Chapter 363 – His Ambition

A light sound passed, rescuing Chen Yunlan.

But saying this became the result of Chen Yunlan’s repeated entanglement, doubts, and denials.

Fortunately, Chen Yunlan finally said to himself, “It’s all in the past now.” The torrent of time forever moves forward, and no one can be forever imprisoned by the past, struggling and unable to break free.

Fate favored Chen Yunlan, allowing his beloved Qu Ran to return to him in a different guise, a chance to make amends for past regrets.

Finally, Chen Yunlan uttered those words, “Xiao Ran, let’s start again.”

He called him Xiao Ran because he had completely accepted that Xie Chunsheng was indeed Qu Ran.

Willingness to call him Xiao Ran again indicated that he had forgiven Qu Ran, who had once left him due to human nature.

Starting over meant returning to the past, to the time when they still loved each other, continuing the fervent love they once shared.

It was precisely because Xie Chunsheng understood the meaning behind Chen Yunlan’s words that he acted so out of character.

That night, they began anew.

That night, they lost control.

In the car at the parking lot, they were entwined in an intense embrace.

The battleground shifted to everywhere in Chen Yunlan’s house.

In the hallway, on the sofa, on the bed, in the bathroom…

Everywhere bore the traces of their love.

Two hearts that had long been apart drew close again, sparking a fiery and enduring passion. Throughout that night, they remained tightly intertwined, not even the golden morning light streaming in through the window could separate them.

What separated them was a call from Chen Li.

It wasn’t that Chen Li intentionally wanted to be a third wheel; yesterday, Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng hastily rushed to the city, and then there was no communication. Chen Li had made several calls last night, but no one answered. He was just worried about Chen Yunlan and didn’t expect to interrupt something good.

Of course, it wasn’t entirely Chen Li’s fault. He surely couldn’t have imagined that Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng would be entangled for so long.

Actually, Chen Li didn’t really disrupt anything between Chen Yunlan and Xie Chunsheng. When the call came through, the two had just finished a passionate encounter. Chen Yunlan was lying in Xie Chunsheng’s arms, not wanting to move even a finger.

When the phone rang, Chen Yunlan kicked Xie Chunsheng and said, “Go answer the phone.” His voice was hoarse, and Chen Yunlan even doubted if it was his own voice.

He didn’t even have the strength to stand up.

Xie Chunsheng, satisfied, quickly got up from the bed. He followed the sound of the ringing phone to locate it, a consequence of hastily returning yesterday and casually tossing his clothes. If it weren’t for Chen Li’s call, he probably wouldn’t have found his phone.

In the messy living room, Xie Chunsheng found the phone buried among the scattered clothes from last night’s encounter with Chen Yunlan. He was quite content with the remnants of their night together.

Seeing the caller ID displaying Chen Li’s name, he immediately answered the phone.

On the other end, Chen Li, worried after the prolonged lack of answer, was about to hang up when the call finally connected.

“Dad, are you okay? Why didn’t you answer the phone?” Chen Li asked anxiously.

Even though Xie Chunsheng knew that Chen Li wasn’t addressing him as ‘dad’, hearing this urgent inquiry felt like it was directed at him. Momentarily taken aback, Xie Chunsheng responded after a while, “Xiao Li, it’s me.”

“Uncle Xie?” Chen Li hadn’t expected Xie Chunsheng to pick up the call. “Uncle Xie, sorry, where’s my dad? Is he okay now?”

“He’s fine, I’ll pass the phone to him now,” Xie Chunsheng said and went into the room, handing the phone to Chen Yunlan.

Chen Yunlan took the phone, cleared his throat, trying not to let his voice sound too hoarse. “Xiao Li, I’m okay,” he said, straining his voice.

But Chen Yunlan’s throat was too hoarse. Chen Li immediately noticed it and concernedly asked, “Dad, are you crying?”

Thinking Chen Yunlan was crying because of Chen Shihuai’s situation, Chen Li became extremely worried, afraid that Chen Yunlan might hurt himself.

Unable to find an excuse, Chen Yunlan nodded. “Mm,” he admitted, indeed crying, but it was because of what Xie Chunsheng had done.

Of course, Chen Yunlan wouldn’t say this to Chen Li, not wanting to worry him. Instead, he reassured, “Li Li, I’m fine now, you don’t need to worry.”

Unable to discern any emotion from Chen Yunlan’s voice, Chen Li advised, “Dad, try to take it easy.”

“Okay,” Chen Yunlan readily agreed.

“Dad, when are you coming back?” Chen Li inquired.

“In a few days,” Chen Yunlan replied, avoiding eye contact. In his current state, he definitely couldn’t return in the next few days; otherwise, Chen Li would easily notice that something was amiss.

It’s not that Chen Yunlan didn’t want Chen Li to find out that he and Xie Chunsheng were officially together, but the thought of his son knowing about their passionate intimacy felt awkward.

“Xiao Li, when I return in a few days, I’ll introduce someone to you,” Chen Yunlan suggested after a moment’s thought.

“Okay,” Chen Li agreed. After consoling Chen Yunlan for a bit more, he hung up the phone, feeling reassured that his father wasn’t upset.

Coincidentally, Xie Chunsheng entered just as Chen Yunlan mentioned introducing someone to Chen Li. Though he had a hunch, he couldn’t help asking, “Who are you planning to introduce to Xiao Li?” He handed the now-warm water to Chen Yunlan.

Chen Yunlan had been parched for a while, and now with water at his lips, he eagerly drank. The moisture relieved his throat, making him feel alive again.

After downing half the cup in one go, Chen Yunlan placed it on the nearby table and asked, “What do you think?”

Sitting beside Chen Yunlan, Xie Chunsheng gently massaged his waist to alleviate the pain, pretending ignorance. “How would I know who you know?”

Chen Yunlan solemnly said, “I want to introduce Xiao Li to his other dad.”

Xie Chunsheng was momentarily speechless. Speculating was one thing, hearing the answer from Chen Yunlan was another. At that moment, emotions overwhelmed Xie Chunsheng in a way words couldn’t express.

He lightly squeezed Chen Yunlan’s skin, but Chen Yunlan could vividly sense Xie Chunsheng’s tremor.

Smiling, Chen Yunlan covered Xie Chunsheng’s hand with his own, half-jokingly and half-seriously remarking, “Don’t be timid when the time comes!”

Xie Chunsheng chuckled, assuring, “Who am I? How could I ever be timid?”

But the tension in his muscles betrayed him.

Chen Yunlan didn’t expose it, quietly relishing this long-lost warmth.


Meanwhile, in Xie Chunsheng’s villa in the capital, after ending the call, Chen Li pondered who exactly Chen Yunlan wanted to introduce to him. He didn’t know, but he was intensely curious.

Wei Chen, seeing Chen Li finally answer the phone, asked, “Is Dad okay?”

Chen Li shook his head, saying, “He should be fine, just had a hoarse voice, don’t know how long he cried last night.”

Speaking of the hoarse voice, Chen Li suddenly realized that Chen Yunlan’s voice on the phone wasn’t simply hoarse. It seemed to contain something inexplicable.

As if…

As if what, though?

Yes, just like the feeling every time he and Wei Chen finished, speaking was hoarse but carried a teasing undertone. Chen Li realized this and quickly halted his wild thoughts. It must have been a signal issue, that’s why he misheard.

That’s definitely it.

Chen Li finally found a reason, relaxing and breaking into a smile.

Wei Chen walked over, ruffled Chen Li’s hair, and asked, “What are you thinking? Why are you here smiling foolishly?”

“Nothing, Dad said he wants to introduce someone to me, and I’m wondering who it could be.”

“You won’t be able to figure out someone you don’t know,” Wei Chen said.

Although Wei Chen said this, he somewhat guessed who Chen Yunlan was going to introduce.

Looking at it that way, the two were undoubtedly together.

Isn’t that good?

Chen Li didn’t know what Wei Chen was thinking but nodded in agreement. “Yeah, let’s not dwell on it. Want to go out and play?” His eyes sparkled brightly as he looked at Wei Chen.

Wei Chen had taken leave until tomorrow, so he had free time today. Chen Li didn’t want to waste this opportunity as it had been a while since they had gone out together.

“Hmm,” Wei Chen nodded, his eyes and smile glowing. “I heard about a restaurant with excellent food. I’ll take you there later.”

Chen Li nodded repeatedly, his eyes shining even brighter.

When the two went out for their date, of course, they couldn’t leave Qiuqiu at home, so they all went out together.

It was past nine in the evening when the trio returned home. By then, Qiuqiu was already asleep in Wei Chen’s arms.

Wei Chen placed Qiuqiu on the bed and headed into the bathroom, undressing as he walked. Inside, Chen Li had already started showering. Wei Chen entered and leaned against Chen Li, something pressing against him.

Chen Li wasn’t shy either; he reached out, turned towards Wei Chen, and they began…

Of course, this shower wasn’t going to be over quickly.

By the time the two emerged from the bathroom, it was an hour and a half later. Chen Li’s fair skin was slightly flushed from the steam in the bathroom, a rosy tint painting his face. He had indeed thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Wei Chen placed Chen Li on the bed, leaned down, and kissed his forehead, saying, “Li Li, good night.”

Chen Li chuckled, “Achen, good night.”

Qiuqiu, nestled between the two, slept in a sprawled position, unaware of what dreams it had. It let out a small yawn, followed by a wide smile. It seemed that after a day of joyous play, the dreams were filled with lively and happy moments.

As the night grew deeper, it promised sweet dreams all around. However, one person, due to overwhelming excitement, couldn’t seem to fall asleep.

In Shanghai, at the Wei family residence, Wei Zhenxiong looked at the transfer document where Fang Yun had signed over the ownership of shares. Seeing the 13% ownership now belonging to him, a wide grin stretched across his face, almost reaching his ears.

After all these years of managing the Wei family business, combined with what the Old Master had inadvertently left him, he already had around ten percent of the shares. With the additional nine percent from the Chen family, the total now amounted to thirty-two percent.

He was now the majority shareholder within the Wei Corp. Coupled with several shareholders aligning with him, the combined shares would amount to about 50%. This meant he held absolute control within the Wei Corp.

Tomorrow was the Wei family’s shareholder meeting, and as soon as that concluded, the entire Wei Corp would be under his control.

Once tomorrow passed, the Wei family would be his world. He wouldn’t need to consider Old Master Wei’s opinions anymore. After all, at his age, the old man should retire and enjoy life peacefully.

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