Chapter 603 – Company Expansion

After Hu Cuihua graduated, Lu Xia’s first-year students started their final exams.

Later, they were busy grading papers and preparing report cards.

Finally, it was time for Lu Xia and her colleagues to enjoy their summer vacation.

At this point, all five franchise stores in Shanghai had already started operating.

Possibly due to Chen Lan’s connections, the beauty salon became an instant hit shortly after opening. Customers flocked in every day, surpassing the performance of several shops Lu Xia managed in Beijing.

Liu Song, the person in charge, went to visit and came back to share with Lu Xia and the others, “Mrs. Chen had the stores decorated exceptionally well. The areas chosen for each store are especially large, and the decoration is grand and luxurious. In a way, you can tell it’s a place frequented by wealthy individuals.”

Lu Xia agreed, saying, “High-end, classy, and top-notch!”

“Exactly! Those are the words. Moreover, on the opening day, quite a number of wealthy individuals came to show their support, all friends of Mrs. Chen. We issued dozens of membership cards on the opening day and business has been booming ever since.”

He went on to describe various distinctive features, such as a variety of expensive fruit teas available for free and special private lounges for resting.

It was obvious that the service in these new shops surpassed that of their existing shops in Beijing.

Lu Xia understood that Chen Lan probably imported the overseas service model and executed the principle of treating customers like gods to perfection.

Furthermore, all the service was targeted at wealthy individuals.

In fact, when Lu Xia first opened her shops, that was her initial plan as well. After all, in this era, beauty salons were considered a high-consumption industry.

However, she later realized that with the development of society, not only wealthy people were interested in these services; occasionally, even middle-class families, who were not short on money, would come to experience them.

So, she gradually adjusted her positioning.

To Chen Lan, this might seem like a decline in standards.

However, Lu Xia felt it was quite good and didn’t mind. After all, the positioning was different, making comparisons difficult. So, it was all good.

Moreover, with her side of the business doing well, the demand for products from their company increased, benefiting both parties.

As expected, not long after, the five shops in Shanghai needed products that almost equaled half of the total sales. Even the demand for non-selling products was high, indicating a booming business.

The employees of the company were especially happy, and the factory side also became busy.

Once things settled in Shanghai, more clients started showing interest in joining the franchise. Perhaps now that they had shops in two major cities, their reputation was slowly spreading, catching the attention of many discerning individuals who saw the potential. Thus, quite a few were enticed.

In reality, the business in the previously franchised shops was good, and at the moment, there were no particularly slow ones. This made them even more appealing!

The company was capitalizing on this momentum to vigorously develop the franchise.

Currently, Liu Song had become a full-fledged business manager and had recruited several business specialists. He was no longer a lone commander.

These business specialists, after training, had already gone nationwide to promote franchise opportunities. It was believed that their dream of having beauty salons all over the country might be realized.

With the company’s business growing, the staff became busier, prompting the hiring of many more people.

Consequently, the original office space became somewhat insufficient.

Recently, Ye Lin had been considering moving to a new office.

But she was quite busy, responsible for overseeing the company’s affairs, leaving her with no time to look into it.

Coincidentally, Lu Xia was on vacation recently, so she was roped in to handle this task.


Chapter 604 – Golden Broad Building


However, in this era, finding a large office space to rent wasn’t easy. After all, there were no formal office buildings yet, and most available spaces were shops. The larger ones were either poorly located or in a state of disrepair.

Their company needed to host potential clients for extended periods, so the office had to have a somewhat prestigious appearance. They couldn’t settle for just anything.

Lu Xia spent several days searching and was feeling a bit disappointed, not knowing where to start.

Then one day, after work, Jiang Junmo brought a newspaper back.

Lu Xia was puzzled, “What’s going on? Is there something in the newspaper?”

“Aren’t you looking for a suitable office lately? Today, a colleague told me there’s news in the newspaper. There’s a newly built building in the central business district of Beijing, specifically designed for office use. Maybe you should go check it out!”


Lu Xia was astonished and quickly opened the newspaper, finding the news article.

“Central Business District of Beijing, a high-end office building with elevators, great view, Golden Broad Building – your best choice…”

After reading the introduction, Lu Xia’s eyes widened in surprise. The central business district of Beijing? Wasn’t that like the future CBD? When did such a building exist in Beijing?

No, had this area already started developing?

Was it this early?

So she looked at Jiang Junmo and asked, “Do you know about this Golden Broad Building? When was it built? Is the advertisement about beauty services on the upper floors true?”

Jiang Junmo knew some background information, “This building is located near a current national investment project, apparently a commercial area is also being developed. However, due to its considerable land area and engineering complexities, it’s been years and it’s still not completed…”

“And the Golden Broad Building you mentioned should be in the vicinity of that area. The investors must have had good connections and got the news in advance; otherwise, it would have been impossible to acquire property nearby. Moreover, I heard they hired foreign designers, and the building was constructed using the most advanced materials globally. It’s indeed impressive.”

Lu Xia was surprised, “But logically, such significant news should have spread a long time ago. Why haven’t I heard about it before?”

“The government hasn’t made it public, and considering that the area used to be the Grand Northern Kiln, quite remote, it’s normal for you not to know.”

“How did you find out then?”

Jiang Junmo chuckled, “Did you forget what my profession is?”

“Hmm?” Lu Xia suddenly understood, “So, the buildings invested in by the government are designed by your design firm?”

Jiang Junmo nodded, “Most of them are. However, I only found out after joining the company. The government aims to develop that area into a national trade center, so the requirements are higher. Of course, as a newcomer, I didn’t have the chance to participate. I heard it’s in the final stages now and will probably be put into use soon.”

Lu Xia understood after hearing this. This place was clearly the future World Trade Center, likely to be the most developed commercial area.

“So, the investors in the Golden Broad Building really have quite the connections. Getting the information is one thing, but being able to purchase the land is another.”

“Yes, it’s probably the Jin family. It’s not surprising that they could secure the deal.”

Lu Xia didn’t ask which Jin family. It was evident that it was those influential individuals.

However, this didn’t concern her.

She was now very interested in this Golden Broad Building and planned to go and see it tomorrow. If it turned out to be as good as it sounded, placing the company here would be great. After all, she knew about the future development of this area, and currently, there was no better-suited option.

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