Chapter 101 – The First Night in the New House

After he agreed, Lu Xia went into the house to take a bath.

As her body entered the bath bucket, she let out a comfortable sigh. Finally, she could enjoy a good bath, how refreshing!

She quickly finished washing, and when she came out, Jiang Junmo took the initiative to pour water outside.

However, when she saw him finish pouring the water and cleaning the bath bucket before placing it back in the small room, Lu Xia was surprised. “Aren’t you going to bathe?”

Jiang Junmo looked a bit embarrassed and glanced at her. “I’ll use the wooden basin.”

When they bought furniture, Jiang Junmo also bought a large wooden basin. Lu Xia didn’t know what he intended to use it for back then, but now she understood that it was for bathing.

Since he had already filled the basin with water, Lu Xia didn’t say anything.

After he went inside to bathe, Lu Xia dried her hair in the kitchen.

Jiang Junmo bathed quickly. It was convenient for boys to bathe, and during the summer, he would often go to the river for a wash, so he probably wasn’t dirty.

By the time they finished bathing, it was already dark outside, and they didn’t have a lamp. So, they lit a candle.

Lu Xia felt a bit cold and suggested, “Let’s go to sleep quickly. We just took a bath, don’t catch a cold.”


They entered the main room together, and Lu Xia wasn’t embarrassed at all. After all, the kang in the main room was quite large. It could easily accommodate four or five people, so sleeping together wouldn’t feel cramped.

Their bedding was already arranged on the kang, not side by side, but not too far apart either.

Lu Xia went straight to her bedding, climbed in, and laid down.

“You should get some rest too. The kang is warm, and the quilt is cozy,” she said.


Jiang Junmo blew out the candle and also got into his bedding.

After that, both of them remained silent. Lu Xia was quite calm; she had just taken a bath and was now in the warm bedding, no longer worrying about accidentally bumping into someone while turning in bed, soon she felt sleepy and fell asleep.

As for Jiang Junmo, he lay there with his eyes open until midnight. Then, he turned his head to look at Lu Xia. In the darkness, he could faintly see her peaceful sleeping face.

Finally, he let out a silent sigh, smiled, and went to sleep as well.

The next day, when Lu Xia woke up, she saw that Jiang Junmo was still sound asleep and didn’t disturb him.

She got up and started cooking.

This time, she used the rice from her space to cook porridge. When she noticed the stored vegetables in the space, she sighed, feeling that she should find an opportunity to use them.

It would be a shame to let them go to waste.

As soon as breakfast was ready, Jiang Junmo woke up.

He felt a bit embarrassed, saying, “Sorry, I overslept.”

Lu Xia smiled and shook her head. “It’s fine; we don’t have to work anyway.”

There wasn’t much work in the village recently. A few days ago, there were some tasks like threshing rice and handling straw, but they didn’t have to work because they were busy building the house. Those tasks were nearly finished now.

As the weather got colder, after they harvested the vegetables in a few days, there wouldn’t be much work left to do.

The two of them had breakfast and were idle at home when Jiang Junmo suggested going to town. He expected that the things his family sent him this month should have arrived.

So, Lu Xia got dressed and accompanied him to town.

However, as soon as they came out, they met some villagers.

Everyone knew they got married and had a wedding banquet yesterday, so when they saw the couple, they began teasing.

“Hey, our newlywed couple is going out. Where are you going?”

Lu Xia nodded embarrassedly. “We’re going to town.”

“Oh, that’s great! Educated Youth Lu and Educated Youth Jiang look quite compatible.”

“Yeah, they’ve both built a house together. I heard that Educated Youth Jiang treats Educated Youth Lu really well!”

“They are both good-looking; if they have children, they’ll probably be good-looking too!”


Chapter 102 – Collecting Packages


On the way, people who saw them would tease them a bit. Even though Lu Xia considered herself to have thick skin, she couldn’t handle it, and Jiang Junmo was even worse off; his face and ears turned red.

Finally getting away from the others when they left the village, they exchanged glances, both relieved, and then they laughed.

However, they felt a bit embarrassed about what others said, so they decided not to talk much afterward.

They arrived at the town and went to the post office to collect their packages. Since there were quite a few packages, Jiang Junmo had to go along to confirm, while Lu Xia was left feeling bored. She noticed a stall selling stamps and went over to buy a few versions.

In reality, she wasn’t familiar with stamps, and she didn’t know which ones were valuable. She had just heard that some stamps could be sold for money, so she bought some, thinking that it wasn’t expensive, and if they could be sold later, great; if not, it wouldn’t be a big loss.

After purchasing the stamps, Jiang Junmo struggled to come out with all the packages.

“So many?” Lu Xia, who was holding one of the big packages, looked surprised.

Clearly, Jiang Junmo hadn’t anticipated so many things either. He regretted it a bit and said, “If I knew, I should have brought Educated Youth Li along.”

Lu Xia shook her head in response, “It’s alright; I can handle it too. I’m just surprised at how much your family sent you. I wonder what’s inside.”

Jiang Junmo smiled, “We’ll find out when we get back.”

Originally, they had planned to stroll around the town, but because of the numerous packages, they decided to head back directly.

On their way back, Jiang Junmo insisted on carrying some of the packages with Lu Xia, not letting her do it alone.

However, due to his already frail health, he found it tiring to walk on his own, let alone carrying something. After a few steps, he was already out of breath.

Lu Xia was helpless and said, “Let me carry them; you know my strength. Back then, carrying you wasn’t tiring at all. If you feel guilty about it, just cook more meals for me at home.”

Jiang Junmo knew that his arbitrary persistence was unnecessary, but as a man, he felt like he shouldn’t let Lu Xia do everything.

In reality, he was pushing himself too hard, and he felt a bit defeated. However, seeing that Lu Xia wasn’t disappointed in him and instead came to comfort him, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief and gave up on his insistence.

“Alright then, take it slow, and if you get tired, take a rest,” he said.

“Okay, I got it.”

Afterward, Lu Xia carried the large package and walked faster than both of them combined.

When they returned to the village, the villagers saw Lu Xia carrying the large package.

Even though they knew about Educated Youth Jiang’s poor health, seeing that he even needed Educated Youth Lu, a woman, to carry things for him, they couldn’t help but feel some sympathy for Lu Xia.

But after learning that the large package was sent by Educated Youth Jiang’s family, they envied her. They quickly changed their perspective and secretly thought that Lu Xia had a good eye, Educated Youth Jiang was really good. Some even felt sorry for Shi Chunyan, who had missed the opportunity to be with such an excellent person like Educated Youth Jiang.

When the Shi family learned about it, they regretted not having made a move earlier. If they had done so, the large package of items would belong to their family now. Considering Educated Youth Jiang’s family background, he might return to the city in the future. If he became their son-in-law, the Shi family might have a chance to move to the city as well.

Now everything was lost, and the Shi family was disappointed. Besides feeling resentment towards Lu Xia’s interference, they were also frustrated by Shi Chunyan’s inability to make progress.

But with the village chief’s words, there was nothing they could do even if they hated it. They could only accept it.

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