Chapter 119 – Sold Out

Wei Chen became famous.

No one had expected that Wei Chen would become popular because of a magazine, not even the chief editor of the business magazine itself.

The issue of the magazine featuring Wei Chen on the cover was sold out within just three days of hitting the shelves.

When the chief editor heard the news from the marketing department, he was stunned. His hands paused in the act of flipping through the documents, and the papers slipped from his grasp, falling together.

“What did you say?” The chief editor was doubtful, thinking he might have misheard.

“This issue of the magazine is sold out,” the head of the marketing department repeated, asking, “Should we print more copies?”

The chief editor pondered for a while before saying, “Print more, of course!”

The marketing department head received the confirmation and left, leaving the chief editor still in a state of shock.

Indeed, selling out a magazine was something the chief editor had never expected. After all, the business magazine was relatively niche compared to some entertainment and fashion magazines. Moreover, they never featured celebrities on the cover, so each issue usually didn’t sell out.

The chief editor had a hunch that this issue of the business magazine would do well, so he had already increased the print run. But even then, it was still unexpected that it would sell out so quickly.

After suppressing his surprise, the chief editor picked up the magazine from his left side and focused his gaze on the cover. He couldn’t help but be impressed by the imposing presence of the person on the cover, a presence that could captivate anyone.

He thought to himself that the magazine’s success must be related to the person’s looks. If he were a customer and saw such a handsome person on the cover, he would probably buy a copy too.

Indeed, as the chief editor suspected, a significant reason behind the magazine’s success was the attractiveness of Wei Chen’s appearance, which attracted many buyers. People on the internet were also discussing the magazine’s cover.

“Wow, he’s so handsome! Is this really a business magazine? It outshines the covers of entertainment and fashion magazines! I want a copy!”

“The poster was so lucky! By the time I went to buy it, it was already sold out. He’s so handsome; I can’t handle it!”

“This is what a true domineering CEO should look like! He makes the male leads in idol dramas look like little kids! So handsome!”

“Did you all notice his introduction? He’s only 24 and holds two doctoral degrees from Q University. He’s not just a top student; he’s a genius!”

“Life is unfair. He’s blessed with both looks and a brilliant brain. He’s like a male lead from a novel!”

“Although I couldn’t understand a word of his interview, he looks so profound. But it doesn’t stop me from loving his appearance. He’s so damn handsome!”

“Feels like he’s the epitome of the aloof and charming male god!”

“My mom asked me why the magazine was wet, I said it was because of me. Agreed with the comment above, he’s the iceberg male god!”

As such, Wei Chen became an online sensation with just one magazine cover, with people praising both his academic achievements and good looks.

As they say, outsiders enjoy the spectacle while insiders appreciate the essence.

One economics professor from a university was a devoted reader of the business magazine. He had been subscribing for several years. When he received this particular issue and read Wei Chen’s interview, he immediately made several copies of it. When he arrived at his university, he handed them to his students, telling them to study the interview thoroughly, as it would be highly beneficial to them.

Likewise, many CEOs and business owners received this issue of the magazine and, after reading Wei Chen’s interview, found themselves scrutinizing and appreciating him in a different light. They would often re-read the interview multiple times and couldn’t help but marvel at the young man’s potential and qualifications.

Even Old Master Wei was one of the first to get his hands on the magazine. Not long after the magazine was released, many business associates specifically called him to praise Wei Chen, their envy and admiration evident in their tone.

Among so many people of Wei Chen’s generation, only Wei Chen achieved such success. Not to mention that he is now the director of the Marketing Department at Changfeng Group, but even being featured on the cover of a business magazine, no one else of their age has achieved that.

The younger generation is formidable, indeed, formidable!

“Old Master, Young Master Chen didn’t disappoint you,” the butler said respectfully, his gaze falling on the magazine cover.

Mr. Wei’s wrinkled fingers gently touched the cover of the magazine, and finally said: “Yes, he’s capable, but he doesn’t listen.”

“Old Master, why don’t you let Young Master Chen make his own way? I think Young Master Chen is well aware that he will eventually take over the Wei family,” the butler suggested.

Weary, Old Master Wei closed his eyes and replied, “Perhaps.”

The butler couldn’t figure out what Old Master Wei was thinking at the moment, so he decided not to say anything more and skillfully massaged the old man’s temples.

Mr. Wei sighed, waved his hand to make the butler retreat.

After the butler left, Old Master Wei got up and made a call to Wei Zhenxiong in Beijing.

At that moment, Wei Zhenxiong had the current issue of the business magazine right in front of him. He looked at the deep and cold face of Wei Chen on the cover and seemed lost in thought. Then, he casually waved his hand, tossing the magazine onto the floor with a somewhat gloomy expression.

The phone kept ringing, but Wei Zhenxiong only answered it after a while. “Father,” he said with a respectful yet emotionless tone.

“Have you read this issue of the business magazine?” Old Master Wei’s voice was imposing, but it lacked any emotions.

Wei Zhenxiong replied, “Yes.”

“What do you think about it?” Wei’s grandfather asked.

Wei Zhenxiong fell silent; he hadn’t actually read the interview.

“After the New Year, stay in Shanghai,” Old Master Wei said with indifference, not pressuring Wei Zhenxiong to explain further.

Wei Zhenxiong continued to be silent for a while before saying, “If I leave, what will happen to the company?” Perhaps he hadn’t wanted to come to the capital in the first place, but after coming here, he saw the city’s potential for development. He didn’t want to leave; he wanted to develop the Wei family’s business in Beijing.

“Wei Hua is there,” Old Master Wei left only those three words and didn’t say more.

Hearing the beeping tone on the other end of the line, Wei Zhenxiong felt annoyed, wanting to smash the phone in his hand.

He knew why his father wanted him to go back. He felt that after being in the capital for so long, he had not achieved anything worthwhile. Sitting in this position was just a waste of resources. It would be better to let a junior take over. At least… at least if he wasn’t here, Wei Chen would take action and help Wei Hua develop the Wei family’s business in the capital.

Wei Zhenxiong sneered; in the end, he couldn’t compete with his own son, Wei Chen.

At that moment, the internal line rang, and after calming his emotions, Wei Zhenxiong answered the call.

“CEO, Young Master Chen is here,” the secretary said. The “Young Master Chen” in the secretary’s mouth referred to Chen Qing from the Chen family.

“Let him in,” Wei Zhenxiong said.

Not long after he finished speaking, Chen Qing walked in, noticing the magazine discarded on the floor. His gaze darkened for a moment, but he then nonchalantly approached Wei Zhenxiong.

Wei Zhenxiong stood up, smiling, “Why does Young Master Chen have the time to visit me today?”

Chen Qing also smiled, “Uncle Wei is joking. Can’t I come to see Uncle Wei for no reason?”

“Of course, you are always welcome to visit me anytime,” Wei Zhenxiong said, motioning Chen Qing to sit on the sofa.

After Wei Zhenxiong sat back down, Chen Qing followed suit and sat on the sofa. He then said, “But, I actually came here today to talk to Uncle Wei about something.”

“Young Master Chen, feel free to speak,” Wei Zhenxiong said.

At this moment, the secretary brought in some tea and snacks, carefully placing them on the coffee table before leaving.

“Please have some tea, Young Master Chen.”

Chen Qing held up a cup of tea, taking a sip before looking at Wei Zhenxiong. “My uncle has a project in his hands, and he believes that the Wei family has enormous potential. So, he wants to negotiate with Uncle Wei first through me.”

“Is your uncle Eldest Young Master Chen?” Wei Zhenxiong suddenly became spirited and asked.

Chen Qing nodded, “That’s right, it’s Uncle Chen.”

“Then please help me introduce Eldest Young Master Chen,” Wei Zhenxiong said excitedly.

“Rest assured, my uncle has been wanting to meet you for a long time,” Chen Qing replied with a smile, finishing the tea. He then said, “Uncle Wei, I have some business at school, so I’ll head back to the university now.”

“Secretary Zheng, please escort Young Master Chen,” Wei Zhenxiong said. Although he said so, he personally saw Chen Qing to the door.

When the door closed, Wei Zhenxiong brushed away his previous frustration, and he felt invigorated.

In the capital, who didn’t know about the Chen family? And who wasn’t aware of Eldest Young Master Chen, Chen Yunqi? Despite being only in his twenties, he had a smooth political career.

By establishing a relationship with Chen Yunqi, Wei Zhenxiong indirectly connected with the entire Chen family. With this relationship, what was there for the Wei family to worry about in the capital?

In Shanghai, the Chen family’s late patriarch Chen Boyan and the current patriarch of the Chen family in the capital were brothers born to the same mother. So, with the support from the Chen family in the capital, the Chen family in Shanghai gradually caught up and kept pace with their Wei family over the years.

In the capital, without connections, it was challenging to make progress. Wei Zhenxiong had realized this during his time in the capital for the past few months. That’s why, despite the excellent business plan that Wei Chen had left behind, they encountered significant challenges when implementing it.

Old Master Wei didn’t approve of how the Wei family was developing in the capital and wanted to summon Wei Zhenxiong back. However, once they established cooperation with the Chen family, the challenges that the Wei family was facing in the capital would be resolved with ease.

At that time, Old Master Wei wouldn’t have any excuse to call him back. Moreover, with the vast market of the capital and the help from the Chen family, Wei Zhenxiong would naturally be able to control it.

The more Wei Zhenxiong thought about it, the more he felt that the future was promising, and success seemed within reach.

When Wei Zhenxiong’s gaze fell again on the magazine on the floor, there was no more anger, only mockery.

Although his son married a fool from the Chen family, that didn’t mean he was entirely useless.

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