The Abandoned Son Ch.88

Chapter 88 — Visiting the Set

Chao Xi company.

Ye Fan was lying on the sofa, nibbling on an apple.

“Tell me, how many gifts did your grandfather receive yesterday?” Ye Fan muttered vaguely.

“I don’t know.”

“Your grandfather made a lot of money on his birthday! On the contrary, I worked so hard to get just one billion!”

Bai Yunxi: “…” This guy, Ye Fan, in a short period of time, earned a billion and still thinks it’s too little? Not afraid of being drowned by spittle?

“When will I also have your grandfather’s ability?” Ye Fan muttered sullenly.

“My grandfather’s ability is not something you can have just because you want it.”

Ye Fan said lazily: “Your old man has only lived a little longer. In terms of ability, I am much better than your old man…”

“Yes! Yes! You are the most capable. I think there were quite a few people looking for you yesterday,” Bai Yunxi said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “It’s quite a lot. I’m popular, so there are more people looking for me.”

“I think you and Zhang Siliang chatted for a long time yesterday,” Bai Yunxi said casually.

“That guy, I don’t know if it’s because of a bad year, he always encounters bad luck. Yuan Yi died a very tragic death. I suspect that Yuan Yi cheated Zhang Siliang, maybe someone was controlling it behind the scenes,” Ye Fan said.

Bai Yunxi said with some doubts: “Someone is behind the scenes, what do you say?”

“Look! Maybe there is such a person who specializes in cultivating Gu worms, and then sells these Gu worms to those beautiful little mistresses to buy the hearts of those rich men for them, and then keep asking for money from those women. Won’t this make the fortune roll in?” Ye Fan asked.

“Is there such a person?” Bai Yunxi stopped and asked.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “I’m not sure, but maybe there really is! If there is such a person, they should be worth a lot of money!”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

“Zhang Siliang said he wanted to introduce me to a client. If the business is completed, another 100 million will be in the bank.”

Bai Yunxi smiled and said, “You’ve been doing a lot of business lately!”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes! You see my reputation is getting bigger and bigger, should I increase the price?”

Bai Yunxi smiled and said, “Your asking price is not too low now. I think you should take the path of small profits but quick turnover.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll take the civilian route, give me 100 million, and I’ll take action.”

Bai Yunxi: “…” Civilian route? 100 million per action, can that be considered a civilian route?

Ye Fan glanced at his phone and said, “I’ll go first.”

Bai Yunxi asked with some doubts: “Where are you going?”

“I have an appointment with Zhang Siliang to look at Yuan Yi’s corpse. Zhang Siliang is a timid guy and is always worried that he will be found again,” Ye Fan said.

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “Go ahead.”

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Ye Fan walked downstairs, sat in Zhang Siliang’s car, and followed Zhang Siliang to the morgue.

“Young Master Ye, how is it?”

“The soul has dissipated, and I can’t ask if I want to ask. However, looking at the body, the blood in her body has been drained. Naturally, death should not be like this. Someone should have come over and recovered the Gu worm.” Yuan Yi’s appearance shows that when she was alive, she was drained of her essence and blood. Presumably, when she died, it was definitely horrific, but this woman is also self-inflicted and cannot live ah!”

“The guy behind this is too much,” Zhang Siliang said angrily.

Yuan Yi is hateful, but in the end, this woman is just a pawn in someone else’s hands, pitiful and pathetic.

“Flies don’t bite seamless eggs, you belong to a special case. Gu Master’s abilities are all above Gu worms, but they are still flesh and blood, and they may not be very powerful, so under normal circumstances, they may not be willing to expose themselves. It’s better to find someone who is happy with each other.”

Zhang Siliang: “…”

“Can Young Master Ye find that Gu Master?”

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “There are too few clues, it’s hard to find, and even if I find it, there is no benefit for me.”

“That’s not necessarily true! That Gu Master should have received a lot of ill-gotten gains. if Young Master Ye finds someone…” Zhang Siliang said.

Ye Fan thoughtfully said: “Black eats black, oh, that money comes quickly, but there are still too few clues. I will think about it later. By the way, what did the coal mine owner say? “

Zhang Siliang hesitated for a moment, then said embarrassingly, “The other party thinks it’s a bit expensive.”

“No money?” Ye Fan asked.

Zhang Siliang shook his head and said, “It’s not that he has no money, but that guy is a bit stingy.”

Zhang Siliang felt a little helpless, Ye Fan’s asking price was high, but that was because Ye Fan had the ability! When the big boss approached him before, he was still very generous. Hearing his price of 100 million, he hesitated and pushed back, saying that Zhang Siliang wanted to eat his kickback. He also said that he would find other masters, a million yuan can solve it.

“Then forget it. I’ll say this again, want me to give discounts, don’t even think about it,” Ye Fan waved his hand and said.

Zhang Siliang: “…”


When Ye Fan returned to the villa, he ran into Cai Zhenjun.

“Rookie! Where are you going?” Ye Fan asked casually.

“I’m chasing a female star recently. I’m going to visit the set.”

Ye Fan said with disgust: “You chase after female stars, too? I said, you are so old, how can you still learn from those fangirls and fanboys ah? What is there to chase after stars, they don’t have three heads and six arms!”

Cai Zhenjun waved his hand and said, “I’m different from those star chasers, those star chasers can only scream and cry. I chase stars to make those female stars my girlfriend. When friends get together, bring a female star out, and my face will be bright!”

Ye Fan pouted and said, “You, can those big stars like you?”

Cai Zhenjun laughed awkwardly and said, “Naturally, I don’t dare to hope for first-tier ones, I just chase after third-tier and fourth-tier ones.”

Ye Fan blinked and said, “Oh, that sounds good.”

“Young Master Ye, do you want to go see it? The TV series my girlfriend is filming is funded by the Eldest Young Master Bai. Let’s go now. If we are lucky, maybe we will meet the Eldest Young Master Bai,” Cai Zhenjun said.

Ye Fan rolled his eyes and said, “What I like is the Third Young Master Bai, not the Eldest Young Master Bai. There is nothing to be happy about when I meet the Eldest Young Master Bai.”

Cai Zhenjun: “…”

“However, idle is idle, I can go to see. I heard that being a star will make you more charming. Look at my appearance, at first glance, I am a star material!” Ye Fan said.

Cai Zhenjun complimented with a smile on his face: “Yes! Yes! If you have the intention to develop in the entertainment industry, soon, you will be able to hold two movie stars back, and soon, you will be the male god in the hearts of those girls…”

Ye Fan said brightly: “What role does your girlfriend play in the TV series! The heroine?”

Cai Zhenjun shook his head and said, “No, but she is better than the heroine.”

“Oh, what’s so great?”

“She plays the female supporting role, and she specializes in tearing up the heroine,” Cai Zhenjun said proudly.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Oh, that’s not bad, I just bought a car, do you want to go using my car?”

“Okay!” Cai Zhenjun couldn’t help being a little more interested when he heard that Ye Fan had bought a car.

“Boss Ye, this is your car?” Cai Zhenjun said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes! Yes! Get in the car quickly.”

Cai Zhenjun frowned and said secretly: This guy, Ye Fan, obviously earned 300 million from his brother, but he was still so stingy. He just bought such a small broken car. If he knew earlier, he would not be curious about the car.


Cai Zhenjun took Ye Fan’s car and arrived at the set. Nowadays, people are very snobbish, especially in the entertainment industry, and many people on the set lost interest when they saw that Ye Fan drove a mini.

Cai Zhenjun walked over happily towards Lu Ying, who was sitting while reading the script.

“You’re here!” Lu Ying was a little happy when she saw Cai Zhenjun. Lu Ying and Cai Zhenjun had just been dating, and it was the honeymoon period, they had a good relationship.

“Look at the script, when will it be filmed?” Cai Zhenjun walked over to Lu Ying and asked.

Lu Ying frowned and said, “It should have been filmed, but there was something wrong with the makeup of the female lead. She went to touch up the makeup. Everyone is waiting.”

Cai Zhenjun nodded and said, “Is that so?”

Cai Zhenjun accompanied Lu Ying and waited for some time, but the female lead did not come out.

“Do you still need to go into the dressing room to put on makeup? Just put on a little powder. It’s been so long since, shouldn’t it be…” It shouldn’t be going to the dressing room to touch up makeup, but to do something else, right? Even if it is really to touch up make-up, it shouldn’t be so long!

Lu Ying glanced at Cai Zhenjun and said, “Stop guessing, her boyfriend is here.” Lu Ying raised her chin in Song Chengbin’s direction.

Cai Zhenjun said in surprise: “It’s him.”

Cai Zhenjun frowned. Song Chengbin, this guy, likes to play around with women the most. He mostly likes to pick up the entertainment industry stars. Every year, a lot of money is spent. Before, he also borrowed money everywhere, making his brother clean up his mess every time. Recently, the Song family seems not very good, but Song Chengbin, this guy, is still as generous as ever, ah!

Cai Zhenjun waited with Lu Ying for a while before waiting for Liang Xin.

Liang Xin was very beautiful, Cai Zhenjun couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw Liang Xin. Lu Ying looked at Cai Zhenjun’s face, smiled, and said, “Sister Liang Xin is very beautiful, isn’t she?”

Cai Zhenjun nodded and said, “Yes! Although she is beautiful, I like you more.” However, Cai Zhenjun always felt that Liang Xin was a little weird.

Lu Ying smiled and didn’t say anything. Many actresses who are in the entertainment industry can compete with gods after makeup, but you can’t see them before makeup.

Lu Ying felt that Liang Xin’s appearance was a bit strange, sometimes she looked like a fairy, sometimes she was ordinary, but every time Liang Xin came out of the dressing room, she was radiant.

Seeing that Cai Zhenjun was going to buy a drink for Lu Ying, Liang Xin sat down beside Lu Ying.

“Is that your boyfriend just now?” Liang Xin asked Lu Ying.

Lu Ying nodded and said, “Yes!”

“Why does your boyfriend drive a mini? This car is so narrow, how cramped it is to sit!”

The competition in the entertainment industry is fierce, and many actresses are at odds with each other. Liang Xin and Lu Ying play as good sisters in the series. The sisters who turned against each other and fought to death. Their relationship outside the play was also very general.

Lu Ying smiled and said, “Aren’t they all the same car? It’s good enough to drive.” Lu Ying also felt it was a little strange, Cai Zhenjun likes to drive his car, but she heard that something happened to Cai Shuai some time ago, so he sold his car and other properties.


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Flies don’t bite seamless eggs – nothing comes out of nothing – if the egg is not cracked, it will not release a smell, and flies won’t be attracted to it. The deep meaning of this sentence is to blame the victim for their own faults. It is self-inflicted.

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