Chapter 70.1 – Atsha (2)

In an instant, the wrist was already faintly purplish, and Lu Dongcheng, who almost dislocated his wrist, paid no attention. He pushed the silver-framed glasses and looked like a well-mannered and cultured businessman.

The most important person had arrived, and finally, everyone could board the ship.

Bodyguard Jiang, diligently following behind the employer, had just woken up not long ago. He wanted to yawn but resisted due to his weak professional ethics.

Others around discreetly observed, wondering what this lazy blob was all about.

Shi Bu completely forgot about having a boss after his brother appeared, following him obediently. When not speaking, he lacked the elite demeanor he usually portrayed.

Colleagues who usually worked together looked at him with a shocking expression, as if meeting him for the first time.

The journey from the port to Atsha took a few hours. During this time, everyone went to their respective rooms to play. Bodyguard Jiang, maintaining professional standards, stayed by the employer’s side.

Playing Xiaoxiaole by the employer’s side.

The ship was large and comfortable, with spacious rooms. Lu Dongcheng sat on the sofa, reviewing reports. Jiang Yujin did not feel wronged, comfortably sitting on the opposite sofa.

Even the energy sent by the Xiaoxiaole friends was depleted. Jiang Yujin looked up at the employer.

Lu Dongcheng, who noticed his gaze while working on the computer, asked, “Do you want some water?”

Bodyguard Jiang showed the recharge interface on his phone to the employer. “I cleared more than ten levels… of enemies. Now I’m out of energy. Can we consider it a work-related injury?”

“Sure,” Lu Dongcheng recited a series of account numbers and then said, “Add them and I’ll transfer the money to you.”

Jiang Yujin didn’t add the account number, happily bought energy, and also took a screenshot of the bill. “You can settle it with my card later.”

Lu Dongcheng commented on his high alertness.

Jiang Yujin nodded. “You have to be different for p*rverts.”

Lu Dongcheng closed the computer, took off the silver-framed glasses, leaned back on the sofa, looked at the person still seriously playing Xiaoxiaole, suddenly smiled, and said, “After knowing each other for so many years, is your impression of me just a pervert?”

Jiang Yujin honestly nodded, “More or less.”

Failing the level again in his hands, he said, “Do you remember the first gift you gave me?”

Lu Dongcheng: “Flowers?”

If he remembered correctly, that bouquet of flowers was taken and sold by the other person.

“No,” Jiang Yujin said, “I forgot which dungeon it was, but anyway, you gave me a candy made of the eye of a mutant creature.”

The impression of being a p*rvert started to take root there and grew deeper.

Unexpectedly, the other person remembered this incident. Lu Dongcheng paused and then said, “Back then, I hadn’t…”

He didn’t expect that he would end up entangled with this person later.

They met in the game very early, even before Xu Tonggui. At that time, both of them were solo players.

It started with a cooperative dungeon where he encountered the rumored 001 with white hair and temporarily teamed up.

This person was silent, occasionally chatty, and very efficient in action, although not fond of using his brain. However, he quickly dealt with mutants, like a good-looking killing machine.

The other person didn’t remember the specific dungeon at that time, but he did. It was the Candy Factory, specializing in producing hallucinogenic candies. After solving the mutants and squatting by the collapsing factory, the other person’s eyes, hidden under the white broken hair, slightly lifted as he looked at the unusually pink candies on the sign and said, “Kind of want to eat.”

Before completely leaving the dungeon, he remembered giving the other person a piece of candy. Wrapped in aluminum foil, only he knew what was inside.

The other person accepted it and politely said thank you.

He thought they might not meet again.

But they did, in an island dungeon.

The island was shattered, and he fell into the deep sea. The seawater attempted to surge into his body from all sides, the pressure impacting every inch of his skin.

After falling into the deep sea, the light dimmed, unidentified species swam around him, pushing him deeper.

He was going to die here.

The sensation of death was clear and intense. While still conscious, he began to accept this fact.

When the surging sea broke open, there was a tremendous sound, and there was light in the pitch-dark ocean floor.

Someone forcefully dived through the breaking waves, entering this place full of despair. The surrounding foam appeared and disappeared as they broke through. He opened his eyes and saw the scattered white hair in the seawater and the light-colored pupils that finally showed some emotion underneath.

His collar was tightly grabbed, preventing him from falling further. The other person took out a crumpled aluminum foil and directly stuffed the contents into his mouth, calmly saying, “Eat the damn thing with the packaging.”

Even in death, he had to eat the thing before dying.

It was domineering and fierce.

Feeling the only warmth in the icy seawater, he couldn’t hold on any longer and closed his eyes.

After that, they often entered dungeons together. Mainly, he followed 001, as a compensation for that candy he couldn’t eat.

He knew that the other person only saw him as a useful tool, moving him wherever needed. But he didn’t mind.

In the Game, death and oppression were everywhere, but with someone by his side, it seemed not bad.

He liked hearing the other person call his name every time, complain about his clothes being stained with blood again, and threaten him not to mess with weird stuff.

After knowing each other for a long time, the other person still refused to tell him his real name, but he didn’t feel bothered by it, thinking there was still time.

Until one day, they encountered a man who had just entered this place. It was the first time he saw something resembling sadness in the eyes of the person beside him.

The man was Xu Tonggui, the lover of the person beside him.

It turned out he was the newcomer.

The sound of the computer automatically shutting down echoed. Lu Dongcheng, who was originally leaning on the sofa, sat up and then stood up.

After staying quiet for a moment in place, he walked towards the water dispenser in the room and asked, “Want some water?”

Not wanting to waste the free water, even though there was tea on the table, the busy Bodyguard Jiang took a moment to thank him.

After a few hours of the journey, the diligent Bodyguard Jiang played Xiaoxiaole for two hours and then diligently fell asleep. He even needed the employer to find someone to lightly cover him with a blanket.

He was eventually awakened by the screams coming from outside, realizing that he had fallen asleep while playing on his phone. The employer was still sitting nearby, pushing the blanket back, and he alertly said, “I just took a little break. You still need to calculate the wages for that time, and I can’t be paid any less for half an hour of work.”

The big boss was indeed the big boss. After hearing this, he simply nodded and didn’t care about this small amount of money.

The screams outside continued. The ever-vigilant Bodyguard Jiang said to the employer, “There may be danger outside. You stay here, and I’ll go out to check.”

It could be said that he was extremely diligent and responsible.

Bodyguard Jiang slipped away. After sneaking out of the room, relying on the remaining memories, he walked through the corridor to the deck and found that many people were already standing on the deck, looking out to sea.

He found a gap and also looked over.

The sea was red. Piles of black things floated on the surface, huge, and faintly visible were some red flesh, the blood that dyed the sea flowing out from them.

Not far from the ship, a giant, lifeless eye floated on the sea. The ship’s crew had already started to reroute the course, avoiding the mass floating on the sea.

Jiang Yujin leaned on the railing and took a closer look, seeing the neatly sliced cuts on the floating pieces of flesh.

The person who did it had a skillful technique, but some of the wounds had already started to dull. The person dealing with this thing should have put in a lot of effort.

In addition to the chunks of flesh, there were also two ships floating on the sea. One looked relatively intact but lacked people on board, while the other ship had completely broken into two pieces, scattered on both sides by the waves.

Turning back for a moment, Jiang Yujin saw someone on the deck staring fixedly at the sea with an unpleasant expression. He turned around, took out his phone, and went to a corner.

He understood.

There were Zero members on the ship, and Zero’s headquarters was nearby. The gatekeeper had also been killed, and it seemed to be a recent event.

In the constant sea breeze blowing past his ears, Old Father Jiang sighed.

The ship, under everyone’s gaze, circled around the things floating on the sea. Then, the speed gradually slowed down, and everyone was asked to return to their rooms.

After taking one last look, Jiang Yujin turned around and, relying on his memory, returned to the employer’s room.

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