Chapter 67.2 – Here is an application form for a boyfriend

After hanging up the phone and finishing the last sip of his drink, Jiang Yujin bid farewell to his gossip companions.

“Why are you leaving so suddenly?” someone asked him. “Did something happen?”

These people were all very concerned, saying that if something happened, he must let them know.

Jiang Yujin smiled, “No problem. It’s just that the big dog that got lost earlier has been found again.”

He got up and left the small pub.

Feeling that the other person still had some time, he leisurely returned home. After sniffing the lingering smell of alcohol on himself, between showering and changing clothes, he chose to lie on the sofa and watch the soap opera replaying tonight.

As the female lead returned for revenge, preparing to settle scores with her past enemies one by one, there was a knock on the door.

Three not-too-light-not-too-heavy knocks, sounding calm and restrained.

Taking his eyes off the TV, Jiang Yujin got up to answer the door, saying, “Here.”

The moment the door opened, before the cold wind from outside could blow in, he was caught off guard and enveloped in an embrace with a scorching warmth.

He could feel fingers sliding into his hair, gently yet irresistibly gripping the back of his head, tilting it upward.

He saw iron-grey eyes half-hidden in the darkness, exuding a blazing warmth. The sense of familiarity overwhelmed him.

As the distance closed, there was a peculiar sensation on his lips, the breath of the person in front of him near his ear, and his pupils dilated for a moment.

Though there was wind blowing at night, the person at the doorway seemed impervious to the cold.

Xu Tonggui could feel the warmth, breath, heartbeat of the person in his arms, even the slightest flutter of each eyelash.

The person in front of him and the image in the glass shard overlapped and then sharply demarcated.

Around them was an endless black, and on the ground were sprawling chunks of crimson flesh, spreading an air of despair.

In the boundless space, there were only two people. One sat on the ground, hair turned white, still alive; the other was the lifeless person in his arms.

The dagger that had plunged into the heart was still held in his hand, and the white-haired person’s clothes were mostly dyed red with blood. His hands trembled slightly as he gently cradled the face of the person in his arms, bowing down to kiss them quietly. The light-colored pupils let in no trace of light, tender yet suffocating, as if ready to drown in this darkness at any moment.

Behind them, a dark chasm cracked open, and an unreal sun slowly rose. The fiery light seeped through the fissure, illuminating disheveled hair and casting long, elongated shadows.

Someone collapsed before leaving.

Xu Tonggui remembered— the dead person was himself.

He remembered the sensation of the dagger piercing his heart, and the gradual numbness spreading through his brain.

Something rooted, squeezed, invaded, plundered, and controlled his mind, but as life faded away, these sensations gradually vanished.

He only remembered the increasing strength of the gradual embrace, as if clutching the last piece of driftwood, thinking it could stop the flow of life.

But death couldn’t be stopped, and he could no longer return the embrace. Before losing consciousness, all that remained was regret.

—So he embraced him back, here and now.

Enduring the fiery yet gentle kisses, Jiang Yujin’s hand, which had been hanging by his side, gripped the black combat uniform worn by the person in front of him, squeezing tighter and tighter.

No coldness, no wounds, no traces of blood. The other person was alive, vivid and real.

Xu Tonggui placed his hand on Jiang Yujin’s lower back.

Only when he heard the increasingly rapid gasps in his ear did he stop his movements. Bending down, he buried his head in the other person’s neck and said, “Boss, when did my retirement turn into becoming your ex-boyfriend?”

Like a large dog completely unaware of its size, insisting on being held by its owner.

“You stinky dog.”

Jiang Yujin raised his head, lifted his drooping eyelids, eventually smiled, reached out, patted and ruffled the other person’s head, and breathlessly said, “Enjoying a good life.”

Xu ‘Stinky Dog’ Tonggui, asked him, “Can I go back to work now?”

Captain Xu’s return-to-duty application was not immediately approved, and it was in a pending status. That night, he was kicked out by Boss Jiang, with the reason being that his big son would return early the next morning. If the high schooler came back and saw an extra person in the house, it would probably be quite a shock.

Whether or not the high schooler would react like this, Jiang Yujin didn’t know. Anyway, according to the youth in soap operas, teenagers in their puberty tend to have strong reactions when a stepdad appears.

It’s well-known that soap operas are derived from life, so he decided to trust the soap opera.

When the high schooler opened the door upon returning, he found the adult, with a bed available, sleeping soundly on the sofa in pajamas.

The TV on the opposite side of the sofa was still on, currently showing advertisements. Clearly, this person had fallen asleep while watching TV.

Along with Chen Jing, Xiao Pang also came back. Seeing Jiang Yujin sleeping on the sofa, he could only say it was entirely expected.

Without waking the person on the sofa, he followed Chen Jing into the kitchen, watching him meticulously inspect various places in the kitchen.

Xiao Pang, curious, asked, “What are you doing?”

Chen Jing, checking if there were any abnormalities in the kitchen, such as burnt pots or rice turned into a lump of charcoal, sighed.

All was well.

Watching his skilled movements, an inexplicable sense of pity welled up in Xiao Pang’s heart.

Unaware that he was being pitied, Chen Jing said, “You go to the room first. I’ll make him breakfast and come later.”

Xiao Pang nodded, slinging his backpack and heading to Chen Jing’s room.

Jiang Yujin was awakened by the smell of breakfast. The aroma of sweet corn porridge, cooked in the pot, could be easily detected.

The first thing he did when he opened his eyes was to play a round of Xiaoxiaole, signing in. After completing the sign-in, he put down his phone, slipped on his slippers, and went to the kitchen.

Chen Jing glanced at him. “Did someone visit yesterday?”

He replied, “I noticed there was an extra pair of slippers in the entrance.”

Jiang Yujin nodded, then shifted his gaze. “A friend came over.”

Later, he asked, “Zhang Xin… is that the name, right? How is your friend doing now?”

Chen Jing said, “The doctor said she still needs to rest in the hospital for a month, then she can be discharged.”

But that’s the standard for ordinary people; their injuries generally recover a bit faster. In reality, she probably wouldn’t need more than two weeks to be discharged.

Jiang Yujin nodded. “That’s good.”

Jiang Yujin put the hot porridge in cold water to cool it down. He lowered his head to take a look and decided to go to the washstand to freshen up first.

On this side, Chen Jing served the porridge and placed it on the table. When he turned to go back to the room, he passed by the balcony specifically for drying clothes and found clothes hanging there, neatly arranged, unlike the usual wrinkled mess.

The corners of his eyebrows lifted slightly. He glanced at the person in the bathroom washing up with droopy eyelids, somewhat surprised. He hadn’t expected this person to grow so much in such a short time.

Citizen Jiang certainly hadn’t changed at all, and there were even signs of a slight regression in life skills.

The clothes were washed by his friend Xu, who had visited yesterday. Since the person had come all the way, not letting him do anything felt a bit unfair. So, he took a shower, changed into clean clothes, and had the other person wash them.

It must be said that this person indeed loved to work; he even smiled while washing clothes.

When Jiang Yujin sat down at the dining table to start his breakfast, Chen Jing had already returned to the bedroom, and Xiao Pang in the room had opened the computer and a pile of documents.

The research progress temporarily stopped, and they started looking for the “Vanished City.” However, from before until now, there had been no progress. The so-called “Vanished City” they found most of the time was just a media gimmick. In reality, the city still existed, and there was no talk of disappearance. It also didn’t seem to be the place where Zero’s headquarters was located.

The result of sitting in the room for the entire morning was that Chen Jing wrote several sets of papers, and Xiao Pang bought another set of lab equipment for himself. However, there was no progress on the Vanished City.

In the afternoon, as he needed to pick up his new lab equipment, Xiao Pang decided to leave first. Chen Jing stood up and escorted him to the entrance of the living room.

Just halfway through, Xiao Pang, with his backpack, spotted the person lying on the sofa watching the news. On a whim, he asked, “Uncle, do you know about the Vanished City?”

People who love watching the news and are enthusiastic about gossip might have heard something, but the probability was extremely low. Chen Jing didn’t interrupt Xiao Pang’s words and didn’t say much, continuing to walk with him.

“Yeah, I know.”

The person on the sofa didn’t take his eyes off the TV and attempted to gesture with his hand, saying, “It’s somewhere near Southeast Asia, probably a bit to the east.”

Xiao Pang: “?”

Xiao Pang’s foot, which was about to leave, immediately retracted.

Chen Jing asked, “How do you know?”

The person on the sofa turned around, holding the big goose in his arms, and said, “I’ve been there before.”

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