Chapter 95 – Thanking Li Hongjun

Cheng Yujiao didn’t expect she would be refuted. Just as she was about to continue speaking, Gu Xiangnan interrupted her, saying, “Alright, let’s eat quickly. Educated Youth Jiang is sick and Educated Youth Lu cooked something tasty for him, it’s none of your business.”

Lu Xia smiled and said, “Yes, I brought the rice from home when I came here. It’s just a little bit, and I’ve been reluctant to eat it. I was planning to save it for the New Year’s celebration.”

“Now that Educated Youth Jiang is sick, I cooked it for him, hoping it will help him recover quickly. He already had a weak body, and I am really worried. We just got married, and if anything were to happen to him, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Hearing this, everyone else comforted her one after another.

In fact, the other educated youths admired and didn’t think much about it before. They all understood the situation. They also had their own food reserves and were hesitant to share them, occasionally cooking something privately, but they kept it to themselves.

Nobody would proactively mention it.

Seeing everyone siding with Lu Xia, Cheng Yujiao’s face turned sour, but considering that she was already married and ended up with a sickly guy, she felt a bit of schadenfreude and didn’t bother arguing with her.

After the meal, Lu Xia went to check on Jiang Junmo again and found that he was already asleep. So she didn’t stay there any longer; after all, everyone else needed to come back to sleep as well.

In the evening, Lu Xia asked Li Yi to take care of Jiang Junmo and returned to her room.

Feeling tired from the day, when others inquired about Jiang Junmo’s condition, she gave brief replies and lay down to rest.

However, lying down, she thought about the original story and the cause of Jiang Junmo’s death.

It seemed that he had fallen into the water for some unknown reason, which worsened his health. Even a minor cold became fatal.

She didn’t know if in this world, his fall into the water was related to Shi Chunyan, but Lu Xia felt it was highly probable.

So in the original story, she indirectly became the culprit of Jiang Junmo’s death.

With this in mind, she couldn’t let Shi Chunyan get away with it so easily.

Thus, she had to think of a way to make her pay.

The next day, after Lu Xia woke up, she first visited Jiang Junmo. Today, he was much better, not feeling dizzy anymore, but his body was weaker. It seemed the cold water had affected him, and he needed proper rest. Thankfully, he was no longer running a fever.

Lu Xia asked him to continue lying on the kang, prepared some congee for him, and once he finished eating, she took some things and went to Li Hongjun’s home.

Yesterday, Li Hongjun had saved him, and even for this, he had to delay his blind date. Out of gratitude and propriety, she had to come and thank him.

This time, Lu Xia brought half a catty of brown sugar and a pack of pastries she bought earlier.

When she arrived at Li Hongjun’s home, she found quite a few people there.

Lu Xia felt she might have come at an inconvenient time, but since she was already here, she could only face it head-on.

Li Hongjun’s mother was a cheerful woman, and everyone called her Aunt Cuiyun.

Aunt Cuiyun looked surprised when she saw Lu Xia, but her smile grew wider, and she warmly said, “Oh, Educated Youth Lu is here! What a rare guest. Come on in!”

Lu Xia felt a bit unsure about the warm reception but quickly explained, “Aunt, I’m here to thank Comrade Li Hongjun for saving Educated Youth Jiang. I heard he almost missed his blind date because of that. I feel quite embarrassed, so I brought some gifts. I hope Aunt can accept them.”

Seeing the gifts Lu Xia brought, Aunt Cuiyun’s smile deepened, “Oh, you’re too polite. Anyone would have done the same. It just happened that my son was there at the right time. Don’t worry; his blind date wasn’t affected. By the way, I heard that you and Educated Youth Jiang have already registered your marriage? Oh my, you two are a good-looking couple, truly made for each other!”


Chapter 96 – House Construction Arrangements


Lu Xia couldn’t break free, so she had to bite the bullet and go in.

“Good timing, you’re here. Help Aunt Cuiyun out with some advice. My son hit it off with a girl yesterday, and she came today to see the house. If everything goes well, they’ll get married before the New Year!” Aunt Cuiyun said.

Lu Xia immediately congratulated them, “That’s great! You’ll have a daughter-in-law soon, and maybe even a grandchild next year.”

Aunt Cuiyun’s eyes crinkled with her laughter, “That would be wonderful! Educated Youth Lu, you really know how to speak.”

After going in, Lu Xia greeted the others in the room, some of them were familiar and some were not.

Then she saw the two youths who were on the blind date. Li Hongjun didn’t look as serious as when she last saw him. He seemed a bit awkward. The girl was attractive with a rosy face.

Lu Xia complimented them a few more times, said some things that Aunt Cuiyun liked to hear, and then excused herself to go back to taking care of Jiang Junmo, leaving the gifts behind.

After she came out, she patted her face, which had stiffened from all the forced smiles. Ah, it’s tiring to deal with overly enthusiastic people.

After that, she went straight to the village committee.

The village chief raised an eyebrow when he saw her, thinking that she came to discuss yesterday’s matter again, so he wasn’t too happy.

However, Lu Xia didn’t mention yesterday’s incident and directly asked about the house construction.

The village chief realized he had assumed too much and felt a bit embarrassed. Seeing that Lu Xia didn’t notice it, he asked her what she thought.

“Do you want to start construction now?” he asked.

Lu Xia nodded, “Winter is approaching, and we want to finish it as soon as possible, so we can move in before it gets too cold.”

The village head nodded, “Alright, you can rest assured; we can build it quickly, but it depends on what kind of house you want and the availability of materials.”

Lu Xia wasn’t well-versed in this area, so she inquired further and found out that the most time-consuming part of building a house now was actually preparing the materials.

If they wanted to build a brick-and-tile house, they needed to pre-order the bricks from the brick factory, and it wasn’t even guaranteed that they could get them.

Apart from that, there were the wooden beams. Although there were plenty of trees on the mountain, they belonged to the collective of the village, and they couldn’t be chopped down at will.

Lu Xia realized she had underestimated the complexity of the matter.

After discussing with the village head, they finally decided to build a stone house, similar to the current houses in the educated youth spot. Although it might not be as aesthetically pleasing and clean as a brick-and-tile house, it was sturdy and was the preferred choice for most villagers.

As for the required wood, Lu Xia would pay for it, and the village would buy it and hire some villagers to help with the cutting.

Once everything was settled, Lu Xia immediately provided the funds, and the village chief took charge of arranging the construction.

The location for the house wasn’t a difficult choice for Lu Xia. She decided to build it right next to the educated youth spot, about ten meters away.

There were two reasons for this choice.

Firstly, the educated youth spot had a well, so they wouldn’t need to dig a new one after finishing the house. After all, digging a well now required professional help and incurred considerable expenses, almost equivalent to building half a house, which Lu Xia thought was unnecessary for just a few years of living.

The second reason was that she didn’t want to be too far away from the other youths. After all, they were all in the educated youth spot together, and it would be better to stick together in case something happened.

With everything settled, the village chief went to make arrangements, and Lu Xia returned to the educated youth spot.

She first visited Jiang Junmo and informed him about the house construction arrangements.

“That’s the plan. If everything goes smoothly, we should be able to move in within a month,” she said.

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