BH (QT) 19 – Genius Slacker (2)

Chapter Nineteen – Genius Slacker (2)

Yan Jing Ze had no other choice but to smash his face with a cake.

According to the original plot, after listening to Cheng An Xiu’s confession, the original owner not only refused and mocked Cheng An Xiu, but also grabbed the cake for others to see.

At that time, those little brothers of the original owner took pictures of the cake and taken pictures of the desperate Cheng An Xiu. These photos were later on passed on to other students and there is almost no one that has not seen it.

These are all evidence that Cheng An Xiu likes the original owner.

Such things must be destroyed by some means.

Yan Jing Ze put out his tongue and licked the cream next to his mouth, feeling that his heart is dripping out blood.

The love cake that his dear gave him was ruined!

Obviously, it should be placed in a vacuum cover and stored until it is old but now it can only be spoiled on his face. He continued licking some of it to at least reminisce the taste.

There’s nothing he can do right now. In any case, it is for Cheng An Xiu, people should not know that Cheng An Xiu likes him.

If this matter spreads, can Cheng An Xiu study hard in the future?

He will be beaten to death by his parents!

Thinking of this, Yan Jing Ze said to Cheng An Xiu with a bit of grief and anger, “Even if I didn’t do my homework, you can’t hit me with a cake!”

Cheng An Xiu didn’t expect things to suddenly become like this. The cake was smashed in Yan Jing Ze’s face and he was a little bit stunned, but at the same time, he realized that something was wrong.

Yan Jing Ze suddenly changed his attitude and said these things… did something happen?

When Cheng An Xiu thought of this, a large group of people came out from behind the glass next to him, glaring at him: “Cheng An Xiu, why are you smashing a cake on Brother Yan’s face?”

“Cheng An Xiu, what is the meaning of this?”

“You came to his house to deliberately look for trouble?”


All of Yan Jing Ze’s little brothers were very angry.

Cheng An Xiu finally understood what was going on, it was because there were people so Yan Jing Ze didn’t dare to let him confess.

His mood turned sour and looked at these people in front of him coldly.

Yan Jing Ze’s younger brothers were originally very bold with their words but when they saw Cheng An Xiu’s eyes on them, they can’t help but feel afraid and said in a cowardly voice: “You… You… you …… really are the one at fault.”

“It is you who hit someone with the cake! You are not right!”

“Even if Brother Yan didn’t do his homework, you can’t do that!”

“Today is Brother Yan’s birthday, can’t he be excused for a day from doing his homework?”

Cheng An Xiu continued to give them cold looks. Yan Jing Ze’s little brothers felt a little scared and began to shrink back.

Cheng An Xiu, this person is too cold and his unyielding look makes them more afraid than the dean.

And the dean is Cheng An Xiu’s aunt.

Even if they don’t like to study, they can still get admitted into No.1 high school or can be sent to the No.1 high school by their families—which means they are not bad students or their families are very strict.

They are still afraid of the teachers.

Of course, the most important thing is… Their brother was smashed with a cake by Cheng An Xiu and yet their brother didn’t dare to get angry. What can they do about it?

Of course, Yan Jing Ze was not angry. After all, he was the one who smashed the cake to himself. He still felt sorry for the cake so he stretched out his tongue and licked himself a few more times.

He can still eat a little bit.

In fact, Cheng An Xiu had been paying attention to Yan Jing Ze and was speechless when he saw this scene.

Is the person he likes so… silly?

Yan Jing Ze is so afraid that others will see the words on the cake he sent but these people are Yan Jing Ze’s younger brothers after all. If Yan Jing Ze decided to hide the cake, can these younger brothers dare to snatch the cake from him?
While thinking of this, Cheng An Xiu saw Pu Zhi and Zhuang Gaohang coming out from behind the glass.

His heart suddenly tightened. If these two are there, the possibility of them grabbing the cake is 100%.
Pu Zhi, this person he can still ignore but he has always disliked Zhuang Gaohang. He can feel that Zhuang Gaohang also dislikes him.

Now Yan Jing Ze made it clear that he was going to celebrate his birthday alone with him. As a result, these people were here…

Cheng An Xiu’s expression looked colder but when his eyes fell on Yan Jing Ze who was still licking the cake, his eyes became soft. He eventually calmed down.

It’s just that ordinary people can’t see it, they only see Cheng An Xiu staring at Yan Jing Ze coldly.

Yan Jing Ze’s younger brother began to sympathize with their boss.

Their boss is so miserable. They sit at the same table and are usually being monitored every day at school. Now it’s the weekend and still his birthday, he was smashed with a cake for not doing homework…

“Master?” Uncle Li, who led the way for Cheng An Xiu also came out, watching Yan Jing Ze with concern.

“I’m fine. I was supposed to smash the cake for my birthday anyway,” Yan Jing Ze said. He touched his face and wiped the icing and then smeared it all on Cheng An Xiu’s face.

The little brothers of Yan Jing Ze: “…”

Their boss is a real man! He actually dared to treat Cheng An Xiu like this!

Boss… is really worthy of being the boss!

Cheng An Xiu’s face was full of the cake’s icing. He wanted to lick it a bit but he held it back, so the whole person looked colder.

As for Uncle Li, who was originally worried that Yan Jing Ze would be bullied, he smiled relieved. It turned out that his young master was playing with people…

At this time, Yan Jing Ze said again: “Uncle Li, I will take An Xiu upstairs and wash our face. You clean up here.”

“Okay, Master,” Uncle Li said.

When Yan Jing Ze saw this, he grabbed Cheng An Xiu’s hand with his clean hand and was about to take him upstairs.

At this time, Zhuang Gaohang yelled: “Yan Jing Ze!”

If it was the original owner who heard Zhuang Gaohang’s call, he would definitely come to him, but the current him is… He just wants to stay away from Zhuang Gaohang.

Yan Jing Ze did not respond and just took Cheng An Xiu away.

The little brothers of Yan Jing Ze: “!!!”

Their boss directly called Cheng An Xiu “An Xiu”. He even dared to pull his hand!

Didn’t he see that Cheng An Xiu’s whole body was like a big ice cube?

Cheng An Xiu didn’t expect that Yan Jing Ze would pull his hand in front of the crowd. He was at a loss, his whole body stiffened, and his face became stone cold. He looks as if he was forcefully dragged away by Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze kept pulling Cheng An Xiu into his room before saying: “An Xiu, I’m sorry. I didn’t expect so many people to come. I haven’t even eaten your love cake!”

Cheng An Xiu said, “You have eaten it.”

Yan Jing Ze laughed when he heard the words: “Yes, I have eaten it.”

After saying it, he reached out a finger and took some cream from Cheng An Xiu’s face, put it to his mouth and licked it.

Cheng An Xiu stretched out his hand to cover Yan Jing Ze’s mouth and then held the hand covered with cream.

The two of them looked at each other. Yan Jing Ze couldn’t help but laugh first, and after that, Cheng An Xiu also laughed.

His smile is not big, only the corners of his mouth bend.

And this smile instantly melted the ice and snow.

Yan Jing Ze’s heart jumped quickly and wanted to get closer to him for a kiss, but at this moment, he suddenly saw the things behind Cheng An Xiu. Beside his bed, no, beside the original owner’s bed, there was a picture of Zhuang Gaohang.

There was more than this one photo of Zhuang Gaohang in the room, but none of Cheng An Xiu’s.

Yan Jing Ze suddenly pushed Cheng An Xiu into the bathroom: “Honey, go and wash your face!”

Cheng An Xiu was a little dazed: “You…” There is not much cream on his face. In contrast, Yan Jing Ze clothes are covered with cream so he should clean up first.
However, before he finished speaking, he was pushed into the bathroom, and the door was closed by Yan Jing Ze.

Cheng An Xiu was a little helpless: “We can wash together.”

Yan Jing Ze’s bathroom is really big with two sinks.

“No, I’ll wait and wash! Now we can’t stay together!” Yan Jing Ze said as he flew out, grabbed the photo frame beside the bed, and stuffed it under the bed.

“Why?” Cheng An Xiu was puzzled.

“You smiled so beautifully just now, I’m afraid I will do something and act like a beast.” Yan Jing Ze stuffed the photo on the desk under the bed again.

Cheng An Xiu: “…”

Looking at himself in the mirror, he stretched out his finger to touch some cream and tasted it. Cheng An Xiu suddenly felt that this cake was really good.

He ate it all.

The sound of water came from the bathroom and at this moment, Yan Jing Ze, who had destroyed all the evidence in his room, suddenly remembered something.

In order to show his loyalty, the original owner gave the love poem written by Cheng An Xiu to Zhuang Gaohang!

Yan Jing Ze slapped his face with anger and the cake suddenly splashed.

When Yan Jing Ze hit himself, his little brothers were worried about him.

What are the consequences of their boss acting rudely to Cheng An Xiu?

One of the little brothers couldn’t help but ask: “Cheng An Xiu must be angry. The boss… will he be beaten?”

The other little brother said: “Don’t worry about that, Cheng An Xiu will definitely not beat people. But he might let the boss answer ten book exercises.”

“That’s scarier than being beaten, right?”


They were talking, and Zhuang Gaohang, who had been cold-faced after Yan Jing Ze went upstairs, suddenly said: “Don’t worry, Cheng An Xiu will not be angry. He likes Yan Jing Ze.”

The two little brothers who were talking just now were stunned and then said: “Zhuang Gaohang, you are so funny!”

“Haha! I didn’t expect you to make jokes too!”

How could Cheng An Xiu like their boss!

The other person is the top student of their school who wants to be the provincial champion, there is nothing else in his mind except studying!

Oh, there is actually something else, that is, discipline and urge others to study.

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