Chapter 362 – Starting Over

When Wei Chen returned from F Country, it was precisely when the investigation results of the Shanghai police came out. He saw this news on his phone’s notifications and, after reading it, gazed outside the car window for a long time.

The Chen family received their deserved consequences. Wei Chen didn’t feel happy about it, nor did he feel sorrow for them. Just as the comments under the news stated, it was the result of the Chen family’s own wrongdoing, reaping what they sowed, not worthy of sympathy.

Wei Chen pocketed his phone, devoid of any emotion in his eyes. He rushed to Xie Chunsheng’s home and, upon seeing Chen Li, tightly embraced them. It had been a few days since they last met, and Wei Chen felt like four years’ worth of emotions were about to overflow.

Chen Li, equally longing for Wei Chen, held onto him tightly, not concealing his emotions. “Achen, I missed you.”

Qiuqiu was sitting on the carpet, watching cartoons. Spotting Wei Chen, he struggled to stand up, wobbling towards Wei Chen with difficulty.

“Da da, da da!”

Hearing the call, Wei Chen didn’t move, waiting for Qiuqiu to come to them.

Qiuqiu wasn’t very steady on his feet, staggering and needing breaks after a few steps. It seemed like he might fall at any moment, but instead of refusing to walk, he maintained a determined expression, his chubby face focused, eyes fixed on the ground, taking one small step after another towards Wei Chen.

Finally reaching Wei Chen, Qiuqiu looked up, grinning widely. “Da da, hug!”

Only then did Wei Chen reach out and lift Qiuqiu up.

Qiuqiu’s chubby face rubbed against Wei Chen’s, leaving saliva on his face, then giggled happily in his arms.

Feeling slightly neglected, Chen Li, feeling a bit jealous, went over and pinched Qiuqiu’s cheeks.

“Huh?” Qiuqiu turned to look at Chen Li, confused as to why he was treated this way.

Chen Li was pleased with Qiuqiu’s expression and leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek.

This made Qiuqiu burst into a silly smile.

Wei Chen directly grabbed Chen Li’s head, right in front of Qiuqiu, pressed his lips against Chen Li’s, sharing a passionate, fiery kiss.

Seeing this, Qiuqiu didn’t stay idle, bringing his big head over and kissing Wei Chen’s face, then Chen Li’s face, laughing happily in Wei Chen’s embrace, utterly content.

Chen Yunlan originally intended to find Chen Li. However, upon witnessing the scene, he just shook his head with a smile and left.

Their happiness was infectious; onlookers couldn’t help but feel incredibly joyful. Chen Yunlan headed straight to the art studio, planning to sketch the scene he had just witnessed. However, his gaze involuntarily halted at a painting on the wall.

As he looked, a smile unconsciously spread across his face. There was a feeling swelling within him, as if it was about to overflow. Since fate had given him another chance at having something, he was determined to seize it.

Just as Chen Yunlan was contemplating this, his phone rang. Expecting a message from someone, he was surprised to see it was a news notification. It was about the passing of Chen Shihuai and Chen Qing. After reading it, his expression darkened involuntarily, and his mood turned heavy.

Despite the countless wrongdoings of the Chen family, the tragedies in his life were ultimately caused by them. However, Chen Shihuai was still his father, and Chen Qing was still his nephew. Seeing this news, it was impossible for Chen Yunlan not to feel saddened. He put down his paintbrush, deciding to return to Shanghai.

Since they had passed away, he wanted to let go of the past completely. His current responsibility was to arrange the funerals for Chen Shihuai and Chen Qing.

With these thoughts, Chen Yunlan grew restless. He got up and walked to the doorway of the art studio, only to find Xie Chunsheng already waiting there, though he didn’t know when Xie Chunsheng had arrived.

“Why are you back?” Chen Yunlan asked. He remembered that Xie Chunsheng had an important international meeting today, so why was he back now?

Xie Chunsheng took Chen Yunlan’s hand and said, “Lan Lan, I’ll accompany you to Shanghai.”

Chen Yunlan didn’t inquire how Xie Chunsheng knew he was planning to return to Shanghai. He simply nodded at Xie Chunsheng and replied, “Okay.”

After informing Chen Li and Wei Chen, the two booked flights to Shanghai.

Chen Li didn’t know why the two suddenly rushed to Shanghai.

Wei Chen didn’t hide it from Chen Li. “Chen Shihuai and Chen Qing have passed away.”

“Passed away?” Chen Li was momentarily stunned, looking at Wei Chen in disbelief.

It would be a lie to say that Chen Li has no hatred for the Chen family in his heart, but upon hearing about their deaths, it was hard to fully accept. After all, it was the passing of two once-living beings, despite their past egregious deeds.

After a long while, Chen Li took a deep breath and said, “I understand.”

Following that statement, Chen Li refrained from making any further comments on the matter, maintaining a calm demeanor throughout.

Wei Chen understood Chen Li well. Knowing that after Chen Li’s initial struggle to accept the news, he didn’t dwell on it anymore, eased Wei Chen’s worries.

Indeed, Wei Chen had been overly concerned. Although Chen Li initially struggled to accept it, he soon came to terms with the fact that once someone dies, they’re gone. It wasn’t sympathy or joy; it was more like hearing about the sudden passing of an acquaintance whom you weren’t particularly close to—sadness might linger momentarily, but there’s no profound sorrow.

As he completely emerged from his self-imposed isolation, everything that led to his seclusion truly passed away. With the Chen family gone, it marked a complete break from the past for him.


Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng rushed to Shanghai, heading straight from the airport to the crematorium, where they collected the ashes of Chen Shihuai and Chen Qing.

Afterward, Chen Yunlan laid both to rest in a cemetery in Shanghai. By the time they finished all these arrangements, night had completely fallen. A dark cloud obscured the moonlight. Chen Yunlan placed a bouquet on Chen Shihuai’s tombstone and gazed at the photo on it, remaining speechless for a long time.

Xie Chunsheng wrapped his arm around Chen Yunlan’s shoulder, not rushing him to leave, just quietly accompanying him. It seemed like an eternity and yet like a fleeting moment.

Chen Yunlan finally turned to Xie Chunsheng and said, “Let’s go back.”

There were no tears in Chen Yunlan’s eyes, no expression of grief on his face—just an unsettling calmness. Xie Chunsheng felt unsure how to console him.

The atmosphere on the way back felt suspended, as if time had halted. Xie Chunsheng carefully stayed by Chen Yunlan’s side, constantly attentive to his state, fearing he might break down.

Observing Xie Chunsheng’s cautiousness, Chen Yunlan couldn’t help but smile faintly. Xie Chunsheng relaxed a bit upon seeing that smile, relieved that Yunlan wasn’t profoundly affected by the situation.

The two reached the parking lot, and Xie Chunsheng politely opened the car door for Chen Yunlan. As Chen Yunlan paused by the car door, their gaze met Xie Chunsheng’s eyes.

Caught off guard by Chen Yunlan’s gaze, Xie Chunsheng felt a bit nervous. Unconsciously, sweat started to form on his hands.

“Yunlan, what’s wrong?” Xie Chunsheng swallowed nervously and asked.

Chen Yunlan shook his head and said, “Xiao Ran, let’s start over.”

Chen Yunlan used ‘Xiao Ran,’ not ‘Chunsheng.’

Chen Yunlan said ‘start over,’ not ‘give it a try.’

These differences meant something Xie Chunsheng understood better than anyone else. The sudden surprise left Xie Chunsheng wide-eyed, utterly incredulous.

“Lan Lan…” Xie Chunsheng’s voice quivered. This feeling of about to grasp the whole world made him feel unreal, as if it were a dream, something that would vanish when he opened his eyes.

Uninterested in Xie Chunsheng’s bafflement, Chen Yunlan lazily got into the car and said, “Let’s go. How long are you planning to stay here?”

“Lan Lan, can you drive? I… I can’t drive in my current state,” Xie Chunsheng said.

Although not under the influence of alcohol, his condition was nearly comparable to it.

Chen Yunlan was thoroughly amused by Xie Chunsheng’s statement. He settled into the driver’s seat, glanced at Xie Chunsheng, and said, “Get in.”

Only then did Xie Chunsheng, as if in a daze, sit in the car.

The car journey to Chen Yunlan’s place in Shanghai remained silent. It wasn’t because Chen Yunlan didn’t want to speak, but Xie Chunsheng seemed lost in a daze, wearing a foolish smile, leaving Chen Yunlan at a loss for words.

Luckily, Xie Chunsheng had some self-awareness. Otherwise, letting him drive in such a state would have been asking for trouble.

Upon reaching their destination, Xie Chunsheng finally snapped out of it. Belatedly, he grabbed Chen Yunlan’s hand, unbelievably asking once again.

“Lan Lan, what you said just now… is it real?”

“Yeah,” Chen Yunlan nodded. Having made the decision, there was no turning back.

Xie Chunsheng laughed loudly, rushed over and hugged Chen Yunlan, planting a fiery kiss on Chen Yunlan’s lips. It caught Chen Yunlan off guard, and by the time he reacted, Xie Chunsheng’s tongue had broken through his lips, entering his mouth.

Chen Yunlan slowly closed his eyes, responding to this passionate kiss. In these past few days, everything Xie Chunsheng did for them, Chen Yunlan observed keenly. He knew that Xie Chunsheng was Qu Ran. The longer they stayed together, the more Qu Ran’s subtle gestures began to emerge, things that couldn’t be imitated, perhaps even unknown to Qu Ran himself.

Acknowledging that Xie Chunsheng was Qu Ran was one thing, but fully accepting Xie Chunsheng was another.

It wasn’t that Chen Yunlan didn’t love Qu Ran anymore—quite the opposite. Chen Yunlan was deeply in love with Qu Ran, causing a myriad of complex emotions.

Over twenty years ago, Qu Ran had recklessly leaped away, leaving Chen Yunlan without a chance to face difficulties together, leaving him to live in agony for over two decades.

Suddenly, a person named Xie Chunsheng appeared. He didn’t have Qu Ran’s autism, nor did he resemble Qu Ran physically. Yet, he claimed to be Qu Ran.

This revelation shook Chen Yunlan profoundly, leaving him bewildered and without direction.

But Xie Chunsheng pursued relentlessly, leaving Chen Yunlan with nowhere to escape. So, he agreed: “Xie Chunsheng, let’s give it a try.”

It was giving Xie Chunsheng a chance and, in turn, giving himself one.

During this trial, they ended up in bed in a state of confusion.

That night, Chen Yunlan truly felt that Xie Chunsheng was Qu Ran, and Qu Ran was Xie Chunsheng.

Their relationship grew a little closer, but the knot in Chen Yunlan’s heart remained. He thought their relationship was stuck in a limbo, neither progressing nor regressing, with no sign of advancement.

Then he saw the painting Xie Chunsheng bought for him, the one he had once said would fulfill him just by seeing it with his own eyes.

He didn’t know the difficulties Xie Chunsheng faced in buying that painting, but suddenly he realized.

Xie Chunsheng was still the same Qu Ran—whenever he desired something, Qu Ran would spare no effort to obtain it for him.

It was the same back then, and it was the same now.

Then, Chen Yunlan heard the news of Chen Shihuai and Chen Qing’s deaths.

Two individuals who, in his memory, were still healthy, suddenly passed away.

Chen Yunlan couldn’t articulate his feelings, but he suddenly realized a certain truth: life is short, and nobody knows what might happen in the next moment. So, cherishing the present is crucial.

If heaven had shown mercy by bringing Qu Ran back to his side, why should he reject a happy future for the painful past?

Not only would he be unhappy, but Xie Chunsheng would also not be happy.

What’s gone is gone.

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