Chapter 93 – Apologizing

The departing educated youths were unaware of the conversation between the village chief and the secretary. They were pleased with the assurance given by the village chief and believed that they would no longer feel like outsiders in the village.

However, when they returned to the educated youth spot, Zhao Hua quietly pulled Sun Shengnan aside to talk.

“You shouldn’t have said that today!”

“What? Do you think I was too harsh?” Sun Shengnan looked at him with a cold expression.

Zhao Hua sighed, “You’ve been here for four years, and you’ve always endured it. Why were you so firm this time? If the villagers hold a grudge against you and start targeting you during political reviews, what will you do?”

Sun Shengnan furrowed her brows upon hearing his words, then sighed. “I know, but I can’t bear it anymore. Over the years, things have been easier for you male educated youths, but how many of us female educated youths have been victimized? As the representative of the female educated youths, I can no longer stand by and watch with indifference.”

Zhao Hua sighed as well, following her lead. “I don’t understand why you suddenly developed such strong animosity. Their affairs have nothing to do with you. You’re putting yourself in a difficult position, and it won’t win you any favors. Just wait and see, if something happens to you because of this, no one will sympathize with you.”

Sun Shengnan’s face turned cold upon hearing his words. “That’s my own choice. At that time, you don’t need to worry about me.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned and walked away without saying another word.

Zhao Hua sighed again, feeling that he was also wasting his efforts. He was somewhat frustrated, but in the end, he didn’t say anything else. Well, whatever happens, happens. He didn’t care anymore.

Meanwhile, Gu Xiangnan had already relayed the village chief’s message to Lu Xia and expressed, “We still have to stay in the village in the future, so we shouldn’t let things get too strained. This is the best we can do for now.”

Lu Xia smiled upon hearing this and expressed her gratitude, “This is already great. Thank you, Educated Youth Gu, for standing up for us.”

Gu Xiangnan also smiled, “Don’t mention it. We’re all educated youths, and it’s our duty to handle this matter.”

Afterward, Gu Xiangnan inquired about Jiang Junmo’s current condition and left.

Since Lu Xia was present, the male educated youths couldn’t come in, so they temporarily went to another room to rest.

Jiang Junmo had received an injection and drank the spiritual spring water red sugar ginger soup. His body was no longer trembling, and he felt much better. Lu Xia finally let out a sigh of relief.

In the afternoon, the village chief and the accountant, Shi, came to apologize. However, Shi Chunyan did not come; she probably didn’t have the face to show up.

The accountant brought a dozen eggs, half a catty of brown sugar, and an additional five yuan.

In the countryside, this was considered a significant expense.

They sincerely expressed their apologies.

Lu Xia didn’t know what the village chief had said to Accountant Shi, but she felt that it probably wasn’t his voluntary decision. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have allowed Shi Chunyan to cause such trouble earlier.

However, Lu Xia pretended not to know and accepted the gifts and money, forgiving them.

Using the excuse of taking care of Jiang Junmo, she didn’t say much more to them.

The educated youths were pleased to see the village chief’s favorable attitude and looked forward to a better life in the village in the future.

Lu Xia, on the other hand, sighed. She had her suspicions about why the village chief and Accountant Shi were being so accommodating. It was probably due to Gu Xiangnan’s influence. She remembered that the novel mentioned how Gu Xiangnan’s family was concerned about his living conditions here and went through channels to have him taken care of by leaders in the county.

Therefore, he had been living well during these years in the countryside.

Since that was the case, they would have to be grateful to him. After all, with Gu Xiangnan around, the villagers would have to consider their actions. Otherwise, her and Jiang Junmo’s future in the village wouldn’t be pleasant.

However, she knew it wouldn’t be appropriate to mention this directly. She could only find an opportunity in the future to express her gratitude.


Chapter 94 – Cooking Congee for Jiang Junmo


In the evening, Jiang Junmo woke up. His body had improved significantly, although he still had a slight fever.

However, Lu Xia was still worried. Thinking that he hadn’t eaten anything all day, she went back to their room and brought out the small stove pot they used for cooking together.

She also took some rice she had grown in the space and used spiritual spring water to cook the congee on the stove they usually used for boiling medicine in the courtyard.

The series of actions surprised the educated youths.

Even Su Man was surprised and asked, “Did you bring a pot with you to the countryside?”

Lu Xia explained embarrassingly, “My family thought I would have to cook for myself after coming to the countryside, so they wanted to prepare a pot for me. But we didn’t have enough industrial tickets, so they gave me an old small stove pot from home. However, since I’ve been eating with everyone here, I haven’t had the chance to use it.”

Su Man nodded and looked at her stove pot, thinking it was quite convenient. She thought she might get one herself when she had the opportunity. It would be convenient for cooking on the go.

The aroma of Lu Xia’s congee quickly spread.

Everyone at the educated youth spot became hungry.

The evening meal at the educated youth spot was also congee, but it was made with coarse grains and couldn’t compare to the congee Lu Xia made with spiritual spring water.

After Lu Xia finished cooking, she ladled the congee into a bowl. She didn’t make much, just enough for one bowl. After serving it, she brought it directly to Jiang Junmo to eat.

Jiang Junmo was surprised and touched when he saw the congee that Lu Xia specially cooked for him. He eagerly took a sip and was even more surprised. He knew that Lu Xia’s cooking was delicious, but he didn’t expect simple congee to taste so good.

He could even taste a hint of sweetness in the congee.

After taking a few more bites eagerly, he looked at Lu Xia sitting beside him and suddenly realized something.

“What about yours? Did you only make one bowl?”

Lu Xia smiled and said, “Just for tonight, you should eat it quickly.”

Jiang Junmo felt a bit regretful after hearing her reply. He didn’t expect her to only make it for one night, and the rice looked very good. It was probably the rice she brought from Beijing that she was reluctant to eat before.

Thinking about this, he felt a little regretful. If he had known, he wouldn’t have eaten it so quickly.

Seeing his expression, Lu Xia knew what he was thinking.

She smiled and whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry, I still have more, but we’re at the educated youth spot. I can’t make it for everyone, so I only made a little for you. They won’t say anything about it.”

However, Jiang Junmo still felt a bit uncomfortable. “Isn’t this rice hard to buy?”

Understanding his concerns, Lu Xia reassured him, “Don’t worry, we can still buy this rice in the future. Just eat it now. When we move, we can eat this rice every day.”

Jiang Junmo was surprised. “Can we buy it here?”

Lu Xia didn’t answer, but gave him a meaningful look.

Jiang Junmo let his imagination run wild. He knew Lu Xia wouldn’t lie. Since she said there was more, there must be. This put his mind at ease. If anything, he could ask his family for more money in the future to buy rice.

Jiang Junmo quickly finished the congee, feeling a bit dizzy after the meal, and laid back down.

Lu Xia also came out to have her meal.

But when she came out holding an empty bowl and sat with everyone to eat, Cheng Yujiao pursed her lips and said, “Some people are really crafty. They cook delicious food for themselves and still think of coming to eat this tasteless food at the educated youth spot. Aren’t they afraid of getting too full?”

Lu Xia’s face turned cold upon hearing that and directly retorted, “I also earned my own grains. Why can’t I eat? If you are envious, you can also cook for yourself.”

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