Chapter 107 – Bicycle Surrounded

The saleswoman recognized the regular customers at the bicycle counter.

After all, in this era, bicycles were big-ticket items, and most families had to come multiple times to save up enough money before they could afford one.

Unexpectedly, these two young people wanted to buy the bicycle directly, which amused her.

So, she said once again, “It costs 150 yuan and you also need a bicycle ticket.”

Lu Xia nodded without hesitation and took out the prepared money and ticket.

Seeing their actions, the saleswoman finally realized that they were serious about buying. She was amazed and envious but quickly processed the payment and handed them the receipt.

As they left, they became the center of attention, as bicycles were a luxury in these times, and few could afford them.

Both of them felt a little uncomfortable, but fortunately, they arrived at the vehicle management office soon after, where they presented the purchase proof from the department store. They were issued a registration number, equivalent to a license plate, and their bicycle was now road-ready.

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo could finally relax after completing the process. Since they already had many other things at home, they decided not to buy anything else and headed directly to the bus station.

The road from the county to the village was long and full of mountains, making cycling back impractical. So, they planned to take the bus back.

These days, the bus was not picky about passengers; people brought chickens, ducks, fish, and even goats onboard. However, it was the first time someone brought a bicycle, so Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo attracted curious onlookers once again.

Especially the people from the village who recognized them bombarded them with questions full of admiration and surprise all the way.

When they finally got off the bus, Lu Xia felt her head buzzing from all the attention.

Luckily, they were back in town, and they could finally ride their bicycle back home.

The bicycle was ridden by Jiang Junmo, with Lu Xia sitting on the rear seat. At first, she was worried about him getting tired and wanted to ride herself, but Jiang Junmo insisted on riding. Fortunately, it was a short distance, and they arrived at the village in just over ten minutes.

Upon entering the village, they were once again surrounded by curious onlookers.

A group of children even circled around them, preventing them from riding the bicycle and forcing them to walk.

It wasn’t surprising that the villagers were astonished. The whole Dayingshan village only had one bicycle, which belonged to the village committee and was rarely used unless necessary. Nobody could have imagined that these two recently arrived young educated youths could afford a bicycle.

Seeing that they had built a house after getting married and now bought a bicycle, everyone wondered how much money they had!

The villagers couldn’t help but envy them and started asking where they got the money and if they could help them get another bicycle.

Lu Xia had initially intended to brush off their inquiries, but unexpectedly, Jiang Junmo spoke up, “The bicycle was purchased with the savings my family had accumulated over the years. If it weren’t for our marriage, they wouldn’t have given it to me. Actually, it’s not really mine; it was prepared by my family as a betrothal gift for Lu Xia.”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone’s gaze shifted to Lu Xia with even more envy. Nobody had imagined that Jiang Junmo’s family would provide a betrothal gift despite the distance, which also indicated that his family had good financial standing.

Finally escaping from the villagers’ attention, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo were now surrounded by the educated youths upon hearing about the bicycle purchase.

Amazed, they said, “You actually bought a bicycle? You must be rich!”

Embarrassed, Lu Xia smiled and replied, “It was actually bought by Jiang Junmo’s family. We don’t have much money ourselves.”

“But it’s the same thing!”

“Yeah, having a bicycle makes it much more convenient for us educated youths to go out. Otherwise, walking all the time is so tiring.”

“Exactly! We plan to ask Jiang Junmo for a ride in the future. He won’t refuse, will he?”


Chapter 108 – Renting


Jiang Junmo hesitated for a moment upon hearing their words, then awkwardly spoke up, “The bicycle is Lu Xia’s dowry, and she has the final say in this matter.”

However, several male educated youths didn’t care about his explanation. “Hey, didn’t your family buy the bicycle with money? It means it’s yours. Why are you pushing it onto Lu Xia? Are you reluctant to lend it?”

“Yeah, we are all educated youths. There’s no need to be so stingy, right?”

“That’s right! When you were sick before, we helped with the work. Now, you’re hesitating to lend a bicycle!”

Lu Xia, standing nearby, became cold-faced upon hearing their words. “He’s right; this bicycle is mine. I decide if it’s lent or not. In our family, I have the final say, and you won’t get anywhere by asking him.”

Her response displeased the male educated youths.

“Is this for real? Jiang Junmo is so spineless? Letting a woman walk all over him? Could it be that you just don’t want to lend the bicycle?”

To their surprise, Jiang Junmo nodded, “Yes, I listen to her; my decisions don’t count!”

His tone and words made the male educated youths frown.

There wasn’t much left to say, but they gave an unfriendly look towards Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo.

Sun Shengnan, who was also present, chimed in, “Alright, Lu Xia just bought the bicycle, and she hasn’t ridden it much yet. Why are you guys so eager to borrow it? If you were in her shoes, wouldn’t you be reluctant too?”

Indeed, where did they get the audacity to just ask for the bicycle without any consideration?

Lu Xia didn’t want to listen to their self-righteousness and smiled, saying, “If I remember correctly, Jiang Junmo used to give something in return whenever you helped him before. It was a reciprocal relationship, and not that anyone helped him for free. So I don’t understand why you’re acting like we owe you a favor.”

She glanced at the others and continued, “Borrowing the bicycle is not entirely out of the question. However, it’s a new bike, and I’m a bit hesitant. If you have an urgent need, you can borrow it once, but for regular use, if you just want to avoid walking, then you can rent it. It’ll cost you twenty cents each time.”

Her words stunned everyone, as they didn’t expect her to say that.

It was Gu Xiangnan who smiled and said, “I think that’s reasonable. I was hesitating before, but if it’s a new bicycle bought by Lu Xia, I’d feel awkward borrowing it. Renting it feels more appropriate.”

“That’s settled then. Bicycles are precious to us all, and everyone understands that. So, in the future, if anyone wants to use it, just rent it from Lu Xia. Even though we are all educated youths, we still need to be clear about the accounts. This way, we won’t ruin our relationship.”

Others nodded in agreement.

“Alright, from now on, we’ll rent the bicycle from Lu Xia.”

“Yeah, that’s a fair deal.”

Everyone expressed their agreement, except for the two male educated youths who had spoken before and didn’t look happy.

But no one paid them any attention.

When the two of them pushed the bicycle back home, they felt a bit exhausted.

Lu Xia regretted a little, “If I had known, I wouldn’t have bought the bicycle.”

Suddenly, they realized they had been a bit ostentatious.

Jiang Junmo consoled, “It’s fine; everyone knows my family often sends things, so one more bicycle won’t make a difference.”

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  1. Imagine being able to ride a bus with ease but bicycles being rare showing of wealth and requiring a license to use? Whenever this is mentioned in these kinds of novels, I’m reminded of how backwards China was at the time.

    1. It’s ready interesting how ordinary the MC is. She has to figure things out as they go. I thought the Space was OP, but it’s more or less balanced out by how… normal? she is.

  2. Em outros novel que eu li sobre esse tempo, se uma pessoa comprasse muitas coisas seria chamada de capitalista

  3. A bicyle cost as much as 2 room house. That’s crazy. I’m glad they put their boundaries early on. It would so annoying if others act like that bicycle is free to use

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