Chapter 371 – The Subsequent Impact

After it made it into the newspapers, the impact of this incident grew even larger, and it was subsequently shared by the People’s Daily.

The influence of the People’s Daily was considerable, and now Xie Yunyun and Xie Guifang were probably household names throughout the country.

Of course, the newspapers also emphasized the measures taken by the government after this incident occurred. Not only did they request local governments and educational authorities to reexamine and verify the situations of local candidates, but they also demanded that universities rigorously check whether their quota allocation personnel were appropriate. If any cases of impersonation were discovered, they had to be dealt with seriously!

Surprisingly, there were continuous reports about universities discovering students who had been impersonated. Moreover, some schools found out that students who had been accepted never actually enrolled. After inquiring, it turned out that their admission notices had been lost, taken by neighbors, teachers, or classmates out of jealousy – various reasons kept emerging.

These revelations caused an uproar, and the nation took this matter very seriously. The punishments for those involved were particularly severe.

Subsequently, the college entrance examination received special attention. But, of course, that’s another story…

In the end, this case of impersonation came to a perfect close with the truth revealed!

Xie Yunyun had not been seen since she moved out, and the school had not disclosed how they had arranged for the real Xie Guifang. However, she hadn’t appeared at the school either.

Lu Xia didn’t know if she was still in the city and had been thinking of paying her a visit when, one day after school, she saw her waiting at the school gate.

When Xie Guifang saw Lu Xia coming out, she waved and smiled.

Lu Xia, accompanied by Jiang Junmo, approached her. “It’s great to see you. I was actually planning to visit you. How have you been?”

Xie Guifang smiled and said, “I’m doing well, really well. There’s nothing better than this.”

Lu Xia could tell from her expression that she was genuinely excited, and her face had brightened. It was clear she was truly happy.

“That’s good to hear!”

Then, Xie Guifang said, “By the way, do you have time tonight? I’d like to treat you to dinner to thank you for your help earlier.”

Seeing the sincerity in her eyes as she said this, Lu Xia smiled and replied, “No need, actually. I didn’t do much, and you could have succeeded without me.”

Seeing that she wanted to decline, Xie Guifang was disappointed but didn’t insist.

“Well, then, maybe some other time.”

Lu Xia nodded with a smile, “Sure, another time.”

In truth, whether they had dinner together that night or not didn’t matter to Lu Xia. She didn’t want Xie Guifang to feel indebted to her because she genuinely believed she hadn’t done much, and she also didn’t want her to spend money unnecessarily.

Afterward, Lu Xia asked her, “What are your plans now? How is the school handling your situation?”

Xie Guifang smiled and said, “I’m going back to my hometown tomorrow!”

Lu Xia was surprised. “Why… so soon? Can’t the school let you re-enroll?”

Xie Guifang shook her head, “The school originally registered Xie Yunyun’s records when she first enrolled. Now that she’s been expelled, her records are gone, and if I want to re-enroll, I don’t have any grades, which doesn’t meet the requirements. So, there’s no way.

But the school is compensating me by allowing me to stay and study for free, providing accommodation, and even having teachers tutor me until the next college entrance examination!”


Chapter 372 – Jiang Junmo’s Decision


Lu Xia was a bit disappointed when she heard Xie Guifang’s situation. After all, she had successfully entered university, but due to someone else’s actions, she couldn’t continue her education. Most people might not be able to handle such a situation, but she seemed to be accepting it well.

She sighed and then nodded. “So, why did you mention going back home just now?”

“I declined!”

Xie Guifang sighed, “I declined the school’s compensation, not because I didn’t want it, but because my family didn’t agree when I first left. Now that I’ve been delayed for so long, they’re probably worried. Moreover, starting from this year, the college entrance examination schedule has changed, so there’s more than a year until the next one. I have plenty of time to review, and I don’t want to stay at school all the time. Besides, I believe that even without a teacher’s guidance, I can pass once, and if I can pass once, I can pass a second time!”

Lu Xia smiled after hearing this, pleased by her confident demeanor. “Alright, I believe in you too. I’ll be waiting for you at Peking University, Junior Xie!”

Hearing this address, Xie Guifang also smiled. “Sure, Senior Lu.”

After that, Lu Xia inquired about her trip back home. Knowing that the school had arranged someone to accompany her, she felt relieved. She also shared some study tips before they parted ways.

On the way back home, Lu Xia was in high spirits and even hummed a song all the way.

Seeing her so happy, Jiang Junmo’s lips curled up, and he slowed down his bicycle’s speed, leisurely making his way home.

“Are you very happy?”

Lu Xia, leaning against his back, smiled. “Yes, the truth has come to light, the bad guys have been punished, the victim has received justice, and she’s also back on her feet. There’s nothing happier than this.”

Jiang Junmo also smiled upon hearing this. “As long as you’re happy.”

When they arrived home, Lu Xia was still in a cheerful mood. She noticed that Jiang Junmo was reading a book and curiously approached him.

“Hey, why are you reading books related to architecture?”

Jiang Junmo put down the book, looked at her with a serious expression, and said, “Hmm, there’s something I want to talk to you about.”

Seeing his seriousness, Lu Xia knew that it was something important. She quickly sat down and fixed her gaze on him. “Go ahead, what’s the matter? Don’t be afraid; I believe in you!”

Jiang Junmo smiled at her words, reached out to hold her hand, and said, “Well, it’s not a big deal, but I plan to change my major starting next semester.”

“Oh, I see. You startled me for a moment,” Lu Xia said with a sigh of relief. Then, she asked in surprise, “Change your major? Why? I thought you really liked drawing.”

Before he could answer, she continued, “If you want to change your major, which one are you thinking of? Is it architecture?” She pointed at the book in his hand.

Jiang Junmo nodded. “That’s right, I plan to transfer to the Academy of Architecture.”

“Why?” Lu Xia was puzzled. “Even though you considered this major before, didn’t you give it up later? Wasn’t drawing your favorite?”

Seeing her concern, Jiang Junmo smiled reassuringly and then explained, “Well, there are two reasons.

The first one is that I’ve realized the art techniques taught in school right now are quite basic, and I learned them when I was in my early teens. My teachers also think my current level is beyond that of my classmates, so many of the courses are unnecessary for me.”

Lu Xia nodded in agreement. If that was the case, staying in the program would indeed be a waste of time.

“Then what’s the second reason?” She asked.

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  1. Wow that was a complete dogshit resolution “the victim has received justice” my ass, so she just gets a a “we’re sorry” ? Man that sucks ass, and this is China not like you can sue, especially at this time.

    What a dogshit way to end this.

    1. I agree… Really deflating seeing such an end to things. It’s also incredibly unfair, considering how much more difficult the entrance exam will be in the following years. There better be an update on her situation later!

  2. I didn’t expect the real XGF to replace her imposter and enter the ’77 batch of Peking University. It’s unrealistic and unpractical, not to mention it’d be unfair for the real XGF. She can get better grade/scores in her first year academic record. But, she’d end up with dragging-down grade/scores recorded permanently on her first year record if she directly replace her imposter.

    I also didn’t expect the real XGF to be directly admitted for the next batch without going through the examination process. It’s because the bureaucracy at this point could easily mistakenly label it as “going through the back door”, a show of corruption. The process would lack the “examination registration record”, “examination answer sheets”, and “admittance notice” from the next batch. The candidates of the ’78 batch, having gotten harder examination, could even think she’s robbing their chance and having it easier than them.

    Considering the overall circumstances, the university’s compensation is the best path for her. She could get better preparation without being distracted by her work and with dedicated tutors/teachers, to prepare her for a much harder entrance examination. Being in the capital–under the central government watch, the relatives of the people who “got implicated” would also unable to make much wave (revenge) on her. She would only need to study well and the “system” would take care of the malice out of her way. The way she refused the university’s compensation make me feel she’s extremely naive.

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