Chapter 332 – Try it out

Chen Li shook his head and said, “I don’t have anything I want to ask.”

Although he was somewhat puzzled about the relationship between Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng, Chen Li also knew that it was ultimately a matter between Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng. He could observe but didn’t need to get involved.

Later, Chen Li felt that this wasn’t enough and added seriously, “Dad, no matter what you decide, I’ll support you!” He even added an encouraging gesture at the end.

Chen Yunlan smiled, very pleased. His eyes curved with joy as he said, “Thank you, Xiao Li.”

Afterward, Chen Li discussed some art matters with Chen Yunlan, but soon he noticed that Chen Yunlan seemed distracted. Assuming that his father must be tired from returning from the US, he said, “Dad, you should rest a bit. When we get home, I’ll wake you up.”

“Okay,” Chen Yunlan nodded, closing his eyes to rest.

Chen Yunlan, however, wasn’t really asleep. His mind was in turmoil, unable to understand his current emotions.

It was too unbelievable, too unexpected, making it hard for him to believe whether everything before his eyes was real or not. He felt like he was dreaming or in some sort of illusion, as if poking it lightly with his hand would burst the bubble.

Thus, he needed time, time to accept this nearly impossible situation.

As it wasn’t rush hour, the car smoothly returned to the residential area. Just as Chen Li turned to wake Chen Yunlan, he opened his eyes, “Are we here?”

“Yes, we’re here.”

Chen Yunlan opened the car door, carrying Qiuqiu and walking home with Chen Li and Wei Chen.

Due to jet lag, Chen Yunlan hadn’t eaten dinner. After putting down his luggage, he lay back on the bed and tossed and turned for a while before finally falling asleep.

When Chen Yunlan woke up, it was already midnight. He grabbed his phone to check the time and noticed a text sent over an hour ago.

Chen Yunlan opened the message from Xie Chunsheng. The message was simple, just four words — “I’m waiting for you.”

I’m waiting for you, waiting for you to accept this message, waiting for you to accept me again.

In an instant, Chen Yunlan understood the meaning behind Xie Chunsheng’s simple three words. His grip on the phone involuntarily tightened, his whole body tensed up, and after a long while, he sighed heavily and typed a few words on his phone.

Chen Yunlan stared at those few words on the phone for a long time before pressing the send button. He knew that once sent, there would be no chance to change what had been done.

So, let it be like this.

Give oneself a chance, give Xie Chunsheng a chance, and also give a chance to the feelings that couldn’t say goodbye over twenty years ago.

The Spring Festival hadn’t completely passed, but the night in the capital had regained its liveliness. The colorful neon lights adorned the dark night, creating a beautiful sight.

In Xie Chunsheng’s office, despite the late hour, he hadn’t rested. His focus had slowly shifted from the United States to China in terms of work. After accompanying Chen Yunlan for a few days in the US, work had piled up upon his return. Once back from the US, he rushed to the office to handle work matters.

Unable to resist, he sent a message to Chen Yunlan. Since Yunlan couldn’t accept the fact, he was willing to wait, no matter how long it took for Yunlan to come around.

Xie Chunsheng shifted his gaze from the documents and couldn’t help but land it on his phone nearby. He reached out, unlocking the phone. He had lost count of how many times he had checked it, always fantasizing that Chen Yunlan might reply in the next moment. However, each time he opened it, it ended in disappointment.

Once again, not seeing a reply, Xie Chunsheng’s eyes dimmed a little. Just as he was about to put the phone down, it started vibrating. With a thump, Xie Chunsheng stood up from his office chair, devoutly opening the text message.

Yunlan: Let’s give it a try.

Simple five words, yet they made Xie Chunsheng tremble. Feelings of joy and excitement surged within him, and suddenly, tears welled up in his eyes.

Xie Chunsheng’s fingers trembled. He wanted to call Chen Yunlan, but hesitated when he reached for the dial button. Yunlan must be feeling extremely unsettled after making this decision. He had to give him some time to calm down. Tomorrow…

Tomorrow, at the break of dawn, he’d go find him!

Outside the window, fireworks burst, splattering the sky with dazzling lights. Xie Chunsheng’s gaze fell upon the splendid sky, resolute yet gentle.

This Spring Festival, he received the best gift.


The next morning, as Wei Chen was getting ready for work and his car was just leaving the garage of the residential area, he saw Xie Chunsheng standing at the community gate, pacing back and forth, occasionally glancing towards his house.

Wei Chen parked the car next to Xie Chunsheng, lowered the window, and honked.

Upon hearing this, Xie Chunsheng looked over. “Good morning, Mr. Wei.” His voice was cheerful, indicating his great mood.

“Morning,” Wei Chen said. “Is Mr. Xie here to see Dad?”

Xie Chunsheng nodded. “Yes, I am. I was just worried that Yunlan hadn’t woken up, so I was waiting outside.”

“He’s awake now. You can go up,” Wei Chen said, then turned to speak with the security guard.

With Wei Chen’s approval, the security naturally wouldn’t stop Xie Chunsheng.

Xie Chunsheng thanked Wei Chen and entered the residential area. Knowing that he would soon see Chen Yunlan, he felt elated. There was no trace of the composure expected from the owner of an international chain of hotels.

Wei Chen, observing Xie Chunsheng’s demeanor in the rearview mirror, was somewhat surprised but also reassured. When one displays all their emotions for another person, feels excitement and joy at the thought of seeing that person, what else could it be if not love?

Chen Yunlan had endured so much suffering; indeed, he needed someone to love and care for him. Xie Chunsheng seemed to be that person.

In the evening, when Wei Chen returned home from work, Chen Li and Qiuqiu were watching cartoons. Upon hearing the door open, Chen Li picked up Qiuqiu and walked to the door.

It seemed like Qiuqiu had remembered this time as when his grandpa returned. Seeing Wei Chen, he rushed over, received a kiss from his dad, then another, clinging to him as if they had been separated for a long time.

After a few kisses with Qiuqiu, Wei Chen exchanged a hug with Chen Li, who had come closer.

The family of three lingered at the entrance for a while before finally entering the house.

Not finding Chen Yunlan at home, Wei Chen turned to ask, “Where’s Dad?”

Chen Li placed Wei Chen’s briefcase in its place and said, “Mr. Xie came this morning, and Dad went out with him.” Chen Li’s expression showed a subtle mix of curiosity and puzzlement as he spoke.

Understanding Chen Li’s feelings, Wei Chen asked, “Still bothered about the situation between Mr. Xie and Dad?”

Chen Li shook his head and then nodded. “I don’t know how to put it, but it’s just… Mr. Xie looks at me in a strange way.”

Due to his past, Chen Li was quite sensitive. Yesterday at the airport, he felt that Xie Chunsheng’s gaze on him was peculiar, and this morning, when they met again, that feeling became more pronounced.

However, Chen Li didn’t sense any malice in Xie Chunsheng’s gaze. If he had to describe it…

“It felt similar to how Dad looked at me when he first came back,” Chen Li said.

Hearing Chen Li’s words, Wei Chen involuntarily recalled a question Chen Yunlan asked him not long ago — “Do you believe that someone who has died can come back to life, especially in someone else’s body?”

Could it be that Chen Yunlan asking this question meant he had sensed something? Or was it true that Xie Chunsheng had truly experienced a rebirth?

This might explain why Chen Yunlan was so uncertain about Xie Chunsheng’s pursuit.

“Achen? Achen?” Chen Li couldn’t help but call out when he noticed Wei Chen lost in thought.

Wei Chen returned to reality and gently kissed Chen Li on the forehead. “There will be answers in the future. Don’t worry.”

Initially confused, Chen Li soon realized Wei Chen’s response was regarding Xie Chunsheng’s strange gaze towards him.

“I see,” Chen Li nodded, still a bit puzzled. “Achen, do you know something?”

“I have some guesses,” Wei Chen didn’t deny. “But these guesses are somewhat unbelievable and unscientific. So, when the truth is revealed, I’ll tell you.”

“Okay,” Chen Li accepted this and didn’t dwell on it.

At that moment, Chen Li’s stomach rumbled. Dinner hadn’t been eaten yet, and he was hungry.

Perhaps sensing his dad’s hunger, Qiuqiu looked at Wei Chen and opened his mouth, making a sound. “Ah?”

Wei Chen smiled at Qiuqiu’s gesture, put him in Chen Li’s arms, and said, “I’ll go cook. What do you feel like eating?”

“Anything is fine as long as it’s made by Achen,” Chen Li said with a grin, not picky at all.

Wei Chen bent down to kiss Chen Li again before heading to the kitchen to start cooking dinner.

“I’ll take care of Qiuqiu here while you and Xiao Li go back to Shanghai,” Chen Yunlan suggested.

Given the upcoming wedding of Wei Yan, scheduled for the fourteenth day of the first lunar month, it seemed impractical for Qiuqiu to travel back and forth.

Wei Chen and Chen Li had the same thought, but they were concerned that Qiuqiu might struggle when away from them. During the day, it might be okay, but Qiuqiu recognized people at night.

Seeing the fathers’ worries, Chen Yunlan reassured, “Don’t worry, Qiuqiu is well-behaved and recognizes me as his grandpa. You don’t need to worry about him crying or being restless at night.”

Wei Chen felt reassured as well. Chen Yunlan had already spent some nights alone with Qiuqiu, and Qiuqiu hadn’t caused any trouble.

“Dad, then we’ll leave Qiuqiu to you. Thanks for taking care of him,” Wei Chen rubbed Qiuqiu’s head, and Qiuqiu giggled and called out “Da da.”

Chen Li squatted down and said to Qiuqiu, “Qiuqiu, Dad will be away for a day or two. During this time, you’ll be with Grandpa and need to be a good boy.”

Qiuqiu looked at Chen Li, holding onto his teething toy, giggling without understanding much.

The two new fathers, though worried, left for Shanghai with a heart that couldn’t stop worrying about their son.

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