Chapter 103 – Letter and Gifts

Lu Xia didn’t know what others thought. After returning home, she put down the things.

Then, in front of her, Jiang Junmo began to unpack the packages, and on top was a letter.

It was a thick letter, and when he opened it, it was at least seven or eight pages long.

Jiang Junmo started reading it directly, and Lu Xia didn’t lean over to read it, nor did she touch the other things. Instead, she took a sip of water and continued knitting the sweater she had dismantled and restarted knitting earlier.

Being a beginner, she initially thought that knitting a sweater would be simple and easy, but she realized it was more challenging than she had imagined. Either there were loose or tight areas, or she would suddenly find a hole for no apparent reason. So she kept dismantling and re-knitting, and she still hadn’t finished it.

However, she considered herself more skilled now and believed she would succeed this time.

While Lu Xia struggled with the sweater, Jiang Junmo had already finished reading the letter.

Then he asked Lu Xia, “Do you want to read it?”

Lu Xia raised an eyebrow when she noticed his eyes seemed a bit moist, as if he didn’t want her to see. She hesitated for a moment, pretending not to notice and then said, “Do you want me to read it? Is it okay?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head, “It’s nothing. You can read it. My family already knows about my marriage.”

Lu Xia hesitated, but seeing his persistence, she took the letter and started reading it.

The first page was from his uncle, expressing surprise at his sudden marriage but also expressing belief in his choice. He mentioned the opportunity for him to bring his spouse home for them to meet and that they could request anything they needed.

Following that, there were words from his grandfather, who told him that now that he was married, he was no longer a child but a man. He should act like one and take on responsibilities.

The subsequent pages were all letters from Jiang Junmo’s sisters.

From the letters, it was evident that they were both shocked and angry about his hasty marriage. They had initially planned to visit him, but they couldn’t find the time, so they could only write to scold him for being impulsive. However, more than anything, they showed concern and worry. They also included some wedding gifts.

The contents of the letters from his sisters were similar, all showing their love and care for their little brother.

After Lu Xia put down the letter with a sigh, she saw that Jiang Junmo had already resumed his normal composure and was opening the other things that were mailed.

There were indeed a lot of items inside. There was a large red quilt cover and pillowcases with the word “Happiness” embroidered on it, obviously intended for their marriage.

There were also two thick military coats, probably sent to them to keep warm during the winter.

Additionally, there were several cans of malted milk, a big bag of wedding candies, a few catties of brown sugar, and even chocolates, which were relatively hard to find.

Apart from these, there were a few individual packages with names written on them.

Jiang Junmo pushed the items toward Lu Xia and straightforwardly said, “These are the gifts from my family to you as a token of our meeting.”

Lu Xia was surprised and casually opened one package. It was from his grandfather and contained ten great unity(ten yuan each, 100 yuan).

Lu Xia was astonished. They just nonchalantly put money in the package like this, not afraid it might get lost in the mail?

The next one from Uncle Jiang was the same, containing five great unity (50 yuan).

However, Aunt Jiang’s was different; it had several layers, and when Lu Xia opened it, she found a delicate jade bracelet inside.

Jiang Junmo explained, “This belonged to my grandmother. My mom had one too, and my sisters gave theirs to me when they got married. Now it’s at our family’s home in the capital. This one should be the one given by my grandmother to Aunt Jiang back then.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia felt that the gift was a bit too sensitive. Setting aside whether this item should be passed down to her as a daughter-in-law, how could they dare to mail such a valuable item so casually? Weren’t they afraid it might get damaged in the process?

Lu Xia was impressed by their boldness.

The gifts from his four sisters were more conventional, all being fabrics with bright colors, obviously suitable for women. They probably didn’t know her measurements, so they hadn’t made clothes out of them.


Chapter 104 – Change of Thoughts


After looking at the gifts, Lu Xia sighed again and envied Jiang Junmo even more.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Junmo asked when he noticed her expression.

Lu Xia smiled and said, “I just feel that your family is very kind to you. Despite their concerns in the letter, they still prepared so many things for you.”

Jiang Junmo also smiled, “They trust me and know that I won’t do anything reckless.”

Lu Xia choked on her words. Didn’t they get married so hastily? Wasn’t that reckless?

However, during this time, she had also noticed that Jiang Junmo seemed genuinely committed to living well with her from beginning to end.

After contemplating, Lu Xia also thought that Jiang Junmo was not bad. Unlike other men of this era who held traditional and arrogant beliefs, he respected her and their interactions were comfortable. Although she hadn’t developed feelings of love or affection yet, at least she didn’t dislike him.

So, she decided to give it a try. If their time together went well, then perhaps continuing like this might be a good choice.

Unaware of Lu Xia’s change of thoughts, Jiang Junmo handed her another envelope.

“What’s this?”

“This is money and tickets from my family. They said that even though we got married hastily, they still wanted me to prepare something for you.”

Lu Xia took the envelope and opened it. Jiang Junmo had already taken out the letter inside. There was 500 yuan in cash, and there were also several tickets, including a rare bicycle ticket, as well as scarce fabric, grain, sugar, and industrial tickets.

“The family wanted to send a sewing machine ticket too, but the time was too tight, so they plan to send it later,” Jiang Junmo explained.

“No need, I don’t need a sewing machine,” Lu Xia quickly declined. “I don’t know how to use it, and besides, we’re in the countryside. It’s not convenient to buy one, and if we have a chance to go back to the city in the future, we can buy it then.”

Hearing her words, Jiang Junmo didn’t insist. “Okay, I’ll write a letter to let them know not to prepare it.”

“Mmm,” Lu Xia nodded and looked at the room filled with things and money, sighing, “Your family must have spent a lot.”

Jiang Junmo smiled, “Marriage is a big event. If it weren’t for our wedding being so rushed, they would have prepared even more.”

He added, “When my parents passed away, there was a pension for them. In addition to what the country gave us, my grandpa saved that money for me. The money and items sent this time are from my grandpa and the others. They had said before that they wouldn’t touch that money and had already registered it in my name. This time, I got married, so I’ve started a family. If we need it in the future, we can have them send it to us.”

Lu Xia quickly shook her head, “No need, this is already enough!”

Seeing her like this, Jiang Junmo smiled again and explained further, “Actually, I had planned to take that money out and share it with my sisters when they got married, but they didn’t want it. My grandpa had also prepared dowries for my sisters, so I didn’t insist. I thought about finding another opportunity to give it to them in the future.”

“As for my uncle and aunt, they’ve been very good to me over the years. They’ve supported me and my sisters financially since we were young, including now, they still send me money every month. I’ve rejected them several times, but they still insist.

“I know they worry about me, so let’s just leave it like this for now. We can find another opportunity to repay them in the future.”

Lu Xia nodded, “Alright, I’ll listen to you.”

After saying that, she noticed that Jiang Junmo’s mood seemed a little off, probably missing his family. So she looked at the bicycle ticket in her hand and asked, “Should we buy this?”

Jiang Junmo hesitated for a moment and finally nodded, “Let’s buy it. Having a bicycle will make it more convenient for us to go to the town.”

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