Chapter 81 – Mutual Sympathy

There were only a few people in the educated youth spot, and there weren’t many who interacted with Lu Xia, especially among the male educated youths. It was unlikely that they would resort to such methods to harm her.

So, it must have been one of the female educated youths.

The older educated youths were unlikely as well, considering that Lu Xia had a good relationship with them and no conflicts.

As for the new educated youths, there were only Su Man and Cheng Yujiao left.

Su Man was unlikely as well. Besides rejecting her request to move out in the past, Lu Xia had maintained a normal relationship with her.

And she hadn’t done anything to harm the original female protagonist, so it shouldn’t be her.

That left only Cheng Yujiao.

But Lu Xia couldn’t recall any interaction she had with Cheng Yujiao. She even tried to avoid getting involved with the person Cheng Yujiao called her “fiance,” Gu Xiangnan.

She wondered what she had done to offend Cheng Yujiao to the point where she would resort to such measures to ruin her.

Thinking about it, Lu Xia couldn’t help but curse, “Crazy! She’s insane!”

Hearing her words, Jiang Junmo knew that she had probably figured out who it was.

“What are you going to do?” he asked.

Lu Xia hesitated after hearing his question. She couldn’t use the same method she used against Zhuang Hongmei on Cheng Yujiao because she was different from Zhuang Hongmei.

Zhuang Hongmei seemed to have no background, and Lu Xia wasn’t afraid of her retaliation.

But Cheng Yujiao was different. She had a background and was reborn. She also had Gu Xiangnan taking care of her at the educated youth spot, making it difficult to make a move against her.

Moreover, Lu Xia would definitely return to the city in the future, and it wouldn’t be good if Cheng Yujiao’s family sought revenge.

However, as a supporting character, Cheng Yujiao was reckless and fond of courting death. Lu Xia didn’t have to take action against her. If she tried to steal the male protagonist from the female protagonist, she wouldn’t have a good ending.

Though she felt frustrated, Lu Xia was currently in a weak position. It wasn’t the time to confront a lunatic head-on. She had to plan for the long term, find an opportunity for revenge later in secret, or pray that the protagonist halo around Su Man would become stronger and deal with Cheng Yujiao sooner.

With these thoughts in mind, Lu Xia could only grit her teeth and say, “Evil people will get what they deserve.”

Putting aside Cheng Yujiao’s matter for now, Lu Xia also thought about Chen Er’s words regarding the villagers’ attitude toward her, and sighed.

“I didn’t expect to still become a target after keeping such a low profile in the village.”

Jiang Junmo could relate to that, as he had been bothered by people recently as well.

“It seems that the villagers are quite stubborn. Reasoning with them is useless,” he said, thinking about how he hadn’t gone to work recently and how Shi Chunyan had even followed him to the educated youth spot, making him particularly annoyed.

Hearing his words, Lu Xia suggested, “Can’t your family help? Or can’t they find a way to bring you back?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head. “Even if I tell them, they won’t be able to help. I can’t go back now, and there’s no one suitable in my family to be sent to the countryside.”

Lu Xia didn’t know what to do upon hearing this. She was in chaos herself. Although she had scared away Chen Er, there were still others like Zhao Er, Qian Er, Sun Er, waiting for her.

As long as she remained unmarried, she estimated that someone would pester her.

Moreover, there were many issues at the educated youth spot. She hadn’t figured out why Cheng Yujiao suddenly went crazy and targeted her. They would still have to interact with each other in the future. With the female and male protagonists present, the educated youth spot probably wouldn’t be peaceful.

It was truly vexing just thinking about it.

She had hoped to live a simple life during these few years, but why was it so difficult?

With these thoughts in mind, Lu Xia sighed.

Then she heard Jiang Junmo sigh as well.

They looked at each other and smiled helplessly.

Thinking about their shared predicament, Lu Xia suddenly had an idea.

“How about we get married?”


Chapter 82 – Discussing Marriage



Jiang Junmo was startled by Lu Xia’s sudden statement.

In fact, Lu Xia had thought of it just in that moment and blurted it out without thinking.

But as she thought about it more, she realized that the suggestion was quite good. After all, she had turned eighteen recently and was eligible to get married.

So, with enthusiasm, she said, “Yeah, why didn’t I think of that before? If we both get married, this problem will be solved. The villagers won’t bother me anymore, and Shi Chunyan will probably give up on you. It’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?”

However, Jiang Junmo was still taken aback by her words. After stuttering for a while, he said, “But…marriage? How can we be so casual about it?”

Lu Xia frowned. “Then what do you plan to do? Do you have a better solution to get rid of Shi Chunyan?”

Seeing Jiang Junmo’s silence, Lu Xia continued to explain the benefits of marriage to him.

“Moreover, once we’re married, we can apply to the village to build our own house. We can move out of the educated youth spot and not have to share with others anymore. It will be convenient for cooking as well. We won’t have to sneakily eat meat anymore.”

Hearing her mention cooking, Jiang Junmo was somewhat tempted, but he still didn’t give a definite answer.

In the end, Lu Xia could only say, “If you really don’t want to, let’s temporarily cooperate. We can get divorced when we return to the city.”

Hearing her words, Jiang Junmo became anxious. “I’m not unwilling!”

Lu Xia was surprised by his response. “Really? You’re willing?”

Jiang Junmo nodded, his ears turning red. He didn’t dare to look at her directly but emphasized, “I’m willing.”

Seeing him like that, Lu Xia thought he was feeling awkward and didn’t say anything more.

Internally, she couldn’t help but praise herself for coming up with such a solution. Finally, she could put an end to all those troubles.

“We shouldn’t delay. Let’s go find the village chief tonight and get an introduction letter and proof. We can register tomorrow!”

She made the decision quickly, catching Jiang Junmo off guard. He couldn’t keep up with her train of thought but still nodded. “Okay.”

After speaking, he glanced at her again, wanting to say something but hesitating.

“What’s wrong? Do you have any other questions?”

Jiang Junmo opened his mouth, actually wanting to ask if she liked him, but he didn’t say it in the end.

He just shook his head and said, “No more questions.”

Lu Xia breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good.”

Then she talked about the marriage plans. “Since we’re both educated youths, let’s not have a big wedding. We can apply to build a house first. Now that the busy farming season is over, the villagers don’t have much work. It should be quick to build the house. After it’s finished, we can invite the people from the educated youth spot to have a meal together. What do you think?”

Jiang Junmo nodded, his face slightly blushing. “It’s up to you.”

Seeing his slightly bashful appearance, Lu Xia smiled.

Afterward, she felt a bit embarrassed. She hadn’t expected that her wedding would be made so hastily, especially since she and Jiang Junmo weren’t very familiar with each other.

Fortunately, they had interacted a few times before, and Jiang Junmo’s personality wasn’t bad. They should be able to get along well in the future. Lu Xia felt relieved.

After discussing their plans, they returned to the educated youth spot.

In the evening, after finishing work and having dinner, they went to the village chief’s house together.

However, Lu Xia didn’t come empty-handed. She brought two pounds of brown sugar.

Seeing this, Jiang Junmo said, “I still have some sugar tickets. I’ll give them to you later.”

Both of them were about to register their marriage, so Lu Xia didn’t need to be polite. “Okay.”

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