relent because of Qiuqiu’s coaxing and firmly, but kindly, asked him to return to his own room to sleep.

Qiuqiu didn’t throw a tantrum; he just reluctantly returned to his room.

But the next morning, when Wei Chen opened the door, Qiuqiu was already waiting there, holding his little pillow. As he saw his dad, he lifted his head, looked at Wei Chen with big, pitiful eyes, and said, “Big Dad.”

Wei Chen felt his heart was struck by a lightning bolt. A chubby little cub with big watery eyes early in the morning, dressed in a dinosaur-themed onesie, holding a small pillow—no one could resist such a cute attack, not even Wei Chen.

However, while he couldn’t resist, there were still principles to uphold. He cleared his throat and tried to keep his tone neutral, “Qiuqiu, good morning.”

Qiuqiu rushed over and hugged his big dad’s legs, still looking up, “Big Dad, I want to sleep with you.”

He would have fewer chances to see his daddy and big dad after starting kindergarten, so he wanted to make up for it at night.

Wei Chen bent down and lifted Qiuqiu, saying, “Qiuqiu, you’re a big boy now. You should sleep on your own at night.”

Qiuqiu tilted his head, puffed out his chubby cheeks, and said seriously, “Dad, I’m still small.”

Wei Chen was stumped.

Qiuqiu, seeing that Big Dad didn’t say anything, continued, “That’s why I want to sleep with two dads.” He said it very seriously.

“No!” Chen Li’s voice came from inside the room, resolute.

Qiuqiu looked at Chen Li, immediately appearing pitiful again, “Daddy, I’m still small.”

Chen Li came out wearing the same onesie as Qiuqiu, yawning widely, “You’re a big kid.”

“No…” Qiuqiu wanted to argue but was cut off by Chen Li, “Daddy says you’re a big kid. You’re almost going to kindergarten, Big Qiuqiu.”

“Okay.” Qiuqiu compromised but rubbed against Wei Chen’s face with a sense of grievance, softly calling, “Big Dad, Daddy.”

Although Qiuqiu compromised, he didn’t say a word to Chen Li all day, sticking close to Wei Chen instead. Hmph, Qiuqiu had his own temper!

Of course, no matter how temperamental Qiuqiu was, he inevitably succumbed to the power of food in the end. As long as Chen Li tempted him with food, Qiuqiu would trot over on his little legs, calling for his dads and feeling delighted.

In any case, the matter of Qiuqiu going to kindergarten was settled.

Today was the first day of school for Qiuqiu at kindergarten, a significant day in his life. Both granddads who were away on their honeymoon specifically made video calls to Qiuqiu a day earlier. Qiuqiu held the phone, chattering happily with both granddads for a long time. No one knew what Qiuqiu was saying, but everyone felt joyous along with Qiuqiu.

Since it was an important day for Qiuqiu, both dads made a special effort to accompany him to kindergarten.

The family of three had a high level of attractiveness; standing together, they formed a beautiful scene that caught many people’s attention. Among the new kindergarten students, Qiuqiu obediently held the hands of both dads without crying, while other kids were clinging to their parents, crying loudly.

Curiously, Qiuqiu looked up at Big Dad, “Big Dad, why are they crying?”

Wei Chen explained, “Because they don’t know how fun kindergarten is yet. They won’t cry once they realize it.”

“Oh,” Qiuqiu nodded.

After the teacher led Qiuqiu into the classroom, he turned obediently to wave goodbye to his dads, speaking softly, “Daddy, Big Dad, goodbye.”

Chen Li and Wei Chen also bid farewell to Qiuqiu, watching him enter the classroom before turning to leave.

“Time flies,” Chen Li couldn’t help but exclaim. In the blink of an eye, his chubby Qiuqiu was already in kindergarten.

Wei Chen squeezed Chen Li’s hand. “What about you? When are you starting classes at Q University?”

“Next week.” Chen Li calculated the time. Q University’s School of Fine Arts would start next week.

“Okay, don’t overwork yourself,” Wei Chen couldn’t help but advise.

Chen Li grinned, “I got it, Brother Chen.”

Wei Chen gently ruffled Chen Li’s hair.

A week later, as Q University’s School of Fine Arts began, Chen Li officially accepted the appointment as a lecturer at the school, marking the start of his teaching career there.

Of course, considering it was Chen Li’s first time lecturing, Q University arranged relatively easy courses for him.

Once Chen Li decided to do something, he would do it very seriously and attentively.

In the field of art, Chen Li had unique insights. His classes had great feedback, often attracting students from other grades who wanted to attend.

Initially, these students came for Chen Li’s reputation, as he was now quite famous internationally. However, they were genuinely drawn in by the content of his classes, feeling greatly enriched after attending.

This encouragement boosted Chen Li’s confidence. While he might have been a bit timid at the start of teaching, he became extremely self-assured later on.

Gradually, Chen Li transformed from a teaching novice into a popular teacher among students, and time slipped away over the course of a few months.

During these months, Chen Li wasn’t just busy with teaching at Q University but also taking care of Lan Xiping. As time passed, Lan Xiping’s belly swelled like an inflated balloon. Finally, in the following spring, Lan Xiping was wheeled into the operating room at Ci’en Hospital.

Jiang Ye was absent, and Lan Xiping faced everything bravely on his own.

An hour later, Lan Xiping gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He gave him a nickname, Chenchen.

In the hospital room, Chen Li asked curiously, “Aping, why did you name him Chenchen?”

Lan Xiping casually replied, “When he was born, I held him and felt he was a bit heavy, so I just named him Chenchen.”

Chen Li agreed with this reasoning. When Qiuqiu was born, he looked round and rolled up, much like a ball. That’s how Qiuqiu’s nickname was decided by Chen Li.

Wei Chen listened on, finally understanding why Chen Li and Lan Xiping had become close friends.

In the blink of an eye, another month passed.

Chenchen turned a month old, and Lan Xiping decided to leave the capital and return to his hometown. The capital held too many memories for Lan Xiping, and while leaving was undoubtedly difficult, the decision was made very deliberately. Chenchen was still too young, and it was impossible to leave him without proper care. Staying in the capital would make it challenging to care for Chenchen adequately.

Lan Xiping didn’t want to be an irresponsible father. Even though Jiang Ye wasn’t around, he still aimed to provide Chenchen with complete love. So, Lan Xiping made the decision to leave the capital and return to his hometown.

For Lan Xiping, this decision required courage. He had worked hard in the capital for several years, achieving remarkable success. Now, returning to his hometown meant bidding farewell to these accomplishments.

Wei Chen and Chen Li admired Lan Xiping’s decision to some extent. Not everyone could choose to sacrifice their career for their child.

Lan Xiping’s home was in a small county in the south, where peach blossoms flourished, creating a picturesque scene. On the day Lan Xiping left, both Wei Chen and Chen Li went to see him off at the airport.

“Xiping, in a while, Brother Chen and I will visit

Taohua Village to see you. You better treat us well then, prepare good food and drinks for me and Qiuqiu,” Chen Li said with a smile despite feeling reluctant.

When Qiuqiu heard his name and talk of food, he got excited. “Uncle Lan, food!”

Lan Xiping chuckled, “There might not be much else, but snacks will definitely be ready for you and Qiuqiu!” His laughter still carried warmth, as if nothing had left a mark on his heart.

Qiuqiu was thrilled, standing on tiptoes to look at his little brother, “Uncle Lan, we’ll bring toy cars and planes for Chenchen!”

“Great, let me thank Chenchen’s big brother Qiuqiu in advance.”

“No problem!” Qiuqiu grinned foolishly.

Afterward, Chen Li and Lan Xiping exchanged a few more words. When it was time, Lan Xiping bid farewell to Chen Li and Wei Chen, carrying Chenchen away from this land filled with memories for him.

As the plane took off, Chen Li sighed softly, watching the disappearing aircraft. He then turned to Wei Chen and asked, “Achen, Jiang Ye will come back, right? Aping… will find happiness, won’t he?”

Lan Xiping was broad-minded and objective, but Chen Li couldn’t imagine what Lan Xiping would become if, one day, Jiang Ye didn’t return.

Wei Chen nodded, sensing Chen Li’s concern in his words. He reassured, “Jiang Ye will come back. He loves Lan Xiping so much and hasn’t seen Chenchen yet.”

“Yeah,” Chen Li nodded.

Jiang Ye, please come back. Aping and Chenchen both need you.

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Chenchen “沉沉” means heavy or sink

Taohua means Peach Blossom

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