Chapter 307 – Gu Xiangnan’s Departure

This time, Zhuang Hongmei didn’t respond. She regretted her actions deeply.

It wasn’t about stealing Su Man’s acceptance letter, but rather regretting not tearing it apart immediately after taking it.

She had considered that if she tore it, even if Su Man found out, she would be powerless.

But despite contemplating it, she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

She was envious, incredibly envious!

Envious of those educated youths who had been accepted into universities.

And now she had an admission notice in her hand. She felt a longing deep inside, even wondering if she could go herself.

When the time came, as long as she didn’t reveal the truth, no one would know she wasn’t Su Man.

However, now she realized that it was all just wishful thinking.

This time, she had lost everything.

And the instigator of it all… she looked at the girl who had a triumphant smile, the girl who she thought had saved her mother.

It was all her fault. If it weren’t for her, the letter wouldn’t have been discovered. She now wished she hadn’t given birth to her!

As for the events of how Zhuang Hongmei was scolded by Mrs. Chen and shamed for her actions after returning home, we won’t delve into them.

Back at home, Lu Xia felt that today’s events were too exhilarating. She hadn’t expected Zhuang Hongmei to actually do something like this, and Su Man had once again averted danger.

In any case, they had witnessed quite a spectacle before leaving.

The next day, news spread that Zhuang Hongmei had experienced premature labor that night and given birth to a daughter.

Seeing yet another daughter, Mrs. Chen spent the entire morning fuming, loudly demanding her son divorce Zhuang Hongmei.

Zhuang Hongmei had to muster her strength, despite her weakened state, to beg for her mother-in-law’s forgiveness.

In short, it was clear to anyone that her days ahead would be difficult.

And at this moment, Lu Xia understood why Su Man had stopped bothering with her. Offending Su Man, who had a protagonist halo around her, meant that Zhuang Hongmei’s future would be anything but bright.

Zhuang Hongmei’s self-inflicted predicament garnered little sympathy. That evening, the people at the educated youth spot held a farewell party, as Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo were about to depart the next day.

All those who had been accepted into universities would eventually leave; it was only a matter of time.

Li Aiguo was staying temporarily, as his school was nearby and he could leave a few days before classes started.

Sun Shengnan and her husband had to wait until after the New Year due to the complexities of Liu Jun’s city return procedures.

Su Man was in a similar situation. She had just received her admission notice and hadn’t completed the formalities, so her departure would also have to wait until after the New Year.

Due to Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo’s departure, the farewell party was arranged earlier.

But Gu Xiangnan was absent.

Gu Xiangnan had left that morning.

His departure was sudden.

Everyone asked Su Man what had happened, and all she said was that she didn’t know. She also informed them that she and Gu Xiangnan would divorce after the New Year.


This was news they hadn’t known before. As a result, everyone was surprised, assuming that the two had just been living separately due to an argument. Now, hearing the truth, they were astonished.

However, after the initial shock, they didn’t inquire further about the reasons. Instead, they felt sorry for them. After all, they had witnessed the entanglements between the two throughout their time in the countryside. They hadn’t anticipated this ending…

In fact, Gu Xiangnan could have left long ago upon receiving his admission notice. He had stayed because he was waiting for Su Man.

He had initially believed that she hadn’t been accepted, but he only found out yesterday that it was Zhuang Hongmei’s doing.

Realizing that Zhuang Hongmei might have been helping Cheng Yujiao, he understood that Su Man was still affected by his actions.

So, he felt a mixture of anger and guilt. He finally realized that unless he addressed the underlying issues, his presence would only bring her suffering. Thus, he thought it through and left her a letter the next morning before departing. He didn’t even attend the farewell party that the educated youths had arranged for them.

Su Man knew all this, but she didn’t share the details with anyone. She didn’t comment on whether she believed Gu Xiangnan’s words or not. At this point, she simply didn’t want any more involvement with him.


Chapter 308 – Farewell, Daying Village


This farewell party was filled with an atmosphere of parting.

Although Lu Xia hadn’t stayed at the educated youth spot for long, over the years, as a united group, they had shared certain experiences.

In these challenging times, they had supported one another.

With not much time left, they would soon scatter in different directions, and it wasn’t certain whether they would ever meet again.

There was a sense of sentiment among them, yet no one clung to the moment.

Because they were finally breaking through…

Su Man brought some alcohol, so tonight they drank.

In the midst of saying goodbye, Feng Zhenzhu burst into tears.

Ever since Li Yalan’s death, she had grown silent. She had tried hard during the college entrance exams this time, but she hadn’t been accepted. Now that policies allowed educated youths to return to the cities, her family had arranged a job for her. So, after the New Year, she would be leaving as well.

It wasn’t clear whether her tears were for lost friends or for her own growth…

Apart from her, many others shed tears.

Lu Xia glanced at the educated youths gathered around, carefully memorizing each name.

Sun Shengnan, warm-hearted and righteous; Liu Jun, steady and hardworking; Zhao Hua, with aspirations as high as the sky; Feng Xuegong, spirited and energetic; Shen Qingqing, who had grown up under the watchful eyes of the educated youths; Feng Zhenzhu, who had matured a lot; Shen Yifan, pretending to be artistic; Li Yi, always silent but kind-hearted; Zhou Lai’er, with aspirations as high as the sky; and Li Aiguo, who had been studying with everyone recently.

Then there were those with less presence: Wang Wen, Zhu Jianjun, Li Mingda, Qian Jidong.

And Gu Xiangnan and Wang Wenpei, who had returned to the city earlier. Chen Xue, who had married; Yu Fang, who had married. And Yang Weidong, who had gone to a remote farm.

And the transmigrator, Li Yalan, who appeared like a fleeting spark and disappeared…

Lu Xia felt that she might never forget these people’s names, even after many years.

After all, what an unforgettable and arduous period this had been!

Amidst the intoxication, someone initiated it, and they all began singing “Farewell.”

Farewell to the educated youths who had once come to Daying Village.

Wishing them: A bright future!

The next day, Lu Xia and the two of them got up early, holding a still-drowsy Kang Kang in their arms, carrying their luggage, and leaving the home they had lived in for four years.

They had bid farewell to familiar faces the day before, so they were ready to leave directly.

They didn’t have much left, just one piece of luggage. The rest had been sent ahead.

After a final look at their former home, they closed the door. Bathed in the moon’s lingering glow, they walked slowly towards the village’s edge.

But just as they reached the village entrance, they were surprised to find a group of people waiting there, even though it wasn’t yet fully light outside.

At the front was the village chief, followed by Aunt Cuiyun and a few others who had been on good terms with her.

Even the educated youths they had shared drinks with the previous night were present.

Lu Xia and the others were taken aback and quickly walked over.

“Village chief, fellow villagers, why are you all here?”

The village chief smiled, “We heard you’re leaving today, so we’ve come to see you off. Once you leave, who knows when we’ll have the chance to meet again? You two educated youths, remember to come back and visit often.”

Lu Xia was touched by his words. “Village chief, rest assured, we’ll definitely come back if we have the chance.”

Aunt Cuiyun, standing beside them, smiled and said, “We villagers don’t have much to offer, but we steamed some sweet potatoes. Take them with you for the journey.”

She handed over a bag she was holding.

Lu Xia had already prepared some food for the train ride, but she didn’t want their kindness to go to waste, so she gratefully accepted it.

“Is that so? That’s great! I was actually thinking that I wouldn’t get to eat the village’s sweet potatoes anymore after leaving. I really enjoy them.”

Aunt Cuiyun chuckled upon hearing this. “Whenever you feel like having some, send me a message, and I’ll send them over to you.”

“That’s wonderful!”

After exchanging a few words with the villagers, Lu Xia and the two of them looked at their fellow educated youths. They had bid farewell the night before, and today there wasn’t much to say. They hugged each other briefly, with everything understood without words.

However, when she saw Shen Qingqing, Lu Xia patted her shoulder. “Hang in there! Aim to get into Beijing!”

Shen Qingqing’s eyes were red, and she nodded vigorously. “I will!”

Lastly, when her gaze fell on Sun Shengnan, they realized that they would soon be in different cities. Seeing her smile, they felt a tinge of sadness. Still, Lu Xia smiled back. “Sister Shengnan, you can come to Beijing to visit. Don’t worry, I’ll cover your food, lodging, and entertainment.”

Sun Shengnan also smiled. “Rest assured, I’ll definitely go. I’ll try to eat and empty your kitchen!”

Lu Xia pretended to be surprised. “Oh no, I’ll have to start saving now, or I won’t be able to afford to host you, Sister Shengnan!”

Seeing her play along, Sun Shengnan felt better.

After the farewells, they truly had to leave this time.

They walked towards the village’s outskirts, turning back to wave at everyone. Tears finally welled up, but they quickly turned away. This time, they didn’t look back, not until they were far away…

Lu Xia thought, she would remember this place.

Farewell, Daying Village!

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