Chapter 75 – Jiang Junmo Attracts Attention

After putting down their things, Sun Shengnan also took a piece of watermelon and tasted it. “Mmm, it’s really sweet. Is it from Old Li’s place? He grew some sweet ones last year.”

“Yes, it’s from his place. I heard he grew quite a lot this year. His son even had an argument with him, saying it’s not profitable to sell them and it’s better to grow crops,” one of the educated youths explained.

The educated youths learned about the situation and discovered that Old Li was the expert in growing melons in the village. Every year, he grew exceptionally sweet melons. When he was young, his family relied on growing melons for their livelihood.

However, after the land became state-owned, he lost his melon fields. Each household’s self-sufficient land was limited, so there was no land available for him to grow melons.

Old Li was unwilling to give up his skills and waste them.

Finally, he asked the team leader for a piece of wasteland to grow melons for the village. This way, he could earn work points, and the village could have melons.

As for the melons he grew, they were also bought by the agricultural trade station, but the prices weren’t high. However, considering it was previously a wasteland, having some income was better than nothing, so the village was quite pleased.

Knowing that melons could be sold, Old Li also planted some on his own private land. This way, if any family wanted to eat them, they could go and buy some at a low price or exchange goods. So, most households would buy some to satisfy their cravings.

However, growing melons meant they couldn’t grow vegetables or crops. Each household already had limited private land, and growing melons for so long without earning much money made Old Li’s son reluctant to continue.

But he couldn’t go against his father’s stubbornness.

Lu Xia listened and understood. She thought about the melons she bought today, and they seemed smaller compared to the ones Old Li grew.

She regretted buying them at the black market and having to secretly bring them out to eat. If she had known they were being sold in the village, she wouldn’t have bothered with the hassle.

However, the main reason she bought the melons was to get some seeds. She wanted to try planting them in her space so she could have more fruits.

Lu Xia also tasted the melons that Jiang Junmo bought, and they were indeed sweet. She planned to buy some for herself later and stock up.

The next day, the rain had stopped, and they went to work as usual. However, Lu Xia noticed something while working.

There was a young girl in the village who seemed interested in Jiang Junmo. She always deliberately approached him.

Lu Xia wasn’t the only one who noticed; the others also saw it.

But everyone just smiled and didn’t say anything, though their gazes would often fall on them. After all, Jiang Junmo had always been silent and had poor health. He didn’t work much, so it was unexpected that someone would be interested in him.

However, Jiang Junmo seemed quite annoyed by the girl. Whenever she approached him, he quickly distanced himself. In the afternoon, he even skipped work entirely, leaving the disappointed girl behind.

This situation continued for several days, and the people in the village noticed. Whenever they saw the educated youths coming out, they would make playful comments.

Especially regarding Jiang Junmo, whenever the villagers saw him, they would give him meaningful smiles.

During a few occasions when Lu Xia finished work, she overheard the villagers’ discussions.

“This guy is too skinny. He can’t handle physical labor. I heard his health isn’t good either. He can’t even work for half a day.”

“Yeah, he doesn’t look like someone who can do physical labor. I wonder what Chunyan sees in him. Could it be just his appearance?”

“Isn’t it? Educated Youth Jiang’s face is prettier than a girl’s.”

“I’m telling you, don’t think too easily. Although Educated Youth Jiang’s health isn’t good, I heard his family conditions are pretty good. I’ve seen him go to town to collect packages several times, and each time he has a lot of stuff.”

“Is that so? If Chunyan marries Educated Youth Jiang, she’ll have a good life.”

“Who knows Educated Youth Jiang may not even be interested in Chunyan.”

“Why not? Chunyan is the best girl in our village, and she’s graduated from junior high school. I heard she’s about to become a teacher in the town’s elementary school. Even if Educated Youth Jiang’s family is well-off, he can’t go back, right?”

“That’s true. After marrying Chunyan, Educated Youth Jiang might be able to relax a bit.”


Chapter 76 – Lu Xia’s Reminder


On this day, Lu Xia and Sun Shengnan finished work together and heard the conversation.

Sun Shengnan frowned when she heard it, so Lu Xia asked, “What’s wrong?”

Sun Shengnan sighed, “I think the situation with Educated Youth Jiang is not good.”

Lu Xia was puzzled, “Why? Is it because of this girl named Chunyan? He probably won’t marry her, right?”

Lu Xia was quite certain about this because she often secretly cooked with Jiang Junmo, so she knew more about him than others. Although he had poor health, he had quite a high self-esteem. He wouldn’t be interested in a village girl.

However, Sun Shengnan sighed again, “I know Educated Youth Jiang probably isn’t interested in this girl Chunyan, but Chunyan is the accountant’s daughter in our village. She looks good and has always been popular in the village. Besides the village chief’s daughter, no one can compare to her.

Many young men in the village like her, but after graduating from junior high school, she always planned to find a partner in the city. I don’t know why, but now she’s interested in Educated Youth Jiang. If Educated Youth Jiang rejects her, it might be difficult for him in the future.

After all, I heard that the accountant’s family dotes on their daughter.”

Lu Xia also felt sorry for Jiang Junmo after hearing this. She could imagine that Jiang Junmo’s family conditions were probably not bad, but even if they were good, they probably couldn’t compare to the accountant’s family.

In the village, the accountant was one of the most prominent figures besides the village chief and secretary.

As the saying goes, the power of the immediate superior is better than the leader. As long as they stayed in the village for one more day, it would be difficult to handle this matter.

So Lu Xia worried about Jiang Junmo.

That day, while they were secretly cooking in their secret base, Lu Xia asked him what he thought about Shi Chunyan.

To her surprise, Jiang Junmo frowned as soon as he heard Shi Chunyan’s name. “I have already clearly rejected Comrade Shi several times, but she acts as if she doesn’t understand.”

He seemed frustrated as he continued, clearly not knowing what to do.

Lu Xia felt sorry for Jiang Junmo and explained Shi Chunyan’s situation to him. She also reminded him, “You need to handle this well. If you really don’t like her, it’s best to make her give up on the idea soon. Otherwise, it might not be easy for you in the future. The villagers already have a not-so-good impression of the educated youths, and if they start causing trouble for you, it won’t be good.”

Jiang Junmo nodded to indicate that he understood and thanked her. Then, they started eating.

That day, Lu Xia cooked pig trotters, and they tasted equally good.

Recently, after eating several meals with Lu Xia, Jiang Junmo felt that her cooking was extraordinary. Not only was it delicious, but after eating, he also felt much better physically.

He clearly felt more energetic during this period, so he highly praised Lu Xia’s culinary skills.

However, Lu Xia remained the same as before, and they didn’t cook together frequently, so no one noticed.

This became quite difficult for Jiang Junmo. Each time, he calculated the time and eagerly looked forward to the agreed-upon time.

After finishing their meal this time, Lu Xia wanted to buy some melons, so Jiang Junmo left first.

When Lu Xia returned with the melons, she found that Jiang Junmo was still not back. He was being blocked by Shi Chunyan at the entrance of the educated youth spot.

Seeing this, Lu Xia hesitated, unsure whether she should approach or not.

However, before she could get closer, she heard Shi Chunyan shouting, “I have never failed to get what I wanted since I was young. Just wait, you will marry me sooner or later!”

After saying that, Shi Chunyan angrily walked away, shooting an intense glare at Lu Xia, who was holding the melons.

Lu Xia was confused.

When she walked over and saw Jiang Junmo, she asked, “Are you okay?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head, pinched his brow, clearly feeling even more annoyed.

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