Chapter 79 – Chen Er

She immediately recognized the person—it was Chen Er, the village troublemaker.

Lu Xia had initially thought that as long as he didn’t provoke her in this lifetime, she would let him go. But she hadn’t expected that he would still come looking for trouble.

She really wanted to kick him once more and destroy him, but Jiang Junmo was there, and she couldn’t act too harshly.

Besides, despite Chen Er’s bad reputation, he was still a villager and the only child of the Chen family. If things turned sour, it wouldn’t be easy for her to live in the village.

So, even though she was unwilling, she had no choice but to stop.

With a cold expression, Lu Xia looked down at Chen Er on the ground and asked, “Tell me, why were you secretly following me?”

Chen Er had been hit on the head by a stick, then repeatedly struck all over his body. He was in pain all over.

Now that she was speaking, he quickly begged for mercy, “I was wrong, I won’t dare anymore. Spare me, miss.”

But Lu Xia remained unmoved and gave him another harsh strike. “Tell the truth. Why were you following me?”

“Ah! I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you! Please, stop hitting me. It hurts!”

Only then did Lu Xia cross her arms, maintaining a cold expression. “Speak then.”

Chen Er cautiously glanced at Lu Xia, trembling uncontrollably. He regretted provoking her. He never expected such violence from a seemingly delicate woman.

Fortunately, he hadn’t married her; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to endure it.

Lu Xia observed his furtive glance and the rolling of his eyes, wondering what he was thinking. With the stick in her hand raised, she intended to strike again.

Afraid, Chen Er hurriedly said, “Please, don’t! I’ll talk, I’ll talk! Someone told me to follow you!”

Frowning, Lu Xia asked, “Who? Who told you to follow me?”

Startled by her response, Chen Er didn’t dare hide the truth and revealed everything he knew.

“It was a female educated youth from your educated youth spot. Her surname seems to be Zhuang. She told me to follow you and find an opportunity to ruin your reputation so that I could marry you.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia felt a moment of disbelief. Zhuang, was it Zhuang Hongmei?

Her face instantly turned cold, and she found it hard to believe.

She knew that Zhuang Hongmei had a tendency to target her, but it was usually just empty words. After being frightened a few times, she thought Zhuang Hongmei had become afraid of her.

She never expected that Zhuang Hongmei would go to such lengths to ruin her.

She never expected her to be so ruthless!

Chen Er, seeing that Lu Xia didn’t respond after he finished speaking, tentatively asked, “Miss, I’ve told you everything I know. Can you let me go now?”

But Lu Xia was still preoccupied with thoughts of Zhuang Hongmei, her face cold, and she didn’t reply.

Jiang Junmo, who was standing behind, noticed the situation and asked, “You agreed to follow Educated Youth Zhuang just like that? Did she offer you any benefits?”

Chen Er instinctively covered his pockets upon hearing this, but seeing Lu Xia raise the wooden stick again, he quickly explained, “She did offer me something. She gave me five yuan. I thought it was easy money and a chance to get a wife, so I did it.”

After saying this, he glanced at Lu Xia’s darkening face and the tightly gripped wooden stick, hastening to explain, “It’s not entirely my fault, and even if it weren’t me, there would have been others. Educated Youth Lu has good conditions, and she can work. There are already several bachelors in the village who are interested in her. They plan to do the same thing Liu Xiaozi did to marry Educated Youth Wu. When the time comes, they’ll also marry Educated Youth Lu.”

Hearing this, Lu Xia’s face grew even darker. She hadn’t expected that even though she had kept a low profile, she had still attracted attention.

After Chen Er finished speaking, he cautiously assessed Lu Xia’s expression and continued to plead, “I’ve told you everything I know, miss. Please spare me. I won’t dare anymore. I promise that if I see you, I’ll avoid you!”


Chapter 80 – The Mastermind Behind the Scenes


Lu Xia knew she couldn’t do much to Chen Er, but she wasn’t willing to let him go so easily either.

Thinking about Zhuang Hongmei targeting her, she said directly, “Do you think you can just leave like that? It’s not that easy.”

Chen Er wailed, “Miss, I was wrong. What else do you want me to do?”

Lu Xia sneered and said directly, “You want to marry a wife, right? I’ll help you find a wife.”

Chen Er was stunned and instinctively asked, “Who?”

Lu Xia replied with a meaningful tone, “Of course, it’s the one who caused you so much trouble.”

Chen Er wasn’t dumb and immediately understood what she meant.

However, he hesitated. While he wanted to marry a wife, he also had certain criteria. He didn’t expect someone as attractive as Lu Xia, but he at least wanted someone who could work.

Zhuang Hongmei didn’t have a good reputation in the village, and she wasn’t good at working. Chen Er was a bit reluctant.

Noticing the disdain on his face, Lu Xia became speechless, she didn’t expect Zhuang Hongmei to be so bad that even Chen Er looked down on her.

With a cold smile, Lu Xia said, “You’re being picky now? She might not be great, but she’s an educated youth. What about you, what are you?”

Chen Er wanted to retort but didn’t know what to say. He wanted to mention that he was the only child, spoiled by his parents. However, he didn’t have much to boast about himself. His parents lacked education, and he hadn’t even finished elementary school.

Thinking this way, if he married Zhuang Hongmei, their future child might have a better chance at education.

With this thought, his expression softened a bit.

Seeing that he was finally considering it, Lu Xia said, “It’s up to you. I’m giving you the opportunity. Whether you take it or not, make up your mind and leave quickly.”

Chen Er quickly got up and said, “I’ve made up my mind, Miss Lu. I promise I’ll do my best for you.”

“Not for me, but for yourself.”

“Yes, for myself.”

Chen Er nodded in agreement, relieved to see that Lu Xia didn’t move the wooden stick in her hand. Then he turned and ran off.

After Chen Er’s figure disappeared, Lu Xia didn’t pay attention to Jiang Junmo beside her. Instead, she turned and left, not returning to the educated youth spot but heading to the cave where she used to cook.

She needed a space to calm down.

Jiang Junmo didn’t leave either and followed her.

When they arrived, neither of them spoke. Lu Xia silently pondered for a while before finally asking, “Do you think I’m a bad person?”

Jiang Junmo understood what she was asking and shook his head. “It’s just fighting fire with fire.”

Hearing his response, Lu Xia carefully examined his expression and found no signs of disgust or contempt. Somehow, she felt relieved.

Suddenly, she felt a desire to have a heart-to-heart conversation.

“I didn’t expect her to do something like this. Although we had unpleasant interactions before, it never reached the point of trying to ruin each other.”

Hearing her words, Jiang Junmo hesitated for a moment before speaking, “Do you really think Educated Youth Zhuang did this?”

Lu Xia’s gaze turned cold. “What do you mean? Do you think I’m accusing her wrongly?”

Seeing her misunderstanding, Jiang Junmo quickly shook his head. “No, I just think it’s suspicious. Educated Youth Zhuang seems financially strained, so I find it unlikely that she would spend five yuan to hire someone to harm you.”

Lu Xia found his explanation strange. “Are you suggesting that I got it wrong? That it wasn’t her?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head. “Regardless of whether it was her or not, she must have been involved. Chen Er wouldn’t mistake the person.”

Lu Xia finally relaxed, but then she had some doubts. “Then who could it be? Besides Zhuang Hongmei, I don’t have any conflicts with anyone else.”

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