BH (QT) 219.2 – Educated Youth (4b)

Chapter 219.2 – Educated Youth (4b)

The villagers of Shangmu Village helplessly discovered that Yan educated youth disappeared after a day’s work…

Worthy of being Yan educated youth!

However, today, everyone has no time to talk about Yan educated youth, they still talk more about Gu Yubao.

This baby egg of the Gu family actually went to the field.

“Yubao, why did you come to work?”

“You should come to work, too. You will marry a wife in a few years. You must save some money for yourself. You can’t just rely on your brother.”

“Mingxiu, you should have let your brother come to work a long time ago. The children of other families will go to the ground when they come back from vacation. What about Yubao? I have never seen him go to the ground before!”

The people in the village talked with each other.

They all felt that Gu Yubao should also work in the field.

Studying is indeed a good thing, but it is useless after studying.

The town’s chemical fertilizer factory, straw paper factory, and cloth dyeing factory have long been full of workers. It is rare to recruit workers, even if they did, they will look for the town’s registered permanent residents. It is not their turn. Even if Gu Yubao goes to high school, he still has to come back to farm.

Moreover, they all could see that Gu Yubao insisted on studying and not working in the field, he just wanted to be lazy.

Gu Mingxiu should have forced him to go to the ground long ago.

Gu Mingxiu thought that if he did not allow his younger brother to study, the people in the village would feel that he was going too far and was treating his half-brother badly. He didn’t expect the situation to be exactly the opposite of what he thought.

At the same time, Gu Yubao’s state was beyond his expectations.

Children in rural areas have been raised in farmland since they were young.

When their parents plowed the ground, they were digging loaches next to them.

When their parents planted rice seedlings, they were in the field touching the snails.

When their parents cut the rice, they were in the back picking up the ears of rice.

Even rural children who have never been to the ground know how to do farm work.

As a result… Gu Yubao didn’t even know it at all, he stood in the ground like a wooden pile.

Gu Mingxiu’s face became cold.

Gu Yubao was still aggrieved. Before, every morning, the family will give him steamed rice when cooking porridge, but today there is no one!

There was also the egg laid by the family’s chicken last night. He thought that Gu Mingxiu would replenish his injured body, but Gu Mingxiu took it himself!

After only one hour of work, Gu Yubao became tired and couldn’t help but say to Gu Mingxiu: “Brother, I want to eat eggs.” He noticed that Gu Mingxiu has not eaten the egg.

“No, this is for Yan educated youth.” Gu Mingxiu refused him without hesitation.

Gu Yubao: “…” This Yan Jing Ze must have harmed him for the sake of his family’s grain and eggs!

He’s really too abominable!

But he really has no choice now.

His big handle is in Yan Jing Ze’s hands. His brothers and sisters still don’t believe him, and he doesn’t dare to ask outsiders for help. He can only work.

Gu Yubao’s work was so messed up that people couldn’t stand it. Gu Yulan couldn’t help but yell at him: “Gu Yubao, hurry up and work!”

Gu Yubao: “…”

When Gu Yubao was being watched at work by Gu Yulan, Yan Jing Ze had already arrived in town.

This place is a planned economy, and occasionally there are a few in-seasons, and only local things can be bought without a ticket, such as the sugarcane that has just gone on the market recently.

The supplies here are very scarce, and it is illegal to buy or sell anything in private.

But the secret trade still exists.

For example, a farmer would use a broomstick or a basket made of bamboo to come to town, and exchange for various tickets with the people in the town.

Some people also take vegetables grown in the field to exchange for salt and sugar in the town.

Of course, there are people who don’t want to change things and ask for money. Their village is close to the town. As far as he knows, some people will save eggs and go to the town to sell them secretly.

This is usually sold to acquaintances, such as relatives in the town. When said directly that they are relatives, no one will check.

The original owner had also come to town to sell a few things he had brought from the capital, but the original owner would not bargain, in fact he sold them cheaply.

In addition, the original owner brought a lot of money when he came, and he did not use less money to buy tickets from the people in the town so that he could buy food.

The original owner had “acquaintances” in the town, but Yan Jing Ze did not find those “acquaintances”. He walked directly to the staff dormitory of the chemical fertilizer factory in the town.

The workers in the fertilizer plant are basically rich.

Their wages are not low, and they can also make some extra money. Workers in the factory can often take some ammonia from the fertilizer plant after they finish their work.

This is the best fertilizer. Some people in the countryside will trade them with vegetables or something, and after the exchange, they will use it to fertilize their own private land.

At this moment, the land in front and behind every house is their own reserved land. People in Shangmu Village usually use it to grow vegetables… Of course, if more vegetables are planted, and it happens that the village suddenly wants to cut the tail of capitalism, then someone may come along and shovel it out.

When Yan Jing Ze came near the dormitory building, he immediately attracted the attention of many people.

His appearance was really good and he was tall, so people looked at him mostly with kindness.

Yan Jing Ze looked around and finally walked towards a woman in her forties and smiled sweetly: “Sister.”

Gao Xiaoxian had long noticed the young man with long legs.

Her eldest daughter has reached the age of looking for a husband, so now she will pay more attention whenever she sees a young man.

She liked this young man when she saw him, but Gao Xiaoxian had never seen this person in the town, and most likely, he wasn’t from the town… She was secretly disappointed.

Her daughter must be married in the town.

Thinking like this, Gao Xiaoxian saw the man walking over and called her sister.

She’s already so old and she can still be called sister by such a young man! Gao Xiaoxian was a little surprised, but couldn’t help but be happy.

Yan Jing Ze talked to this female fertilizer factory worker named Gao Xiaoxian, calling her elder sister, and talked about how he wanted to sell a fountain pen.

Gao Xiaoxian had a child who was studying and wanted to buy it herself. After learning the original price of Yan Jing Ze’s pen, she stopped thinking of buying it, but introduced Yan Jing Ze to another one.

Someone like Gao Xiaoxian, who was born and raised in the town, has a good understanding of the situation in the town, and the one introduced to Yan Jing Ze is a person who is rich and knows the goods.

At this time, things like fountain pens and watches are not cheap. Regardless of whether Yan Jing Ze’s fountain pen is imported from abroad, it is still gold. You can’t buy them here.

There is such a remarkable pen pinned to the chest, it will definitely look very dignified.

Yan Jing Ze exaggerated and praised his pen, and in the end not only used this pen to exchange for 100 yuan, but also exchanged for five catties of meat tickets and some other tickets.

As soon as he turned his head, Yan Jing Ze went to the meat shop in the town.

There is a meat stall in the town. You need a meat ticket to buy meat.

The stall owner will first remove the meat bones before selling the meat, and then sell any meat at the same price. What kind of meat you can buy depends on his mood.

There are many reasons why the people in Shangmu Village don’t like the people in the town.

One of them is that they fed the pigs so diligently in their village, and in the end they all become “task pigs” and will be taken away.

Apart from killing pigs and dividing pork in the village at the end of the year, they usually can’t eat pork at all, but the people in the town have a meat ticket every month and a salary. They can eat meat several times a month.

Not only that, people in the countryside rarely have the opportunity to buy meat in the town, and the meat sellers will give them the bad corners of the meat.

When it was Yan Jing Ze’s turn, before the meat seller could ask, Yan Jing Ze said in the local dialect: “Brother, I’ll buy five catties of meat, I want to entertain the leaders.”

He speaks the local dialect in order to prevent the meat seller from bullying a foreign educated youth.

The special mention of the non-existent leaders is to make people think he is not to be messed with.

Sure enough, Yan Jing Ze said so, and the meat seller asked, “Which part of the meat do you want?”

Yan Jing Ze asked for the meat from the front leg of the pig near the neck of the pig, and also said that the leader wanted to eat the bones, so he bought some bones by the way—you don’t need a meat ticket to buy bones!

The meat of the front leg of the pig near the neck is very fat. This kind of meat is liked by people in the town or in the village these days.

When the meat seller heard that he wanted that part of the meat, he understood it.

Such fat meat, the leader will definitely like it, and part of the fat meat can be used to boil lard for stir-frying dishes!

Yan Jing Ze returned to the village with five catties of meat and some bones, and immediately attracted onlookers.

This year, apart from the number of people who eat meat during New Year, only a few people can eat meat. Yan Jing Ze actually brought back so much meat…

Even if the meat is raw, the villagers can’t help but start swallowing.

Yan Jing Ze shook the village with the meat. After a while, someone came to him: “Yan educated youth, can I exchange some meat with you?”

Of course, you can!

Within a short while, Yan Jing Ze exchanged four catties out of the five catties of meat in his hand and replaced it with grain.

He didn’t have any food at home!

Speaking of which, in the village, pork can be traded for grain far exceeding its market price. He has made a fortune.

As for the remaining one catty of pork, Yan Jing Ze cut the fat into pieces and threw them into the small pot that the village gave him as an educated youth, to boil lard.

The aroma of oil soon floated out. Yan Jing Ze put the boiled lard into a bowl, and put rice directly into the pot that had been boiled. Put the remaining lean meat and oil residue, added water, and cooked a pot of fragrant rice.

There was some lard and oil residue left in the pot. This rice can be said to be lard rice!

Yan Jing Ze put half of it in a bowl. He was about to eat the remaining half in the pot when Gu Mingxiu came.

Seeing Gu Mingxiu, Yan Jing Ze’s eyes brightened.

Half of the meal he left was originally intended for Gu Mingxiu to eat. Now that Gu Mingxiu took the initiative, it couldn’t be better.

“Yan educated youth, here’s an egg for you,” Gu Mingxiu entered the house and took out an egg.

As a result, Yan Jing Ze didn’t pick up the egg, but even took out a bowl full of rice and stuffed it into his hand: “Mingxiu, come and eat with me.”

Gu Mingxiu was dumbfounded.

This rice is not only white rice, it’s also oily and there is meat in it…

Such a bowl of fragrant rice must cost a lot of money, but Yan Jing Ze gave it to him to eat?

Did Yan Jing Ze make a mistake?

“I can’t take it,” Gu Mingxiu said hastily, somewhat at a loss.

Yan Jing Ze said: “You have to eat this meal. If you don’t eat it, I will tell others that your sister stole my pen.”

Yan Jing Ze smiled when he spoke, obviously not really threatening himself. What kind of person threatens someone in order to force them to eat such a good thing?

Looking at Yan Jing Ze, Gu Mingxiu’s heartbeat became faster inexplicably.

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