Chapter 105 – Getting the Photos

But Lu Xia was still somewhat hesitant.

She knew they wouldn’t stay here forever, at most four years, and buying a bicycle now would be wasteful if they had to leave it behind when they eventually moved. However, four years was a considerable amount of time, so maybe it was worth buying now.

With that thought in mind, she nodded and said, “Alright, let’s buy it another day.”

Jiang Junmo replied directly, “No need to wait. Let’s go tomorrow. We’ll head to the county town, and while we’re there, we can pick up the photos and send them back home to reassure them.”

Lu Xia couldn’t help but be speechless, “Sending a photo will make them feel reassured?”

Jiang Junmo sheepishly smiled, “Hmm, they’ll be able to feel at ease once they see what you look like.” Lu Xia didn’t want to discuss these trivial matters with him any longer. She rearranged their belongings, carefully storing the money and valuable items in the space, and locking everything else in the cabinet.

The next day, they left early and encountered many people from the village heading to the county. It was the “marriage season” in the village since the autumn harvest had recently ended. This was the time when everyone was not too busy, the weather wasn’t too cold, and there were plenty of vegetables in the fields, making it convenient to hold weddings. As a result, many people in the village chose this season to get married.

Accompanying Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo on their way to the county were many elders and newlyweds from the village, all going to prepare wedding items.

Seeing them, the others teased, “Oh, Educated Youth Jiang and Educated Youth Lu are going to the county too? Did you not prepare enough wedding stuff?”

“Yeah, we saw you carrying such a big package yesterday. Were they sent from your family?”

Lu Xia didn’t hide anything and replied, “Yes, Educated Youth Jiang’s family found out about our marriage and sent us some wedding items.”

After hearing this, the villagers were even more envious. “Educated Youth Jiang’s family is really good to him!”

Therefore, the others naturally assumed that Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo were also going to the county to prepare things they hadn’t arranged before.

Lu Xia had become accustomed to being teased and had developed a thick skin by now. She chatted and laughed with the villagers all the way to the county.

Once they arrived, they first collected their photos.

In fact, the photos had been developed a few days ago, but because they had been busy with the house, they hadn’t come to pick them up until now.

The photographer recognized them at a glance when they arrived. “Oh, you two have finally come. I thought you had forgotten about them.”

Lu Xia smiled and explained, “Sorry, we were busy recently.”

The photographer understood and just brushed it off. “Alright, your photos are ready. Take a look and see if you’re satisfied.”

Lu Xia took the photos and saw their smiling faces. Both she and Jiang Junmo looked handsome and beautiful. She thought the photos turned out quite well. “They look good. What do you think?”

Jiang Junmo nodded and smiled with satisfaction. “They look great.”

Then they looked at their individual photos. Jiang Junmo appeared more serious, while Lu Xia still had a smile on her face, which looked nice as well.

They had three copies of their group photo, which Jiang Junmo had insisted on. Each of them also received an individual photo.

Jiang Junmo glanced at the photos again and carefully put them away.

After retrieving the photos, they went to the post office.

Jiang Junmo had already written the letter the previous night, explaining the completion of their house and their current situation. He reassured his family and included the photos they had just taken. With everything ready, they sent the letter.

With the letter posted, they didn’t have much else to do. The return bus was scheduled for the afternoon, so they had plenty of time. Jiang Junmo suggested they go see a movie.

Lu Xia hadn’t seen a movie in this era, and she was looking forward to it, so she agreed.


Chapter 106 – Watching a Movie


The two of them quickly arrived at the county’s cinema.

The cinema wasn’t large, with only one screening hall, and the movie selection was fixed, leaving no choices. Luckily, not many people were watching movies at this time, so buying tickets was a breeze.

They didn’t have to wait long, and the previous screening had just finished, so they were able to enter the theater.

Before going in, Jiang Junmo bought popcorn and soda from a nearby shop.

Curious about his familiarity, Lu Xia asked, “Have you often gone to see movies before?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head. “No, when my sisters were unmarried, I used to go with them frequently. After they got married, I haven’t gone much.”

So there was nothing else going on? Lu Xia was relieved.

They found their seats inside the theater. Since not many people were present, and the hall was spacious, it felt quite empty.

Lu Xia couldn’t help but observe her surroundings. She noticed that most of the people here were young couples or young people. It seemed that regardless of the era, the cinema was a popular place for dates.

The movie began shortly after.

The film was called “Rolling Wheels,” reportedly released two years ago, and many people liked it, so it was still playing. It told the story of the struggle between an elderly farmer and bandits before liberation.

Lu Xia found it quite interesting, although the movie’s quality was average, and the performances seemed more like a stage play. Nevertheless, she got engrossed in the story.

After the movie ended, she felt a sense of wanting more.

Seeing her expression, Jiang Junmo said, “If you like it, we can come again when we have the chance.”

Lu Xia nodded, “Sure, it’s my first time watching this kind of movie, and it’s not bad.”

When Jiang Junmo heard her say this, he thought it was her first time watching a movie. Jiang Junmo felt a little sorry for her and promised, “Rest assured, I’ll bring you to watch more in the future.”

Hearing this, Lu Xia understood that he had misunderstood, and she wanted to explain. However, considering that the original host had indeed never watched a movie, she didn’t want to lie, so she decided not to explain.

After the movie, they had dinner at the state-owned restaurant, and then they went to the state trade building to buy a bicycle.

The place that sold bicycles in the state trade building had many people looking but few buying.

The salesperson was leisurely sitting on the side. As long as no one touched anything, she didn’t bother, knowing that not many people could afford them.

When Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo arrived, they had intended to browse first. However, upon seeing the situation, they realized that there was no need. There was only one bicycle being sold in the entire department store.

It was a Phoenix brand bicycle with a 28-inch frame.

Jiang Junmo looked a bit disappointed because he had wanted to buy a 26-inch one, which would be more convenient for Lu Xia to ride. Unfortunately, there were none available.

Lu Xia had thought of that too. In this small place, they probably wouldn’t sell many bicycles in a month, so naturally, they wouldn’t stock too many on display.

It was good enough to find one available for purchase.

In the end, they decided to buy it. With the weather getting colder, they didn’t like going out much, and coming to the county was also a hassle. They didn’t know when they would have the chance again.

So Lu Xia spoke to the salesperson, “Comrade, hello. May I ask the price of this bicycle?”

The salesperson, without lifting her head, replied, “150 yuan plus a ticket” Apparently, this question was asked often.

Lu Xia nodded, “Alright, we’ll take it. Please issue the invoice.”


The salesperson didn’t seem to expect that she would buy it directly after asking. She finally looked up and found that it was not someone who had been there before.

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