Chapter 333 – Class Monitor

After chatting for a while, everyone saw that it was getting late, so they tidied up and headed to the classroom early.

The teaching building was actually quite far from the dormitory. Along the way, they saw many people, mostly freshmen. They seemed different, with eyes full of yearning and anticipation.

Lu Xia felt a sense of emotion. Oh, the vibrant and energetic young people, how wonderful!

Upon reaching the teaching building, they split into two groups because they were not in the same class.

Lu Xia and the other two headed towards the classroom with the sign of “English Class 1” in the Foreign Language Department.

Upon entering, they found that quite a few people had already arrived, and unexpectedly, most of them were male.

When almost everyone had arrived, Lu Xia was surprised to find that out of the more than twenty people in their class, there were only three girls!

How could this be?

Wasn’t the English Department supposed to have more girls?

Then Lu Xia thought about how difficult it was to study in this era, combined with the traditional preference for boys over girls, leading to very few girls attending school. Even if they did attend, even fewer made it to university. Therefore, there were generally more male students, and due to the specialized nature of the English Department, even fewer female students.

Even many male students had transferred in from other departments.

There were even fewer students like Lu Xia who actively chose to apply.

Thinking about this, Lu Xia fell silent. At this moment, a man in his thirties walked in.

He went straight to the podium and addressed everyone, “Hello, students. I am your counselor, Peng Aihua. I am also your teacher for ideology and politics. In the next four years, if you have any academic or personal issues, feel free to come to me, and I will do my best to help you all.
I believe that all of you have gone through numerous challenges to enter Peking University. Therefore, I hope you can cherish the learning time ahead and make the most of this hard-earned opportunity. I hope that after your education, you can all contribute to the development of our country!

Lastly, welcome to Peking University!”

As his words fell, the classroom erupted in warm applause.

The students were also excited, and even Lu Xia felt a surge of enthusiasm.

Afterwards, the counselor briefly explained the study schedule, handed out the course timetable, and provided them with their first-year textbooks.

Lastly, they were about to elect the class monitor and the secretary.

Lu Xia had no intention of participating in these elections. She wasn’t staying on campus, and being a class monitor would be inconvenient.

However, the others seemed quite interested. Over a dozen people signed up for the class monitor position alone. As for the secretary position, since the counselor suggested it should be a female student, apart from Lu Xia, two others signed up. Of course, due to the shortage of female students in the class, some male students also applied.

Surprisingly, Xie Guifang applied for both positions.

She was quite unique, perhaps thinking that if she didn’t get elected for one, she could try for the other?

Well, she didn’t get elected for either in the end.

The class monitor turned out to be a 30-year-old guy who introduced himself as having been a team leader in a factory even before the college entrance exam. He seemed reassuring.

As for the secretary, there were only two female candidates. Yu Wan was relatively young, and Xie Guifang didn’t seem very reliable, even after she talked about her family’s background again, no one chose her.

In the end, a male student, Yu Tong, was elected. He appeared quite mature, likely having held leadership roles before.

Except for Xie Guifang, everyone was content with the results.

Once the class monitor and secretary were elected, there wasn’t much left to do.

Afterwards, a few of Lu Xia’s roommates gathered outside the teaching building, but no one left. They wanted to see what Lu Xia’s husband looked like.

Seeing that even Tan Yunfang didn’t leave, Lu Xia couldn’t help but ask, “Yunfang, aren’t you worried about Xiaoya being alone in the dorm?”

Tan Yunfang smiled, “It’s okay, it’s just for a short while. She won’t be scared.”

Lu Xia… Well, since everyone was so curious, she decided to let them stay and see…


Chapter 334 – So Handsome


Fortunately, after waiting for a short while, Jiang Junmo rode a women’s bicycle over.

Upon seeing Lu Xia, he smiled at her, “Finished with the meeting? I just had a few words with the teacher. Did you wait long?”

Lu Xia shook her head, “No, we just finished too.”

Then she pointed to the person beside her and said, “This is my roommate.”

Only then did Jiang Junmo turn his gaze towards the others and nodded with a smile, “Hello, I’m Lu Xia’s husband, Jiang Junmo.”

The others were all stunned. They had indeed heard that Lu Xia’s husband was good-looking, but they didn’t expect him to be this handsome, almost like a fairy. He was even more attractive than Lu Xia!

Especially when he smiled, it was truly captivating!

Quick to react, Ye Nan initiated the conversation, “Hello, you should head home if you’re in a hurry. It’ll be dark soon.”

Lu Xia also nodded after hearing this and greeted everyone, “I’ll be leaving now. See you tomorrow.”

Saying that, she sat on the back seat and Jiang Junmo rode away with her.

It was only after they had gone far that Tan Yunfang patted her chest, “Oh my goodness, he’s really handsome. Both are so attractive, a perfect match!”

“Indeed!” Even Yu Wan, who had seen him once before, hadn’t fully recovered.

“Fortunately, he’s married. Otherwise, he would be quite the heartthrob!”

Hearing this, Ye Nan chuckled, “Lu Xia is also no less charming. Plus, they look so affectionate.”

“That’s true,” Yu Wan nodded. “I heard their child is already three years old. They look really happy together.”

After a few more remarks, the topic shifted away from them. After all, the initial curiosity about Jiang Junmo’s appearance had been satisfied, and the astonishment had subsided.

At this point, Tang Yuan curiously asked Tan Yunfang, “Sister Yunfang, why did your accent just now not sound like the one from Yunnan Province?”

Tan Yunfang smiled, “Haha, indeed it’s not. Although my family is from Yunnan, I went to Hei Province and stayed there for a long time. So, I picked up a Northeastern accent. Can’t help it, got used to it.”

“Hei Province, huh? I heard it’s really cold there.”

“Yes, only two seasons in a year, with most of it being winter. It’s probably around minus twenty or thirty degrees now.”

Everyone was surprised, “So cold! This North and South difference is really something. You’ve gone quite far from home.”

“True, it took me a while to adapt after I first went there,” Tan Yunfang sighed.

While the group chatted, no one noticed the silence of Xie Guifang.

She never expected Lu Xia’s husband to be so good-looking, and considering their family background, coupled with the fact that Lu Xia was a local in the capital, Xie Guifang felt a sense of inferiority.

In her heart, she silently resolved to find an even better partner in the future, and make Lu Xia envious of her.

This thought oddly brought some reassurance.

But she couldn’t shake off the memory of that stunning glimpse.

Lu Xia’s husband was truly handsome…

On the other side, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo rode their bicycle back home. Along the way, they briefly discussed their respective classes and roommates.

They hadn’t encountered anything too unusual, just some disparity in ages. Surprisingly, Jiang Junmo’s roommate was a 34-year-old senior.

He had participated in the college entrance exam in the 1960s, got into university, but had to drop out before completing his studies. After the resumption of college entrance exams, he felt unfulfilled and took the exam again.

His journey was quite impressive.

Besides that, he also met with the teacher who had taught him art. The teacher was now the dean of the Academy of Fine Arts and had mostly stopped teaching. However, he still encouraged Jiang Junmo, urging him to study hard.

After returning home, the two of them compared their schedules. Their first year classes were almost daily, and the timings were fairly similar, so they could commute to school together.

Jiang Junmo finally felt relieved.

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