Chapter 77 – Busy Autumn Harvest

After the two of them entered, the people at the educated youth spot looked towards them.

More specifically, they looked at Jiang Junmo.

Most likely, everyone had just heard the voice of Shi Chunyan.

Seeing Jiang Junmo in an awkward situation, Lu Xia took the initiative to speak up: “I bought a watermelon, let’s cut it and eat together.”

Upon hearing this, the others shifted their gaze. “Oh, this watermelon is big. Educated Youth Lu has a good eye for choosing. It’s probably sweet.”

Lu Xia smiled and replied, “It was Uncle Li who helped me choose. I wouldn’t know.”

The others chuckled and thanked Lu Xia before cutting the watermelon and starting to eat.

Meanwhile, Jiang Junmo took the opportunity to return to his room.

However, everyone still had their own thoughts.

In the evening, the female educated youths gathered together in the house to chat. Lu Xia was learning to knit with Sun Shengnan when the topic came up.

The educated youths all felt sorry for Jiang Junmo. It was unfortunate that he had gotten entangled with the villagers like this.

Since the last incident, even Chen Xue, who was usually quiet, spoke up this time.

“These villagers may have their own agendas, but they are actually quite united. There was a girl named Wu Yu among the female educated youths who came to the countryside with us. She was very beautiful and caught the eye of a villager as soon as she arrived.

At that time, we all wanted to return to the city and no one wanted to marry into the village. But that man kept pestering her.

Not only did he voluntarily help her with work, but he also occasionally gave her gifts. No matter how she refused, it was useless. He just persisted and wouldn’t let go.

Gradually, everyone started saying that they were a couple. Wu Yu’s explanations were in vain because everyone could see that they were getting closer.

In the end, Wu Yu had no choice but to marry him.

Fortunately, that family was not bad. After Wu Yu got married, they arranged for her to work at the elementary school, which was more comfortable than working in the fields.”

Upon hearing this, the others felt a sense of melancholy.

In the countryside, it was too easy to ruin someone’s reputation, especially for the female educated youths. They had to be extremely cautious.

In fact, when Lu Xia and the others had just arrived in the countryside, there were a few people in the village who were interested in Su Man. After all, Su Man’s appearance and temperament were outstanding.

However, she became close with Gu Xiangnan, who seemed to have a strong personality, so those thoughts were abandoned. Even if they didn’t want to abandon them, their families would help dispel such thoughts.

After all, someone like Su Man couldn’t be coveted by rural people.

On the other hand, Lu Xia didn’t have such experiences. When she first arrived in the countryside, she was thin and small, and she didn’t talk much. She had very little presence, so she probably wasn’t noticed. This saved her a lot of trouble.

Let’s not dwell on it.

After chatting for a while, everyone felt that Jiang Junmo’s situation was not easy to handle.

If he marries, everyone could see that Jiang Junmo comes from a good family background, so he probably wouldn’t be interested in someone like Shi Chunyan, a village girl.

If he doesn’t marry, it won’t be easy for Jiang Junmo to have a good life in the village either. He might easily become a target for the accountant’s grudges. After all, his health is not good, and he can’t do much physical work. Even with his family’s help, it would be difficult to make a difference.

Everyone worried about him, but that was all they could do. After all, it was his own matter, and it would ultimately depend on how he handled it.

Soon, the Mid-Autumn Festival arrived. It was the first festival for the new educated youths to experience, so they pooled their money and prepared a sumptuous meal to celebrate. After that, the village became busy again.

As the autumn harvest was approaching, it was the busiest time of the year. Lu Xia and the others were assigned a lot of work.

Cutting rice, husking corn—every day they worked until late, and Lu Xia’s arms couldn’t even be lifted after work.

Even with her improved health from drinking the spiritual spring water, she still felt exhausted. It was even harder for others.

Everyone was too tired to talk each day. Even if the person responsible for cooking came back dragging their tired body, they still had to cook.

It was truly difficult to endure.


Chapter 78 – Being Followed


Fortunately, the autumn harvest didn’t last long, just about a week.

The villagers worked diligently and finally finished harvesting the crops. Currently, they were threshing and drying the grains in the threshing field, taking advantage of the rain-free weather to dry them.

After a few days of drying, when the corn had dried, Lu Xia and the others became busy again. This time, they didn’t have time to rest after dinner and had to quickly remove the corn kernels by hand since they didn’t have any machines.

Lu Xia’s hands would ache every time, but there was no other choice; everyone was in the same situation.

Fortunately, it got a bit better after they gradually mastered the technique.

However, because they worked in the evening, Lu Xia had felt for the past two days that someone was following her when she went to and from work.

Since her sensitivity had increased after drinking the spiritual spring water, she was confident that her intuition wasn’t wrong.

However, it was too dark to see anyone, but she couldn’t afford to let her guard down.

So, from then on, she always went out with everyone and never walked alone.

Several days passed without any incidents.

After they finished threshing the portion of corn that had to be handed over to the government, the rest belonged to the villagers. They no longer needed to rush and work from dawn till dusk. They could take their time and work during the day.

The villagers finally breathed a sigh of relief. The village chief organized people to deliver the grain to the town, and the others could take a temporary break.

A few more days passed, and just when Lu Xia thought that the person following her had given up, during the day while she was doing laundry, she felt someone watching her again.

Lu Xia frowned and pretended not to notice. She secretly glanced around and indeed saw a dark figure in the trees to her right.

A sinking feeling settled in Lu Xia’s heart. She didn’t understand why she, who had been keeping a low profile since arriving in the countryside, would be targeted by someone.

But she had to resolve this matter. It wasn’t right to constantly be followed, so she had to take the initiative and solve it herself, saving herself from living in constant fear.

After returning to the educated youth spot, Lu Xia left again, carrying a basket on her back.

She still sensed the person following her, so she thought of the stones and wooden sticks she had stored in her space, as well as the kitchen knife. With determination in her heart, she walked towards a secluded spot where she often cooked with Jiang Junmo.

There wouldn’t usually be anyone passing by this area. After arriving there, Lu Xia could clearly feel that the person following her had gotten even closer.

Until she felt that the person had let down their guard and was running towards her, Lu Xia swiftly reached into her back basket (which was actually her space) and took out a wooden stick.

She turned around and fiercely struck the person.


The wooden stick hit the person’s forehead directly, leaving them stunned. They fell to the ground, shouting in pain.

Lu Xia didn’t show any mercy because by now, she had recognized who the person was.

So, she swung the wooden stick again, hitting his body, causing him to curl up on the ground, clutching his head.

Seeing him in such a miserable state, Lu Xia raised her foot and kicked him in a vulnerable spot.


The person on the ground screamed in pain, but Lu Xia still didn’t feel satisfied.

Just as she was about to raise her foot to kick again, she heard a voice from beside her.

“If you step on it again, it’ll probably be destroyed!”

Lu Xia turned around and saw Jiang Junmo.

“Why are you here?”

“I heard the noise and saw that it was you, so I came over.”

Lu Xia understood that he was worried about her safety, which warmed her heart. After all, Jiang Junmo’s health was obviously not good, and he probably didn’t have as much strength as her, yet he still thought of coming to help her.

With these thoughts in mind, Lu Xia’s previous irritability subsided a little, and she looked back at the person on the ground.

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